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MPAA Rated PG-13 for language, some innuendo and sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • (Sexual References and mild sensuality)
  • The characters talk about "caulking a fountain," which they intend to have a double meaning (ie: "She loves caulk").
  • A man and woman kiss passionately in a car. The woman is shown in her bra, but is never nude.
  • A bridesmaid is seen holding a bride's dress while she goes to the bathroom, although there is no nudity.
  • A woman has a taxi driver shuttle her back and forth between two weddings in one evening. She keeps changing clothes in the backseat, and although no nudity is shown, the driver is seen looking in his rearview mirror several times. She threatens to pay him less for every time he does this.
  • At an engaged woman's rehearsal dinner, a video is shown (without her consent) of her dressed provocatively and rubbed up against several other men.
  • It is implied that a woman and her boyfriend are having sex in another room, but we don't see or hear them.
  • A man tells a woman something to the effect of "Cute thong."
  • In a yoga scene, a woman's shirt is see-through.
  • We hear something about one of the main characters best friend "getting laid" with a "two day walk of shame".
  • We hear the character's friend saying that "Yes if you do that, George will make sweet love to you for hours and hours".

Violence & Gore

  • None actually
  • A woman slaps another woman hard across the face, and in another scene we see a woman slap a man.
  • A woman is knocked to the floor by a crowd of women at a wedding. We hear her head hit the floor, and in the next scene, it is revealed that she was knocked unconscious. When she comes to, she is dizzy and can barely walk, and she is holding her head. There is no blood, though, and she ends up being perfectly fine.
  • We see an angry woman yell obscenities and beat her purse repeatedly against a wall. The dirty word is bleeped out, though.
  • We see an angry woman throwing things at another woman.
  • A woman attempts to spray bug spray at another woman.
  • We see two women arguing and tussling with one another.
  • A woman makes a reference to shooting herself.
  • A woman says she feels like blowing her brains out.
  • A reference is made to a little girl's mother dying while she was very young.
  • A reference is made that a person's handwriting is very peculiar, resembling that of the Unabomber.
  • A man is said to be hypnotized by a woman's voodoo.
  • A woman is introduced to a boy who is obviously from another country and she makes a racial remark when trying to give him a greeting in his native language (others in the room look uncomfortable when she does this).
  • A man and a woman lose control of a car, the car spins around, the woman says they are going to die, and the car runs down a small hill and is stuck in mud (no one is hurt).


  • (Some Language)
  • 1 F-word, 19 sexual references, 10 scatological terms, 7 anatomical terms, 12 mild obscenities, name-calling (jerk, sucker), several exclamations (heck), 3 religious exclamations.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • (Some alcohol use)
  • A man and woman get drunk at a bar.
  • During several wedding reception scenes guests drink champagne and get drinks from the bar.
  • People are seen holding and drinking mixed drinks and sitting at the bar.
  • People drink wine with their meals.
  • A woman is not feeling well and asks for liquor to relieve her pain.
  • A woman makes a reference to drunken groomsman at a wedding.
  • A man calls two bridesmaids "Twiddle Dee" and "Twiddle Drunk," and several known brands of liquor are mentioned.
  • Several people smoke cigarettes in bar scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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