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Sex & Nudity

  • In the episode Hiccups. A man can be seen getting ready to take a bath but the towel falls down as he picks up his toy and he accidentally moons the sheep with his exposed butt scaring the sheep.
  • There are some references, though these are very mild and comedic, and will not be noticed by young viewers.
  • In one episode, a Christmas cracker is pulled by a man and a woman. A plastic ring flies out of it and lands between the woman's cleavage.
  • In one episode a man tries to blindly milk a cow. Two other characters are watching, and the older character quickly covers the younger's eyes as we hear the cow yelling.

Violence & Gore

  • Quite a lot of very mild slapstick violence, but nothing at all frightening.
  • The farmer's niece is very cruel to the animals, but does nothing that could frighten.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In one episode, one of the sheep eats a growth potion. This causes him to become supersize, and he starts to cause damage around the farm. The episode has a horror-movie theme throughout, which could frighten very young viewers.
  • One episode, "Little Sheep of Horrors", is set at night, and has a very eerie horror theme to it. At one point, a sheep appears to be dead as he has fallen asleep with tomato from a pizza all over his face, which is made to look like blood. This episode could scare younger viewers.
  • There is peril throughout the series, but it is all done in a comedic fashion.

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