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Bound Heat at its most erotic
sentengi4 September 2009
After the death of her husband Veronica inherits a grand piece of land, but to properly exploits it, she needs the agreement of her stepdaughter, who prefers to make a national park out of it. To break her will, Veronica intends to send her to an specialized institute, where she shall be teached obedience. To proof the lasting results of the institute, the warden lends one of the trained girls to Veronica as company. While Veronica and the girl spend a happy time together in the countryside and even fall in love with each other, the stepdaughter is having a hard time in the dungeon of the institute.

I felt the story had some potential that wasn't fully developed. Veronica and her stepdaughter don't even meet in the movie. From the moment Veronica and the girl leaves the institute, you have these two on one side and on the other side the women in the institute, but hardly any connection between them apart from a phone call at the end. Focus is mostly on Veronica, but none of the characters has enough screen time to develop. But then with a cast of so many beautiful women, it's hard to do all of them justice. The warden (Petra Slavik) is the usual dominant woman and well played, but the story doesn't give her much to make a lasting impression. What's really outstanding here is the chemistry between Veronica (Dagmar Vejnar) and the girl (Bound Heat regular Marie Veckova) as lovers. There is a certain tenderness in their scenes, but also much erotic heat. Dagmar almost seemed a bit too nice here for a woman causing her stepdaughter so much pain. For both Dagmar Vejnar and Petra Slavik "School of Surrender" remains the only movie they ever starred in, which I think is a pity. I sure liked to see them in more Bound Heat films. Disappointing is only the actress in the role of the stepdaughter, she's totally boring and unconvincing as a supposedly defiant girl. Her scenes also feature some electro shock treatment which can make you feel a bit uncomfortable, though it looks not that realistic. As always with Simandls movies the photography is very stylish and the use of kimonos and traditional Japanese hairstyle makes this one particularly elegant. Overall "School of Surrender" has one of the best cast of the Bound Heat series and also some of the best lesbian sex scenes, which makes it a good starting point if you haven't seen any of these movies by Lloyd A. Simandl yet.
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