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(I) (2009)

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MPAA Rated R for some sequences of violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • None, but someone asks another person if they have had sex recently.

Violence & Gore

  • Contains lots of scenes of shooting, including at least two graphic views of wounds of people who subsequently die; and more than a dozen deaths depicted or implied. These include an assassination and at least four executions.
  • A man vomits, has a heart attack and dies. This is later shown to be the result of murder.
  • A man is assassinated with a rifle. You see blood splatter on impact, and when he falls to the ground, a large pool of blood builds up under his head and chest. Later, you also see a more clear replay of the bullet strike to his head.
  • A man executes another man. Blood is seen in the air and on clothing from a distance.
  • A woman is hit by a car, but she only gets a broken arm.
  • A massive gunfight takes place in a building. A man is shot in the neck; obviously in the carotid artery. Blood spurts vigorously and graphically from his neck; he dies quickly and is shown in a pool of blood. There is a great deal of automatic weapons fire with many bullet holes visible in walls; several people are killed. Blood splatters in the air and you see bloody wounds on clothing.
  • A man rather graphically falls to his death.
  • A massive glass chandelier falls on 2 men, killing them.
  • A man receives a grazing wound to the face (you can clearly tell some skin is missing, and you see blood and/or the wound on his face).
  • A man is shot in the torso several times. His shirt is stained almost completely due to blood loss; and in one scene you also see blood flowing graphically from the wounds in his bare torso.
  • A man's execution is clearly implied.
  • A man who has been executed by a gunshot to the heart is found with a hole in his coat and blood all over his shirt.
  • A man is shot. Little to no blood is seen, but you know he's wounded and he falls down. He is then executed.


  • 11 "Fuck" or it's derivative and "Shit", in addition to a couple mild profanities round the count to about 30. (1) Jesus , (1) "for Chr*st's sake"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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