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  • In the not too distant future a secret government re-animation chemo-virus gets released into conservative Sartre, Nebraska and lands in an underground strip club. As the virus begins to spread, turning the strippers into "Super Zombie Strippers" the girls struggle with whether or not to conform to the new "fad" even if it means there's no turning back.

  • In a near future, President George Bush has been just elected for the fourth time with his vice Arnold Schwarzenegger and the USA is in war against many nations, among them Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Venezuela, France and Alaska. In order to compensate the loss of soldiers, the government is researching a virus to reanimate the dead tissue of deceased soldiers and reactivate their brains, to form a powerful army of undead. When the experiment goes wrong and gets out of control in a facility in Sartre, Nebraska, the efficient Z Squad is summoned to destroy the zombies. However, the soldier Byrdflough is bitten by a zombie and afraid of being killed, he escapes to the underground Brademus strip-club owned by the greedy Ianna Esco. Byrdflough bites the star Kat and the stripper spreads the virus, turning her colleagues into zombies and eating the flesh of their clients.

  • A zombie epidemic spreads throughout a strip club in Nebraska.


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  • If you are looking for zombies and strippers, then this is your movie. I have watched a lot of stripper/zombie movies and nothing delivers like this one. The intro is the usual military-esque thing about a virus and what not. From there the military stumbles into an underground strip club. The strippers get bitten and, unlike other movies where they only want to infect other people, these strippers want to get bitten to become better strippers. This movie is T&A galore from it's cast of porn stars. I rate this movie a 10. If you want naked zombie strippers, then this is your movie!

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