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  • The 2007 entry is for the web episodes.

    This entry is for the 2008 TV series. The TV Series are reworked including more scenes, and rewrites of various degrees

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  • According to Sanctuary Wiki (, the known Sanctuaries are:

    Vancouver Sanctuary: The flagship Sanctuary in Vancouver, BC run by Helen Magnus herself, for the time being, anyway.

    Beijing Sanctuary: The branch in the People's Republic of China.

    Moscow Sanctuary: The branch in Russia.

    Mumbai (Bombay) Sanctuary: A branch on the western coast of India.

    New Delhi Sanctuary: A branch in India's capital, which happens to be the closest to the Himalayas.

    New York Sanctuary: The branch in New York City.

    Tokyo Sanctuary: The Japanese branch.

    UK Sanctuary: The branch in London in the United Kingdom.

    Sydney Sanctuary: Mentioned to have an abnormal affected by Kali/Big Bertha.

    Cairo Sanctuary: The branch in Egypt.

    A few other location are referred to in Vigilante(#3.9). Bigfoot drops a big stack of papers on the desk and when asked what it is, he tells Will it is "Supply orders, repair requisitions and inventory reports" for that day. Will tells him "Okay, you know they're going to have to wait, 'cause there's too much else going on. The Grozny Sanctuary's been attacked by rebels, we're being audited in Norway... and they can't pay the electric bill in Asuncion..." - Grozny(Czech Republic), Asuncion(Paraguay)

    In Sanctuary for None Part 2(#4.13), we learn that there were at least 15 Sanctuaries near the end. Abby tells Will that "Tokyo, Dallas, Brisbane and Cape Town. All just listed their facilities for sale or lease." He reponds, "Four Sanctuaries closed. That makes 12 in the last eight months. It leaves London, New York, and here." Edit (Coming Soon)


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