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Rani Zindabad!!!
uncle_g123430 November 2007
Aaja Nachle is Madhuri Dixit's case for still being the best out there. And I'm signed, sealed, and delivered. No one delivers the emotional expression through the entire spectrum the way she does. I just sat there in awe watching her. I guess my standards have slid a bit since she left. But she makes all the competition seem like runners-up to me.

I can now say that I think the movie should sweep a lot of awards: It deserves Best Screenplay, Best Musical Director, Best Cinematography, Best Choreography, and Best Supporting Actor and Actress (Kunal and Konkona, of course). If there was an award for a woman carrying the lead all by herself, there's no question Madhuri Dixit would deserve it. There have only been a few (Nargis, Hema, Shabana) who've been in that elite group. Madhuri belongs there too.

There is SO much music and dance in this movie, it is hard to pick a favorite. But as soon as I saw the dancers in red with their hair flying, doing the song about Ishq during the Laila-Majnu play, I knew that I had seen this year's favorite for me. I like them all, especially the traditional one for Aaja Nachle. But the staging, lighting and choreography for this Ishq dance were so DRAMATIC that it stands out.

I loved the subplots, like the "most boring man" and his wife. The quarreling of Imran and Anokhi. The conflict between the Raja and Dia (Akshaye, a favorite of mine, really gave this movie a nice bit of electricity). And, of course, when they told the story of Laila and Majnu as kids, with her feeling every pain he had and the world tearing them apart, my heart went awwwwwwwwwwwww (not mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this time).

Oh, did I mention Best Costume. Madhuri was dressed so nicely! That last one when the play concluded was just gorgeous. I can see that this play would win the hearts of townspeople in a small village.

Anyway, EVERYONE should see this movie. I did a 50 mile round trip and this time I don't even regret it. Out of all the movies I've seen this year, this one truly made driving worthwhile.

9 out of possible 10
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Best film of the year--sure to be a smashation!
denizen_blank1 December 2007
2007 has been dry, but finally, we have been delivered. Aaja Nachle is full of elements Bollywood has been missing for some time and is in SORE NEED of. Namely:

1a) Dance numbers. That is to say, numbers focused on DANCING, rather than someone's flashy Western outfit, locations, batman angles, etc. 1b) LOTS OF dance numbers. I'm sick of scanty three-song phoned-in craptations. Aaja Nachle keeps the music coming all the time! That's the way it should be done.

2) Classical infusion. The end of the film is a knockout surprise in this respect. I don't want to spoil anything, but there is so much here for those who love the ancient stories as well as the new.

3) Hot dudes. OH MY GOD, Kunal Kapoor!

4) MADHURI. Looking spectacular, so charming, totally in control of her performance and giving it her all. Her hips are the world's 9th wonder.

5) Great young leading ladies i.e. Konkona Sen Sharma. She is the best actress to have come out in the last couple of years and the girl is here to stay! Sonam Kapoor? pfft! Katrina Kaif? pfft squared!

The story is simple but busy, with dramatic moments that touch deeply and comedic moments that have the audience rollicking. There isn't a single minute that drags; this film is not only well written and well acted, but well paced (a dear rarity in Bollywood). In short, it is here to bring Bollywood back to where it belongs! An unmitigated success from the inimitable Madhuri. I'm going to see it again this week, then I'm going to buy the DVD--ORIGINAL! Not that anyone needs to be reminded, but you must see this film!
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A piece of art that endorses life in every aspect!
mariam_iar29 January 2008
This movie was absolutely terrific from every angle. I watched 2 times in one day which is something I rarely do, not to mention I've got a life to live. But this movie was truly fascinating. Starting from the "O Re Piya" song, I felt alive and enthusiast. Madhuri is at her best in this movie, her dancing and acting are simply amazing which proves that she had nothing to worry about in regards to the comeback. The "Lila Majnu" musical was captivating, my emotions fluctuated, I cried and laughed all the way through the scene, such a master piece I must add. The couple, Imran and Anokhi, was great; their acting was as good as it should be, you can easily get attached to them and understand what they are going through. To all who have criticized the movie, I must say, you just didn't understand its creativity – give your mind a chance to let loose. I advice all to watch it and I'm looking forward to what Madhuri has in stored for us – the fans!
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Boring bundle of melodrama blown beyond proportion...
DesiBaba4 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Talk about over use of melodrama. I cannot understand how audience is expected to digest this pathetic excuse of a movie. Something like this is better left as a reality show or made for TV movie or for some saas/bahu kind of soap opera. From the time Madhuri received the call and has the first meeting with Ahshaye, the rest of movie is entirely predictable. There is absolutely nothing in the movie that is worthy of mention apart from a couple of good scenes by Raghuvir Yadav and Irfaan Khan, which is why this gets 3 and not 1 out of 10. Melodrama is not alien to Bollywood movies, but this was way too much. I mean at the end of it the goonda politician who would sell his soul for power and money is shown crying and business man who would bribe one and all has had a sudden change of heart! Please!! Is this the best you can put out?!! Also, too many musical numbers and none really catchy. I detest movies like these, they make me want to quit watching desi movies...it is that bad.
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Awesome Entertainer
nazmobile5 December 2007
I have to agree i went to see this film with my mum and we throughly enjoyed it. Everyone in the film has acted well and the Laila Majnu climax is one of the best adaptations that i've seen. It's truly a beautiful concept and a feast for the eyes. It felt as if i was in a theatre enjoying a stage play. Madhuri has done well in this film, the role suits her perfectly but hats off to the other actors who have shown their talent in the climax. The songs are also pleasant and fit in perfectly with the pace of the film,not once do you feel that they are out of place. In my opinion this is much better than Om Shanti Om and should have been released for the festive season instead of OSO. Don't miss this film in the cinema, ignore all the critics and go see it for yourself!
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Loved It!
segara8 December 2007
The first thing my dad did when the credits were done rolling (do stay through the end of the credits because they don't tie up a storyline until then), was to pat me on the back and say thank you for pushing him to come see Aaja Nachle because he hadn't seen such a good film in a long time. Not counting Omkara, this was probably the best film I've seen this year. It was uplifting and beautifully done, especially the Laila-Majnu part, which I wanted to watch again. Madhuri (who I was too young to appreciate in her hey-day) was vivacious and elegant and seeing her dancing and her expressions were such a treat. She's surrounded by the stalwarts of Hindi parallel cinema- Raghubir Yadav, Irrfan Khan, Konkona Sen Sharma, Ranvir Shorey, Vinay Pathak, etc, and I won't even bother saying anything about Akshaye Khanna because I'm just too damn biased. The plot drew from stories that have been around since the beginning of cinema. It's cute and inspiring and it appealled to me more than Chak De India because of the dance/theatre aspect of it. I think Anil Mehta did a wonderful job. As I was leaving the theatre, everyone kept saying how wonderful it was, and that oddly made me feel proud because I think this a truly non-conformist film and if it does well, which it should, it does completely on it's own merit, not because of star-power (Madhuri excluded), gimmicks, or because it's part of some trend. So, do go see it!
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Madhuri Dixit - Good to have you back !
m_shankar2030 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Madhuri Dixit smiles. She winks. She scintillates. And of course, she dances. Many years ago, a certain film called 'Hum Aapke Hain Kaun' made a billion rupees on her steam. Aaja Nachle may not make that amount of money but Madhuri Dixit still has all that steam.

Aaja Nachle is a very entertaining film. It has a predictable but sufficiently engaging storyline. Diya Shrivastava (Madhuri Dixit) comes from New York to a small Indian town where she grew up. Her mission in hand is to save the theater, where she learned to dance and perform, from being pulled down to construct a shopping mall. Does she and how? That is Aaja Nachle.

What really makes the film work are the character artists. They are all hand-picked good actors. Their roles have been thought over and come out very well on screen. Raghuvir Yadav, Ranvir Sheorey, Vinay Pathak and Divya Dutta shine. Konkona Sen is a great actress and lives up to her reputation. Kunal Kapoor does OK.

Aaja Nachle is a musical the way Indians understand that genre and enjoy it. The film is unabashedly musical. The song lyrics are conversational and the choreography is of all sorts - street celebration, costume extravaganzas, sensual movements and vintage Madhuri Dixit moves. The dance-drama in the climax is very well done.

This is Anil Mehta's directorial debut. He has worked earlier to make Madhuri Dixit look great on screen as an ace cameraman. This time around he has given her a worthy comeback vehicle. Jaideep Sahni has written the screenplay. This seems to be his year. Another good job done after 'Chak De India'.

Aaja Nachle is a film of limited ambition but goes on to meet it. It is a nice weekend treat. Watch it.

P.S : I watched Aaja Nachle at a multiplex near my home today, the first day of its release. Madhuri Dixit appeared in all her glory for the song 'Nachle'. She moved like a divine charm. But guess what - not a single whistle ! I sometimes miss the 'cinema halls'. I missed more not having learned to whistle.
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Better Than The Critics Say
toreadorkindred4 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'm quite frankly bewildered and saddened by some of the negative reactions, both from movie goer's and critics, with regards to Aaja Nachle. Many people expected, for the return of Madhuri Dixit to films, that Yash Raj would have created some huge spectacular epic full of pomp, color and costumes. But that simply isn't Madhuri's style now. It was a script she approved because she felt it was most like her life now. And she chose well.

Frankly, the movie is perfect for her. The dancing reflects all of Madhuri's abilities as a dancer, from classical Indian styles to modern. She dances better than ever here. Is the script original? Absolutely not, but critics of this movie have conveniently forgotten that most Hindi films do not have scripts that are particularly original. Aaja Nachle is simply a movie that every country in the world who produces films has made at one point or another. The "underdog" takes on the government/the bad guy/the evil ruler, overcomes a lot of obstacles, and wins the day (and usually the heart of the people or someone else). The difference here is that Madhuri, the lead actor, doesn't end up with a romance at the end (though we get the future possibility). Madhuri, like Juhi Chawla and other Indian actresses who are over 40 and married, realize that they can no longer "run around trees" believably like their younger counterparts. So a role such as this is perfect for Madhuri. The problems/flaws of this script shouldn't unfairly rest upon her shoulders.

What people also forget is the wonderful ensemble cast this movie has. I throughly enjoyed their stories and personal relationships and problems: corrupt politicians, a best friend held back by her husband, a boring man who wants more spark in his love live, the angry young man who finally learns what love is, and the young woman who learns what depths love can take her to. It's the solid characterization that this movie has that makes it engaging. Not elaborate costumes or big musical production numbers.

That having been said, the musical numbers, particularly the play-within-the-movie run the gamut from being fun to beautiful to heart breaking. I was particularly struck by one song not on the soundtrack, "Ishq Ishq". Madhuri's dancing in this is both modern and reminiscent of a worshipful devotee. Breathtaking.

Ignore the naysayers. Notice that most of the people here actually liked the film. Don't expect some elaborate script or huge costumed melodrama like "Devdas." It is what it is: a feel-good movie with a wonderful cast and the return of the Queen of Hindi cinema doing exactly what she does best. May this not be her last film.
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Simply mindblowing
aijaz-hussain21 October 2012
Aaja nachle in a single word is "Outstanding". The movie breaks the conventional notion of bollywood pop-corn flicks and it is for sophisticated audience. This movie is not for people who watch and enjoy mediocre stuff.

Madhuri Dixit is the heart and hero of this movie and she delivered an impeccable performance. She proves once again that she is the BEST ACTRESS India has ever seen and truly one of the greatest entertainers of all time ! Her expressions, emotions, timing, beauty, dance etc. are simply out of this world. OK, I can keep on going.....

Music is awesome too, specially O Re Piya....it is a wonderful track. All the supporting actors were OK...nothing great! Every moviegoer should watch this film just for the EMPRESS...She is Back !
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Another Sketchy Fairy Tale from the Yashraj Factory
Chrysanthepop1 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Sketchy is the word that describes 'Aaja Nachle' as the film has no depth at all and becomes just another half-baked Yashraj fairy tale. With so many talented people associated with this project, my expectations were high. 'Aaja Nachle' isn't exactly the worst film of the year and it is quite watchable and forgettable.

Seeing now that Aditya Chopra wrote the screenplay, I am not surprised at all by how the story turned out. The plot itself is nothing new. Why didn't the director focus more on Diya's passion for art and her desire to bring back the culture that she too got disconnected to? Instead it's only about how Diya will get the people to act in 'Laila Majnu' so that the theatre will be prevented from demolition.

The dialogues though are witty and sharp just don't suit the characters. For instance when Madhuri's character tells Akshaye Khanna that she never loses, one wonders about her marriage and her parents and friends disowning her. Also why is she shown to teach aerobics in America? What happened to the dance she learned in India? One of the major disappointment is how the Ranvir Shorey-Madhuri Dixit love angle was totally left unresolved. In one scene we see Shorey thinking wanting to tell Madhuri about his feelings and then we see Akshay Khanna flirting with her and visiting her in America. Wasn't Khanna's character an MP? What did he just quit his post? Yes, there will be many more questions. Too many. The film is supposed to be about dancing, singing, art and culture and how that unites people but this point is too superficially tackled. Even the execution is very poor as the sets look artificial.

In the opening scene we see Madhuri poorly do some tap dancing and aerobics and I was wondering whether she lost it. Then she did some wonderful dances in the title track and the Laila Majnu sequence and she reminds that she's indeed great with the Indian dance. I've always thought of Madhuri as an average actress and never found any of her performances outstanding but like many people, even I expected something different and better considering that she'd be wiser (as her career was already filled with bad film choices. Of course there are a few exceptions). I'm also appalled by reading some comments where people have stated that they're glad that she still hasn't lost her old charm. Why should she? She's only 40.

However, she picked the wrong film as a comeback. Her acting ranged from mediocre to decent but in all fairness it's the writing and direction that has let her down and she probably couldn't do much else with the role. Every single actor suffer from sketchy characterization. Akshay Khanna, Vinay Pathak, Divya Dutta and Irfan Khan are totally wasted. Kunal Kapoor is unintentionally funny as the goon. Ranvir Shorey manages to shine and Konkona Sen Sharma does the best she could with her part. Darshan Jariwala is awful.

I really enjoyed the Laila Majnu sequence. Though, its presentation does not fit well with the rest of the film e.g. the zoom-lens camera from the top focusing on the bed, how did Diya manage to pay for rebuilding the theatre so spectacularly. Nonetheless it's a beautiful sequence and IMO the best thing in the film. I also enjoyed the audition sequence especially Konkona's pathetic attempt to get the role. Her dance was laugh out loud hilarious. By the way, she makes a cute Laila.

'Aaja Nachle' is quite a blunder. Coming from the Yashraj factory, it's no surprise but knowing the numerous talents involved, it's a miserable surprise.
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The Return Of Madhuri - She Is Back
Pratik1127 December 2007
Aaja Nachle is not a typical Yashraj film in the sense of scenery - snow, mountains, etc. But one thing is for sure and that is that this is the return of Madhuri Dixit, whose last film was "Devdas." Dia, a dance instructor, who lives in New York, receives a call that her tutor, who lives in the village of Shyamilee, in India, is very ill and has called for her. Upon her return, she is informed that he has passed away and that it was his wish that she tries to save the arts centre in which she, herself, was once a student. She then finds her best friend, Najma, but she refuses to help her.

Directed by Anil Mehta and written by Aditya Chopra, this is a musical genre movie and the songs are memorable, which makes it a change since nowadays, there are only some songs and music that can be hummed to or remembered. The most memorable is the title song itself and off course, with Madhuri Dixit looking so slim and gorgeous, the dances are worth while watching. The cast includes Akshaye Khanna, Konkona Sen, Kunal Kapoor, Vinay Pathak, Divya Dutta and Irfan Khan.

Madhuri Dixit's charm is still there and this movie, for all her fans, is worth watching - this is the return of Madhuri. Yes! It is expected that she will work in movies but not so much as before,
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Its hard to find such a film...
onlygoodmovieswatcher15 December 2007
Personally, it is one of the best films I have seen over a long time. It is commercial, but has a lot of meaning... there is a message for many, right from lovers... to politicians.

As you must be knowing, making a film, means spending money, and all they look for is to derive back that money. As the saying goes, if one does good, good follows. And so most of the bollywood flicks turn out to be glamour and mimicries.

But here is a bunch of people who require a grand appluase for their hard work, time and money.

I am sure there are more who wish to do good, am sure, watching this film will inspire them.

In this case too, am sure the film is going to succeed well. And I really hope they get the money back, so that more "MEANING-FULL" films come up.

I am not commenting on the story, because I guess its already available, am here trying to just share the treasure.

films like this can definitely make the world a better place...


Thanks for reading this review and hope you do good.
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A different form of story telling
djohnjimmy1 December 2007
When I first saw the promos, I thought it will be a desperate attempt of a veteran (Madhuri Dixit) to make it back. But, I just wanted to see if Madhuri Dixit has lost the grace and charm after the break. And I am really glad to say that she's still easily the best of actresses Indian Film has seen.

The plot is not new (Swades, Lagan and so on have the same type of plot), but the way story was told was really good. There were times when they dragged the scenes a bit long. But only to emphasize on different emotions.

In the End, the Laila-Majnu play was just amazing. The sets and the costumes were really good. We have to give credit to that. Although the music was not so great but was good enough to keep the audience in theatre. Kon Kona Sen Sharma was amazing. If you have to take names, then the list would not end. Everyone did their best for a movie that dared to showcase art. Two thumbs up!

BOTTOM LINE: Its a bold attempt to show the art as it should be and not attempting to appeal to the new generation. That is the best thing I loved in this movie.
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Very entertaining; Madhuri shines!
Peter_Young14 October 2011
Upon release, Anil Mehta's Aaja Nachle, which was widely promoted as Madhuri Dixit's comeback vehicle, failed miserably. I watched it now for the first time, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It is such a nice film - colourful, musical, beautiful. This it the story of Diya, a trained dancer who, many years ago ran away from her town with an American man she fell in love with and moved to New York. Now Diya is a professional dancer-choreographer, and a divorcée with one kid. In spite of having promised to never return to India, she hurriedly flies back when learns that her trainer is on his deathbed. She is late, as he has already passed away, but he leaves a message for her as his last wish, to save an old theatre named Ajanta (where she used to dance) from getting ruined and turned into a shopping mall. The story follows Diya's firm decision and later efforts to revive the Ajanta theatre in a town where she is widely infamous. Her plan is to set a new play named "Laila Majnu". The problem is that people in the town dislike her, and only a good response to it can change the theatre's fate.

Aaja Nachle is essentially a musical, nothing very serious, nothing to be taken seriously, and nothing that will provide you with new lessons in life. What it definitely does provide is entertainment, and there it scores. It is not a great movie, but it has a great sense of fun and it flows well. The song numbers are appropriately incorporated into the film, and in this one they are presented mostly as realistic situations in accordance with the story. The film has many subplots, many of which I think were effectively presented, particularly the one involving the character of Mohan Sharma, Diya's past fiancée who was abandoned as she ran away. Several sequences are extremely funny. My favourite is when different girls, most of whom know nothing about dance, audition for Diya's play. Director Anil Mehta is an accomplished cinematographer and he uses his skills to the max in his first directorial effort. Choreography by Vaibhavi Merchant, which is obviously very important, is very well done. The music directors duo Salim-Sulaiman compose a nice soundtrack without which the film would.

Aaja Nachle rests on the able shoulders of the wonderful Madhuri Dixit, who is as charming, natural and charismatic as ever. Clearly, her absence from movies has dimmed absolutely nothing about her, neither her acting prowess nor her ever-so commanding screen presence. Dixit is according to me one of the most beautiful women in the world, and here, her youthful, juvenile beauty is replaced by a more mature and ripe look which is equally appealing. Her eyes speak volumes, her expressions and gestures remain refined and forceful, and her smile... oh this gorgeous smile, it is as amazing and mesmerising as ever. Diya's persona is actually the one that made Dixit the star she is, the star who at some point could give any hero or heroine a run for their money. She is a strong woman who oozes charisma and dares to live life on her terms. The film doesn't give Dixit many opportunities, but she delivers. She is feisty yet gracious, fiery yet elegant, and she is always vivacious and graceful. And what can one say about her dance? Nothing except it is astonishing.

The supporting cast includes many great actors, most of whom are not given that much scope, some of whom getting really small parts, but all are good. Konkona Sen Sharma is awesome. She is simply hilarious as the aggressive, unrefined Anokhi who is madly in love and will do anything to get the man she wants, including dance like an idiot. Towards the end she looks very pretty and it is overall a very good performance. Kunal Kapoor as Imran Pathan is very fine in what can be termed as his own version of the angry young man. Nothing great, but despite playing an overly hostile and hot-tempered guy he's quite a likable fellow. Ranvir Shorey steals the show in a small role that is surely the best-written of all, and he is excellent. Akshaye Khanna in an extended guest appearance is good as he is in most of his films. Divya Dutta is very good in a tiny role, Irrfan Khan is criminally wasted in the even tinier role of her husband. Vinay Pathak is wonderful as "the boring husband". Sushmita Mukherjee is funny as his wife, while Raghubir Yadav and Jugal Hansraj provide good support.

Among the songs, I really liked the title track which is catchy and Madhuri's dance for it elevates it further. My favorite song, however, is the melodious "Ishq Hua". The film's best sequence is when the "Laila Majnu" play finally takes place. It is just beautiful, spectacular, and is clearly well-invested and wonderfully executed and performed. The ending is expectedly sugarcoated, but who cares? It seems like some people just cannot appreciate anything that is not dramatic. This film is generally a lighthearted musical, that's how it's treated - it is good Hindi film entertainment, and a time-pass movie, in the most positive sense of the word. Another complaint was that Madhuri got a rather bland role which didn't do justice to her talent. So, people had not seen her weeping copious tears for so long that they badly expected her to do it again? Can't an actor be good when he's playing a character with less tears and more smiles? Actually, the film is more of a tribute to Dixit's mastery of the art of dance, which was one of the main factors that made her so popular, and I say it's worth a watch.
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Aaja, culture Bhool Jaa, Bollyrobics Karle....
HeadleyLamarr2 December 2007
A Yash Raj film scripted by Jaideep Sahni of Khosla Ka Ghosla, Bunty Aur babli and Chak DE fame, that was set to have the diva dance back into our hearts – in other words a must see film? I went with great expectations that were never met and was left with a sense of sadness for what Madhuri's comeback could have been but was not. This is the story of Ajanta, a dance/drama school with a supposedly revered teacher (?), a guy I do not know in a wandering dervish type avatar. He gathers young girls and trains them in the dancing parampara that must not die. What parampara you ask? Well – this parampara seems to be a cross between the dancing style of J Lo and Madhuri in Dil To Pagal Hai, a parampara that is very much alive and has nothing to do with our culture at all! The young Diya (Madz) runs off with a white photographer for National Geographia (sic!) and is disowned. She turns into an aerobics instructor as far as I can tell! Then the dervish dies and the small town has to be taught that parampara and Ajanta are more important than a mall on that site. And we all flock to the multiplex at the biggest mall to see this travesty! The older Diya has to return, lock horns with the Raja turned MLA (a totally wasted Akshaye Khanna), many goons (led by a bemused Kunal Kapoor), her old flame (Ranvir Shorey), her old friend (Divya Dutta) now married to her arch nemesis (a non-acting Irrfan Khan), and has to find a suitable Laila (an overacting Konkona Sen) for staging Laila Majnu Ki Daastaan on the stage of Ajanta.

What works in this film is so meager – Madhuri has a flat role with no nuances, and the bravura kathak dancer is made to tap dance! I do not think a worse role could have been written for this actress who left her mark on the 90s and then shot back to notice as Chandramukhi in Devdas. But to her credit, she is the one who manages to make the film somewhat engaging. The music is decent in parts but better outside the film. Ranvir Shorey does a good job as the jilted lover, and Divya Dutta plays her role well.

What does not work is so much – it kept me checking my watch so I could get a coffee in the intermission, and then wait for this film to end. Konkona, Irrfan, Akshaye have terrible roles with no depth whatsoever, and then do not do anything with what they do get to work with. Raghubir Yadav is okay but the guru belongs in a school for madaris! The sets are so fake and film city. The final play staged is too opulent and filmy for a small town. Do we really need to see Laila in a diaphanous white gown sleeping on a round bed shown from above? What this film needed was (a) a decent script, this was completely lacking – what a disappointing effort by Mr. Sahni (b) a decent director – this one had no clue (c) a realistic setting like that of Bunty aur Babli to make it all seem a bit real (d) someone at YRF to get a clue about what culture really means – it is not about BW dancing or tap dancing or aerobics/bollyrobics, how about some real culture for a change? But no worries – YRF will soon have to get a clue or sink; except CDI they have produced nothing but tripe in recent memory. I hope Adi Chopra wakes up before he throws away the legacy of the pere.

But the final word has to be about Madz – she still has IT, the smile, the style, the looks, the acting/dancing ability – hope she make better choices in the future.
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Audience Tu Bachle!!!
AvinashPatalay23 October 2008
If the makers had the audacity to think merely the USP "Comeback of Madhuri Dixit" would alone suffice to lure the audience to the box office window, then sadly the thought is as relic as dinosaur. Gone are the days the loyalties of the audience rested with stars, it's the age where content rules the roost.

Chopra's previous outing on similar lines "Dil Toh Paagal Hain" was hugely successful owing to the ~soul~ which permeated in every scene of the movie and precisely this is missing in "Aaja Nachle". Jaideep Sahni – sleepwalking eh?

Madhuri "Nene" Dixit:: I am sure she was shocked to find that Bollywood has moved by leaps and bounds during her sabbatical. And yes, her charm is visible only in flickers. BTW – what is the logic of her being divorced? Why can't it just let be?

Akshaye:: No great shakes, dons his usual a la De Nero smirks! BTW - Yashraj should stop this "suspense element" stroke, not always please!

Raghuvir Yadav, Uttara Baokar, Irfan Khan, Konkana Sen, Ranvir Shorey, Vinay Pathak, Darshan Jariwala:: Managed to get a foothold into Yashraj camp, but in terms of capacity utilisation - nought.

Others performances were okay.

Even music and choreography disappoint.

Anil Mehta – if your desire to hold the directorial reigns is satiated, stick to your core competencies.

Aditya Chopra:: The verdict must have been revelation/ disappointment that audience doesn't share you fascination on similar level. Madhubala reincarnate, ne-ne!
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Aaja Nachle, an Excellet Movie...a MUST watch.
rajat_mishra823 December 2007
Madhuri Dixit has done it again. She mesmerizes with her powerhouse performance, dancing and on-screen presence. The story is absolutely unique and well paced. It keeps one glued to the screen. Dances have been choreographed excellently living up to the reputation of Madhuri's dancing. The musical climax scene leaves you spellbound is an absolute joy to watch. A completely clean and entertaining movie. Go watch it and enjoy. Me and my family loved this movie. All the supporting actors have also performed very well. There are no unnecessary songs and action in the movie. Full credit to Madhuri to have maintained her so well even after having 2 kids. KUDOS to AAJA NACHLE. 10/10.
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Not groundbreaking... But its a good movie
Devane13 December 2007
I don't think Aaja Nachle was meant to be a groundbreaking movie with the coolest screenplay. On a whole its even somewhat uninspired and not entirely original but its a good movie nonetheless. In the context of Bollywood however, it's actually is pretty original. Which was the last big-scale female-fronted Bollywood movie there was? Frankly, I can't think of anything in the past two decades. Nothing from of the large scale, Yash Raj fame.

To the critics who think this movie wasn't even worth a watch, I think you've got the point wrong. Well sure it is a bit too polished- a bit too commercial and "safe" but what choice do the producers have? I don't think the Indian film industry is ready for something more experimental and adventurous. There had to be some trade off.

Even then, some of that commercialised coat melted with Madhuri's charm. Yes, I think Madhuri played her "magic" well in this movie. She sunk her teeth into the role and exuberanted her charm so well, I think she alone added a lot more colour to the movie. She almost overshadows the second and third lead in the film- Konkona Sen and Kunal Kamar. Both of them played their roles well and did a commendable job at that.

To sum it up, I think most critics of this movie expected too much from the comeback of the lady who's been hailed as Bollywood's greatest actress. As it is, she shone brightly in a movie that's decent. Its storyline may be somewhat predictable from the onset but its still an untapped genre in Bollywood.

I'd say, sit back, relax, don't think too much and watch it for what its worth.

I'd give it 7.5/10
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Totally Awesome Movie!!!!
haninaqvi1 December 2007
Aaja Nachle A Musical Review:

Madhuri Dixit!!! Man She Can Dance!!!!!

This might be her Best since (Chane Ke Khet mein and Ek Do Teen) The main theme of this Movie is Dancing! The Songs were Smashing! The Story line is Pretty Original!!! Im Proud of saying Im not Disappointed.

The Music by Salim - Sulaimaan Merchant Really Paid off!!!! Aaja Nachle Sung by Sunidhi Chauhan (what a Beautiful Voice She Has) I would give this Song 9 on 10 Somewhere i don't feel the Josh nut Somehow Madhuri Manages to Give this Song the Josh it Needs!

Now Coming to Show me your Jalwa! Sung by Richa Sharma and Kailash Kher The Song Turned out to be Good Enough to Enjoy in Homes, Parties, Cars, Even the Junkies who like RAPS and stuff! They EVEN LIKED IT! so i would say 7/10

Soniye Mil Ja! Sung by Madhuri herself, Sukhwinder Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal! A Celebration Song Want to Dance to a Perfect Song or you just want to Celebrate Choose this Songs It Suits both 10/10

O Re Piya! Sung by Rafaqat Ali Khan Smooth! Slow! Sweet! Sensual! Great! Soothing! A Great song for All Dynamic Song Lovers!!10/10

Dance With me! Sung By Sonia Sahgal! The Song Is Somehow a Mixture of M. Jackson Music but still feels like Bolly! Enjoying 9/10

Ishq Hua! Sung By Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal! The Song is Really Romantic! Nice One Good Score for All Heartbroken Guys and Girls! 10/10 Not Including me

Koi Pathar Se Na Maare! sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghoshal! A Sad Song with Poetic Lyrics by Piyush Mehra Very Well Done but its Simply makes you really Sad! so Not going to Work NAAAH Don't Think so I liked it SO ill give it 9/10

Is Pal Sung again the Dua Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal! They Both Deliver Honest Voices on Intense Lyrics no doubt! this is a another Romantic Song its pretty good song to listen to! 10/10

Well That Was my Musical Review of the Movie, AAJA NACHLE!

im not going to start on the Movie because i don't want to Spoil you guys but this movie will do good unlike Other Yash Raj Films! like LCMD, Dhoom 2, JBJ!

The Movie Scores Big Time And its Incredibly Great Performances by Kunal, Konkona (Paired Again after LCMD) Good thing for them having BACK TO BACK Releases from a banner like Yash Raj!

I won't say a Thing About Madhuri! She Looks so Incredibly Young, Mother of 2 Children, Dancing like she Did Before at this Age! Great Great! No Doubt!

Akshaye Made a Special Appearance but watch it on you're Own

Raghuvir Yadav! was Totally Flawless!

The Famous Comic Duo Ranvir-Vinay! Both Were Absolutely Fantastic!

The Great Cinematography done By MOHANAN is Flawless Not a Single Mistake There!

The Direction is Eye Catching! Do Notice That! New Comer Anil Mehta a Photographer Turned Cinematographer Turned Director Did a Nice Job

Well The stats a High Big Time!!!!! FLAWLESS

Music 10/10 Acting 10/10 Choreography 10/10 Direction 10/10 Editing 10/10 Cinematography 10/10 Direction 10/10

Do watch this movie!!! a Total Masala Flick and Enjoyable Family Film!

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shivakumarvishwa28 June 2008
The movie is fantastic.An excellent comeback from Madhuri after 5 years.The story is brilliant.It opens when Dia a dance teacher works in USA with her family.One day she gets a call that her dance instructor is dead.And wants her to come back to Ajanta.She comes back.The old Ajanta is being converted to a shopping mall.Its now dia turn to save this.At the end she does a few dances which attracts peoples.She wins their hearts.An enjoyable family movie.Madhuri was superb.Divvya was superb.Konkana was superb.Kunal looked hot and was awesome.Irfan was superb.Akshaye was wonderful.Ranvir Vinay add humour and were funny.Direction is wonderful.Cinematography is excellent.Chereography is wonderful.The music is faboulous and superb.The lyrics are wonderful and so is the picturisations.A must see Rating-10/10
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Brilliant movie *spoiler alert*
c_va2829 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
A movie dedicated to the arts. A movie spellbinding enough to woe any audience. A movie so beautiful it gets you speechless. Aaja Nachle, stars the dancing legend Madhuri Dixit, in a comeback role as Dia. Well, as we know her dancing skills are inevitably one of de best Hollywood has seen, to top it up her timeless beauty and on screen grace grabs the attention of any movie lovers. The movie resolves around a controversial topic Where Dia, an average Indian family daughter falls for a white guy and runs away from home due to parental and society objection. Dia, is a dancing student in an arts institution in her hometown India. Her world revolves around Indian arts. When a national geographic photographer comes to town, he is captivated by her and love blossoms. Due to objections from her world, she decides to run away with him to the United States. There she becomes a well established dancer with a dancing school on her name. She returns to India after several years when she hears the news of her dying guru. The man who taught her How to dance. Upon her arrival with her daughter, diva realizes it's too late. Not only her guru has passed away, the arts foundation founded by her guru is left abandon. Political play comes in when a new mall is proposed to be built replacing the history old art centre. Story kicks in with the message from her guru asking her to save his institution, and diva without doubt, takes control and places a bet with the politics involved that she will drive the residences towards her act in saving the country's piece of history. Her hurt always the story moves on with diya recruiting fellow city folks on her play to be staged at the very place she learned to dance. Emotions are collided with manipulations as some try to sabotage her plans. How she over comes it and How she pulls off the play is the climax of the story. The movie emphasizes on musical aspects on portraying emotions and acting. Madhuri radiates her beat in glamour's ways captivating the audiences mind and soul. Songs accompanying the movie transcends generations where classical and modern touches are combined. A must watch movie I would say. Unlike other movies, the story line is different and the movie is made with such perfection that it doesn't give a single cliché aura towards the audience. A must watch movie for its songs, dance sequence, beautiful choreography, beautiful people and definitely a well made top notch story line. Two thumbs up for madhuri and the entire crew of aaja nachle. Kudos!
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Madhuri Magic!!
naveenvohra30 November 2007
"The first opening shot sets the tone of the movie… its about dance, music, art and also it is about happiness, love, culture, goodness in human beings. If you apply the first 15 min formula (word courtesy my friend, raj), you know that this movie rocks! It grips you from the first scene till the last scene. The story starts in flashback which madhuri tells to her daughter..."

"All the actors and actresses in the movie are perfectly cast. Everyone does their job best. To mention the few are Kunal Kapoor as Imraan who acts as Majnoo in dia's show. Shushmita Mukherjee, as Mrs Chojar is good. Mr. Chojar, a boring government offices played by Vinay Kapoor is hilarious. His friend, Ranbir shorey, plays mohan, the hotel owner. He is silent lover of madhuri. Her real life majnoo (in the film). Also the child artist who plays the role of dia's daughter is also good. The most standout performance is by Akshaye Khanna as a young generation MP. He acts the role with elan and style. He brightens up the screen every time he is there. His character is most contemporary political character we have ever seen in bollywood movies. Both the role and the actors deserves applause..."
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Aaja Nachle Se Bhaag Le
salilgoyal1 December 2007
Why does it happen in Bollywood? If a person is successful, what is the surety that his kid will be the same? Exceptions, like Hrithik Roshan, do exist but in most cases, the kids are awful. Here, I am talking of Aditya Chopra. He's burying his father's hard-earned name with a series of senseless movies which is bringing Yash Raj Films to an all-time low. They have already started cutting down on movie promotions. Except for Chak de, all YRF movies this year- Tara Rum Pum, Jhoom and Lagaa chuneri have bombed. We say- once bitten, twice shy. But even thrice shy is not working. Now, Junior Chopra comes with another Dumbo- Aaja Nachle.

As far as Madhuri is concerned, the dhak-dhak lady has not lost it. She still looks charming and can dance unbelievably well. And as a mother of 10 year old, she looks great in the role.

The problem is script, direction, music and the wrong selection of cast.

The script is predictable, boring and spontaneous. By spontaneous, i mean that whenever some event happens in the movie, it is solved in the next 5 minutes. Also, the play in the end was below average. I could hear some emotions and applause in theater during the play but that was only from the audience in the movie itself. Moreover, the overall story is not strong. And if you add an average direction to a predictable storyline, the end result is definitely gonna be boring.

Another problem is music which is just OK. For a movie revolving around dance, you need to have a breathtaking music but there is hardly anything there in that department. The songs are equally boring.

When we talk about good actors not being given enough opportunities, we mean give them movies which lazy star-kids are ruining. If you want Konkana Sen Sharma and Kunal Kapoor to form a Dancing Couple, you have gone nuts. They are best suited for demanding roles which involve strong character. As for other actors, they don't get much of screen presence. But, i did like the little girl who portrayed Madhuri's Daughter. Looked an original NRI kid.

Anyways, watch this movie on a boring weekend if you have nothing much to do or wait for it to come on the idiot box. Just to cheer you up, it is better than the torturous Jhoom Barabar Jhoom.
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Madhuri is just pure MAGIC !!!
ankit16019 December 2007
Madhuri Dixit's comeback movie, though bit loose in script and the story-line, sums up the importance of arts in our life beautifully. Aaja Nachle brings to surface how the business of expressing oneself (read performing arts) is an integral part of life.

Aaja Nachle has captured commendably well in the movie, the idea that everyone has an intrinsic desire to have that 'one moment of glory', the idea that everyone can 'show us some jalwa or the other', that dance, theater, music programs and such socio-artistic activities are essential to keep a society in tune with its innate desires to express, relate and emote to situations, that art forms can elevate a bored society stuck in the mundane business of life to new energy levels from time to time, and most importantly, the state has a role to ensure that the citizens have enough modes and means to avail entertainment at low costs.
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Madhuri magic - Still bewitching
dadru20 September 2010
Let's first get the obvious out of the way – This movie was conceptualized for those who lived and basked in the age of Queen Madhuri. If you have cherished memories of growing up with this charming, lovable lady with her bewitching grace and mesmerizing smile, run to your nearest God and ask for blessings for the crew of this movie that have brought you back your first love. This movie will make you fall in love with Madhuri all over again.

This movie is meant to be an easy-watch. There is not much to be angry about or no one to be angry on. (the poor baddie is even mellow enough to break-down into tears in the end.) There is not much to work your grey cells about. Nothing makes you laugh-out-loud or shed a tear on. Rationale, attention-to-detail were never meant to be its forte, so don't even care.

Instead sit back and feast your eyes on the colors, the dance-sequences, the leisurely movie-making that does not strive to try too hard but plays itself out with a very enjoyable and likable pace. There is focus on the sublime aspects of life – love, friendship, helping and sharing, coming together for a cause ("The joy of doing something together" as put by Madhuri in one scene). And of course there is absolutely no way your heart will not go out to that damsel in distress, with daughter in tow and a mélange of rookies fighting the cruel cruel world to uphold Culture and the last wish of a dying Guru.

Actors like Konkona, Raghuvir Yadav, Irrfan, Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey, Yashpal Sharma never fail to delight and this movie is no exception. The music though not path breaking does blend with the mood of the movie and provides the required support.

All in all, keep your expectations right and you will come out of this movie with a smile on your face a tune in hum.
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