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19 Sep. 2007
Gordon visit Peter's, an Italian restaurant in West Babylon, NY, that is in financial trouble due to the fact that the owner, Peter, spends most of the money on expensive suits, fancy cars, etc. Also not helping matters are a feuding kitchen/wait staff and frequent visits by debt collectors.
26 Sep. 2007
Gordon's biggest challenge is fixing Dillon's, a multi-cultural restaurant in New York City that is located directly across the street from one of Gordon's own eateries. Dillon's is suffering from an identity crisis due to its menu serving various types of cuisine, a filthy kitchen, an incompetent staff, and three different owners, none of whom are doing a good job.
3 Oct. 2007
The Mixing Bowl
Gordon visits The Mixing Bowl, a small bistro in Long Island that is being run into the ground by its irresponsible manager and his working relationship with the husband and wife owners is suffering because of it.
10 Oct. 2007
Gordon visits Seascape, the oldest standing restaurant in Islip, New York, which used to be a thriving establishment in the community, but now is crumbling and nearing foreclosure. The place is owned by Irene and her incapable son Peter, both of whom feud constantly in the restaurant and do not see eye to eye on certain things. Gordon also has his hands full with arrogant head chef Doug, his uncaring sous chef Charles, and a disorganized group of waitresses, but Gordon notices the kitchen is filthy beyond belief and must take drastic measures to bring the restaurant ...
17 Oct. 2007
The Olde Stone Mill
The secret of Olde Stone Mill is that nobody eats there (even if they can find the entrance, which is also a secret).
7 Nov. 2007
Sebastian's has 20, ah, 21, maybe 23 unique failure combinations, and terrible pizza. Can Ramsay get through Chef Sebastian Di Modica thick skull or is the final combination of closure unavoidable?
14 Nov. 2007
Finn McCool's
Gordon visits Finn McCools, an Irish pub in the Hamptons that is in deep financial trouble. He also encounters an obnoxious, unprofessional head chef, who is actually the owner's son.
21 Nov. 2007
Gordon tries to turn around a fine dining restaurant in the art community of Pomona, CA, but he encounters numerous problems: a carefree staff, a waitress and the head chef at war, and a prep cook always eating the inventory.
28 Nov. 2007
Gordon discovers the owner of an Italian restaurant in New Jersey treats his staff like friends more than employees.
12 Dec. 2007
The Secret Garden
Gordon visits a French restaurant in Moorpark, CA, owned by a French chef with a major attitude problem.

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