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Sex & Nudity

  • Almost no sexual references but quite a lot of male nudity though. Note that the nudity is often shown in a context of non-sexual manner and humiliation for the inmates since being nude often comes along with being searched by the guards and beaten.
  • A joke is told about people having sex.
  • A man takes off all his clothes and is seen completely nude (front and rear nudity). Brief and non-sexual.
  • As two men change clothes front and rear nudity is seen. Brief.
  • A woman sticks her hand inside her dress to remove a package (it's implied that she hid it vaginally). Not explicit.
  • A man's hand is seen moving under his blanket as he looks at a picture (implied masturbation). Short; no nudity is seen.
  • A man is forced to take a bath. Two nude men are beaten and searched by a guard with a rubber glove (the camera moves before anything graphic is seen).

Violence & Gore

  • The movie is not exceedingly violent per se but still there are some really graphic moments in it.
  • A man has a bloody knuckle after having beaten some prisoners.
  • A man has some blood on the side of his face.
  • The walls of a prison cell are completely smeared in feces. Disturbing (the whole hygiene strike might be really disturbing for most viewers).
  • Rotten garbage is seen on the floor.
  • Urine is poured under prison doors and collected in the hallway. Disturbing.
  • A man's hand is bloody after he punches a wall.
  • A man's face is bloody after his hair is all randomly cut off with some scissors. Graphic and shocking.
  • Men are forced to walk through a gauntlet of policemen with batons. Very disturbing and graphic.
  • A man is shot at close range in the back of the head. His blood flies onto a woman's face. This is very graphic, disturbing and frankly unexpected.
  • Long sequence where a man pushes urine down a hallway with a broom.
  • An emaciated man has large bedsores all over his body. Very hard to watch.
  • Some blood is seen in a toilet after Bobby Sands tries to defecate. Disturbing.
  • A man throws up.
  • A man's dead body is seen.
  • A few beatings, threatening, destroying of furniture.


  • A fair amount of profanity.
  • 'Fuck'(and its dérivatives) is said a few times(probably somewhere around 20), also 'shit/e, bastard, arse, Jesus Christ, my God, piss' are all said at least once.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some men smoke cigarettes throughout the movie. Getting cigarettes is a very important concern that the inmates share.
  • A syringe is stuck in a man's arm and blood is taken out.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A man appears emaciated for the last half hour of the film. We see in details the stains and scars his body is covered with. This is really painful to watch, and so is the apparent result of his going on a hunger strike (meaning his apparent ribs under his skin and his extreme weakness and inability to basically do anything).
  • Overall, the movie is dark, hard to watch, and unflinching in its portrayal of prison life and the brutality of this environment (beating, spreading feces on the walls...)
  • The scene in which a guard is shot point blank and blood splatters on his somewhat senile mother is disturbing as it is very graphic and unexpected.
  • Some viewers could find most of the movie difficult to watch because of the graphic subject matter.It is indeed a very mature film, intended for audiences used to seeing disturbing films.

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