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Before the big bang
ceogar5 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Like many been waiting for, Hiro gets his sword, Mohinder finds out who Sylar really are and lots of lose ends gets tied together. opens a lot of opportunities for next week episode with Clair's discovery who her real family was. people been waiting long time for a meeting between Sylar and peter recently with peters "new" abilities. Andos return wasn't very surprising but still happy that he did it at this time, no Hiro without Ando at his side. Mr Bennet who has been getting a new face in the last few episodes, and is not really the evil type people been accusing him to be lately and looks like he is in seriously trouble now.

With the help of Janice they were able to find out that he knew about Clarie even after losing his memory. Isacc seems not to really know what to do, being heartbroken after shooting his recently separated Girlfriend.

One of the best episodes in the Heroes series in a while and Tim Kring keeps open up unexpected openings for surprising events, can only hope this series keeps up this quality in the future.
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Heroes and Marvel Comics
undergroundmedia6 March 2007
In the past few episodes there have been some connections between Heroes and Marvel Comics. Certainly the watchful comic book fan will have caught them, but for the rest of us, here they are:

1. When Hiro got on the bus in Ep #1.16(?), leaving Ando behind, the driver of the bus was none other than Marvel Comics founding father, Stan "The Man" Lee!

2. During this episode (#1.18) we of course were treated to a sneak peek at Marvel's upcoming SPIDER-MAN 3!

3. Two two FBI guards in this episode were named QUESADA and ALONSO ... no doubt after Marvel Comics Managing Editor, Joe Quesada, and another Marvel Comics editor,Axel Alonso.

4. All of Isaac's artwork was actually done by an artist named Tim Sale, who has worked for DC, but is also known at Marvel for his work on SPIDER-MAN BLUE, HULK GREY, and DAREDEVIL YELLOW.

There is also a HEROES graphic novel on NBC.com, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if we eventually find Marvel Comics collecting the pages and publishing the book.

Interestingly, though, a lot of people compare HEROES to Marvel's X-MEN, and while certain similarities can be spotted, the show perhaps more closely mirrors DC's WATCHMEN - as a story of "real world" superheroes who are being killed as they try to stop the destruction of NYC.
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Parasite ends Heroes' second cycle
tavm7 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
As Peter and Issac still grieve over the dead Simone, Issac gets angry at Peter for her death and still blames him as Peter gets away. Hiro still gets himself thrown out of the Las Vegas hotel even when he says he's with Linderman. Mr. Bennet explains to his boss that he can't remember anything from the previous day. When he comes back to his wife, she reminds him of what he told her about everything about himself and Claire before the Hatian guy wiped his mind. HRG's boss had retained Matt to read his mind but Matt got nothing and he's upset that the boss is not letting him go. Hiro gets Nathan to get him inside the hotel. Nathan has a deal with the FBI to turn in Linderman. A woman named Candace comes to HRG's room and tells him Thompson, his and her boss, have an assignment for him. They go to Issac's where he suddenly sees Simone back alive seconds after seeing her lay dead just before he answered the door. Then she turns back into Candace who can change into anybody. She and HRG convince him to go back to painting. With some help with drugs, he does. He does not like what he sees. The Hatian man is supposed to send Claire to Canada to assume a new name with a new family. But Claire manages to ditch him at the airport and flies to New York to look for Peter. She finds his mom who is at the door with the Hatian waiting with her. She calls Claire by her name and says she's her grandmother. Hiro finds the hotel museum curator and asks for something, then as the curator leaves, Hiro uses the computer and ID's the sword which opens the drawer that it's in. Hiro gets it and gets caught by the curator who presses an alarm that alerts the guards. One of them turns to be Ando who teleports with Hiro to New York only to find it already ruined. HRG goes back to his wife and finds she's Candace in disguise and she's with Thompson and some of his men. Nathan is found by Jessica, who just killed the FBI men, and has his wire taken out by her. When Nathan fights her, she turns back to Niki who warns him about Linderman. Nathan confronts Linderman and tries to kill him but backs down. During all this, Mohinder and Sylar (who Mohinder thinks is the guy Sylar stole powers from), are trying to contact some people from the list but Mohinder is exhausted so Sylar tells him to relax. Sylar is drinking tea Mohinder served him and suddenly feels faint. Mohinder knows who he is and pulls a gun on him to exact revenge for his father's death! After he shoots, the bullet stops near Sylar's face. Sylar has managed to use his mind to keep from getting hit and by the end of the episode when Peter arrives, Mohinder is hanging on the ceiling with blood spilling. Sylar prepares to cut Peter's brain as we see some of Peter's hair falling...Wow! What a way to end another cycle before the next batch of episodes come April 23. Nice to see Ian Gomez, who previously played Javier on Felicity which also featured Heroes' Greg Grunberg, as the curator. There's also Life as We Know It's Missy Peregrym as Candace and Malcolm McDowell, who I know mainly from A Clockwork Orange, as Linderman. It's going to be a long wait until then but it'll be a nice way to think about what might happen before the next batch airs. Until next time...
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