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chrismartonuk-127 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Shame that so many of these well-written and acted one-off TV plays are - unless the author's name is Dennis Potter - virtually forgotten. This one could easily be adapted for a stage play. I remember it well. Richard Pasco and his wife and teenage daughter hold a weekend dinner party for a circle of up-market friends. Among them is nerdy best friend Bill Wallis who hopes to reconcile with his wife. Also present if T P Mckenna as some high-ranking government official with his cold and ruthless bodyguard played by Patrick Malahide. Tensions erupt when a sniper starts taking potshots at the house and armed police are called in to protect Mckenna. The party attempts to carry on as normal while action is going on around them. Finally, Mckenna - the sniper's obvious target - is transported to safety, but not after Malahide had brutally beaten one of the house guests for breaching security. The following morning, there is a sting in the tail. The sniper shoots Pasco - after having already shot the other departing guests. The play ends on Bill Wallis and reconciled wife tucked up snugly in bed and the family's teenage daughter sleeping blissfully unaware.
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