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Popeye Versus The French Movie Director
ccthemovieman-128 May 2007
It's Hollywood time: Olive is playing "Cleopatra;" Popeye is "Marc Antony" and Brutus is the film director (complete with stereotype beret). Brutus is not a happy director. "Such acting, rotten! Popeye, you are a ham," says the French-accented director who insults Popeye but heaps praise on Olive.

He tries to get Popeye fired but the latter's contract won't allow it. Brutus then changes scenes and orders Popeye to put his head in the lion's mouth, perhaps getting rid of him that way. That scene is funny, complete with a good line by both Popeye and Brutus. Popeye's pipe saves him, however, as the lion starts gasping from the smoke in his mouth after devouring the sailor.

This goes on, with Brutus trying to eliminate Popeye with elephants, crocodiles, sand storms, falling pillars, etc. Nothing stops Popeye. Then Brutus starts getting rough with Olive and pays the price.

Overall, a "cute" cartoon, nothing to make one laugh out loud, but fun and fast-moving.
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Typically fast and funny "Popeye" from Rembrandt Studios
J. Spurlin5 May 2008
Brutus is an egotistical French director making a film about Antony and Cleopatra, starring Popeye and Olive Oyl. Brutus would like to play the part of Antony himself, but Popeye's contract forbids it. Brutus decides the only way to get rid of Popeye is to get rid of Popeye. He forces his leading man to do a variety of dangerous stunts -- such as putting his head in a lion's mouth, braving a real sandstorm, using crocodiles as stepping stones, and worse. Popeye will need all his wits, and a can of spinach, to survive this production.

Rembrandt Studios, which made a few godawful "Tom and Jerry" films in the early 60s, fared better as one of the five studios producing the cartoons in this 1960-62 TV series. "Matinée Idol" is a typically fast, funny product from the company, with particularly good music cues. Don't miss the Sea Hag's vulture, who makes a solo appearance.
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