Justice League (2017) Poster

Ray Fisher: Cyborg, Victor Stone



  • Victor Stone : [saves Aquaman]  Ride ain't over yet!

    Arthur Curry : My man!

  • Cyborg : [controls the Batmobile]  Relax, Alfred. I'll take it from here.

    Alfred Pennyworth : Uh, do... do I know you?

  • Cyborg : Boo-ya.

  • Cyborg : [attempting to separate the three Motherboxes]  Superman, we gotta pull these things apart. A couple more seconds, you'll see your opening.

    Superman : Any blowback?

    Cyborg : Big time. But I think we can take it.

    Superman : Good... 'cause I really like being alive.

    Cyborg : So do I.

    [Both separate the Motherboxes, resulting in a huge explosion, knocking them both back] 

    Batman : Clark...

    Superman : [groaning]  I take it back - I wanna die.

    Cyborg : [both laughing in pain]  Man, my TOES hurt! I don't even understand the physics of how my toes hurt!

    Wonder Woman : Children. I work with children.

  • Batman : [Parademon about to attack him]  Son of a bitch!

    Wonder Woman : AHH

    [knocks parademon from batmobile] 

    The Flash : [running by]  Oh snap!

    Cyborg : [finishes several parademons]  You're welcome!

    Aquaman : [Jumps onto batmobile fender]  YEAH!

    Batman : This isn't the plan.

    Alfred Pennyworth : No, Master Wayne! This is the team!

    Cyborg : Hey, Blame the lady. We would've left you but she didn't ask for a vote.

  • Victor Stone : Does anybody know?

    Silas Stone : What?

    Victor Stone : At the lab. Does anybody know I'm alive?

    Silas Stone : Uh... I didn't think you were ready for them to...

    Victor Stone : To what? For them to see the monster?

    Silas Stone : You are not a monster.

    Victor Stone : It's weird that you thought I meant me.

    Silas Stone : What I did... I lost your mother in that accident. I wasn't about to... I couldn't bare to lose my son.

    Victor Stone : But you did. I got a language in my head that I don't speak. It's not just digital. It's alien. Every day, I wake up different. Modified. How do you...

    [Victor hovers about the floor and drops back down] 

    Victor Stone : Couldn't do that last night. Ever since we got visitors from Krypton, people have been waiting for the next alien invasion. Now I gotta wonder if I'm it.

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