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Highly hilarious race movie
funmailever1 December 2007
Kudos to the director duo for directing this fast paced laugh riot.

Today I watched this movie in Sathyam cinemas, Chennai with my Friend. What I expected was a serious race movie, but it turned to be a highly entertaining comedy movie. The storyline and the names of the characters portrayed in this movie are totally funny. I really enjoyed the character named "Son of the Gun" in the movie very much...

The song "Gun Ganapathy" was choreographed and filmed humorously. The race sequences are very interesting and not boring. From the way the movie ended, I believe the directors are planning for a sequel for this movie...

I really appreciate the directors of this movie for attempting Guy Ritchie style movie making in Tamil cinema.

Watch this movie in theaters with your friends and enjoy.
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Will give healthy trend of movie making in Tamil Industry
nprem_sachin13 February 2008
I Saw this movie with much expectation Since I was impressed by the way they made the trailer for this movie. The movie was more than what i expected and the directors had did well

The characters was well defined and the location and sets are much appropriate for the movie. The way the story was told was humorous and entertaining. The name that was given for each character impress the audience.

The real world of the auto drivers in chennai was shown excellently.The best thing about this movie is that the directors doesn't attempt to make much more heroism for any characters.It was totally an entertaining fun movie to watch.My vote for this movie is 8/10
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Ora ora ora Oram Pooooooo!!
dragonzsnake23 August 2010
I saw this movie pretty late..like almost 3 years after its release.In fact it was the trailer of Pushkar& gayatri's second venture "Quarter Cutting" reminded me of this movie.I remember having heard a lot of negative reviews about the movie - but after watching the movie today , I felt it could have done a lot better at the box office if they had done a few changes to the dialogues!

The movie was funny in a lot of ways - The characters in the movie had really comical names - Bigle, Son-of-Gun,Supply etc., etc., They all wore bright and loud colored costumes - which was further enhanced with the camera I suppose.The use of lighting in a lot of scenes was really refreshing! The auto races were also shot in an immersive way ..

the use of thoothukudi tamil , the casting of Bigle , the sound of Auto, the song sung by blaaze - all these were really innovative amidst the repetitive movies... Kudos to the directors for these!

On the other hand,The movie had a straight forward plot , a decent and a usual mix of sentiment,love and regular kollywood stuff.

But...the only annoying point and possibly the reason for its negative reviews is the poor selection of words for dialogues!!The movie had a lot of disgusting dialogues,complete third grade stuff.The trailer gives a piece of it,but there are a good number of nauseous instances in the full length movie! On top of these, such "nasty" comedy scenes in a husband&wife directorial was really a let down..!!
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