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Season 6

24 Mar. 2012
iApril Fools
Carly and Spencer are being evicted from their apartment, and the gang reminisces about their time in Bushwell Plaza. Although, their memories may not be quite how we remember them.
7 Apr. 2012
iGo One Direction
One Direction is performing on iCarly, but Carly and Harry get sick.
21 Apr. 2012
iOpen a Restaurant
Sam and Gibby secretly operate a restaurant in the basement at school, while Spencer creates a security robot that goes haywire.
28 Apr. 2012
The gang celebrate Halfoween.
12 May 2012
iPear Store
Freddie's new dream job becomes a nightmare when Sam gets hired too! Meanwhile, Carly tries to get a clueless guy to ask her out, and Spencer has to volunteer at the local firehouse.
9 Jun. 2012
iBattle Chip
Spencer has a new nemesis - Chuck's more menacing younger brother, Chip! Meanwhile, Freddie fixes Gibby's toy phaser and gives it a power he never imagined!
6 Oct. 2012
iShock America
The iCarly Crew performs sketches on their show that spoof those on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," which the host finds so impressive, that he invites them on his show for a rare live performance. Thanks to some of Gibby's usual misfortune however, the cast of both shows almost gets in trouble.
13 Oct. 2012
iGet Banned
When Carly bans T-Bo from the loft, he retaliates by not letting Carly into the Groovy Smoothie. Meanwhile, Freddie and Gibby discover being in a band has many perks... and a few drawbacks.
20 Oct. 2012
iFind Spencer Friends
The iCarly crew tries to find an adult friend for Spencer.
27 Oct. 2012
iRescue Carly
Sam's friend gets out of juvy and Sam warns everyone to stay away, but Carly doesn't listen and finds herself in over her head. Back at the loft, Spencer finds a pair of night vision goggles.
3 Nov. 2012
iLost My Head in Vegas
When Sam learns her Mom is in a Vegas jail, the gang decides to gather their most prized possessions, drive to Vegas and pawn their stuff to make enough money to bail her out.
10 Nov. 2012
iBust a Thief
When Sam's laptop gets stolen, the iCarly gang tries to help track down the thief. Meanwhile, Spencer can't visit his favorite arcade unless he's accompanied by a child. His luck turns when Guppy needs a babysitter.
23 Nov. 2012
Carly is sad when her father cannot escort her to a military dance; Sam and Spencer fix a motorcycle; Gibby gets his head stuck in an "artificial head machine" (because he sold his first one at the pawn shop); Freddie gets a new phone.

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