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Dream about it, at least.
antaru_197621 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Here is this movie and here I am, someone who liked it. A movie which got huge slaps in the face by critics pointing that this isn't more than something stoners would make for other stoners; and myself who never touched weed or any drugs.

Even so, I liked Surfer, Dude. Better to say: I loved it. Because it helped me rethink what is important in life and what isn't.

The main character (Addington) represents everything that people living in the cage of the consumer / mass society can only dream about, or should be dreaming about.

He is the free man, part of and living with nature. Not a 9 to 5 office worker like the most of us, not someone having only twenty-some days off a year. Not working for the profit (which actually goes to other one's pocket), he is living for living, enjoying life, experiencing the mystery or magic of nature.

There is a big contrast in the movie. The artificial vs the real. The video game and reality show versus the real surfing and life under the sun. Inside and outside.

Addington is like a creature from another world, but at the end of the film it feels like he is the one from planet Earth (with the goat shepherd and the fisherman) and on the other hand we who made the fields chessboard looking, made the trees stand in order and in the exact same distance from each other in the forest, we are the aliens, or robots. He is the relaxed one we are the frustrated ones. He does only the positive things, and none of the negative ones, not even for money. "Not feelin' it. Not into it". This thing is double stated with the soul/Seoul people scene after the cast, at the very end of the movie.

Actually I recommend Surfer, Dude for those, who feel frustrated after work or feel like there is more to life than doing overtime for surplus production.

Yes the plot is simple, but has important questions. I accept the statement that the flow of the story is very slow, too. And overall, it could be a little bit better, like everything else.

But the stills are beautiful. And in its slow way it gives me a long smile instead of periodic laughter.

Chill out with the movie, dude. And think about your life for a minute.
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You guys are seriously harshing my morning mellow
rtg0021 July 2009
I recently had the chance to see this movie, and I don't understand why so many people hate it. I don't think that this film was intended to be a deep think-piece. The people who have come on here complaining about the film seem to have missed the message, which is a shame, because they are the ones who could have benefited from the films laid back messages the most. Addington lives a perfect, untainted existence. He is free of all of the stress and flakiness (for lack of a better word) that permeates modern American life and culture. This movie helped me realize that relaxing and enjoying the things that bring joy to my life are equally, if not more important, than participating in the gigantic rat race that has come to dominate all aspects of modern day life. I admire this movie and its simplistic message, and to those who felt this movie was a waste of time, I would recommend relaxing and appreciating the stress free atmosphere that is present throughout the film.
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a stoned near documentary comedy about surf
geor_2028427 July 2013
What is good about this film? Well if you are one of those people that got sick with overblown action movies or vampire teenage dramas, "Surfer, dude" is going to provide you a break. Like the waves though, it is good not to force this movie. It will come to you some day, in the TV, when you are back from work, tired and in need of something laid back. You don't have to spend a penny to see this movie. This is its central message: good things are for free. Well almost, you have to have a TV. Another good think is the view from the almighty ocean. Yes the shots of the sea and the waves will always have a calming effect on us, it is scientifically explained. The long beaches, the sand, the sun, Willie Reed are natural elements that relax us. The good parts of our world. The lead is in most natural, meaning always stoned. I never seen a more stereo typical view of a pot head but with a hint of control in the weed consumption. He smokes it, not the weed him.

What is bad about the movie? Well it is not a serious, provocative film for cinema lovers. Surfer, dude is like the guy in school that you know you'll never have something in common but respect his different way of seeing things. The plot is not multi-layered or anything and the ideas are not explained in detail or in depth. Theories and ideas and intentions of the characters are just what it is. "What is good about surf? What is good about the wind..." The lines are poor, and the actors are just there, except of course Woody who is always a pleasure watch.

If you want meaning, you can find it anywhere. Many say there is no meaning in this movie. Well i say you can find meaning in rock standing still, if you want to. There are simple meanings about capitalism and retrieval to nature and stuff like that. The only meaning is not to over analyze this movie. After all it is one more movie, that talks about not selling out to video games for money and still the movie product is out in the cinemas trying to make some money! In its defense, it doesn't try so much to sell itself with big explosions and romance but it is happy just to be out there. After all it was a bust, selling only a handful of tickets.

I watched Surfer, dude last night in the TV and i enjoyed it for what it is. A movie that doesn't expect anything from you and you should do the same for Surfer, dude. Let it be and you never know when it will come to you...
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Every surf movies ever made is nothing compared to this one
nathan-5171 February 2009
This is an awesome surfer crush, North Shore, point break, and all the rest are good but this hits the top.

This is the story of one surfer trying to live life with the least amount of anything but surfing. His agency wants him to be something else, a living movie advertisement, but he refuses to do so. This story doesn't need any epic plot, no epic love/drama, no fights or controversy. the reason this movie doesn't appeal to most is because they wanted the complicating story line but that's not what this movie is about. It's about surfing and smoking weed and just living life 'j.k. livin' means just keep livin. I recommend this movie to all people that just want to chill for an hour and a half.

I love this movie, I wanted to just jump into the movie and exist in it, cause there wasn't any major thing going on it was just life without the complexity.
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More money, more problems
eduareke9 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
There are a lot of mixed reviews about this movie. Some surfers rate it negatively because they think the movie is about surfing, and feel it does not portray the majority of surfers well, or feel offended by it.

The movie is about ONE surfer, and the way he looks at life, not wanting to be part of the capitalist system others try to include him in.

The plot is that. People trying to get the main character to do what they want, and him refusing to cooperate, brining upon him the hardships people with money can give you if you go against them.Nonetheless, the surfer in the movie stays true to his principles and doesn't give in.

This is not a movie about surfing, or surfers, but about how the main character thinks surfing is all there is to life, and how he doesn't want to get involved into anyone's game, or be anyone's monkey.

The film contains very nice shots, and a very nice soundtrack too, as well as some very funny moments. This is a movie to sit back and relax, and it might help you trivialize some things, like the state of your bank account.
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gregormandella21 March 2009
This movie is about simplicity of life being threatened by too much greed. Our American life has decayed so far out of simplicity that there's now a whole generation that has no idea what a simple life is like. No wonder so many people don't get this movie!

I surf and have for 20 years. I know a lot more surfers who are like these guys than aren't! All these guys whining about this not "being real" in regards to surfing need to lighten up a bit. Surfing used to be a lot of fun until it became mainstream and overcrowded. That's why I usually paddle over to the next peak to get away from the crowds even if it's not as good.

This movie is more about a guy who loves his lifestyle and having it threatened by extinction than anything else.

Take example from Tyler Durdin and "just let go". Let go of expectations and you might just find a gem right under your nose.
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57 days without surf
cjr712441 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
There are a couple main plot points here: some business type money hungry former surfing bastard is trying to harsh his mellow and get Surfer dude to sell out and it's been weeks and then months without surf in California and thus pushing Surfer dude to do things he doesn't want to do.

I didn't expect much from this movie but I got a lot out of it. I really loved it. Maybe it's because I was trapped on a plane and this was sort of an escape. There is a little bit of deep meaning in this movie if you think about it.

If you are looking for one of those modern dumb comedies with hilarious laughs this is probably not it.

If you like the stoned out surf culture and can laugh at it but still can see the heart in surfing and the deepness in it and in not selling out, you will like this movie a lot.
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People are being too harsh on this movie...
SerpentMage11 January 2012
I watch quite a few movie and from my review record I can pretty much watch any movie. My first and foremost priority is; does the movie entertain me? For this movie, check! Then my second priority is this movie original? For this movie half a check. And finally my third priority is, does this movie challenge my mind? For this movie, no not even close.

This movie is pure entertainment. Though I have to say that Matthew McConaughey did a really good job. While people may say, "oh look he is playing a stoner and laid back person. That is a no-brainer." Actually not really, since a laid back person does not get uptight about anything, nothing gets them going.

What surprised me in the movie is how well Matthew played the character. You saw it when he was challenged to a fight, and refused, or when he was insulted, or his words twisted. He played his character and I was surprised at how well he did it.

So while it is not that original, though there are hints, it is very very entertaining. I found much of the critique of this movie completely misplaced...
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stevecauley4 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
What can you say about a movie that features Matthew McConaughey playing a surfer/stoner, with Woody Harrelson as his sidekick, that's barely able to muster a single laugh in 90 minutes? About all you can say is that someone dropped the ball and that someone would have to be first time feature filmmaker S.R. Bindler. Instead of clever dialogue and an engaging plot, we are treated to lots of "stoner lingo," tight shots of girls' asses, and plenty of topless scenes thrown in for good measure. In other words, the sort of movie a 17-year-old kid would make with his camcorder and a couple of buddies. Remember those Burt Reynolds movies in the 70's that basically had no plot but gave Burt an excuse to make a film with his pals? This is Matthew McConaughey's homage to those. We're even treated to a cameo by Willie Nelson in a role that serves no purpose other than as an excuse to have him in the movie. On a positive note, "Surfer, Dude" makes "Sahara" look like Oscar material.
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Narcissistic expose -
uggachucka5 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I just arrived home from this movie. It was such a disappointment and non stimulating experience I don't recall leaving the house. Sure I went to admire the Matt man, yet we some how broke into uncontrollable laughter when his pearly butt arrived on the screen. I am still seeing spots from the over whitened teeth which managed to steal the scenes. The movie appeared a desperate attempt to capitalize on the hotness that was Matt, the excellence of bill and Ted, the reality TV addict, the gamer, tech buff, t&a specialist, booty watcher, country music fan and those still waiting for the legalization of Marijuana. We waited too and unlike the movie the waves never came.

If I were Matt or Woody I would pull the movie, before waves of bad reviews pull them under. Your still hot Matt, butt - "Your first loss is your best loss."
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A movie worth watching
BigBTheOneNOnly10 September 2008
Hey. I saw that the people below were not happy with the movie. But personally I wonder if these people are just not getting what the movie is about. At first I thought the movie didn't make sense, and perhaps the scene order was a little off. But this movie is pretty much like Superbad in that it is more like everyday life turned upside down, and that the movie follows Steve Addington's (Matthew McConaughey's) journey as a surfer desperate to want to live in his own paradise.

The jokes are a bit stereotypical, but I think that is what makes it so humorous. The situations are more funny then the actual dialog. Trying to see Woody Harrelson act like a beach bum was pretty hilarious in its own right! All and all, if you like a movie that is an offbeat comedy that tries something new, then you will love this movie!
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it's not bad, it's not good... it's harmless surfer fluff for the whole stoner family
Quinoa198414 July 2009
I rarely do this, and I either feel vindicated or embarrassed doing it, but I went into Surfer, Dude prepared to not like it at all. Matter of fact, I rented the movie (from my library on a 25 cent charge) with the intent to have a good laugh at it, and maybe get in with my wife on a Mystery Science Theater 3000 style poke-and-jab job. As it turned out, by the near of the end of its slim 82 minute running time, we felt the same way: it's not hate-worthy. It's simply too filled with well-intentions to simply stomp and kick the crap out of. While one can argue a lot of misplaced ego-trips go that way (i.e. M. Night Shyamalan) I didn't really sense hubris or too much faulty technical craft going on.

It's simply what it appears to be: a bunch of surfer dudes, and I include in that group the filmmakers and McConaughey, got together after many years of prep (you read that right, many years, like seven according to the DVD making-of) and made a movie for themselves, and the California surfer community. Indeed there's been a minor cult that has risen in California around the movie; screenings spring up with masses of dirty and stoned surfers trudging into the theater ready to soak up the waves. At least, that's my assumption having never been to the California surfing community nor a surfer's cult movie screening. I can't help but wonder if it was for the 'plot' or the 'comedy'.

So why isn't the movie hateful? For one thing, for all of his incessant I-don't-need-to-wear-a-shirt-ness, McConaughey is a likable guy as Steve, a guy who has a craving for a wave, all the time, every time it's possible. There is not much conflict to speak of except this: either Steve rides the wave, or he doesn't, and for much of Surfer, Dude he actually doesn't ride waves but rather try and fend off a corporate leech that wants to sign him up for a reality TV show gig. That's basically the whole movie. Oh, and Willie Nelson shows up as a goat farmer who smokes lots of doobs (of course), and Woody Harrelson pops up from time to time as a, uh, manager of sorts who smokes a lot of doobs (of course) and is sometimes hard to differentiate from McConaughey if not for the shirt situation and, uh, other actors like Jack's father on Lost.

Here's what it comes down to: there are plenty of totally cringe-worthy moments, scenes where laughs are attempted and fall flat, and some lazy cinematography and music and a story that is so easy to read through you know who every character is and what their destination will be within ten seconds of seeing him or her (and that goes for miss wannabe Baywatch star too). And yet, it's also a laid back movie for a niche crowd that doesn't try to please to audiences that aren't meant for it. Maybe I wasn't meant for it either, and I do like some of these actors and comedies with stoners and surfing and waves and uh virtual reality plots hatched by... oh what the hell, it's a retarded puppy of modern movies. It may be stupid, but it's still a puppy!
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A boring disappointment with no plot
Gordon-1114 July 2009
This film is about a world famous surfer who tries to live according to his ideals, and resists a very generous offer to endorse a surfing video game.

The plot of "Surfer, Dude" is paper thin, so thin that is almost non existent. The film is just 75 minutes long excluding the credits, and there is not even material to cover half of the screen time. Usually when the plot is non existent, there is something else to make up for it. In "Surfer, Dude" there is no fun, no humour, no moral teaching, no witty lines and not even nice scenery to look at. The only thing that they could come up with to keep viewers interested is plenty of nudity by numerous topless women. And seriously, does Matthew McConaughey really need to be topless all the time? "Surfer, Dude" is hence reduced to a narcissistic vehicle for him to expose himself. "Surfer, Dude" is a boring disappointment.
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Nothing really happens ... nothing.
Vic_max28 May 2009
I generally like movies about surfing - documentaries, fiction and even animated flicks. While this movie started out fine, by the end, I really had no idea why the movie was made. Nothing really happens. Nothing. Furthermore, this movie is actually only 75 minutes long (without the credits)! That's pretty short, but it fits since there isn't really any story.

I did like the beginning though - there are cool surfing shots, lots of specialized surfer lingo, and a cool introduction to McConaughey's character as a legendary surfer. And that was not all, the beginning also gives us an exotic high-tech firm w/3D virtual technology, a surfer reality show and even a flashy/upscale topless beach party (it was very well done!).

However, in terms of where all these elements go, the movie tanks. McConaughey's character walks around confused and dejected because there's no surf ... all while he's continually assaulted by the high tech firm that's pressuring him to sign a contract.

As a movie, it's pretty terrible. However, I must say that I still enjoyed a lot of the above elements for their fun-spirited nature. For the general viewer though, there's definitely no point in seeing this movie.
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You're invited to catch a wave, and enjoy the fun!
Len987613 December 2008
Surfing, dude? You bet! Woody Harrelson is an acting chameleon! Every time the camera lens focuses on him, he becomes a different character. I think that's what makes actors interesting, and Woody does it on the level of a skilled, consummate professional. In this film, Woody shows his comedic side, and he does it as his hilarious best! I'm very much impressed by Woody's versatility.

What I like about this film is that it's laid back, you enjoy the scenery, the waves, and the babes. The film makes me feel like a surfer bum, and I enjoy every minute of it!

Steve Addington (aptly played by Matthew McConaughey) has a dream to become a surfer in his very own, custom-designed kind of Eden. The continuity in the film is purposely confused, in order to give the viewer a feeling of Addington's initial frustration. His dream does not work out, to his satisfaction, in the film's beginning. But, thankfully, mid-way through the film a 'mermaid' saves the day, and Addington's dream sees a delightful 'climax' (if you'll forgive my unfortunate choice of words). Matthew has sex appeal, and he shows it, but not in a narcissistic way. Both Matthew and Woody show their love for the environment and, when the film ends, I just don't want to come home from the beach.

It is obvious that Woody, Matthew, and the entire cast had a great deal of fun while making this film. It becomes a delightful and somewhat zany surfing party, and the viewer is cordially invited to participate in the fun. Unlike "Tropic Thunder" (2008), there are no 'inside jokes'. Every move is caught by a camera lens, and the viewer is always 'let in' on each happening.

The film takes me, personally, back in time. And, it is a such a refreshing memory! I can almost hear the Beach Boys singing, and 'the Gidge' (Sandra Dee) is no longer lost. This film is my kind of paradise, and I rank it an 8 out of 10. Grab a surfboard, smell the salty air, and let's go surfing!
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A total whipeout!
EChicoine22 April 2009
The abortion of thought that went into this film will shock and astonish you. For Mathew McConaughey, studying a role requires little more than his imagination. Rather than given an insightful view of a surfer's life, the audience is simply subjected to an hour and a half of what McConaughey THINKS is a lifestyle that everyone will fall in love with.

Surfer Dude lacks all logic and structure. There is not enough substance here for a full movie, and yet, somehow, they managed to record SOMETHING for 85 minutes. The level of contempt McConaughey has shown for his audience is appalling.

The movie starts out giving you the gut feeling that they are faking it, that they are some how cheesing it up to make fun of a horrible stereotype. Very quickly you find out that they are absolutely serious, and like a child finding out Santa isn't real, all hopes for a decent movie are lost.

About half way through the film, the faint whispers of a plot start to shine through like sunlight in deep water, then the big dark rain cloud that is McConaughey moves in. Isn't there a definition for what a movie is? Simply recording onto 85 minutes of film does not constitute "movie." We're trying to have a civilization here Mathew!

From this point on, I am avoiding all McConaughey movies. I will no longer waste my life on truly horrendous trash like Surfer Dude. On my death bed, I will say, "I wish I never saw surfer dude with Mathew McConaughey." and my kids and grand kids will all say "Who's Mathew McConaughey?"
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Hollywood Still Doesn't Understand Surfing
Gulfer131 February 2009
As a core surfer for the past 10 years, a Surf Film-maker and professional photographer, this movie is a disgrace to real surfers around the world. Of all the strides the image of surfing has made, this movie sets us all back. There are many professional surfers that are articulate and professional, unlike Mcconaughey's character smoking dope and talking like Spicoli. Mcconaughey's acting skills are beyond this role. I personally know surfers who are lawyers, doctors, business owners, firefighters, and many other professional occupations, yet this movie portrays surfers as a bunch of loser stoners. There is no plot to speak of in Surfer Dude and the character development is weak. To top it off, the movie has a flat spell for over 2 months in California. The Gulf Coast of the Florida Panhandle doesn't even have a flat spell that long, much less the Pacific ocean with all the groundswells that traverse it. With the lack of surf in the screenplay we also suffer the opportunity to even see "actor face imposed" surfing footage in the film. Even Blue Crush was more accurate and respectful to the sport of Surfing than this movie.
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If you are a surfer you will love this movie
fvaresano17 December 2008
Other reviewers are right.. this is a pretty "empty" movie for a regular person.

But.. if you ever had the opportunity to stand up on a wave and surf it you will surely love this movie.

If you ever felt that sensation of being free and without stress, just enjoying your life after a great surfing session you will like this movie.

This movie is all about concentrate on your passions, on what you really love and just forget about every other useless things our modern life tends to make important.

Really recommended if you are a surfer.
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saurabhkgautam11 May 2015
I downloaded this movie recently as part of an attempt to chart Matthew McConaughey's movie career. The IMDb rating definitely made me think twice but since the title suggested harmless banter at worst, I switched it on in the background. Well, I was hooked within the first 15 mins. This movie not bad at all. In fact, I would highly recommend it to anyone who has 2 hours to kill.

McConaughey's performance as Steve Addington, his character build up (3rd party stories around his background etc.), a great lineup of supporting actors and a plot that ends positively. The movie delivers on all counts that make up your average feel good Fri nighter. This one goes beyond in a lot of aspects.

I'm rating this movie a 10 till the score recovers to 6.5.
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I envy the man know as Addington
foolishsker-18 November 2009
I mean what can I say, it's a flop, but so many good movies are flops. It has a bunch of B-rated actors, one A-list star, and Willie Nelson. Honestly I don't get why people don't like this movie...maybe because it lacks flash and boom boom pow. But for those of you on the fence about this film, just watch it, rent it, download it, whatever, at least decide on your own.

True enough this is a stoner movie, because it's full of stoners, or even for those who are just wanting to watch something that won't make you feel bad about the white supremacy, or how corrupt the modern world is, or how we should go green, and it doesn't have major budget high flying, heart wrenching romance. and let's face it, that's what most movies are today.

The movie runs a little under an hour and half and the storyline really doesn't go anywhere but you find yourself admiring the main character, Steve Addington, a slacker surfer bum who only wants to surf and chill with his buds and smoke bud. I mean that's all the movie is and that's all it needs to be. Granted the movie is funny, it has boobs, and it has a 'summer love' fling thing going on and it's just an all around calm, laid-back kind of feel to it.

If you want flash, glam, big explosions, multi million dollar CGI effects...go somewhere else, go watch transformers 2 or GI Joe. If you want to just entertain yourself with a laid-back, calm and easy film, then by all means watch this film, I'll lend you my copy, cause you ain't gonna find it in wal-mart, believe I looked...

What I am basically trying to say is this movie isn't going anywhere and it's not trying to, it's just there to be there and I think it's worth a watch, at least once. Me on the other hand I love this movie and I can't get enough of it. So go out and buy it, download it, rent it, steal it or whatever just watch it, then decide.
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Hey Dude, mellow out :)
stodruza17 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I like films like this more and more.

Not much to say, this film won't stress you out, won't make to many demands on you, like a surfer girlfriend, and you don't have to even pay that much attention.

The goats, you gotta enjoy the goats. You didn't enjoy the goats?

I don't know what lest to say, like the movie itself.

Mellow out, enjoy life and enjoy this flick. A rumpas through the sun with McConaghey as the leader of the tribe.

Could have had more surfing. Music was alright. I liked it.

This film works because it is a blueprint for a life that definitely has its appeal. Be Your own man, surf, get the girls, be true to yourself, enjoy life, be one with nature.
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Surfer, Dude is a Coastline Journey
hkislauskis10 May 2012
After reading another user's review and felt I needed to clear things up. This user stated "The movie starts out giving you the gut feeling that they are faking it, that they are some how cheesing it up to make fun of a horrible stereotype." He goes on to say he will spite Matthew in his death bed so I don't take what he says to heart too much, BUT, I really believe he couldn't be further from the truth.

Mr. McConaughey knows that this role didn't require acting at all; it was absolutely genuine. Matthew (in real life, not the movie) lives out of a trailer, traveling the nation! He'd rather be out enjoying the beauty of nature than be holed up in a huge luxurious mansion in Malibu (something he could obviously afford). The trailer's name is 'The Canoe', which he named after a gift he'd received from an Elder Squamish Indian in a trip of his to Vancouver, Canada. Also, a couple years back I remember hearing Matthew didn't cooperate and was arrested for being too loud while playing his Bongo drums, smoking cannabis, in the nude, with his buddies. I mean, come on! This dude epitomizes the Egalitarianistic and down-to-earth role that he plays in Surfer, Dude.

The film doesn't have mind-blowing visual effects, stomach-twisting suspense, or an ingenious plot. If that is what you're looking for, don't watch it. Wait until you're in the mood for a down to earth flick. Man, this movie is a coastline journey. It makes you want to drop everything and go to the beach or go experience something new, beautiful and pure. A film doesn't have to have academy award-winning performances to do that for you. It just has to hit home on a couple levels. This movie did that for me.

You can watch this more than once, re-watch with your friends, get a good laugh, and learn some simplistic yet valuable life lessons. It's got some one-liners/great quotes in it, some gorgeous females, beautiful beach scenes, hairy buds, and phenomenal music. If you like the ocean, the sun, good times, friends, and you can take the good out of a situation, then I really recommend this movie.

After the third time seeing I can still say it has left me in a great mood every time. You can talk and laugh with friends while watching because you don't need to listen for any plot twists or turns. It's a good time.

Oh, and I do repeat: check out the soundtrack to this movie! Great songs by Xavier Rudd and Mishka. {Coastline Journey - Mishka} {The Mother - Xavier Rudd} {Come, Let Go - Xavier Rudd}

Hope this helped, Hunter
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Great movie! against all odds!
micha-215-58779217 November 2011
Of course it is hilarious to make a surfing-movie about a wave-less period, Fantastic!

I find it hard to understand others gave this movie so low points, Unlike most comedies, this movie really is funny to see!(if you share my taste)

The story was quite alright, but not the reason why this movie is so good, The humor is in the characters and the atmosphere of the movie. Really hilarious without the stupidity-factor of most humor movies. There is a really nice flow over the whole movie!

Especially Woody Harrelson showed really great acting! And always nice to see Willy Nelson. Also nice music from Xavier Rudd!

If you have the same taste as me you will enjoy this movie for sure!

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good acting, simple movie
pucciomaltese22 July 2020
Don't expect a stoner movie, nor a serious movie. it's about living carelessly as the stereotypical surfing culture. In its essence this movie makes fun of stoner movies by not being one.
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Great Chillin Movie
phiup27 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Perhaps the reason why so many have reviewed this title in the negative is because they were expecting "Dazed and Confused" on water.

IT'S NOT!!!!

The movie starts off introducing the super laid back, somewhat irresponsible Steve Addington, or Add as he is referred to in the movie played by Matthew McConaughey.

He has been to able to afford to be a carefree hippie surfer because of his sponsor. When his sponsor is bought out by former surfer, now super douche business exec, Add's life takes a dramatic financial turn.

Addington's attitude is unwavering though. Because he is a "Surfer dude! I surf." He knows that he will get by even without the money. That is until the waves dry up. California and the entire pacific coast goes flat.

Add suffers what can only be described as massive withdraws coupled with delusional psychosis.

The morale of this story is 2 fold. 1. Find what you love and do that. 2. "Be careful of what you love brother, cause it can drive you mad!"

I would recommend this movie to dudes dating someone who loves Matthew McConaughey. Dudes who like to surf. Dudes who hate corporate America. and yes, dudes who smoke the reefer.

AND its not all about the chiseled body of McConaughey, there are plenty of beach bunnies to check out during this movie.
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