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Season 5

23 Sep. 2011
What's purple, yellow, dirty, and failing? Blackberry's, under the mouthy un-listening dictator Shelly.
30 Sep. 2011
Mother Rose ran a very successful restaurant, Leone's, but during an operation ended up in a coma and two years later returns to find the place a messy ghost town under the ownership of her son.
7 Oct. 2011
Mike & Nellie's
After one owner or Mike & Nellie's passes away, things get so bad it's on the verge of closing, with the remaining owner clocked out and even drinking beer in the kitchen during service, and oblivious to the quality of the food.
14 Oct. 2011
Luigi's D'Italia suffers from bad food and owners who yell and scream, including at the customers.
4 Nov. 2011
Burger Kitchen: Part 1
Burger Kitchen is run by an incompetent owner who used money from his son's trust fund to keep it going, but between that, a frustrated chef, bad and undercooked food, over five thousand in loses each month, and the annoying wife/co-owner, things are about to go nuclear...
11 Nov. 2011
Burger Kitchen: Part 2
And now, the conclusion. Will Burger Kitchen stay afloat or will it end in a spectacular failure?
18 Nov. 2011
Greek at the Harbor
Mickey achieved the American dream, opening Greek at the Harbor, and prospering, but in recent years the quality of the food has dropped as much as the clientèle. Now, unless Ramsay can help, things are looking more like a Greek tragedy.
13 Jan. 2012
Michon's, a restaurant named after the middle name of the owner's daughter, hoped to one day take over but seems more content doing nothing while her father in poor health watches his once successful business dwindle away.
20 Jan. 2012
El Greco
El Greco, the modern-day Greek tragedy
3 Feb. 2012
Park's Edge
Unsurprisingly, when you say the city residents are racist and don't like a minority owned restaurant, your business tanks. Then combined that with odd and bad tasting food with owners who have no restaurant experience, and you have a mess.
10 Feb. 2012
Spin a Yarn
Spin-A-Yarn is spinning out of control financially, quickly becoming of a Greek tragedy (with posh bathrooms).
17 Feb. 2012
One mother and one sister have their money and a house on the line if Charlie's cannot succeed, leaving the other sister to step up to the plate or watch everything be destroyed.
24 Feb. 2012
Café Hon
The delusional owner of Cafe Hon trademarks "Hon", alienating the local community, making them say "Noh" to her café.
23 Mar. 2012
Chiarella's is suffering from a burnt-out owner and disgusting food.
30 Mar. 2012
Gordon Ramsay helps a married couple improve the food at their Mexican restaurant.

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