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Wow, This Has An IMDb Page? (SPOILERS)
I_Am_The_Taylrus27 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers

Since when? Anyway, I am still shocked that Ryan Vs. Dorkman actually has it's own IMDb. This is an amazing Star Wars short home-made lightsaber video. In fact, this is one of the best Star Wars lightsaber duels I have ever seen in my whole entire life. This is better than most of the lightsaber duels in the Star Wars movies! That is quite an achievement, I must say. Ryan Wieber and Michael "Dorkman" Scott have made a masterpiece.

Here is the plot of this short home-made lightsaber duel. Actually, there really is no plot. These two enemies named Ryan and Dorkman meet at a warehouse. They take out their lightsabers and start fighting, and fighting, and fighting. They fight on the floor, they fight with their lightsabers upside-down, and they fight using the Force. Finally there is a face off with only one lightsaber left. It is Dorkman's. Ryan uses the Force to get it. Dorkman then turns the lightsaber on. It impales and kills Ryan. Dorkman walks away, but it killed by a clone of Ryan.

Overall, this is truly an amazing and utterly fantastic lightsaber duel. Still, though, who would to think that a video on the Internet would have it's own IMDb page? It is bizarre. I am not complaining, but I am just indeed shocked. This is just too amazing to put into words. The duel is amazing, especially since this is homemade! It was not part of a Star Wars film. Anyway, this is an excellent duel that it bound to shock you in a good way.


Recommended Titles: Ryan Vs. Dorkman 2.
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Okay watch for Star Wars fans
Warning: Spoilers
"Ryan vs. Dorkman" is a 5-minute movie from 12 years ago made by the two young men we see in this film. They are going against each other with light saber and other gadgets and we get to watch them.That's basically all there is to it. Star Wars is of course the core of this movie, so nobody who isn't a great fan of the franchise will really enjoy it. And those who are will maybe not enjoy it either as sometimes, even if the effects are okay, it looks a bit amateurish. Still, Scott and Wieber have turned into successful visual effects artists and worked on many films and series that are fairly popular. I guess they must have stepped their game up. Oh yeah, if you enjoyed this one, check out the sequel if you like. I personally did not find it interesting enough.
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Best Lightbaser duel ever made ?
Viva_Chiba3 November 2010
Ryan Vs. Dorkman is a short movie made for a Choreography duel competition on TheForce.net, the result is something excellent ! I watched a lot of fan made lightsaber duels on youtube, my favorites includes: Ryan VS Brandon, the "Alternate Episode 2 Star Wars Ending" and many that i forgot.

The Choreography in Ryan vs. Dorkman is something spectacular and awesome, that it makes you wish that for more.

The special effects are cool, it's like a watching a real Star Wars movie.

Recommended, even if you are not a Star Wars fan.

Check for the sequel.
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Effective, simple and enjoyable fan film
bob the moo1 October 2007
In an enclosed facility, Ryan Wieber and Michael "Dorkman" Scott face off against one another in a light-sabre battle to the death.

Having watched the sequel before this one I was wondering what it would deliver that I had not already seen and the answer was, well not a great deal actually. This sounds a little like a criticism but really it is not because I enjoyed the frantic delivery of the second film and this is what this one does as well. It is not as amusing as the second film but it does have a stronger (if unexplained) ending that is punchier than the kick of the sequel.

The special effects are good but it is the direction and choreography of the fight sequences that impressed me more. They were frantic and edited together in such a way that they felt exciting and frantic. The makers may have respectful to George Lucas in their messages and attempts to avoid being sued, but really Lucas should at least have a bit of shame when he sees this and realises that it is not massive budgets and never-ending special effects that make for a good light-sabre battle (Star Wars III really convinced me that he has lost this awareness in all his excess).

Overall then an impacting and enjoyable fan film. It doesn't knock itself out in the story department but it has good effects and is an impressively delivery fight scene that the films proper don't have enough of.
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