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Ciarán Hinds: Steppenwolf



  • Steppenwolf : No protectors here. No Lanterns. No Kryptonian. This world will fall, like all the others.

  • Starlabs Employee : Please, we have families!

    Steppenwolf : Why does everyone keep telling me that?

    [throws him aside] 

    Steppenwolf : Useless!

    [picks up Silas] 

    Steppenwolf : You, then! Where is my mother box?

    Silas Stone : I'll die before I tell you!

    Steppenwolf : At last, one that doesn't whine. But you will scream.

  • Steppenwolf : You're all too weak to see the truth!

    Superman : [appears behind hiim]  Well, I believe in truth. But I'm also a big fan of justice.

  • Philippus : Steppenwolf...

    Steppenwolf : [approaching the Mother Box]  Mother... millennia in exile, searching, at last you call me home.

    Queen Hippolyta : You will *not* like your welcome!

    Steppenwolf : Oh, I think I will.

    [He slams the haft of his ax into the ground, summoning a horde of Parademons] 

  • Steppenwolf : For Darkseid!

  • Steppenwolf : [catches one of the Nightcrawler's missiles in his bare hand]  Primitive beings...

    [He releases the missile to explode against the wall] 

    The Flash : What are we under right now?

    [Ominous rumbling] 

    Batman : ...Gotham Harbor.

  • Steppenwolf : [sees Cyborg]  Ah... you were born of her. A creature of chaos.

    Cyborg : Now how I see it.

    Steppenwolf : Give it time.

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