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Season 2

26 Aug. 2008
Brothers & Sisters
Spring semester begins with the annual Greek Week competition. Rebecca continues to lash out and damage her relationships with her sisters in the ZBZ house. In the interest of preserving their friendship, Rusty and Calvin try to remain neutral despite belonging to rival fraternities.
2 Sep. 2008
Crush Landing
ZBZ throws an awesome crush party, whilst Ashleigh discovers that the "hotness monster" goes to Cyprus-Rhodes. Casey is in "processing" with Franny over Evan. Rusty feels that he has lost interest in polymer-science and Rebecca needs Cappie more than she has ever needed, when she finds that her parents are to divorce.
9 Sep. 2008
Let's Make a Deal
To raise money to alleviate Ashleigh's huge credit card debt, she and Casey decide to participate in Omega Chi's casino themed party.
16 Sep. 2008
Gays, Ghosts, and Gamma Rays
Rusty and the pledges study for their, know your brother, tests for KT. While collecting information Rusty comes across a mysterious KT and investigates.Calvin is nervous as his new boyfriend forces him to explore gay life, including his first visit to a gay club where he meets an old friend
23 Sep. 2008
Pledge Allegiance
Feeling mistreated, the Kappa Tau pledges revolt against the brothers. Evan exploits Calvin's relationship with Michael in an attempt to fix the grade of a brother that is failing.
26 Aug. 2009
See You Next Time, Sisters!
Politics play a heavy hand when Casey and Frannie each lobby for support at the ZBZ national convention.
7 Oct. 2008
Formally Yours
It's the ZBZ Formal and Casey and Max decide to go together. At the event, Ashleigh and Rusty bond. Also, Rebecca decides to skip the event claiming she needs a break from sorority events.
14 Oct. 2008
The Popular Vote
Rusty and Cappie attend a speed dating event and both end up with dates. Casey and Ashleigh try to uncover some dirt on Frannie as candidates for ZBZ presidency quickly resort to smear campaigns.
21 Oct. 2008
Three's a Crowd
Rusty learns a secret about Dale's high-schoolfriend; Ashley becomes caught in the middle of a power struggle between Casey and Frannie as they pursue the Omega Chi's for partnership for the upcoming school year.
28 Oct. 2008
Hell Week
Pledges are put through the ringer during Hell Week. Casey and Max find that their time together may be coming to an abrupt end.
30 Mar. 2009
Take Me Home, Cyprus Rhodes
A new school year begins, bringing changes to all CRU students.
6 Apr. 2009
From Rushing with Love
Rusty and Calvin each try to recruit Andy to their respective fraternities. Casey and Ashleigh suspect that Rebecca may be a double agent working for Frannie.
13 Apr. 2009
Engendered Species
Rusty meets a new girl, Casey seeks to resolve the problems between Max and Cappie and Calvin has problems with a noisy roommate. The ZBZ's have a new cleaner who Ashley amongst others find a bit distracting.
20 Apr. 2009
Big Littles and Jumbo Shrimp
Rusty has struggles to accept Andy as his little brother while still brooding about Andy dating Jordan.
28 Oct. 2009
Evasive Actions
The Zeta Beta Zeta and Iota Kappa Iota sororities engage in a game of dodgeball.
4 May 2009
Dearly Beloved
The Zeta Beta Zeta girls are all invited to the wedding of a beloved alumna.
11 May 2009
Guilty Treasures
Casey finds out about an overseas internship for Max, and gets him the bid by sneaking him into a faculty party. When chasing out an O-Chi pledge, the KTs uncover a secret stash of goods stolen by former brothers. Meanwhile, Rusty and Andy are caught returning a football, after Rusty confesses to kissing Jordan. Elsewhere, Andy de-pledges, causing a rift between Rusty and Cappie. Also, Ashleigh is hesitant to take her relationship with Fisher public.
18 May 2009
Divine Secrets of the ZBZ Sisterhood
In an attempt to impress Cappie, Rusty tries to solve a mystery involving CRU's secret Skull and Bones society, but gets more than be bargained for. Meanwhile, two former ZBZ's who defected to IKI ask Casey if they can return, but the heads are reluctant. Also, Rebecca seeks dating advice from Calvin, as she prepares to go out with Robin.
25 May 2009
Social Studies
The two girls Cappie are dating end up in a study group with him and Casey. Meanwhile, Rusty is having doubts about his relationship with Jordan. Elsewhere, Rebecca and Evan try to get her laptop out of her towed car.
1 Jun. 2009
Isn't It Bro-mantic?
Rusty prepares for his date with Jordan, but Casey ends up tagging along.
8 Jun. 2009
Tailgate Expectations
The houses are paired against each other in a float building contest.
15 Jun. 2009
At World's End
The fallout from the float prank leads the Kappa Tau house to plan a party.

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