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Packs an hilarious satirical punch
openeyes15 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This short film, screened at the DC Shorts Film Festival last night, starts rather ominously with a crowd of well-dressed business men and women standing outside a generic office building. They chit-chat amongst themselves, and check blackberries and cell phones. A Mexican drivers up in a pickup truck. They suspiciously gather around as he gets out. After looking over the crowd, he shouts for two accountants, men and women frantically wave their hands. He picks two then points to he back of the truck. Then he shouts for two lawyers, a chief financial offer, etc. Before long, the Mexican has what he needs. He closes the back of his crowded pickup truck and drives off to the disappointment of the other business people. Granted, it is a one joke film, but it tells that joke very well. It takes a sharp, satirical punch and fades out while you're still laughing. Well worth a look.
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