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14 Jan. 2016
Sato nuke
Sasuke leaves the leaf village in search of power.
21 Jan. 2016
The Anbu who attack Naruto and Shikamaru are agents sent by Danzo, who had promised Orochimaru that he would deliver Sasuke safely to him. Luckily, Neji, Lee and Tenten rush to their aid in the nick of time. Meanwhile, Hiruko reveals the truth behind the incident involving Hizashi.
28 Jan. 2016
Naruto reaches the tower Sasuke was heading for, thanks to Neji, Lee and Tenten deterring the agents from the Foundation. But it's too late-Sasuke's already made contact with Orochimaru. Naruto passionately tries to reason with Sasuke, but ultimately their powers collide.
4 Feb. 2016
Môhitotsu no tsuki
Naruto wakes up and is told by Shikamaru that Sasuke is no where to be found, and that the Anbu they were fighting retreated. While Tsunade updates Minato on the shinobi Sasuke attacked when he left the village, Shizune arrives with news someone infiltrated the village. Pain arrives and talks to Tsunade, vowing to cause the village pain. Pain attacks the village with a gigantic Chibaku Tensei. Naruto and the others arrive in the morning to find a crater where Konohagakure was supposed to be, with the Chibaku Tensei floating above it. Neji confirms the chakra of the ...
11 Feb. 2016
Seeing Hinata almost die triggers Naruto's anger and he goes into Nine Tails State. Naruto's power is enormous, but Pain releases his jutsu to seal him away. Hatred consumes Naruto as he tries to break the seal. With Naruto unable to calmly control the Nine Tails' power, the village steadily heads toward destruction.
18 Feb. 2016
Shinobi-tachi no kyôen
Several months after Pain's attack, Jiraiya arrives with intel regarding the Akatsuki, who are attacking shinobi villages and kidnapping their Kage and jonin. He also reveals that Sasuke is working with them. Naruto is determined to bring his friend and comrade Sasuke back, once and for all.
25 Feb. 2016
Naruto wants to bring Sasuke back to the village, but Sasuke burns with a desire to bring Naruto down. Why is Sasuke so confrontational, and how did his feelings toward Naruto develop? The truth rises to the surface during Sasuke's relentless attack. Where will this battle lead? Find out in the conclusion of the "Jiraiya Ninja Scrolls."
3 Mar. 2016
Umareru inochi, shinu inochi
The shinobi under Madara's Infinite Tsukuyomi continue to slumber and have pleasant dreams. Meanwhile, Naruto and the others have escaped the genjutsu, thanks to Sasuke's protective Susano'o. As Sasuke starts remembering the death of Itachi, his Sharingan starts to resonate and show him the truth that Itachi never spoke a word of.
10 Mar. 2016
Having experienced the Great Ninja War as a young child, Itachi constantly questions the meaning the life and death, distancing him from other children his age. Soon after entering the Academy, Itachi exhibits his genius and finds himself at the top of his class.
17 Mar. 2016
Inochi no itami
Upon graduating from the Academy, Itachi becomes a genin and joins a team that includes Tenma, Shinko, and their Jonin Leader, Minazuki Sensei. They accept a mission from Granny Cat to look for a missing feline who's a skilled Ninja Cat.
24 Mar. 2016
Shisui no irai
Itachi accompanies his friend Shisui on a three-part training exercise. The two come across a battle between the Hokage's ANBU and the Foundation. Itachi is confused by their motives and can't discern which side is right or wrong. But Shisui is unwavering in his determination to stop the fighting.
7 Apr. 2016
Itachi joins the ANBU and is quickly promoted to captain. But he must report directly to Danzo, and is placed as a double agent to observe the Uchiha clan, who are in the midst of planning a coup d'état. With dissatisfaction rising within the clan, the Uchiha ultimately decide to carry out their revolt, and the fateful night approaches.
14 Apr. 2016
Akatsuki no yami
Itachi becomes a rogue ninja and joins the Akatsuki. He is welcomed and introduced by Pain and Orochimaru as the ex-Leaf ANBU and the man who massacred his entire clan. Itachi is paired up with a man named Juzo, and their first job together is to fulfill an assassination request in the Land of Water.
21 Apr. 2016
Itachi is partnered with Kisame and begins his missions as a member of the Akatsuki. The duo succeeds in recruiting Deidara, so Pain assigns the newly formed team of Deidara and Sasori to hunt down the deserter Orochimaru. Meanwhile, intel comes in about an immortal killer, so Itachi, Konan and Kakuzu head out to the Land of Steam.
28 Apr. 2016
Itachi confronts Sasuke, who for years bore the shame and anger that Itachi brought upon their clan. The truth behind Itachi's story comes to light. Back on the battlefield of the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto and the others fight Madara, and just as he is declaring his victory, something unexpected occurs.
5 May 2016
Hajimari no mono
Kaguya Otsutsuki suddenly emerges from Madara's body. She is the mother of Hagoromo, the Sage of the Six Paths who entrusted his powers to Naruto and Sasuke. Kaguya's power is immense and instantly sends Naruto and Sasuke to an alternate dimension. Naruto and Sasuke are the only ones who can seal away Kaguya, but they can't find a jutsu that works against her.
12 May 2016
Ôtsutsuki Kaguya
Kaguya Otsutsuki suddenly descends from the heavens as the people of the Land of Sou look on in surprise and suspicion. But their king, Tenji, is enthralled by her and takes her for his concubine. In this age of endless war, Kaguya wishes for nothing but peace. But as the self-proclaimed protector of the Divine Tree, she soon finds herself engulfed by the tides of chaos and war.
19 May 2016
Hagoromo to Hamura
As Black Zetsu drains Naruto and Sasuke's Chakra into the reborn Kaguya, Black Zetsu tells the story of Kaguya's children: Hagoromo and Hamura in a world ruled by the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Filler episode.
26 May 2016
Tsukurareta kako
Kaguya is furious that Hagoromo has broken the law. Hagoromo finds out what Kaguya did in the past and makes up his mind to fight her. Knowing nothing about her, Hagoromo cannot trust her-he wonders if the love and the despair she experienced are the sole cause of her anger. Unable to reach an understanding, mother and sons begin their long, sad battle.
2 Jun. 2016
Iga-sei nanbâwan!
Naruto adopts a rather hilarious but effective approach to tackle Kaguya. Obito is back in action. Sasuke faces a challenge. The Four Hokages make an unexpected acquaintance
9 Jun. 2016
Rikudô Sen'nin tells the story of how the Ninshû was born.
16 Jun. 2016
Ashura to Indora
Tells the story of the ancestors of the uchiha and senju clan.
30 Jun. 2016
Shiren no tabi
Hagoromo must decide whom will be his successor
7 Jul. 2016
Ashura no ketsui
Indra completes his mission. Asura finds the definitive solution for his village. Hagoromo must take his final decision.
21 Jul. 2016
Hagoromo finally chooses who will be the successor to Ninja creed.
28 Jul. 2016
Tokubetsu ninmu
Team 7 finishes a mission early in the morning and are dismissed for the rest of the day. Wishing for a higher-rank mission, Naruto suggests finding out Kakashi's true face. Sakura is initially dismissive of the idea, but changes her mind when Sasuke expresses interest in it. Sakura points out their previous failed attempts at discovering Kakashi's face. Naruto believes there should be a photo of Kakashi unmasked, though Sakura reveals she already searched it, and only found masked photos. They are approached by a man named Sukea, who having overheard them, tells them...
4 Aug. 2016
Tsunagaru omoi
The battle with kaguya continues with an unexpected turn of events.
11 Aug. 2016
Futari o chanto
Hagoromo explains Team 7's current situation to the four Hokage, and how it was possible for his spirit to manifest from Madara's severed half. He mentions a jutsu he can no longer perform, having given much of his chakra to Naruto and Sasuke. Obito suffers from the intense chakra he used to find Sasuke, and thinks back to Rin, his old dreams of being Hokage, and his rivalry with Kakashi. Obito focuses on getting the three of them back to the others. Kaguya and Black Zetsu focus their efforts in attack the Naruto with Truth-Seeking Balls on his back, several shadow ...
18 Aug. 2016
Omae wa kanarazu
The battle with kaguya continues and obito's fate is revealed
25 Aug. 2016
Sharingan, futatabi
Obito meets Rin in the Afterlife, where Rin tells him that she was always watching over him and is now happy for him, where all the memories of Rin came flowing to Obito. Obito asks Rin to wait a little longer to help Kakashi, he doesn't want Kakashi to interfere in their time alone. Obito uses Kamui to appear in Kakashi's conscious and tells him he came back to help him and that he wants him to become the Sixth Hokage and Naruto to become the Seventh Hokage. Kakashi opens his eyes and becomes Kakashi of the Sharingan again, but this time with the Sharingan in both ...
1 Sep. 2016
Naruto and Sasuke perform the sealing Six Paths - Chibaku Tensei on Kaguya to seal her away. She reverts back to the Gedo Statue and the tailed beasts, including Madara, are freed. Son Goku compliments that Kurama's jinchuriki really gets it done and Kurama agrees. Kaguya is imprisoned in a levitating satellite as Sasuke tells Sakura and Kakashi that Naruto still had something to do but they needed to get far away. Black Zetsu says he will still find a way to revive Kaguya and mocks the shinobi world again. Naruto berates it for its words and throws it to the ...
8 Sep. 2016
Shûmatsu no tani
Hagoromo wants to end the Infinite Tsukuyomi and by combining Naruto's tailed beast chakra and Sasuke's Rinnegan, they can end the genjutsu. But Sasuke plans to eliminate all traces of the tailed beasts including Naruto as he is the Jinchuriki host of all the nine tailed beasts.Sasuke declares to Naruto that he will be the Hokage at the Final Vally.
29 Sep. 2016
Saigo no tatakai
Sasuke reveals his motivations as the fated final battle between two friends begins.
29 Sep. 2016
Naruto to Sasuke
A continuation of Naruto and Sasuke final battle.
6 Oct. 2016
Wakai no shirushi
Thinking they are dead, Naruto and Sasuke have flashbacks of their childhood and how they both felt pain as orphans. Sasuke thinks of what it means as Hokage and remembers his brother, and the Uchiha massacre. Both wake up to find they have both lost an arm. Sasuke asks Naruto why he continues pursuing him and is dissatisfied with Naruto's reply they are friends. Naruto explains he feels pain when Sasuke is going through a tough time. Sasuke admits he feels the same way and has always been jealous of Naruto. Sasuke sees Naruto's memories of Itachi explaining the ...
13 Oct. 2016
Uzumaki Naruto!! "Saishûkai"
The battle between Naruto and Sasuke is over Naruto is healing back in his village.
20 Oct. 2016
Naruto to Hinata
Naruto and Hinatas childhood memories.Naruto is alone and trains to get stronger.On the other hand Hinata is trained to become a great successor of the Hyuga clan.
27 Oct. 2016
Sasuke to Sakura
A young Sasuke asks Itachi to spend time with him but Itachi declines and leaves for a mission. Their parents tell Sasuke they will be leaving the next day but Sasuke decides to stay home with Itachi, who spends their time alone training with Sasuke. After dinner, they sleep outside and Itachi tries to teach the meaning of their clan symbol to Sasuke, who simply says he will surpass him. By morning, Itachi has already left. A young Sakura spends her time in a makeshift hideout to avoid bullying and how to hide her forehead. She meets Ino, who helps her fix her bangs ...
3 Nov. 2016
Gaara to Shikamaru
Tells the story of Gaara and Shikamaru as children
10 Nov. 2016
Jiraiya to Kakashi
Jiraiya and kakashi's childhood
1 Dec. 2016
Kibaku ningen
Tells about Sasuke's journey after the Fourth Great Ninja War and his pursuit of atonement for his sins.
8 Dec. 2016
Sasuke seeks Orochimaru to help him find out who is behind the exploding humans.
15 Dec. 2016
Sasuke and Orochimaru investigate the situation trying to find who is using what seems to be kekkai genkai to make exploding humans.
22 Dec. 2016
Sasuke arrives at Hell Valley and learns the truth about Ketsuryugan.

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