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Don't worry, this show is complete!
petekrug1725 December 2007
This is one of the last shows to be released by Geneon, the anime company that recently went bankrupt. For anyone wondering if this is one of those shows that got dropped in the middle (like KARIN,) fear not: this show is in fact meant to be exactly 3 disks long, all the episodes of the show are here.

The story: Flonne is an angel-in-training sent down from Celestia (Heaven) to the Netherworld (Hell) to assassinate the demon overlord. As the show begins, she finds a coffin with the young demon prince Laharl inside, who wakes soon after it's opened. It turns out his father the demon overlord is already dead. None too bothered by that, Laharl sets out to reclaim his throne. Flonne tags along, determined to teach Laharl the value of love. Soon they are joined by Etna, a female demon who commands an army of prennies (lost souls who resemble penguins.) It turns out a ten million bounty has been placed on Laharl's head, and now all sorts of demons are after him. The trio must also deal with a group from Earth who've arrived in their dimension-traveling ship: a man (the heroic and dramatic but brainless type,) a woman (a scantly-clad vixen,) and their robot.

I had a great time watching this series. I highly recommend it for anyone who loves fantasy-adventure-comedy anime.
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It's good, but...
Kain Nodak25 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
It's no substitute for the game. Granted it doesn't do an exact retelling of the game and thankfully doesn't require that you play the game to understand the anime. There are numerous changes between the game and the anime but I won't list them because this review would go on for too long like my other reviews.

If you haven't played the game, I'd highly recommend that you do. I have played 3 out of the 5 main Disgaea games and all of them are excellent for those who like really complex RPGs.

Hopefully they'll make an anime that's a complete retelling of the games (humor and all)
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Worth the Buy
Ryan Hermann10 March 2015
This is seriously a great show for ADULTS. There are a lot of sexual references in this show, so don't been fooled by the pg rating. There's even swearing in it, I think the only reason it's not pg 13 is because its an anime. This show follows the story line for the games and doesn't give off kids vibe. It makes a bunch of adult jokes knowing that the majority of these gamers that have played the series are actually adults. It's really good, I can't believe that I didn't know this show was made years ago. I think that this anime will actually go up in value too since its so rare to find. I'm not even an anime fan and I like the show. I am 22 so obviously I'm not a kid.
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Tweekums9 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Angel-in-training Flonne has been sent to the Netherworld to kill the Demon overlord however it would appear too late as he is already dead. In his castle she finds his son, Laharl, in a coffin. He is not dead and is keen to take up his position as the new Overlord. Determined to find the good in Laharl Flonne joins him and his vassal Etna, a young female demon. Etna is also in charge of a group of penguin-like creatures called 'Prinnies' who act as servants to her and Laharl. As they travel seeking the means to make Laharl the Overlord they encounter human explorers; Captain Gordon and his sexy sidekick Jennifer as well as their robot Thursday, other ambitious demons and later real threats from Earth and Celestia (Heaven).

If you are after serious drama then this isn't the anime for you; however if you want comedy and action that is suitable for most ages then this is worth picking up. The characters are likable as well as funny; I especially liked Captain Gordon and his crew who nicely send up some classic sci-fi characters. There are laughs to be had throughout and there are even some poignant moments later on when we learn more about the Prinnies and Laharl's past. The animation looks far more cartoony than most anime but that isn't a problem; indeed it suits the tone of the series. There isn't much to offend; just some fairly minor language and attention is drawn to Jennifer's amble and barely covered chest although this is more comic than lewd. Overall a fun series that passes the time nicely if you are looking for something light.

These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.
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