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Senseless entertainment
Cujo10829 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This DTV sequel to Eli Roth's film debut sees the flesh-eating virus spread due to the incompetence of Deputy Winston. The film opens with a badly infected Paul waking up in the river where Winston dumped him at the end of the original. He stumbles up to the highway and is killed almost immediately when a passing school bus splatters him across the pavement. The end of the infection? Hell no. The river water is being used by a bottled water company, and they have a shipment heading to a nearby town's high school prom.

Director Ti West reportedly wanted this to receive an Alan Smithee credit after the studio interfered and took certain things in a different direction, though he didn't get his wish. I'm an unabashed fan of Roth's film, but this really felt nothing at all like the original. Even the Deputy Winston scenes felt a bit different in tone, the sequence where he's talking to the water company's night watchman notwithstandin. The aforementioned scene and it's climax cracked me up, but Winston's character wasn't written as amusingly as he was in the first film. Aside from seeing Winston again, the main aspect of interest here was seeing two guys (Noah Segan and Marc Senter) who played memorable psychos in two other genre titles (Deadgirl and The Lost, respectively) as rivals in this. Segan in particular seems to be playing the exact part his Deadgirl co-star played in that film.

Anyway, there didn't seem to be much continuity between the effects of the virus in the original and what we see in this one. There is some pretty nasty and over-the-top stuff, though. Most characters were over-the-top as well. I wish the film had spent more time with Lindsey Axelsson (Sandy, the prom queen). She was yummy and had one of the film's more amusing moments. She didn't even get an on screen death scene! The last ten or so minutes with the strip club feel very tacked on, but I guess that makes sense, as West said the producers did the ending their way. I also didn't like the final cartoon bit in the least, not to say that the opening cartoon segment was any great shakes itself.

If you like pure splat-stick with not much sense involved, you might enjoy this on some level. At one point, with chaos erupting around them, two teens continue making out even after they vomited blood into each other's mouths. That pretty much says it all. I would love to see the original cut, but doubt LG will release it. It took them forever to release the DC of the first.
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Don't let them out
kosmasp4 November 2009
Having seen the first Cabin Fever, which I really liked (it showcased Eli Roths talent for sick and twisted horror comedy, so to speak), I kinda had hoped this could be better. But even before watching the movie, I heard the "director" Ti West, distancing himself from this movie (at a Festival, where I didn't have another option/movie to choose from, that's why I chose to watch this anyway, despite the warning)!!!

He didn't like the movie and he didn't cut it together (there are also some additional scenes shot and edited into the movie, especially the ending) and he also said, that people might like it or hate it, but either way, he is not responsible for what people will think of the movie ...

Having said that, I for once thought it was dreadful. Almost every "funny" line doesn't work, the chemistry between the two best friends is off, not to mention that the American Pie style thing just doesn't work. Unfortunately the main character isn't as good in his role as he could have been (you might have seen him in "Dead Girl" where he is phenomenal). There is also a side story that is really bad (it's supposed to be funny, but it just isn't).

Some gory moments and a few actually not that bad one liners can't save this mess of a movie. There are movies out there, that are worse, but this still has got quite a few things wrong. If you want to see a good Ti West movie, watch his House of the Devil instead ...
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Has it's problems, but it sure has blood, violence, and gore
TdSmth530 October 2011
An infected guy from part I crawls out of a water treatment plant, stumbles through the woods, makes it to a road only to be aerosolized when he's hit by a school bus. The world's most incompetent sheriff deputy arrives on scene and the tells the bus drive he just hit a moose. What a great way to start the movie! But things go way downhill from there.

Meanwhile, infected water is distributed all over the place. The movie focuses on what happens at a high school...during prom day...of course. Hollywood just can't make a movie about high school on any day other than prom.

Our main cast is a nice guy and his heavy and horny sidekick. Nice guy is bullied by some bad guy over a girl. Slowly the infection spreads at school, with blisters being the first sign. Sidekick hooks up with an infected girl in a bathroom stall. Nice guy doesn't have a date for prom so he decides not to go until sidekick convinces him to.

The punch at the prom is made with infected water and the disgruntled and infected janitor urinates in it so in time for prom dance every one starts projectile vomiting blood.

Somehow the deputy realizes what is going on, rushes to the water plant only to encounter some secret army taking control. This army also reaches the high school, locks it up and executes everyone, but our heroes who will try to find a way out.

Cabin Fever 2, subtitled "Spring Fever" for no good reason whatsoever, has nothing to do with the original, there isn't even a cabin. And IMDb quotes that there were re-shoots and re-editing because of producer-director disagreements. It is obvious in Cabin Fever 2 that something wasn't right behind the camera. The movie just doesn't work, there is plenty of story missing, characters that serve no purpose, like the deputy, what happens with him? The ending of the movie is told in...animation!? But there are also problems with casting. The nemesis is very well cast, the sidekick is alright, too. But our main guy and his girl are dull and the girl unattractive. Before infection starts, the pace of the movie is atrocious as we are introduced to the characters. The prom itself is poorly filmed, dark, and unoriginal.

Despite all the movie's shortcomings, I'm compelled to give it a better rating. The crew went places few dare these days when making a horror movies. Most are concerned with getting that PG-13 rating and offending no one. Cabin Fever 2 aims to be extreme in violence, gore, disgusting scenes. It has a bit of nudity and sexual situations, too. This movie was done in the right spirit, but somewhere something went wrong.
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gory, fun romp at the prom, with a bloodbath that makes "Carrie" look like Babe: Pig in the city.
shawn savage18 February 2010
To be honest, I didn't want to review this flick for a number of reasons. One of which being that Cabin Fever is one of my favorite films. Another reason being that Ti West has become one of my favorite genre directors. I remember becoming stoked the day I read that Ti West was taking on a sequel to Eli Roth's Cabin Fever, then all the delays and production problems, and reading that West had all but disowned the film, My anticipation turned to disappointment. The end result turned out to be much better than expected, but still felt incomplete.

Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever spreads the infection from a cabin in the woods, to a nearby high-school prom. With a solid performance by all players involved, some superbly fitting music, and well done gross-out effects, Cabin Fever 2 is a worthy watch for anyone into indie splatter comedies.

One of the biggest problems with Cabin Fever 2 is that Ti West wasn't available for the editing process. Sure, 90 percent of the footage that he shot was used,(and it shows) But if a director isn't there for the editing process of a film, It's not going to turn out the way it was intended. The film feels incomplete, as the producers decided to shoot an entirely different 6 minute ending sequence that feels so out of place, that if it didn't contain one of the early characters, you'd thing you were watching a completely different movie. Just as the film picks up, it's brought to a complete halt by this weird, unsuited ending. The ending actually made me feel as if the film had no ending at all. Giuseppe Andrews puts in an amazing performance as he always does, but his character isn't given the depth that he deserves.

Despite it's problems, Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever is definitely worth the watch. It has one of the best opening sequences in b-movie history, and you can tell by the cinematography that Ti West not only knows his stuff, but has a deep love for the genre. I wish they would have given him creative freedom, as I feel this would become a cult classic, but as it stands, we're left with a competent, gory, fun romp at the prom, with a bloodbath that makes "Carrie" look like Babe: Pig in the city.
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Sick, Twisted Film
seh11090422 February 2010
I mistakenly assumed that with Rider Strong repeating his role from the first film this sequel would continue that story, which was humorous and disturbing. I found that to be far from the case. The movie isn't worthy of being classed as B status. Performances are bad. Script almost non-existent. A thin plot exists to move the film from one gross-out scene to another. I could find nothing that would move me to recommend this film. How anyone could find something funny in this production is beyond me. It is one sick, twisted film whose only goal is to attempt to sicken the audience or desensitize viewers to the reality of tragedy in the real world. Perhaps I'm being a bit too philosophical for such low-brow "entertainment", but there is nothing redemptive about this feature. Cheap special effects, constant profanity, unlikeable characters (especially the deputy who cares only about himself). Whereas Cabin Fever displayed some originality, this sequel exists merely to cash in on its predecessor's name and reputation. There's no tension or sense of "something worse coming" that was present in the original. The movie itself is only about 72 minutes, followed by a 5 minute tangential story, which is itself followed by a crudely drawn cartoon of 2 or 3 minutes; filler, simply filler. There are better ways to waste 80 minutes.
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Bad Development, Gross and Unpleasant
Claudio Carvalho27 March 2010
In Springfield, Paul contaminates the supply of bottled water of the Down Home Water to the local high-school on the day of the prom. Alex (Rusty Kelley) convinces his friend Jonathan (Noah Segan), who has a crush on Cassie (Alexi Wasser) and is bullied by a school mate, to go to the prom. However, the contaminated water spreads a deadly flesh-eating virus among the students.

"Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever" is a weak sequel, with a bad development of the plot and characters, gross and unpleasant. It seems that the writer was in a hurry to finish his work and was not careful with the story; or maybe Ti West was only interested in gore and special effects and used a "heavy hand" and the black humor never works. In the end, this rip-off "Carrie" with "Outbreak" (or any other movie of virus outbreak) is only nasty and not funny. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Cabana do Inferno 2" ("Cabin of the Hell 2")
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I had high hopes....
s-betzold3 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
...since I really liked the first one, but my hopes were crushed within the first few minutes.

I have seen "Cabin Fever 2" at the Fantasy Filmfest, and it was the worst movie I have seen in a long time. The acting was beyond horrible, the story was non-existent and the dialogue was a nightmare. As for the gore... well it wasn't "funny disgusting", like some scenes in the first one, but just disgusting. If you like breats full of eczema or if you love watching pus coming out a guys penis, this is your movie!

There was one funny scene, a cameo by Judah Friedlander ("30 Rock"), and a fairly entertaining 3 Minute appearance by an almost unrecognizable Rider Strong at the beginning of the movie, but that's about it. If this will ever come out on DVD or even gets into cinemas, trust me and avoid it, even if you, like me, really liked the first one.
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Rainmaker517926 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
No exposition, other than a few flashbacks of dead bodies from the first cabin fever. Apparently some blood from past corpses leaked into the water supply of the bottled water that everyone drinks and causes everyone to throw up convulsively and basically die from the inside out. No explanation, many undeveloped plot lines, and the movie jumps around quite a bit without any real concerted effort to bond the different scenes together.

One redeeming facet of the movie is that it is a glimpse into the life of a high school kid who is smitten with his longtime friend and reminds us of what those days were like, to an extent. But avoid this one at all costs.
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below average gore flick
knightc66 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I wont spend time reviewing this garbage, other than to warn this is a far cry from the first one so don't get your hopes up. I will say there are some obvious fake reviews on here, trying in vain to hype this film. Trust me, no one registers an IMDb account just to review this straight to DVD crapfest unless they are involved in production somehow.

I would hope the fake review accounts would at least try to be convincing (10 of 10 stars? really?) instead of praising this as the best film since time began.

its a tad insulting, and it motivates lazy people like me to write and vote on the movie whereas otherwise I wouldn't bother.
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S10 Review: Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009)
suspiria109 February 2010
Since you most likely saw the first one you know how this one begins. A clever animated title sequence shows the bottled water making its way to the people through commerce. The sequel starts off with a blast as the survivor gets disintegrated by a school bus. Enter screwball Winston (Andrews returning from the original) to smooth it over and sweep it under the proverbial carpet. We quickly move to the goings-on at the local high school where we meet plenty of "Superbad" angst and sexual hi-jinks. It all comes together at the prom where infected punch really gets the party started.

Wow this bad boy goes for the gross-out fast and hard. The gore and blood flows like wine and if you don't feel like losing your lunch once or twice then you seen way to much (I sympathize becauxe I'm there too). Director West once again taps the 70's – 80's (just like "The House of the Devil") complete with corded phone, crap make-up and a disgustingly familiar prom. It's all good dirty fun. I had a bit more fun than the first one.
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Avoid like a flesh eating bacteria!
Domar_19 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I am a big fan of Eli Roth's Cabin Fever. Its a mediocre modern horror classic, a series of classic horror references, clichés, funny performances, gore, silliness, quirky moments... a little unbalanced, but balanced nonetheless. It is also, most importantly, a first feature, made with sweat and blood, family money, and all kinds of trials and tribulations that eventually paid off, as the movie was bought by Lion's Gate and went on to make 15 times it's small budget. Some people feel Cabin Fever is gratuitous, that it steps over the line...perhaps, but not as much as Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever.

This film is horrifying. Horrifying in that it was made, edited, boxed, all to be sold to an audience in connection with the first. I don't care that the director, Ti West, attempted to have his name removed from it after extensive re-editing and re-shooting by the producers, there is nothing to be proud of anywhere in this, I couldn't fathom any watchable footage, not from what can be deduced from this version. It gratuitously leaps well over the line in many scenes, for sheer shock value, while the plot is full of holes and incomprehensible behavior. It has no real link to the first film (this should be taken for granted) the acting and characters are ridiculous, and it is all done with no taste. Eli Roth's was coarse, vulgar, but was done with a love for old horror films. It was done with a bit of taste, and flair. This is lacking in all the above.

The flesh eating bacteria from the first film makes it's way into the bottled water used by a local high school, on the day of it's prom dance. Any rules established in the previous film about the nature of the bacteria, the way it is spread and the time it takes to develop, is completely disregarded in this sequel, in lieu of plot timing. In this film, people can be tap dancing one moment, projectile vomiting blood the next. The 25-year-old high schoolers in the film stumble through awkward, unnecessary scenes, desperately trying to grasp dialogue from 'SuperBad', and acting in a generally unbelievable way. The sub plot, using an already unlikeable character from the first film, goes nowhere and ends ambiguously. The film is also very brisk at 87 minutes, ending with a long animated sequence similar to that from the beginning.

More: Spoilers below: The climax of the film is tasteless in the extreme, unleashing an unbelievable shadowy government force of gun toting men on the school, who lock the doors up with chains and open fire on students randomly. Sound familiar? The actions by the students are so random and thrown together, the film seems almost like it was written by a couple of drunk guys at a table with paper and crayons. Sex with a fat girl in a pool that turns bloody! And how about bleeding, puss-oozing male genitalia? Thats sounds hilarious! Oh, and a botched pregnancy, a dumpster baby, to add a moment of real horror! A sudden, unexplained amputation, it goes on and on.

It's not fun, it's squirm inducing, with no build up and no pay off. The whole film, the concept, acting, editing, producing, directing, characters, the whole thing is just convulsing, rotting away yet thrashing around bleeding at the same time, like it was infected with a......
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Who Needs a Cabin to Have Fun?
weronews22 February 2010
Sick, and a lotta ick. That about sums up the installment that makes Eli Roth's 2003 original seem like "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie," by comparison. This time around, the titular cabin is replaced by a high school building, and director Ti West would have liked his name replaced by Alan Smithee's in the credits (since he is no member of the Director's Guild, he couldn't). West did neither finish nor endorse the (unrated) cut of this direct-to-DVD-release. As bad as that sounds, the movie is not. Tongue-firmly-placed-in-cheek it's a bow to 1980s slasher flicks, offering decomposing people at the prom, gore galore, great make-up effects and not a single dull moment. Blink and you'll miss Rider Strong (the star of the first "Cabin Fever") in a superfluous flashback sequence (inexplicably, Strong is billed first in the opening credits). Gorehounds will eat this one up, because the movie has guts...literally.
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Gross....disgusting....over the top!
tabell164828 September 2009
If you like, as Troy King so eloquently describes as"....bloody urine in a high school punch bowl,.. self mutilated hands by way of chop saw,..puking penises,.read that last one again(oh Yea That's Right).very very fat chicks that get naked, messing around in the school pool only to start bleeding from the holiest of holes, turning the whole pool red and at the same time their teeth start falling out while they drown,..still other chicks except hotter this time giving ,..well giving what they can with huge festering blisters on their tongues ,....." you'll love Cabin Fever 2, as it goes far beyond the boundaries of good taste!
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Revolting, Not satisfying even if you were a fan of #1
Adam Foidart5 November 2014
I've come to the conclusion that I may have judged Eli Roth's "Cabin Fever" unjustly because now that I think back to it, that movie HAD to be a horror comedy. I should really re-watch that film and re-rate it. The same can't be said about the sequel, "Cabin Fever 2" because it contains none of the laughs of the first film and is in fact, downright terrible. This time around, the flesh-eating disease has made its way into the water bottle plant of the town near the climax of the first film. We meet our main character John (Noah Segan) who is hard at work trying to convince his crush Cassie (Alexi Wasser) to go out with him. Meanwhile his buddy is trying to hook up with a classmate of his that is rumored to moonlight as a stripper, there are bullies trying to ruin everyone's day, unresolved romances, people freaking out about this flesh eating disease... and the prom is tomorrow! For long periods of time, the film is quite dull and when characters do start dying from the flesh-eating disease, most of it is painfully bad to watch. The film is unnecessarily disgusting, with several shots that will make even hardcore horror fans that can stomach tons of gore want to look away. The plot is very thin and the film feels padded with some very bad and cheap-looking animation at the front and back end of the movie to give us an introduction and epilogue. I can't stress enough how awful these animated segments are. They look like first-year student films finished in a hurry. Maybe the idea was to get the audience ready for a really really bad movie, or to lower their expectations so much that they would think this trash was kind of fun, but it certainly didn't work for me. The problems with the film begin way before this visual atrocity. It begins with the very concept of the film. Cabin fever 2? Really? You can tell that the original film really didn't lend itself well to a franchise because the ending had to be tweaked a lot to lead into this one, as if the audience wouldn't notice. I groaned at some of the other attempts to tie the two movies together, like an appearance of the man in the rabbit costume, which served little purpose in the previous movie and none in this one.

The blood and gore effects range from convincing (and pretty stomach-churning) to cartoonish and idiotic, particularly during the prom when people start to drop dead. Some of the gross-out humor is very bad and overall, the dialog given to the mediocre actors is equally mediocre at best. The characters range from mildly interesting to the same old movie stereotypes we have seen countless times (why yes, there is a generic high school bully who is for unexplained reasons dating the love interest in this movie). The protagonists are OK but there are way too many of them going off in their own direction and that means that 3/4 into the movie several stories end and the movie comes to a close... only for it to start up again in order to tie up a bunch of loose ends no one wanted to see. The film feels mean spirited and is downright cruel to its characters (particularly the female ones), so it's not much fun to watch.

Overall I really didn't have a good time at all with the film. The only amusement I got was fantasizing about the idea that if you re-cut this, you could probably make an over-the-top P.S.A. about the dangers of pre-marital sex. With some massive re-writing you could have made this into a fun, gory and dark comedy warning teens of the dangers of pre-marital sex and it would be so over-the-top that it would make "Reefer Madness" look like "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room". As is, "Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever" is an unpleasant movie experience with no redeeming qualities except for the occasional good gore effects. (Dvd, September 14, 2012)
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See this movie, ignore the hate, great bloody fun!
Maddis15 February 2010
Like a much maligned red haired stepchild, I couldn't help but rush to the defense of this wonderfully original and frighteningly gory sequel to Cabin Fever. The original, while a little overrated, has long since graced the front of my horror section display and continue to maintain a semi-annual viewing...even if some parts are skipped over. I had such low expectations for this movie until a few reviews poured in and shocked to find they were for the most part positive. This is beyond any normal run-of-the-mill successor and easily stands on its own as a caricature portrayal of high school angst, bullies, love crushed puppy romance, and even a fat chick who gets hers in the end (no pun intended). The beauty of this movie is that the grimy slimy disgusting bits so perfectly mirror the supporting casts and the movie's ability to hop and skip from one shocking, funny, bloody snapshot to the next. Now I am not a fan of B-horror, but this could very well convert the strongest objector. Cabin Fever 2 does do away quickly with the plot of the first movie, but thankfully retains some threads of continuity, not the least of which is Winston. With some of the funniest lines and a slightly larger role, Winston delivers his quirky, party monster deputy doggishness with the confidence and glee of only a seasoned performer. He knows we love him and basks in the light as long as it shines on him. We have hair lipped teachers, full frontal absurdity, body parts, fat chicks, fat dudes, nerds, jocks, you name it. The best attribute though is the loving nods to horror of old including Carrie, Texas Chainsaw, and even Kill Bill. I have to say, I loved every minute and like the movie, once you succumb to drinking the punch, you're in for a great ride!!!! Maddis 8/10.
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a lot of screaming going on
endura-113 February 2010
Stupid, plot-less, bloody. If it's supposed to be a comedy horror it kind of is but not good enough. The world could do without it. The only thing I quite liked was the soundtrack. The cartoon in the beginning and the end was a nice touch too. Maybe they should release the whole film as such. I'm not really able to say why I didn't like this flick, because there's no story. I probably am just bored with all these low budget movies about epidemics and teenagers making out. Not really sure what audience this film was directed at, who the director saw as a potential viewer? Too silly for grown-ups, too ugly for children and underestimating the intelligence of an average teen. Well, this is a very personal review, because this film you either like or don't. A waste of time.
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Can't believe this actually made it to the screen!
Paul Magne Haakonsen7 February 2010
Wow, this movie sucked. It totally blew! It is possibly one of the worst sequels ever made! Now the first Cabin Fever movie was adequate, nothing to get all excited about, but this movie, this 'sequel', it was like watching your will to live fading away right in front of your eyes.

THE GOOD PART? Well the movie had a couple of scenes that will make you cringe in pain or disgust. It had fairly good gore make-up (though only a few places).

THE BAD PART? Horrible acting all throughout the movie, except by Noah Segan. The storyline was a weak spin off from the first Cabin Fever movie. The only thing it had in common was the party-happy police officer and the lake with the corpse in it - pretty weak basis for a follow-up story. The effects when the projectile vomiting started! Oh my god, that was just pathetic. Even a blind person would be able to see that it clearly was ejected from some contraction placed at the side of the open mouth and out of camera view. It looked so pathetically fake.

THE BEST PART? The movie ended (and hopefully will not spawn a second follow-up movie).

THE WORST PART? That someone thought this would make a good sequel to a mediocre horror movie from back in 2002.

If you plan to watch this movie, please forget all about having seen the first Cabin Fever movie, and just watch this for what it is, a crappy low-budget horror movie rip-off. Though the first Cabin Fever was just a lukewarm experience, this 'sequel' was really a low blow to the gut.
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Stellar makeup effects are squandered by a terribly stale film
DonFishies12 February 2010
I was never a big fan of the original Cabin Fever, but there was enough in it that still made it a very enjoyable experience. Like any good horror movie, the film ended on a cliffhanger, suggesting a rather obvious path for a sequel to take. Except that sequel has taken almost a decade to get here, and feels a lot more stale than it should.

Picking up some time after the original film, Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever begins with the delivery of tainted water to a local high school on the day of the prom. While everyone gets ready for the cherished event, some of the students begin coming into contact with the water. And sure enough, they become infected within hours. As an unnamed group descend and lockdown the school, John (Noah Segan), Cassie (Alexi Wasser) and Alex (Rusty Kelley) must fight their way out and remain uninfected.

From the opening scene, I knew Cabin Fever 2 was going to be a hell of a mess. The opening is a totally missed opportunity, and then immediately cuts to a superfluous animated credits sequence, and then onto the rest of the film that plays out like a cross between bad rip-offs of 90210 and Evil Dead II set in the present day, but using music from the 1980s. I was unsure you could mix the genres, but apparently screenwriter Joshua Malkin (working off a story by Randy Pearlstein and director Ti West), thought it could be pulled off. Sadly, they were incorrect. When the film is not overplaying the really sappy and useless "love story", it is throwing disgustingly over the top gross out gags involving an obese girl, a pregnant teenager, the results of fellatio gone horribly wrong, and a gag that looks like it was taken from Evil Dead II almost shot-for-shot. Some of the gags work in the intended darkly hilarious way, but most of them fail mere seconds after beginning.

The much talked about ending is also just as bad as you have likely read. It comes out of nowhere, and feels like it has no place in the final cut of the film. It serves no purpose, outside of adding more gross out gags and to reignite a setup for a third film that had already been setup mere moments before. Even looking at what comes before the final ten minutes, it still seems like everyone involved had no idea how to end the film. It feels like all the time and energy during production was used to creatively devise everything that had come before hand, but then was completely absent when it came time for some form of resolution.

The film also lacks the ability of focusing on any one thing for more than a few minutes. As an audience, we know before the film even begins that we should not get attached to any one character for fear of their being killed later in the film. But our ability to feel for any of these characters is compromised by the fact that we do not even feel for the characters that likely will live. Much like the first film, almost everyone is unlikable and act with blatant disregard for anyone else. Stupidity is the biggest fallacy in the horror genre, but even when these characters are making smart decisions, they still end up being decisions that should never have been made in the first place. I think almost everyone who watches the film will be looking forward more to how the people will die and when, then to who will make it out alive in the end. It is not even worth attempting to discuss any standout performances, or even good performances, because all the acting is just horrendous.

What compromises the film, at least from the standpoint of comparison to Cabin Fever, is that the filmmakers have taken liberties with the disease and have changed it without much explanation. While the first film mainly consisted of rotting flesh and grotesquely bloody demises, this film mainly consists of people vomiting blood or developing some form of disgusting bacteria (usually causing some form of bleeding) on one of their private parts. There are a few instances where the people who fall victim to the disease appear much in the same shape as their brethren in the first film, but it just seems like everyone was less concerned with making the disease appear similar and more concerned about how to continually make the next gag grosser than the last.

Much like I thought before venturing into Cabin Fever 2, the only real reason to watch the film is for some of the wacky makeup effects that take place. Even when the gags fail to incite a response (whether shudders of disgust, or laughing hysterically), the makeup still excels and propels the movie forward. Even in its most ridiculous or even simplistic moments, the makeup holds up and stays consistent no matter what body part or bodily function is involved. There is obvious great care taken to ensure everyone meets their incredibly bloody and gory demises, and is evidently where all the effort went during production.

Even though the flawed Cabin Fever setup a rather obvious path for a sequel, Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever loses anything it has going for it within minutes of introducing the plot. The story is an intriguing idea, but the execution is just lousy. Outside of some stellar makeup effects, the film just feels like a bad parody and ripoff of much better works. Worse yet, the filmmakers appear to have no shame in feeding the audience some of the most disgusting and vile of ideas, meant as gags but really just amounting to not much of anything. The film is a disappointment, even for a direct-to-DVD movie.


(Portions of this review originally appeared on
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For The Gore Hounds...And No One Else.
Matt_Layden11 February 2010
The disease has spread to the water and is hitting a local prom. The kids soon get infected and the terror starts all over again. Can a select few make it out of the school in time, or will the shady government people lock it down to stop the spreading.

Cabin Fever 2 is one of those unneeded sequels that dry up the well far too soon. The additional fact that the director wanted to disown the film doesn't help either. For what the film does right, it does 12 things wrong. Even by direct to DVD standards this movie fails to deliver. Instead of trying to comprehend what I just saw, I'll just go through the pros and cons.


The film showcases some really great gore scenes, a few times I was squirming and I've seen some sick movies. Whether it be trying to super glue your finger nail back on, having puss ooze out of your penis, or smashing a guys face to mush with a fire extinguisher. Cabin Fever 2 ups the ante in terms of gore. It makes a lot of horror films seem like kids play. I give them props for that, especially in this day in age where it is extremely hard to get people to feel grossed out.


Wow, at the cons already.

The film doesn't feel like it follows the continuity of the first. Specifically for the infection. In the first, it dealt with the victim's skin ripping off. We start off with continuing the story of the first, somewhat. We see Rider Strong (great porn name) exit the river. He runs through the woods looking for help. Boom, get hits by a bus. Blood and guts everywhere. 2 minute scene and he gets top billing.

Anyways, we get introduced to a bunch of character who are not interesting and makes you feel like you'd have more fun watching paint dry. It doesn't help that their dialogue makes your ears bleed. Non of them have any kind of charisma, nor do I see any kind of future in their careers. Thus, we couldn't give a crap if any of them make it out alive.

They drink the infected water and get the infection. Yet it seems like it's different. They spit of blood left right and centre, but with the one exception of the man at the bar, who does rip his skin off. Everyone else coughs off blood and then dies. Boring and inconsistent.

The one character who also returns is the cop, yet he does nothing. We have two characters who try to flee at the end and one gets caught, but we never see what happens with him. The last ten minutes are so are so anticlimactic that it hurts. It just drags itself out and it is painful. The comedy bits do not work and the one liners suck.

Cabin Fever 2 is pretty bland and boring. Again, the gore effects are great, but the rest of the film is garbage. They have a special feature on the DVD that gives you all the gory bits, I'd suggest watching that rather than the film.
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Worst Movie Ever, Director Needs a NEW JOB!!!!!!!
Gale Meyers1 September 2014
This movie is absolute trash, don't waste your time on it! The storyline is weird, the acting is bad, the humor sucks, and there are some scenes that are OMG disgusting. Cabin Fever 2 is a low budget film, but I have seen plenty of other low budget films that are way better than this one. The story line does not really make a whole lot of sense either. It looks like whoever wrote the script for this movie just made up some weird garbage on the spot and another guy decided to make a movie out of it. If you are still hellbent on seeing this movie, make sure that kids are nowhere near the TV screen because the stuff is enough to disgust most grown adults. The people who made this movie had HORRIBLE TASTE!
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Not a total miss, but not a good movie by any means
dschmeding9 February 2010
OK, I am not a too big fan of Cabin Fever so I wasn't expecting much when seeing Ti West does the sequel and reading the average reviews. I already had my problems with the strange mix of comedy and seriousness in Part 1 but Spring Fever is even worse in that department. What was the idea with the cartoon sequences? They feel incredibly squeezed in, especially at the end. And thats the problem with a lot of the editing of this movie... its bad! Not only they use circle wipes like in an amateur movie but there is sequences (like the beginning of the prom collage on music) that are so randomly and badly edited that it hurts.

You get some nice gore, Spring Fever definitely tops Part 1 in this department. Obviously they went for the gross out factor, focusing on loads of teens puking blood, fat chicks melting in the pool and pustulated genitals and titties. After all if you look over the atrocious editing, the bad audio mixing and use of music (the "staying alive" bit is way too long and when they were shouting over silent music on the prom I thought it was supposed to be a joke which it obviously is not) the movie can entertain with the funny sidekick guy and plenty of tasteless jokes thrown in. A lot of the acting is rather wooden (great to see a badly acted cameo by Mark Borchard in that context ...) and the basic plot is like mixing Cabin Fever 1 with Dance of the dead. Nothing new here.

With all this on the negative side I still found myself being entertained, so something worked there. I have to admit that the ending is a total incoherent mess which seemed like 3 movies mashed together. Obviously the director and editor have no sense of flow on all levels.

So... its a badly made movie, BUT horror fans will surely not mind too much and rather enjoy the over the top moments. Its like a better Olaf Ittenbach Movie in some way.

BTW... how come that the movie opens with nearly exactly the same sequence of someone stumbling through the woods and then being suddenly splattered by a car on an empty road as the french Mutants? Both movies were showing on this years Fantasy Film Fest... strange coincidence, or not? Reminds me of me wondering about Book of Eli and The Road and their similarities while being released at about the same time. Looks like the movie industry is really hitting rock bottom with the copycat thing.
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Crazy Gross Disgusting Fun....
troyhking24 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Alright ,..I have actually just saw Cabin Fever 2. ,..and guess what ,...not so bad,...of course if your coming into this thinking it's going to be more of a film than the last, are going to be wrong..I didn't think the first CB was all that great,..because really did Eli Roth do something that just cannot be duplicated,... I didn't think so!,. in fact this film is better because it just goes all the way and makes no apologies for what it is ,... with animation that just should not work , yes I said animation -when I was told that the ending was animated I have to admit I thought someone was pulling my leg but it's there and it does work in its quirky way ,.it also helps that it has a pretty darn good soundtrack to go along with it,..But what this movie is about is the grosses of *beep* that one could or could never think of happening ,..happens,.. I mean if you were a filmmaker that was thinking of a way to top the shaving scene of the first movie,...and you started drinking and kept thinking of things and writing them down until you were drunk..and didn't stop writing until you passed out..this is what ya get,.. It's about the bad Ole water supply that was hinted to in the last Cabin Fever at the end,..and what happens if it was delivered to the local town folk,. specifically bottled water making its way to the local High School but all hell breaks loose everywhere cause everyone in town drinks the bottled water..that's more no less ,..very graphic and very nasty...which is not a bad thing,.its exactly what you want in this kind of movie..but I will warn you if you hate seeing,..bloody urine in a high school punch bowl,.. self mutilated hands by way of chop saw,..puking penises,.read that last one again(oh Yea That's Right).very very fat chicks that get naked, messin around in the school pool only to start bleeding from the holiest of holes, turning the whole pool red and at the same time their teeth start falling out while they drown,..still other chicks except hotter this time giving ,..well giving what they can with huge festering blisters on their tongues ,..well cmon can't just hate it,...can we,????? There are allot of folks that like this stuff I'm one of them it's a fun film. Judah Friedlander had a couple of great lines and Rider Strong is in this one and his character has an outstanding exit...I dug it! So keep a lookout..Hope this is at least a look at what you're going to get and it helped...Take Care I'll see ya at the movies "Save the Handicap seats for me"
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Catch the Fever...Not the Cabin
thesar-24 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Whereas 2003's Cabin Fever at least tried to be a normal horror film, albeit using a hundred movie references, Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever is a dark-comedy/horror/homage onslaught.

And even though Part 2 takes off immediately after the conclusion of its origin story and it carries the virus planted to new heights, it's a sequel in name only. I.E. there's no cabin here and the only woods are in the background this time.

Does this make the movie any less entertaining? By no means, but as I said with the first one (in my review,) you really, REALLY have to be a member of the 1970s and 1980s horror fan club. Namely with movies like Creepshow, Carrie, Prom Night and especially Peter Jackson's Dead Alive. (By the way, only naming 4 doesn't equate to the hundreds this horror comedy plays homage to.) Sure the movie's silly – they don't even bother to cover up the vomiting blood is coming from the side of the victim's mouth vs. throat, it's certainly over-the-top and virtually had nothing to do with the first movie, aside from the virus, but it's enjoyable and fun. AGAIN – for those select fans of the above mentioned movies. I can't see this having any appeal for any other group of fans.

After the movie begins with a school bus hitting an infected human, setting the loony deputy from Part 1 into an actual investigation, it thrusts you into an animated opening credit scene. To be bluntly honest, as a fan of said movie and genres, this creeps the hell out of me. Growing up, any horror film featuring this, just as an example, as I am sure there are more, Creepshow and Frogs, always scared me the most. So, this particular homage (not portrayed in Part 1) already hooked me. (On a side note, for those who will see this, I loved the fact they used red for the blood, yet, it's obvious that was just for our benefit – it was never red in live-action.) The animation also serves the purpose of setting up the premise: highly infected water is being inadvertently bottled and shipped to a local high school, which of course is on the same day as the Prom. Enter in two best buds: John (Segan) and Alex (Kelley,) both sadly in love with the two girls they can't have and in turn they vow not to attend the prom later.

All the while, the film follows the virus closely as victim after victim set themselves up to be sick later (for those who already know how bad things are about to get, i.e. anyone who's viewed the first film.) This includes Alex who has bathroom sex with a girl who has no business infecting someone with what she had (cold sore virus, maybe?) with or without the movie's main bug, nor should the eternally horny Alex agree. At any rate without any sort of spoiler alert, this seals his fate.

The movie actually does a good job of transfixing on multiple story lines, groups of kids and the typical group of secret militants who are trying to contain the virus. Unfortunately, it contains a lot of offensive behavior along the way, all for laughs, of course. But, it's rarely funny when movies continually say it's okay to be homophobic or good to poke fun at heavier set people. Nevertheless, the movie's not trying to act moral in anyway, it's merely an excuse to show a lot of blood, guts, humor and homage.

I truly believe everyone on set had a good time. It shows. They were all involved and produced a movie in today's time that translate to horror of decades past.

So, the movie continues, the boys, John and Alex end up at the prom (duh) and the military shows up. This is another aspect I liked – the big and extremely obvious prom-bloodbath (seriously, that cannot be a spoiler) wasn't the finale/climax as it was set up to be. You have so much more. More blood, tension, nudity and again, what scares me – another cartoon.

Honestly, I would recommend this movie for those looking for a fun, gory and no-brainer horror film. For being direct-to-video, it actually had good production value, decent acting, nicely paced scenes and an enjoyable roller-coaster ride of suspense. Was it better than #1? I would say they were equal and separate as they are two completely different movies with a thin line connecting them.

You can watch both in one night, like I did, but you might need to take a break from horror, as I will..for a long time. Enough gore is enough for awhile.

(Okay, not too long. I still have the remake, A Nightmare on Elm Street to see next month…it is my favorite horror series of all time, after all.)
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Scare free, sleaze high, gross-out show
Adam Peters10 November 2014
(19%) Some horror movies set out and succeed in getting under one's skin, maybe even terrifying in the process, while others set their sights a little lower. This on the other hand drags its sorry bloody carcass across the floor while it vomits on itself and pees in its pants. This in all honesty barely qualifies as an actual horror flick because there's virtually no tension, very few shocks, and the only aim this has involve gross-out school boy larks. Even though it isn't one of the worst movies out there, actually it's not even that bad, but the only slightly memorable moments involve quite graphic scenes of bodily fluids, scabs, an arm getting sawn off, and a fat guy's weiner, all of which are easy and quite crass, all be it somewhat fun, use of shock tactics. The final reel set in a strip club is clumsily inserted to say the least, but as a half decent little sick flick this is an okay time passer.
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Just Not a Good Movie!!!! Horrible Not Worth Your Time!!
Quetta08-660-83780030 June 2014
How did this movie get such good reviews??? I am so confused!! It was not even a real movie, it had no real character development and story line.

Don't get me wrong I am all for gory movies but this just makes me laugh in the worst way possible. This movie is full of prom kids just throwing up blood at prom. I have no idea why I finished this movie. Well I figured that this is was such a waste of time that I might as well see how it ends or if it gets any better.

I am a fan of Cabin Fever, I liked that movie. This is no way does justice to the first one and should not be called Cabin Fever 2. I don't get how this movie gives such good ratings (On IMDb I consider anything over a 4 a good movie lol), and some of my favorite movies get a lower rating than this. Shame. Do yourself a favor and just do not watch this movie. Or at least do not pay to watch this movie, it is not worth is. I hope the 3rd one is better but I'm not going to be in a rush into watching it if it's anything like the second.
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