Justice League (2017) Poster

Henry Cavill: Superman, Clark Kent



  • Superman : Do you bleed?

    [throws Batman into a wall] 

  • [the Kent farm was repossessed, but Clark gets it back] 

    Clark Kent : How did you get the house from the bank?

    Bruce Wayne : I bought the bank. All of it.

  • Kal-El : You did this!

    Batman : I had to.

    Kal-El : You won't let me live, you won't let me die.

    Batman : The world needs you.

    Kal-El : But it doesn't need you.

  • Superman : [to Flash]  Slowpoke!

  • Superman : I'm glad I'm alive to see this!

    Wonder Woman : Me too.

    Batman : Oh, now you're glad.

  • Lois Lane : I wish you could stay a little longer.

    Clark Kent : Why?

    Lois Lane : Because now I have to send you away.

    Clark Kent : Bruce.

    Lois Lane : He needs you.

    Clark Kent : I guess I owe him one.

  • Superman : Well I believe in truth... but I'm also a big fan of justice.

  • Cyborg : [attempting to separate the three Motherboxes]  Superman, we gotta pull these things apart. A couple more seconds, you'll see your opening.

    Superman : Any blowback?

    Cyborg : Big time. But I think we can take it.

    Superman : Good... 'cause I really like being alive.

    Cyborg : So do I.

    [Both separate the Motherboxes, resulting in a huge explosion, knocking them both back] 

    Batman : Clark...

    Superman : [groaning]  I take it back - I wanna die.

    Cyborg : [both laughing in pain]  Man, my TOES hurt! I don't even understand the physics of how my toes hurt!

    Wonder Woman : Children. I work with children.

  • Superman : So, how do I help?

    Batman : [regarding Cyborg]  We buy him some, he can stop that box from destroying all life on Earth... we hope.

    Superman : Well, I know you didn't bring me back 'cause you like me.

    Batman : I don't... *not*...

  • Superman : [while choking Batman]  Tell me, do you bleed?

  • [first lines] 

    Podcast Kid 2 : [camera phone POV of Superman with police, firefighters and paramedics after a heroic deed]  There he is!

    Podcast Kid 1 : Shh! Shh! C'mon, let's go.

    [to Superman] 

    Podcast Kid 1 : Superman! Superman! Can we ask you some questions?

    Podcast Kid 2 : It's for our podcast.

    Superman : Well, in that case...

    Podcast Kid 1 : How many people that you saved - have you saved?

    Superman : I...

    Podcast Kid 1 : Never mind. Does your thing really stand for "hope"?

    Superman : Yes, it does.

    Podcast Kid 2 : But it looks like an "S".

    Superman : Yes, it's meant to. It's meant to wind... like a river. It comes and goes. My f -


    Superman : A man I knew used to say that hope was like your car keys: easy to lose, but if you dig around, it's usually close by.

    Podcast Kid 2 : Did you ev - ever fight a hippo?

    Podcast Kid 1 : [whispering to Podcast Kid 2, as Superman smiles]  Shh! No, that's not it!

    Podcast Kid 2 : [whispering to Podcast Kid 1]  But hippos are the most deadly!

    Podcast Kid 1 : [to Superman]  Um... What is, uh... What's the best thing about Planet Earth?

    [Superman ponders the question, then smiles as he's about to answer the question when the podcast abruptly ends] 

  • Lois Lane : [after Clark is resurrected]  You smell good.

    Clark Kent : Did I not before?

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