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Just a shattered movie with no heart and identity
nothimme26 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This was such a good downgrade, it's unbelievable. The movie doesn't shelter a soul. You can't show feelings to it. It's ugly. There isn't much thought put into it. It's like not a part of the Trilogy: Forced and lame jokes, casual and uninspiring score, stereotyped and predictable plot, cheesy and generic writing, undeveloped villain, inappropriate atmosphere, wrong character development... I mean how does one go from this ''Tell me, do you bleed'' to this ''There's something definitely bleeding'' It's like a 'joke'. Who wrote this garbage? I mean why, what was your motive?

Apart from the garbage writing, the coloring sucked too. The whole movie was ugly as hell. After Superman's resurrection, the fight scene was completely miss edited. Why is the sun rising? Do you guys wanted it to make more colorful? Is because Superman takes his power from the sun? Because of this garbage coloring, the VFX and the CGI looked garbage.

Where is the villain? That villain shouldn't have wasted like that. He made a pretty good entrance, but the movie didn't capitalize on it afterwards. We didn't get to know him. He was in exile, Superman died so he has sent to earth to destroy it. Yeah, sure.

Fight scenes were a big downgrade too. Although there were some good shots, especially where Amazons and Steppenwolf fight, most of the fight scenes were just casual and emotionless.

Overall, this movie is just another ''Batman & Robin''. Back then, due to its darkness, they gave Batman nipple. Now, due to its darkness, they gave Batman ''Do you really talk to fish'', ''There is something definitely bleeding'' lines. The history repeating itself.

They gave $300,000,000 for this movie, but it doesn't look like that big of a movie, right? WB really did something. They've disposed of movie's original composers. They've re-edited and rewrote the whole movie. They've brought a new guy, who doesn't care about the characters or bother to know them, as a writer and director to make the movie look more like a Disney movie. And with that guy, they added a bunch of reshoots which doesn't add too much to the movie other than garbageness and a bad CGI mouth. This version of Justice League is just wrong, doesn't add up, doesn't lead anywhere. Every storyline that we started, every future we were building up to gone with this movie. It just depressing.
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Incoherent cgi gibberish.
darkmoonuk21 April 2018
Might as well watch the cut scenes from a video game, the cgi was poorly implemented. The villain absolutely pointless. Superman's Resurrection wasted, why not give him a few movies to find a villain worthy and build suspense?

Each of the characters in twisted to ape the Avengers in their roles, especially Flash/Spidey but with non of the depth.

Truly a pointless exercise and a wasted opportunity, spare yourself the disappointment. How it is an 8+ on here discredits IMDb

Such a shame. :(

p.s the CGI really is that bad . . .
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Warner Bros. should be ashamed of themselves.
d-beckton23 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Everyone knows by now that due to unfortunate circumstances, Zack Snyder (Director) and his wife, Deborah Snyder (Producer) had to leave the project for personal reasons, which enticed to the studio (Warner Bros.) to bring in 'Avengers' director Joss Whedon and ''finish'' it.

Ultimately, the film seems to have been almost completely re-written and re-shot. I've read a fair amount from people claiming that the film is still around 80% Snyder's vision, I don't think so.

The films original composer (Junkie XL) was quickly dispatched and replaced by Danny Elfman (One could argue that a films score makes up 50% of the film, easily).

Danny Elfman's score is completely flat and heartless. There isn't a shred of emotion in a single note. It sounds out of place, is consistently uneven and the little homages to past themes seem to be thrown in and are used at completely the wrong times.

Almost every scene where Superman appears, he has a ridiculously expensive, computer generated botch job of a mouth to cover up a moustache that Henry Cavill wasn't allowed to shave off for the re- shoots, due to commitments to another film.

As I can recall, there was one scene for Superman where he didn't have the CGI mouth.

The tone and atmosphere of Snyder's style is almost completely lifted from the film, something I'm sure was tampered with in post- production.

It doesn't have any kind of atmosphere at all really, it just feels empty.

The actors are all fine and deliver worthy performances for the characters, it's not their fault that the film which is built around them is a complete disaster.

It just goes to show that the studio couldn't care in the slightest about delivering a serious and decent production. They had a release date and they forced themselves to stick to it, regardless of the outcome.

Most of the film feels completely rushed and cheap, which it shouldn't, given it had a budget of $300 million.

It's simply unacceptable for something of this capacity and scale to be the epitome of a mindless product from a bloodsucking and power driven cooperation.

Would it have been such a loss to put the project on hold until Zack and Deborah Snyder returned, or delay the film until everything was as good as could possibly be? Apparently yes.

There's been absolutely no respect for the source material, the vision of the original director or the target audience from Warner Bros..

Zack Snyder's complete version, I'm sure has its faults and flaws, but nothing can compare to this lacklustre effort.

This should have been the best superhero film ever made, but has been dropped and fallen straight to the bottom of the barrel.

I could go on and on, but I'll stop there.
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What is so expensive?
Matrix_Becker17 November 2017
I saw the Film last night and i have not an answer for what they need an budget of 300.000.000 USD. Ugly low-detail locations and semi effects. And this is the end of the world? Roland Emmerich would cry for this crap.

the rest of the film is very casual. not the best story so far and the villain is a big joke.
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Never thought i'd like BVS more than this, but i do.
jayden-carlson216 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
In short:

>Many instances where the CGI and green screens are painfully obvious and stick out like a sore thumb.

>The editing is extremely rushed and abrupt in parts, with super important events such as Steppenwolf stealing the 3rd mother box being mentioned in cringey and obvious exposition by wonder woman, before cutting to a random event halfway around the world.

>The fight scenes in this film are extraordinarily underwhelming. In almost all the fights, barely any of the characters use their powers, with aqua man simply punching and getting thrown away, wonder woman using her sword instead of her OP abilities shown in her standalone movie, and cyborg literally doing nothing except putting his hands inside a glowing box. The end fight was extremely boring and anticlimactic, with the tension immediately disappearing when superman shows up and completely shuts down steppenwolf.

> The villain himself, Steppenwolf, is one of the worst parts of this film. He literally has only one power/ability, which is swinging his pathetic axe around. He is an all CGI uninspired and forgettable villain who isn't menacing in the least. The fight he puts up in the end is disgraceful, with him swinging his axe around a bit then getting completely trashed by superman.

Probably in the minority here, but BVS for me was a 7/10, and this is a 5/10.
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WHY Warner Brothers.....WHY?
ezramandela17 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The film was okay. Definitely not bad. How I wish Warner Brothers experimented with more standalone films before they finally got to Justice League. As a big DC fan, I was a bit let down. 2hours was definitely not enough to put this film's story across. There were great plot points but everything just seemed to go by too quickly. Henry Cavill's CGI upper lip was very distracting, and his superman- even though I really liked him- but he was just too powerful for Steppenwolf, or maybe Steppenwolf was the one who was too weak for the story they were going for. For someone who wanted to destroy the world, I think he wasn't menacing enough. Ray Fisher was great as Cyborg, I liked Gal Gaddot as Wonder Woman, Mamoa as Aquaman, and even Miller as the flash. But I didn't like how the flash runs in this movie....his legs move in a weird way. Batfleck owned his role obviously. There were great moments in the film, especially when Superman returns and meets the team for the first time. Loved his reunion with Louise and his Mom, and I'm really looking forward to where this universe will go.

The first credits scene didn't do anything for me (I thought they'd both run instead of Superman flying).Many scenes in the trailer were not in the movie, and I feel like there was more to this film than what we get to see. The CGI also needed more polishing. It's definitely getting a lot more hate than it deserves. I really feel sorry for Zack Snyder...I know the backlash he gets from people will definitely affect his confidence as a director, especially for DCEU films and his vision of it.

I give this movie a 6.5/10. An argument can be made for 7/10. Anyone giving this movie more than a 7/10 is not being completely honest with themselves. I really looked forward to this movie, but the theatrical release hasn't done much for me. Definitely a forgettable movie.
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daftdwarf16 November 2017
Justice League felt like going through a list of specifications with no identity whatsoever. It's not a bad movie per se, it's just extremely dull. Of course there's nothing new in the photo department but that's to be expected, it's kind of an identity for the whole DCEU. I don't like it but hey, that's an artistic choice I won't criticize here, at least it's coherent. But some flaws are more crippling than that.

Every single characterization was a bit off and some of them felt like they were forced, especially Barry Allen. Still, the actors do the best they can with the material so it's not unbearable.

Every situation (and even the chain of events) is so predictable (cliché even) that it gets you out of the movie. This level of "nothing new" is damaging to the story as it stops you from caring about anything. And it seems like the producers knew this cause they threw in the mandatory helpless family so that you could sense the danger a bit more. After all, it's just the end of the world, how could you care if there was no kid in immediate danger ? Oh wait... Still, even that falls flat as their scenes (and they're not the only ones) are filled with incoherent behaviors that were put there just so that the plot can go forward.

I attended a screening where the only bursts of joy (or emotions at all) occurred when a new character appeared. Kind of a "fanboy effect" that fills you with hope at the sight of one of your beloved comics characters. But the rest of the time, everyone was quite bored and numerous sighs were heard. In a sense, it reassured me as I understood I was not the only one who was disappointed in the movie.

*****The following paragraph might contain a minor SPOILER (depending on what you consider a spoiler)*****

Plus, something else bothered me. But I know everyone won't agree on this one cause it's kind of a speculation. All the points above still stand even if I'm wrong about it. So here it is : Justice League felt like it was a failed attempt to adapt the Avengers in the DCEU. And I'm not talking about the strangely similar theme. Nor am I referring to the tension inside the team before they reconcile that felt like a watered-down version of what we saw in the 2012 movie by Whedon. But the characters are bent so that they match their Marvel counterparts. The Flash takes the place of the slightly weaker and wisecracking Hawkeye, Aquaman clearly corresponds to Thor with his royal and out-of-place persona, Wonder Woman goes through the same soldier- leader dilemma as Cap did and even Batman is slightly changed so that he's closer to Tony Stark (making decisions that make absolutely no sense for the world's best detective that we all know and love). That's a shame cause DC characters are interesting and have a lot more to offer than a mere copy.


As of 11/16/2017, this movie has an 8.1 score here on IMDb. Now I'm not a hater and won't say it's the worst movie in history but more than 8 ? Seriously ? It barely does the job so it's a 5 out of 10 for me.
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A better video game then movie
Zingbot_900028 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Believe me I wanted to love this movie. I grew up on the Justice League. I love the Justice League. This movie was exactly how I would not do it. Let me begin my review.

CGI – I also love CGI. I think we've made some great movie magic with CGI. Here the CGI was so distractingly bad I could not stop wondering how could they do such a bad job with such a huge budget? Let me start with the bad guy – Steppenwolf. The Character looked like it was lifted right out of a video game. He did not look real at all. Honestly this movie looked like they took the Human Actors (plus half and half Superman – I'll get to that) and plopped them right into a video game. It looked like these actors all stood in a sound stage and punch and kicked and jumped. The CGI was so bad the movie lost all sense of realism. It did not help that the directors of this movie has no idea how to put more than 2 characters in a fight scene at any time. Again this took away from the realism also – how do our super heroes fight the alien villains in the middle of a city and not one bystander is in any of the scenes. The world is being destroyed but no one is watching or no one tries running away. Its funny because at one point in the middle of a big fight scene Lois Lane just shows up but no one else including Police or Military does. I sat there in total shock thinking how could some one make such garbage fake scenes. But the most laughable part of the CGI has to do with Superman. I sat there looking at him the whole movie thinking what is wrong with him, he looks off. So afterwards I read that Henry Cavill was filming another movie at the same time as this and in that other movie he was required to have a mustache and beard. So they filmed all his scenes with a beard and CGI'd them out. And it was a terrible job of CGIing the beard out. His face looked off and at points I wondered if it was even Henry playing Superman or a look alike. It was bad and for a movie this BIG it should have been so much better.

As for the other Heroes here are my thoughts, but first let me comment on something that bothers a lot of Justice League fans, why did they take all the color and make these movies so dark. This is a big factor on why Marvel makes much better movies than DC. Look at the costume of Batman (all black), Wonder Women/Aquaman/Superman colors dimmed to the point of their outfits are basically black also. Flash looked OK.

Batman – Ben Affleck seems to be sleep walking through this movie. He is boring boring boring. Enough said about him.

Aquaman – was Aquaman even in this movie? I recall Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and some cyborg guy, but was Aquaman in this movie? Cuz there was some dude that says Bro and Bruh with long hair and a bunch of tattoos. Jason Momoa was not Aquaman. Not only in persona/appearance, but Aquaman did not use his Aqua skills the entire movie. It was like the director has no idea how to pull this off. He was in the water at the beginning a little when he wasn't drinking his big beer and acting all tough like a pirate/surfer at some pub. But not once did Aquaman used his Aqua skills in this movie. In fact, both of the Justice League fight scenes there was no water around. I am not sure what was worse the CGI or Aquaman.

Flash – I hear some liked him but I could help wondering was Woody Allen not available at the time of filming? Because the guy who played Flash was trying to be Woody Allen the whole movie. Flash was supposedly the funny one – either him or Aquaman, but neither made me laugh once.

Cyborg – Actually Cybrog made me laugh when Steppenwolf pulled off his arms and legs. I laughed out loud at that one. Actually I never knew who cyborg was but from watching this movie he was a fish out of water just like Aquaman. Cyborg apparently deals with Cyber-crimes. Only problem Steppenwolf is from the past and doesn't use computers so Cyborg was useless.

Wonder Woman – The best thing about this movie. No complaints here other than her black Wonder Woman outfit.

Superman – touched on him earlier. I like Henry Cavill and like his Superman portrayal. He wasn't the best here as he wasn't give much to do. He had a couple heart felt scenes (with Lois and his Mom) and CGI withstanding he looks OK for Superman although he looked small in this one.

As for the plot, bad guy from the past wants to destroy the world. Typical but not executed very well.

After seeing this movie I could not help but wish they would blow this whole thing up and start over. They hint of the next movie and I just thought – too bad. DC needs to look at what Marvel is doing and copy, please copy. I also saw Thor's movie and that movie was 1000 times better. Take my advice and see Thor instead. A bad movie like this does not deserve to make the kind of movie it is making.
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Just okay
luan-penna16 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I grew up watching the Justice League animated series and I enjoyed every DCEU movie so far, so I was really excited to finally see these heroes together for the first time on the big screen. Unfortunately, the movie was a letdown. It's not bad by any means, but it was not as epic as it should have been. Here are my pros and cons:


+ The acting is really good

+ Great chemistry between the League

+ Some good action scenes (Amazons vs Steppenwolf is one the best moments of the movie), even though the movie lacks any memorable action like the ones in Man of Steel, BvS or Wonder Woman

+ Superman is finally done right

+ There are some fun scenes

+ The Flash is great and you can't ignore Wonder Woman every time she's on screen. Aquaman and Cyborg were fine. Batman was fine as well (Ben Affleck didn't look very interested in this movie as he was in BvS)

+ The post credit scenes are great


  • The plot is weak (bad guy wants to destroy the world, just like The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Man of Steel, Suicide Squad, X-Men: Apocalypse, etc). You can tell how it all ends, everything is very predictable

  • The villain is really awful. I didn't fear him for a second

  • Not a lot of surprises

  • The VFX is a letdown compared to Man of Steel and BvS (Superman's erased mustache is really distracting)

  • Very little character development

  • You can tell basically all the scenes added in reshoots

  • The jokes didn't work. Most of them are silly, not funny

  • Gal Gadot's acting is not very good in some scenes. It looks like she is as good as her directors. With Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman's director), she was great. Here with Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon, not so much

  • Some of the dialogues are really bad (like the ones with Mera and Aquaman). Half of them are pure exposition

  • The movie lacks stakes or any sense of danger

  • The final battle is really generic

  • The movie is never really exciting. It's almost exciting, but never really really exciting.

It's not a bad movie, but it's not great either. Unfortunately Justice League is just okay. You won't remember it in a year. I didn't love the movie, but based on the last post credit scene, I'm excited for where this universe can go next.
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Every One Star or Ten Star is a lie, it's a good movie, not terrible, not amazing, good.
ig-bic14 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Hey, don't go with high expectations, the movie is far away from epic, but it's pretty fine and funny, I enjoyed a lot of stuff, the characters are awesome! Even Steppenwolf isn't the lame they said, he is just not memorable, he's OK, a generic villain who delivers what everyone should expect (come on, it's Steppenwolf, why would you guys expect a mind blower villain here?) The plot is simple and works. The only fatal flaw for a huge fan of DC is the return of Superman, damn, that's was sooo weird :/ And Zimmer would be so much better than Danny was, buuut there's nothing we can do about it now, at least it's nostalgic.
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They have become the very thing they criticize
kalmarjerry14 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Funny that at least half of these positive reviews were made by a week-old,fresh accounts.These "fans" will always get mediocre movies as long as they protect them.Anyway,this is the 4th time of DCappointment.(w.woman was good). DC has officially become MCU 2.0.DC fans are criticizing MCU movies for obvious reasons.Yet they praise J.league even though it is just like a typical marvel/MCU movie. DC has become the very thing that DC fans hate and criticized over years. Villain was so weak,flash and aquaman were cringe(especially flash),pacing was so fast. The comedy was so forced and jokes were bad placed. Some people thought that they should make flash,cyborg,aquaman solo movies before the JL in order to develop the characters.And those people were absolutely correct.Those 3 characters really lacks development. DC is still making tons of mistakes in movie industry.I think they really need to reconsider the future of dc movies.
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This series is so easy to get right and they keep doing all the wrong things.
Nevermore33320 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
If you are going to create a cinematic universe, why not start with solo movies? This movie and BVS are the product of a studio with no patience.


1) Terrible Character Development:

This studio gave us no backstory to Wonder Woman and Batman when BvS arrived in theaters, so it flopped. Once again we get no backstory to Aquaman, Cyborg, or Flash. Even Batman hasn't had a solo movie in this DC universe. How do you decide to reboot Batman and you don't even have a solo movie for its central character?! We see this same problem with Suicide Squad. Rushed ensembles with no true backstories and character development.

2) Flashbacks to Mortal Kombat Annihilation:

The scene in Atlantis with Aquaman and Mera was cringe x10. The CGI was abysmal and the dialogue exchange between them was even worse. Luckily, James Wan is directing the solo movie (a good director), so there is still hope. I get the feeling that any solo movie will be great, just as long as Zack Snyder has nothing to do with it.

Wonder Woman was a great solo movie, then she is thrown into this embarrassment of a movie and her acting becomes flat and unemotional. I blame the director. Ben Affleck just looked so bored throughout the movie.

Cyborg's CGI was stuck in the beta phase. It was so bad. Even 1980's Robocop looked better than this.

3) One Mother Box to Rule Them All

The plot was a literal rip off of Lord of The Rings. One box is given to the Atlantians, another to the Amazons, and the final box is given to man. And man must bury the box at an undisclosed location so that they don't become corrupted. In the movie, modern science has no idea how the box is even supposed to work, so I am not sure how a medieval peasant would figure it out. I'm not even sure in what way they would become corrupted since a single box is completely useless.

Steppenwolf looks like Sauron and he must gather the boxes to unlock their power.

What an incredibly lazy plot.

4) Your hero is only as great as its villain

How do you top fighting a colorless CGI monster with no important backstory or presence in BvS? You get the heroes to fight another colorless CGI monster with no important backstory or presence!

There's nothing cerebral or cunning about Steppenwolf. Just a big guy that likes smashing things with a giant hammer. In the comics, he looks human. Why couldn't they at least have a person instead of a CGI monster?

I'm just going to watch the solo movies from now on. I feel like Justice League 2 will add on more heroes with zero backstories, to fight another colorless giant CGI monster with zero backstory and simplistic motivations.
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Better Than Expected But Deeply Flawed
garethvk15 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The long anticipated "Justice League" has finally arrived finally combining the biggest stars of the DC universe into one film. The proposed film has faced many obstacles on the way to the big screen ranging from script issues, massive reshoots and a change of Director for said reshoots due to a family tragedy that Director Zack Snyder suffered.

The film follows Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Godot), as they look to assemble a team of other gifted individuals to help fight off a pending invasion. The death of Superman has left a void on the Earth, and this has paved the way for an ancient evil to return as he attempts to conquer the planet after he collects the three needed artifacts that his plan requires.

In a race against time, Batman and Wonder Woman recruit Aquaman (Jason Momoa), The Flash (Ezra Miller), and Cyborg (Ray Fisher), to battle to save the planet. Naturally they battle amongst themselves as well as their massing enemies but ultimately decide on a dangerous plan that can tip the odds in their favor and save the day.

The action in the film is good but it often plays out like a video game. With so many blatantly obvious CGI backgrounds, the movie looked like a video game. There were numerous scenes that looked like they were lifted from Injustice and Injustice 2 that I muse d to myself that someone must have used their Power Up for the shot. Affleck and Gadot are good and work well with one another, but there are some serious casting issues with the film. The biggest for me was Ezra Miller as The Flash. I did not like his effeminate, nerdy, socially awkward, and neurotic and at times cowardly take on the character. This is not the Barry Allen I grew up reading in comics or the one that has been portrayed twice in a much better fashion on television. His comic relief status grew old fast and his character really offered little to the film.

It has been well-documented that Joss Whedon not only handled the rewrites for the film but took over directing duties to complete the film. You can see elements of his humor scattered throughout and the film does move along at a steady pace without dragging.

The biggest issue is that so many of the characters are just stiff and one-dimensional. They really are not overly interesting so it is hard to really connect with them and the tasks they are facing. Unlike Marvel who have excelled with dysfunctional groups who fight amongst themselves as well as the forces of evil, this group seems to be going through the paces rather than being fully engaged with the task at hand and each other.

In the end "Justice League" is better than I expected, and the two bonus scenes in the credits show some interesting potential down the road. As it is, it is flawed entertainment that requires audiences to overlook a lot of issues. 3 stars out of 5
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No Justice Only league
john31016 November 2017
My rating of 1 does not indicate of how bad the movie quality is rather my disappoint with the ultimate result. My review doesn't comes out as a pure hate machine but rather due to the epic disappointment of one might feel after waiting for so long to witness the most epic team up quite possibly of this century to turn into a mediocre generic film.

This should've been the most epic saga in DCEU's continuity but alas rushing to compete with Disney finally took a toll on this franchise. The characters are well enough on their own but their development as individuals are rather paltry. The cinematography is awkward at times as evident from multiple re shoots done by Joss Whedon.

The CGI in some parts are terribly glaring to avoid and it feels too much green screen effect that makes your head hurt while watching in a dark room. Some are too bright while some are too dark. The color grading is very inconsistent with the background. As you all know Superman returns from the dead (which is kinda given at this point) but his resurrection isn't handled well enough. What should've been the rekindling of the hope people lost like the Rebirth of a Phoenix is marred by botched character interactions and idiotic dialogues.

The supporting characters such as Mera, Martha Kent and Alfred are wasted even further. One of the most highlighting parts of BVS was the interactions between Alfred and Bruce engaging in both morally and logical decisions. Sadly it's been reduced to banal banter between them and others. I'm not going to highlight the humor since it's overdone and doesn't fit organically in this film narrative. Humor is good and should be present but not forced and overstuffed like Disney films recently have become.

The villain is generic along with musical score by Danny Elfman which is just rehashing of the same old stuff. Wait for the 4K or bluray release to see edited scenes as consistent with DC's film which might be better.
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DC Hasn't Learned from their Mistakes
amirmustafaa17 November 2017
I wanted to love this movie, but it suffers from the same mistakes as Batman v. Superman. The plot is jumpy and incoherent, the motivation for the characters are sloppy, and the CGI is lackluster at best. Plus, Henry Cavil's face looked off in this move; you can tell they did a bad job removing his mustache. This movie wasn't all bad though. I think the characters and their interactions with each other are the best thing about this movie, but the characters are failed by a terrible script and choppy editing. This movie also has a villain so boring that even Marvel would be jealous. I think Warner Bros. need to make big changes to the DCEU or it's doomed to fail.
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Hey WB! What did you do with our DC?
thachanhnguyen16 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I'm a huge DC fanboy and I was so excited to wait to watch the movie as soon as it on air. So after 2hs watching the movie, I have to say that I'm so disappointed with this JL movie.

Even I'm a fan who read the comic and watched all the cartoon of JL, none of them can make me feel this worse than this movie. Everything was a mess, Batman was like an emotional girl and Superman was like a teenager with the superpower who can kill the boss with one punch.

I doubt that WB made the Production team cut so many scenes of the the movie like what they did on BvS before.

Now I will wait and watch again this movie in HD if they have an "uncut" one. But if they really have one, I will have to say this to WB: "shame, shame of you WB, don't do sh*t with DC anymore and we want justice for Justice League"
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"Justice" is Still Not Served
travishouze16 November 2017
I'm not a DC hater, nor am I a Marvel fanboy, and it's sad i have to start my review like this. I want DC to give Marvel some healthy competition while carving out their own identity, however Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squad haven't given me hope. I had a good time with Wonder Woman but Justice League will be the deciding factor of it was one lucky shot or the beginning of correcting old faults.

Justice League takes place after the death of Superman as the world mourns, despite 70% of the world hating him how i remembered. A strange being by the name of Steppenwolf emerges and searches for three Mother Boxes that can bring a extreme level of destruction to the world. Bruce Wayne and Diana realize they can't do it all alone, so they bring a team together to fight and save the world.

As this is was a first time introduction to Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash, the film does show they have some good chemistry back and forth with the team as they all individually show off their powers to help in a fight. Ezra Miller as The Flash in particular brings a lot of personality and Wonder Woman brings a sense of big sister keeping the little brothers together. Yes, we do get a moment with Superman and does lead to a fairly rousing moment.

But how does the villain feel on screen, well, honestly, STEPPENWOLF IS BORING. There is no character no clear motivation to why he is doing the things he is and proves that super villains just don't translate to live action (see X-Men: Apocalypse as a example). Also Cyborg, is interesting as his backstory seems, we never see it all come to play. The visuals are very much Zack Snyder, and at the same time there is a strangely over sexualized tone to Wonder Woman in how she is filmed (with occasional upskirt shots, and a lot of focus on her back) and poses the argument of the "male gaze" on several occasions.

To me, applauding Justice League for not sucking as much is like applauding a D student for getting a C on a final test. While there are moments of fun, some solid chemistry between the leads, i still feel like we still are a far distance for Justice to be truly served for the DC Extended Universe.

Also, there is a couple post credits scenes. One of them is a kind light hearted moment, and the other.....well go see and find out.
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There is so much wrong with this movie, it's difficult to know where to start.
VVMini18 February 2018
Let's start with the most obvious weakpoint: the villain. Steppenwolf is a laughably bad villain, ripped straight out of a 90ies direct-to-DVD film. He is just a big bland CGI character with absolutely no personality whatsoever. He has no motivation other than being the generic evil guy trying to destroy the world. Apparently it's not even hís plan. If I understood correctly, he's the henchman for some other character that we never learn anything about. His entire design was just uninspired, and he looked and sounded more like a weaker version of the Beast from the live action Beauty and the Beast than one of the strongest characters in the world, hellbend on creating destruction.

Then there are the problems with the entire way that DC is approaching these movies. Making this an ensemble movie, just like with Batman v Superman, feels entirely unearned and a cynical attempt to cash in on the widespread brand recognition of Batman and Superman, and to a slightly lesser degree Wonder Woman, and of course the success of Marvel. It's really hard to look at this film and not conclude that this is DC's failed attempt at creating their version of The Avengers.

However, whereas The Avengers' meetup felt natural, having been build up throughout its previous 5 movies, Justice League decides to introduce half of the entire league in just this movie. This makes most of the first half of the movie an uneven and boring bunch of random character introductions. Only Wonder Woman and the segments on Themyscira felt natural, because we were already introduced to their culture before and therefore had some connection to them.

The rest of the Justice League itself is also lackluster. Jason Momoa's Aquaman was kinda interesting, but it once again feels incredibly cynical that they would introduce the character in this movie instead of in his own one, just because they knew that it would be hard to get people excited for an Aquaman standalone movie without an introduction to the character first. They don't care that it's to the detriment of the quality of this movie, it's just a way too get people to buy into a future film, exactly as they did with Wonder Woman. In this case they actually would have done well to look at Marvel, as they were able to introduce obscure and silly looking/sounding characters like Ant-Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy in standalone movies, and make it a critical and commercial success.

Cyborg was just boring and uninteresting. He has no personality, there's nothing to his character, because there was not enough time for a proper introduction. Even his suit is making the decisions for him sometimes. The CGI was also quite distracting, as his face looks rather fake.

And of course while The Flash has been around for a long time, I find it hard to believe that they would have introduced his character the way they did without the success of Spider-Man in 2016's Civil War. He's pretty much an exact copy of Spider-Man, playing the teenage boy that is overenthuastic about being a superhero, and deriving humor from that.

They even found a way to make Batman look uncool. He's pretty much just collecting the team for most of the movie, and does very little on his own. What is most disappointing is that Ben Affleck is never really Bruce Wayne. Whenever you see him dressed normally on screen, it's just him doing Batman stuff without his suit on. Even Wonder Woman has a scene of her being Diana Prince, but it's all only Batman throughout.

Then there's Superman, whose return was very poorly done. First of all, if you have a character that is supposedly dead, don't make the actor's name the second one to pop up on the opening credits. That's a surefire way to ruin any potential surprise about his return. Of course that return was inevitable and obvious, but at least put in a little bit of effort to hide that fact. I don't even have to put in spoiler tags in here because DC doesn't even consider his return a spoiler.

Secondly, because his return was so quickly - halfway through the chronological follow up to the movie in which he died - there is absolutely no relief or emotional climax to his arc, or any sense of urgency, really. You never really care that Superman's death has supposedly thrown the world in disarray, because his death barely has had any time to have resonated with the viewers. Hell, his supposed death didn't even make it through the end of the previous movie without some hint of his upcoming return.

If they had some patience and balls, they would have had him stay dead for a few films, preferably those in which the rest of the Justice League got introduced, and in which the threats get increasingly challenging and hard to overcome due to Superman's absence. This way when he finally does return after the rest of the League is facing a truly frightening and unstoppable enemy, his come-back would feel earned.

Overall, there's so much wrong with this movie that although I wrote so much, there are still many flaws left untouched (like Zach Snyder being Zach Snyder doing too many Zach Snyder things, or the nonsensical process of resurrecting Superman that actually put them in more danger than before). It's amazing that after the disaster that was Batman v Superman, they went pretty much the exact same route for its follow-up, setting up an illogical and unearned conflict and resolving it in a cliched and nonsensical manner.

At least Batman v Superman had some really cool action scenes instead of the uninteresting CGI fest that was Justice League. And while Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor was a terrible villain, I'd take him over the soulless CGI monstrosity that is Steppenwolf any day of the week. Justice League is a terrible movie in every regard, and really does not bode well for the future of DC's cinematic universe.
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a great god damned movie
kevolig17 November 2017
If you love comic books and you are ready to see a superhero movie then this movie is what you need to see. Some people may see that this movie is not as good as marvels but let me tell you something, yes the DC universe is darker than marvels personally I do not understand how that is a bad thing, in my opinion, both marvel and DC movies are worth watching and are unique
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A must see in theatres!
mohammad-moallem18 November 2017
I had such a good time watching JL, the crowd was cheering, laughing and applauding! This movie focuses on the Justice League members coming to know each other in order to take down the Apokolips outcast Stepenwolf. There are such unique amazing moments in the movie that I cant talk about. Overall loved it and felt like I needed to see a solo movie for each member!
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A way too serious, totally generic, bland action film that thinks its a superhero movie.
dwarves-3600321 November 2017
When you think superhero films, you probably remember such hits as Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers. The last thing that comes to mind is any DC movie that has come out in recent years. Many people thought that after the end of the Dark Knight Trilogy that we would see a resurgence in the DC nostalgia that made the company bigger than Marvel at one point.

Those hopes were dashed when Man of Steel turned out to be a dark, gritty CGI mess that tried way too hard to be relevant. The moody and drab undertone of the film made us feel to glum to remember the old Saturday morning cartoons that were filled with fun, adventure, and action all rolled into one brilliantly performed show.

Next was Batman v Superman which had been hyped for three years, and all we got was eight minutes of fighting and over two hours of talking and exposition that we just didn't care about. Suicide Squad was lacking in the department of character development. Instead the producers wanted big names and flashy effects to sell the movie. That didn't work.

Finally, we have this: take all the previous DC movies mentioned (Except the Dark Knight Trilogy, the only films DC got right), put it in a blender while adding aqua man, flash, and cyborg, blend it all together, then turn off the lights. The resulting disaster is Justice League. This is what you don't do with superhero films. It would be like Joss Whedon making the Avengers in 2005 with Iron man being made eight years later.

The movie does not follow any of the source material, instead relying on Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot to carry the weight of the film. Everyone else just seems to be along for the ride with none of the other characters getting their own movie yet, so we have no idea what their motivations for joining the Justice League are.

The film once again goes into dark and gritty territory with everything happening at once with little to no previously known information about half the main characters. Anyone who isn't a comic book junkie was asking "Why is there a robot and a fireman in this scene?" Just another too serious flick that betrays the source material and hopes that big Hollywood names will save it (Spoiler alert: they don't).
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DCEU is making a comeback!
mashighway13 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I just cant begin to tell you how amazing this movie was ! There are parts where you go like uhhhh okay, the villain is strong & merciless but i would have liked a little backstory to him just like with Zod. Moreover I could sense there are parts of it cut out and they will make their way into an unlimited 3 hour version of the movie but the transition between characters and the action sequences are amazing. I love how DC has got their act together since Wonder Woman and injected some well placed humor in there. Its not light but its not too dark either. I wouldn't say anything about Superman's return except that its a stroke of absolute genius and I couldn't have asked for a better entry. To sum it up! DC is on the right track now and yeah there are two post credit scenes that will make your wildest dreams come true. You are gonna have fun!
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The epic film we all hoped for? Not exactly
frederikbarndorff16 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Finally the Justice League movie has arrived. Some of us have waited all of our lives for this film, but is it any good?

Justice League is directed by Zack Snyder and stars Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Cieran Hinds, Jason Mamoa, Ezra Miller, Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons and J.K. Simmons. The story picks up where Batman V Superman left us. After the death of Superman the world has descended into chaos, but it's only the beginning. An alien invasion is on it's way led by the ruthless Steppenwolf. Now our heroes must put their differences aside and work together to save the planet!

It's well known that this film had a very difficult production. Zack Snyder had to step down do to a family tragedy and Joss Whedon took over and did some rewrites and shot extra scenes. One of my biggest fears going into this film was that it would feel like to different movies into one. With to different directors with each there distinct style it definitely was a risk, but i would say that it's not the case. Justice League feels like it's one director's vision, luckily.

But still this film suffers from a lot of problems. If you have been following my account for a while you will know that Justice League is one of my most anticipated films of the year. I also liked most of the other DCEU films, but sadly Justice League is a step down in my opinion. My main complaint and the biggest issue with it is that it feels very rushed in it's storytelling. A lot of conflicts are set up extremely quickly and therefor you don't feel the emotion that clearly was intended from the director. The rumor going around is that Warner Bros. mandated the films 2 hour run time, and in a lot of instances it feels like something is missing. Even whole scenes feels like they are missing. Also the CGI in this film Sometimes looks very bad and this takes you out of the movie sadly. These are the main complaints i have.

As for the positives there are still a lot of great things here. The new characters of Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg are all portrayed very well and, though rushed, compelling characters. Especially Ezra Miller's Flash provides a lot of the humor. This is another good thing for some. Surprisingly Batman delivers a lot of the humor and i think it suite his character in this film. Justice League is a quite funny film and much more lighthearted than previous installments of this franchise. Sometimes though this becomes too much as the films lacks the seriousness that films like Wonder Woman had. The film is definitely best in the first half. I think the death of Superman is handled very well in the first act. The team dynamic is also a clear positive. The members have interesting arguments and conversations that we didn't get enough of. And when the team is United and start fighting, it's exciting for any fan to watch!

To sum up my thoughts Justice League is overall a disappointment. It feels rushed in almost every way and the story and film as a whole suffers from it. Also Steppenwolf as the villain feels like your everyday disposable Marvel villain like Malekith. There still are good things to see in this film and while watching i was entertained, but Justice League should have been much better. The first time this legendary team is on screen should have been an epic moment but it wasn't. Sadly.

Final rating: 6/10
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I LOVED this movie!
CrissClown14 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Don't listen to the Marvel fans. This movie is great, tons of fun and LOTS of action. The characters are great and the story is fast-paced. The Flash steals the show and Aquaman is no longer a joke. Batman and Wonder Woman are always great and Superman.... Well, you'll just have to see it for your self. You can't ask for a better time at the movies!
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Nice-packed action movie! Entertaining!
zerone2315 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
One year and 7 months since BvS, the Trinity is back with additional members. A half-man half-robot guy, a man who can talk to fish, and a man who can only push something when he is running.

First, let's talk about each member character's development except the Trinity. First is Aquaman. Because of his role is somehow important in this movie, he's got a lot of background story. Can't explain more because there is a spoiler on it. Next is Cyborg. He has similar portion with the man who uses fork to fight. However, he has a significant role for the movie. Last is Barry Allen. The movie brings premise to Flash movie in the next year. Overall, it is great.

Move to the plot. Personally, I do find it fast-paced :( Maybe it is true that Zack Snyder is lack on delivering the story. Up until now, it bothers me why Warner Bros used this kind of plot to bring the league. Nevertheless, I was delightful to see the action scenes. The first last battle makes me shivers.

Conclusion's time! Justice League is a nice-packed of several action scenes movie. I would say that this movie is a jumping stone for their next crossover because of its lack essence of the story. For fanboys, there are lot of hints that you can find in the movie. It pleases your thirst, I mean hunger, for comic book references. The score is 8 of 10. (If it is seen by the action, I would definitely give it 9)'

P.S : There are two post end credit scenes. To be honest, the last credit scene almost make me lost my mind on DC Cinematic Universe. Totally love it.
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