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  • Not like creatures from the third dimension, no. They do not have stomachs as we do in Spaceland. Flatlanders absorb nutrients through their skins like plants. (Flatlanders are not strictly speaking two dimensional, they are only one cell thick).

  • It is confusing, but maybe this can help.

    In IMDB, there is "Flatland: The Movie" (2007) ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0814106/ ) and "Flatland" (2007) ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0972374/ ).

    The first has the longer name, but "Flatland: The Movie" is actually a "short". It is 34 minutes long. The other is entitled just "Flatland", and that is what is shown on the movie's titlecard screen in the first minute. It is about 100 minutes long.

    Both are animations based on the novel, and in both we can see the insides of the Flatlander men and women. In "Flatland: The Movie" (2007), the insides of the people are shown as "fractal" geometric shapes, while in "Flatland" (2007), the insides of the people can be seen as organs and tubes.

    In "Flatland: The Movie" (2007) the women are the same shapes as the men, while in "Flatland" (2007), the women are nearly one dimensional lines, very very thin.

    The casts of the two productions are different. The cast of "Flatland: The Movie" (2007) includes performers known as big stars: Michael York, Martin Sheen, to name just two. The movie "Flatland" (2007) is more of an independent studio effort with a cast of new talent.

    Finally, "Flatland: The Movie" (2007) may actually be a 'short', but it is supposed expanded to its full length, as "Flatland: The Movie" (???) ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1595841/ ), (release date sometime in the future).


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