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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Zack Snyder, as the credits of the film show, is the primary director of Justice League. However, following the tragic suicide of his daughter, he excused himself from directorial duties in order to deal with such an unspeakable tragedy. To finish the film in time for theatrical release, Joss Whedon (Director of The Avengers and The Avengers: Age of Ultron for DC Comics' rival company, Marvel Comics) was brought in to finish the shoot.

    However, according to various sources, including Zack Snyder himself, Whedon essentially cut over 2 and a half hours from the theatrical cut of Justice League before reshooting the majority of the film and reducing/streamlining the runtime down to around 2 hours with credits. Whedon also notably fired Zack Snyder's composer, Tom Holkenberg a.k.a. Junkie XL, and brought in Danny Elfman, who he worked with in Age of Ultron.

    Now, depending on who you ask, the 'Snyder Cut' is Zack Snyder's original over 3.5-hour long theatrical cut of Justice League. It would have provided more storyline regarding Cyborg/Victor Stone and would have featured Darkseid as well as Superman/Clark Kent's black and silver Superman suit from The Death and Return of Superman comic books. Superman would possibly work for Darkseid, either due to amnesia or being infected by the Anti-Life equation (or a combination thereof) as a villain. Also, reportedly, the Flash would have traveled back in time to do something and change some events. It also would have provided an explanation for some of the plot holes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, mainly Bruce Wayne's strange nightmares, especially the Knightmare sequence and the vision of the Flash.

    Also, depending on who you ask, the 'Snyder Cut' does or does not exist compeletely. According to one article, it does exist, but can't be released due to the immense amount of CGI needed to properly render it. According to the majority of the original cast and crew, including Zack Snyder, it does exist and it just needs a little fine-tuning here and there before it can be released.

    The 'Snyder Cut' has generated immense interest since the theatrical cut of Justice League came out in 2017 and received generally lukewarm reviews from both critics and fans alike. More than likely because of the success of the releases of the extended cut of Richard Donner's Superman movies (Superman and Superman II) as well as two previous DC cinematic universe films getting director's cuts (Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad) and Zack Snyder being known for having extended cuts of his films (Dawn of the Dead, Watchmen, Sucker Punch, and Dawn of Justice), a lot of fans want there to be a bigger cut for Justice League.

    Fortunately, the fans have gotten their triumphant wish with original director Zack Snyder revealing officially in 2020 that the 'Snyder Cut' not only exists and it just needs some small reshoots to be released. So far, two teaser trailers and one official trailer have been released during the DC Fandome 2020 internet event that have confirmed that the Snyder Cut will be released in full form as a four-part miniseries on the HBO Max streaming site (and hopefully, on Blu-Ray sometime later!).

    The footage revealed in the trailer by Zack Snyder for the 'Snyder Cut' of Justice League confirms much of the rumors earlier stated regarding footage involving Darkseid, black-suit Superman, the Flash using the Speed Force to travel back in time, and more sequences set in the Knightmare.

    It should also be noted that Zack Snyder intended to make a trilogy of Justice League films, and this film was just to be the first installment of the trilogy. Whether or not he will ever get a chance to film the second and third installments remains to be seen. Edit

  • Several films, at least. The most famous of which is Superman II. Originally, a lot of footage was shot by Richard Donner simultaneously during the production of the original Superman film with Christopher Reeve. Due to a fallout between Donner and the producers at the time, Donner was fired and much of his footage was reshot by Richard Lester.

    Three other famous films (off the top of my head) with similar situations are Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven, Josh Trank's Fantastic Four, and the original cut of Solo: A Star Wars Story by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Mainly, the producers of these films had immense problems with the original cuts of the film, and had them either reshot or extensively edited down. Needless to say, each of these films were poorly received at the box office and not enjoyed by critics and fans. Edit

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