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Slender and Fit
hnjilcp28 December 2019
Athleticism, slender legs, pretty legs, thin legs, eye candy chicks and very natural (but unusual for fattyville middle America). Not 10/10 because it has too many attempts at humor.
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Sweet movie! Good laugh and night in. Enjoyed it a lot!
killer_instin2910 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Having not seen the previous movies to this, I am judging this movie solely as a standalone. Firstly I don't really like movies where there is no action/suspense and fighting (typical guy movie) but to be honest I quite enjoyed this movie. The movie has a good mix of characters with their own reason for joining a cheer leading team. Throughout the movie you do understand why they would want to join such a team. The movie has a good selection of songs and very cool dance moves with a lot of hot girls ;) The movie isn't just another teen flick to come of the Hollywood conveyor belt because it does actually flow and have a fun story line to it. I would not go out and watch this in the cinema because personally I don't feel that its a big hype movie. Non the less it is very fun to watch and does not bore you. I watch some movies and they are so rubbish that most of the time its on I just wonder about something else. There was not one moment in this movie that I was bored by it! Great movie to watch in with your partner and would highly recommend! Cheer leaders rule!!


The movie has a basic plot outline; a team of rival cheerleaders want to make it through a competition to represent America in the internationals. The two rivals the Sharks (the goodies) and the jets (the baddies) meet at a camp where they must compete to win. During the visit they are given a lucky charm by an instructor which they can't lose...what do they do> lose it! Due to this an an evil curse is released upon them leading to catastrophe. To have a chance of making the internationals they must join forces to take on a highly skilled opposition team! In between this there is a love story between sharks captain and a member of the jets leading to a lot of trouble and mischief. The dance moves are awesome! and carried out well. I won't tell you who wins the it!!
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Pretty and lots of fun
kathleen-pangan14 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was fun to watch. If you like cheerleading and just watching it with some upbeat music playing in the background, that's what Bring it On: In it to Win has to offer. There was an obligatory spirit stick and cheer camp, and some East Coast vs. West Coast rivalry with a few references to West Side Story, but mostly it was a lot of excuses to have some cool routines on camera. They cheer in a camp that is sort of a pseudo-Disneyland, which was pretty interesting in that they have a lot of fun backgrounds that can look sort of fake but fun and vacation-ish. Everyone is pretty, from the blonde captains and vampire goth girl to the black best friend and "gay" guy. Oh, and the half Filipino-half German love interest of the protagonist is really cute, and the first scene he is in, he is topless. In any case, this was brainless eye candy that was fun and just, a lot of fun.
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Brooke I Love You
ki-sama30 October 2020
You are the ultimate sexy eye candy. Marry me! Forget cheerleading alone, she is an athlete and an acrobat in addition to being HOT.
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Bring It On: In It To Win It (Major Spoilers)
thetrueresidentevil23 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I must say, first of all, that Bring It On: All Or Nothing is my favorite thus far (Hayden Panettiere is exquisite), but this movie was in close second.

The fourth installment of Bring It On was intended to go back to it's old roots with character development and storyline. The movie has many references to West Side Story (As was the intention). With two rival teams, the Sharks and the Jets, you can expect a lot of bitterness. Of course, what would a Bring It On movie be without rival teams, right? Well, here is the thing:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPOILERS BELOW~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The two rival teams show up at Cheer Camp at Universal Studios. The West Coast Sharks and the East Coast Jets are put in the same group, of the two major groups that exist at the cheer camp, under a very insane cheer coach. Jets have won the competition three years in a row with the Sharks coming in second every time. Well the sharks are determined to win this year. Then one of the leads unwittingly falls for a guy for the opposing team. Anarchy ensues. Huzzah! The two teams, after much fun drama, decide to have a "cheer rumble - no touching" and we go on our West Side Story idea. Members of both teams are injured and are told they need to go home. Well, the Sharks and Jets struggle with the idea of forming one team to have enough members to compete, and from here on, you are going to have to watch the movie!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END SPOILERS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The acting is great for a STV (straight to video) movie, the stunts are amazing, and the storyline is amazingly well constructed. If you hated the second and third bring it on, or even just the second (yes, it was disappointing, but for some reason i still love it), give this fourth one a try. You may or may not like it, but with reviews like this, how could you not at least rent it, eh? Ciao
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Defining the Cheerleading World
jhrj328729 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Watching the start of the movie i thought is this gonna be the end of bring it on than as the movie progressed further i noticed that bring it on was finally addressing what cheer leading is and what its all about. From cheer offs, to cheer rumbles, to an actual tournament this movie covered it all. You got the captains who want it all ext. My most impressive finding in this bring it on is it shows that cheer leading isn't for one type of person as some say, it shows that cheer leading is for everyone.

Over all its my favorite so far cause it shows entirely what being a cheerleader is all about and that who you are doesn't effect the possibility's of being a cheerleader. In the USA and many other countries cheer leading is a fast growing sport and if more cheer movies were made like this, the results would be great.
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Fun to watch but doesn't hold up to the previous sequels
Bifrostedflake28 June 2008
I'm a big fan of cheerleader movies, so I looked forward to watching this film. Overall I would say it isn't as good as the previous sequel (Bring it on: All or Nothing), but it does have a few things to say for itself.

The characters are very likable and the acting is good, there are some particularly fun moments to watch, however the script is weak and the finale doesn't have the same WOW factor as previous attempts in the franchise.

It felt like the director was far too busy trying to reference other films than concentrate on this one. The plot is very slow at the mid way point and drags into a disappointing finale.

Those things aside, there isn't a great amount of 'we've seen this all before' so fans of the franchise will probably enjoy it, but perhaps not as much as the other films. If the next film in the franchise has a little less pep and a little more plot, it could be quite good.
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Bring it on: In it to Win it
aerinaa13 January 2008
I must say, I loved it though Bring it on: All or Nothing was my favorite. In it to Win it was far most different from all the Bring it on movies. Carson (Ashley Benson): Cute and funny. Really fitted well. Playing as the main character and the captain of The West Coast Sharks. Chelsea (Jennifer Tisdale) made me laugh during the movie. Quotes including: 'You Sharks are like tuna" including more which I'm not sure about. The Double Dragon for the idea, WOWEE! SMART! Favorite part of the movie. The cheer offs as well. Guest Appearance: Ashley Tisdale, on the Ending Credits. Her songs in the movie included ''Headstrong'', ''Be Good to Me'' and ''He Said She Said'' I didn't think they were cursed because i LOVED IT. 9/10
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Bring it on: In it to win it
Juliaxobella19 December 2007
I thought this movie was EXCELLENT! I thought Cassie Scerbo did a great job on her part, i couldn't be more happy with it! I went to the premiere at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and so many fans showed up. I loved the movie and i think it was better than the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Me and my friends enjoyed watching the movie and it was funny as well. I liked how in the movie the two cheer leading teams hated each other but then ended up becoming one team together. I just wanted to give this review so everyone can see how much i enjoyed the movie and i cannot wait to buy it on DVD and watch it with all of my friends.
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The Bring It On Franchise is bouncing back...
rawrDisco30 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Taking it for what it is...a teen movie full of bubblegum and meant to be brain numbing entertainment, it was awesome. Although none of the sequels in the franchise will ever compete with the original. I have to say that it was good for a direct to DVD. Cassie Scerbo as Brooke actually amused me...

The only thing I hated was having to be subjected to the horrible face and acting of Jennifer Tisdale who clearly rode her sister's Disney coat tails to get the part...and the boring romance plot between Pen and Carson. SNORE.

I almost died when Aisha spurted her "slice you like government cheese comment". How ignorant. The whole oreo storyline wasn't even believable since they chose such a lame actress.
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Hard to decide which was worse, the acting, the plot or the script.
whatever_kath13 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
There is nothing I liked in this movie. Most of the characters are awful people, the main character shares things told in confidence and is a bad role model for anyone watching. There are honestly no words for how truly awful the acting is in this film, I don't think I have ever seen worse. The cheer-leading is nowhere near as good as before, you can barely hear a lot of the chants. It's painful. The stereotyping is also atrocious. The script...there are no words. "These prairie dogs are so bad, they can't even roll over", it's cringingly bad. The music is also poor. The is a point in the plot where they all confess things they have lied about. There are a lot of things confessed which are major points in their personality's. Everyone is a liar. Which forces me to further dislike the characters further.

So save yourself the near physical pain, and just don't watch it.
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kkoufalis69214 May 2009
MGA decided after putting people through the pain of three Bring It On movies, to make a fourth one. Apparently after trying three times the people at MGA think that they will get it right a fourth time; I think not.

Not any different than the other three movies this one takes place in Florida at the National East Coast cheer leading championship, where the mighty East Coast Jets compete with their rival team, the sharks. The Jets new captain Carson, played by Ashley Benson is the most "focused" on the team until she meets Penn (played by Michael Capon) and she loses this "focus"- if there was any. Little did Carson know that her Prince Charming was on the Sharks cheer squad. The teams ended up having to work together because of people on both squads getting injured during the passing of the spirit stick.

The writer and the director of this movie should seriously be fired for even considering being a part of this project. After three movies of Bring It On people would think that they would stop the attempt at making these movies. I cannot even begin to comprehend as to why people like these movies.

What's bad about this movie is has the same plot as the other three Bring It on movies, there is nothing original about it. It reminds me of every other teen movie that is in the market. The directors and writers need to come up with something different if they want to make more money.

If I wanted to go see girls be promiscuous and to backstab one another I would go to my old school, and not spend money on a DVD that isn't worth the 90 minutes.
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Turn It OFF!
bill_b427 December 2007
Analysts determine that catastrophes are the result of a chain of errors that through stupidity and misfortune fall together into one regrettable moment. I can only disdainfully shake my head when I contemplate the motivations and decisions of the circus of fools responsible for birthing this cinematic abomination, and subject us unsuspecting audiences to its suckiness. Only thing going for it was the T&A, and even that wasn't enough to save it. I really don't know how the IMDb users who liked this movie were smart enough to be able to use a computer and vote for it. They MUST have had help. Bad acting, bad plot ... Hey! If you think you just might like watching a porn movie without all that objectionable skin and sex, give this steaming pile a try!
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This movie Brings It On (get it)...
taylorkingston30 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely love this movie. It's one of my favorites. For the Bring It On franchise, my order goes.

Favourite: 3-Way Tie: Bring It On / Bring It On: All Or Nothing / Bring It On: In It To Win It

Next Favourite: Bring It On Again

Worst (never watch again): Bring It On: Fight To The Finish

This movie is all based at Universal Studios. Because it's the annual cheerleading championship. And two very special teams are there to win it. The East Coast Sharks and The West Coast Jets. That's right, they're rival teams. Every year, the East Coast Sharks have one, leaving The Jets always placing second. This year, they think that's going to change. Except, during an unfortunate rival cheer-off, half of each team, are hurt, and can no longer compete. The only for way for any of the Jets or any of the Sharks to compete, is to team up. So they do. And guess what. They win.

Overall, I give this episode a 10 out of 10.
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Worst Sequel Yet
piratehunter27 December 2007
I have seen all four of the Bring It On Movies and this was by far the worst one yet. The actress who plays Carson was the best in the movie and the other girls were barely tolerable to watch... a waste of a trip to blockbuster if you ask me.

The plot is set out to be a modern day version of The West Side story, with the two sides coming together to succeed in the end. But bad acting, writing and costumes (these girls are young, but having them wearing two small of shorts resulting in "muffin top" is ridiculous) ruins the movie in the end. No wonder it was a straight to DVD film. Jennifer Tisdale should be ashamed of herself for choosing a part in this movie. She is too old to be playing the high school cheerleader ditz. It might be time to move onto a new career and leave the success to her little sister.
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Cheerleading Film Ala West Side Story
Desertman8414 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is the fourth installment of the Bring It On franchise.In this direct-to-video cheerleading teen movie,we get to see more about competitive cheerleading and a story based on the West Side Story with a forbidden romance happening between two rival teams.

The story revolves around the rivalry between the cheerleading squads of West High Sharks and East High Jets with former led by Carson and the latter led by Brooke.They intend to join a national cheerleading competition championship but both squad lose their tempers which made the competition between the two only fiercer and later would have to face on a one-on-one cheerleading competition between two schools and would have to learn to settle their differences so as not to get disqualified.

Despite having references from the classic 60's movie West Side Story,it did not help the story nor the movie's cause as it was clichéd and predictable.Although the cheers were decent and respectable,it does not equal the first film which happens to be a cult cheerleading classic movie.
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shanks-1020 January 2008
the first was still the best. this movie reminded me of grease and high school musical....... cheer battles in the street, people doing flips and jumping off light poles!! been done and this movie was over the top. Not to mention all of the sexual comments, i don't think kids would get them, but they're there plenty. This movie would appeal to teenagers but I would not let them watch due to the sexual content. The acting was poor and a lot of the lines are cheesy. There are way too many so called messages that you get lost trying to follow them. I would not willingly watch this movie again or recommend this movie to anyone.
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Horrible Movie
kithound2324 December 2007
If I could rate this movie with less than one star, I would. This was by far the worst movie I have ever seen. The plot (well the numerous mini plots) was completely predictable, and the acting was atrocious. If a high school school produced this film, it might be impressive, but even that is a stretch.

The actors are not in shape, making it hard to believe that they are athletic people. You would think that the thought of being a huge screen (although this movie did not even make it there) would motivate the actors to do a few sit-ups or lay off cupcakes. I'm not saying that they needed to be stick thin, but most high school competitive cheerleaders have under a 20% body fat.

The movie is so corny that you have to laugh. I was impressed with the actors for being able to keep a straight face during their filming. The lines and scenes are so forced, it makes me wonder if the writers were on crack when they wrote the script. The "cheer battles" are so unrealistic that I found myself staring blankly at the screen wondering if my eyes were deceiving me. "Is this for real?" is the phrase that will probably run through your head as you watch this. If you want to see a stupid movie that will make you laugh until you cry from the sheer absurdity of it all, this is the movie for you, otherwise do not waste your time or money on this rubbish.
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Hands down the worst film I've seen this year -- appalling
KWSN6726 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I don't even know where to begin when describing the horrors of this film. I was a semi-unwilling participant in watching it with my younger sister after she got it as a Christmas gift, and boy do I wish I'd gone to another room. Everything about this movie was sickening. The ham-fisted sexual innuendo was immensely unfunny and served no purpose but to encourage young teenage girls (the only people who I could EVER envision enjoying this film) to be "slutty," as the film put it. The token black character was easily the most racist portrayal of anyone that I've ever seen in my life. I'd like to congratulate the actress playing that role for setting back her race at least 50 years... I almost got sick at the point of her "incredible revelation" that she was "black on the outside, white on the inside." Completely revolting. The portrayal of the "goth" girl also made it painfully obvious that anyone involved in the writing of this script has never come in contact with anyone who would consider themselves "goth" in any manner, and when I say painfully, I mean it literally. I could feel my insides knotting up every time she spoke out of sheer disgust.

To ANYONE who is considering seeing this movie, or even worse, getting this movie for their kids to see, DON'T. All it does is encourage them to be promiscuous idiots without any entertainment value whatsoever. Steer clear of this one at all costs.
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this was the best movie I've ever seen
bratty63228 February 2008
Omg the best movie ever! my favorite character is Brooke she is so pretty funny and snobby!!this is the best bring it on movie yet!! i loved there cheers and all the stuff in that movie!! my favorite lines are when Brooke says "im embracing my future which they say is freaking bright"," boo that freak were out of here", "shes a shark, shes the freaking captain of the sharks","cheer smack down",I love this movie i have it recorded everyday i watch it and never get sick of it! I would recommend this movie to lots of other people! i have showed my friends this movie and they loved they laughed through most of it and thought the stunts were amazing!!!I LOVE BRING IT ON IN IT TO WIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wait around for the second half -- it's cheer-tastic (groan)
Wuchakk24 November 2016
Released to video in 2007 and directed by Steve Rash, "Bring it On: In it to Win it" is a high school dramedy/sports flick starring Ashley Benson and Cassandra Scerbo as Carson and Brooke, the captains of two rival cheerleading teams, the West Coast Sharks and the East Coast Jets respectively. They meet at Camp Spirit-Thunder in Florida for the championship, but Carson's romance with a male cheerleader of the Jets (Michael Copon) throws a wrench into the proceedings. Everything falls apart when the rival squads engage in a cheer-rumble where half their teammates sustain injuries that remove both the Sharks and the Jets from competition. What will they do?

"In it to Win it" is the fourth movie in the franchise. The others are "Bring it On" (2000), "Bring it On Again" (2004), "Bring it On: All or Nothing" (2006) and "Bring it On: Fight to the Finish" (2009). The first movie was the only one that was theatrically released and is therefore the most polished in the series as far as overall production quality. This perhaps explains why I couldn't get past the 50-minute mark of "In it to Win it" the first time I tried to watch it, but I decided to give it another chance and am glad I did because the first half is just a build-up to the nigh genius of the second half. While the first half is kinetic fun, it lacks dramatic depth and therefore becomes a bore by the mid-point, but the second half fleshes out the great characters and everything clicks for an amusing high school dramedy/ sports flick.

What distinguishes "In it to Win it" is that the entire movie takes place at the national cheer camp, which is parallel to a huge amusement park; as such, there are no high school sequences. In the first half you'll role your eyes at the stereotypes, but the second half pulls the rug out from underneath your presumptions with a great "confession" sequence. Highlights include the semi-homage to the renowned "West Side Story," the great cast, the smart amusement, the energetic tone and some amazing cheer routines, not to mention Ashley Tisdale's hit song during the credits. "In it to Win it" also has better women than the first movie, although not as good as "All or Nothing" (featuring Hayden Panettiere and Danielle Savre).

Speaking of the "great cast," they're essentially no-names, but they deliver the goods as a nice assortment of characters that you come to understand and like over the course of the story. Beyond the cast noted above, the top ones are Noel Areizaga (the gay Shark), Jennifer Tisdale (curvy white Jet), Kierstin Koppel (the Goth Shark) and Anniese Taylor Dendy (black shark with seemingly ghetto edge).

The film runs 90 minutes and was shot at Universal Studios Florida, Universal Orlando Resort.

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Bringing it on again?
Kimimela10 March 2008
After "Bring it on: All or nothing" I was more or less sure that I had seen everything there was to see about cheerleading, and when I heard that there was to be yet another Bring it on -movie I was very skeptic to the idea. It seemed to me that the Bring it on -franchise was turning into a modern Rocky/Rambo-franchise for teens: You think it's over, but then there's another one and another one and another one... often with deteriorating over all -quality as a result. To test my hypothesis I decided to watch "Bring it on: In it to win it".

As suspected the storyline was simple, nothing too surprising. There was the usual conflict between two teams, two girls fighting and the usual "wrong" hottie and the amazing final routine. It seems to me that there is a pattern in choosing actors for the Bring it on -movies. Bring it on 1 and 3 starred fairly famous actors/actresses (Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Bradford and Hayden Panettiere), while Bring it on 2 and 4 had (at least to me) fairly unknown actors/actresses. The good thing about casting relatively unknown actors/actresses is that they just might surprise you, as Cassie Scerbo (Brooke) did. Her sassy, sarcastic attitude, combined with her constant applying of Sun Tzu's "Art of War" -principles to her methods with which to destroy Carson's (Ashley Benson) squad, was very impressive.

All in all, I found "Bring it on: In it to win it" fairly amusing, and by far better than "Bring it on Again", which I regard as an all time low. The rivalry between the two squads is much like the one in the previous Bring it on -movie, and as usual the final routine was something special. As I live in a country where cheerleading is not such a serious or popular sport, I found it interesting and entertaining to watch this movie, even though I'm sure a lot is over-exaggerated.

I'd recommend this movie if you want something light and funny to watch on with your friends, but if you want something deep and thoughtful with acting that should get an Oscar... watch something else.

Rating: 6/10
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Worse Film Ever!
fcherrelle6 January 2008
As for cheerleaders and 20% body fat, that's a bunch a CROCK! Many cheerleaders do not look like crackheads and are in great shape as the actresses in the film! BUT...... the movie itself was GARBAGE!!!! bad acting, over abundance of T%A (the practice in bikinis was a trash classic!) Did a porn film director take part in this? The cheer moves and stunts were fabulous! So is the cheer section in the special features of the DVD that teaches the cheer moves! But the acting and T%A destroyed this movie big time! It also sends the age old sterotype that if you are a highschool girl, you must dress trampy and be ditzy to be considered "hot"!
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2 rival squads are face2face at cheercamp, until cruel twist of fate bring the 2 sqauds 2 gether 2 bring it on like nvr be4!
oo_lo_matt_mcgregor_ol_o10 January 2009
I absolutely love this movie to be frankly honest!! Such a nice, new cast of characters and actors/actresses and i thing Cassie Scerbo done a terrific job on her part and she was the best actress/character in the film i think. I LOVED "Bring it on: all or nothing" but this one is my all-time favorite! - The one thing about the BRING IT ON series which i find kinda weird .. and now some other sequels .. *i.e, the American Pie's* .. is that no cast from the original or previous films return, but when watching this Bring it On, I can say that this cast were the best!! Just to think, if it wasn't through the movie, i wouldn't have known the charming delight "Cassie Scerbo" - (Brooke, in this movie!) and wouldn't be such a great supporter of her. Also, the 3 previous Bring it on's are set in a high school/collage setting, whereas, this one, steps outside the box and goes a completely different way!! A GREAT FILM!! -- the BEST bring it on yet! 10/10! xx xx
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An insult to your intelligence.
julemanden424 July 2010
Don't watch it. This is a huge waste of time, and you shouldn't force yourself to watch it. Every single character is a stereotype cutout, and there are no likable characters. You know how movies usually have protagonists you can understand and have motives you can agree with within the plot of the movie? This one instead has a bunch of characters you can only hate. There's the homosexual cheerleader. Who turns out not to be homosexual for no other reason than to.. oh wait... There was no reason. There's the 2 female protagonists who hate each other. This is shown in their incredibly clever smack talk which you just cant help but enjoy. All that snapping and stereotypical insults really make you loath yourself for ever sitting down to watch this movie. I could go on, but I don't want to. I really don't want to continue and elaborate on this horrible movie.

I'll just leave you with this: Do you really want to watch a movie about a bunch of obnoxious teens you can only hate? A movie that only exists because the producers wanted to force some more money out of the 'bring it on' "franchise".. if you can even call it that. Calling it a franchise would be an insult to actual franchises.

You might come and tell me that you only want to watch a comedy to waste some time without having to think. Do you really want to spend 1 and half an hour of your life on this piece of ****? Go watch something good. By watching this you become a stereotype of the average American teen who's just too stupid to realize that movies are more than comedies.

All in all - Just don't watch it. Spend your time doing something else. Watch a good movie.

Oh right. Why did I give it 2/10 instead of 0/10? Because of the hot women. Only redeemable thing about this movie would've been a nude scene, a shower scene or something. That would've bumped it up to a 4/10.
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