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Effects-heavy ‘Primal Rage’ Trailer Delivers Bigfoot-sized Goods! [Cinepocalypse]

Effects-heavy ‘Primal Rage’ Trailer Delivers Bigfoot-sized Goods! [Cinepocalypse]
Patrick Magee is a special-effects makeup artist who has worked on Beyond Re-Animator, Dark Ride, and Zombie Strippers, and he makes his directorial debut with Primal Rage, which will have its world premiere at the forthcoming Cinepocalyse in Chicago this November. Looking like Predator… with a Sasquatch, Bloody Disgusting has an effects-heavy trailer that storms into the woods and comes across the mighty Bigfoot. […]
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‘Primal Rage’ Teaser Brings Bigfoot to Chicago’s Cinepocalypse! [Exclusive]

‘Primal Rage’ Teaser Brings Bigfoot to Chicago’s Cinepocalypse! [Exclusive]
Patrick Magee is a special effects makeup artist who has worked on Beyond Re-Animator, Dark Ride, and Zombie Strippers, and he makes his directorial debut with Primal Rage, which will have its world premiere at the forthcoming Cinepocalyse in Chicago this November. Looking like Predator… with a Sasquatch, Bloody Disgusting has an exclusive teaser that storms into the woods and comes across […]
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Peelers (2017) Film Review

Jesse Miller,


Synopsis: A small town strip club owner must defend her bar; her strippers and her life when violent infected patron’s show up on the final closing night and all hell breaks loose.

Oh my goodness, where do I begin?

Peelers, much in the vein of Zombie Strippers, is a horror-comedy that really goes and pushes hard for an R rating. Its gooey, it’s gory, it’s crude and it pushes these aspects throughout the running time constantly.

To that extent, I was equally grossed out one moment and laughing the next, constantly surprised that the film went to such a lengths for shocks and comedic effect.

Writer Lisa DeVita and director Seve Schelenz seem to be on board with one another as to what the tone of Peelers should be, because as much as it is a horror comedy, it never loses sight of the balance throughout.
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‘The Hospital’ DVD Review

Stars: Whitney Anderson, Yeniffer Behrens, Mauricio Mendoza, Christopher Allen-Nelson, Kara Luiz, Michael G. Coleman, Caroline Mann, Paul Dietz, Mike Jerome Putnam | Written by John Rogers, Mo Anouti, Edward Conna | Directed by John Rogers

Not to be confused with the 2013 film of the same name, which was pulled from Tesco shelves after customer complaints over its graphic sex and violence, this iteration of The Hospital is actually a retitling of 2015′s The Linda Vista Project from director John (J.J.) Rogers – who has worked behind the scenes on numerous Dtv horror flicks previously, however this marks his directorial debut in the genre.

[Sidenote: The Hospital was also touted as a possible supermarket-friendly title for the UK release of Dustin Mills' The Ballad of Skinless Pete, at least until the UK distributor, now a favourite with genre fans, reneged on the contract and the film never saw the light of day]

The Hospital follows paranormal researcher Emily Strand (Whitney Anderson; Zombie Strippers, Toolbox Murders 2), who is given a chance to prove the existence of the supernatural at the now derelict Linda Vista Hospital. Rumours and claims of spectral activity have surrounded the former hospital since it was first built
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Review: Fetish Factory is a Fun Exploration of Feminism, Sexuality & Zombies

  • DailyDead
The week I saw Fetish Factory, the new feature from writer/director Staci Layne Wilson, I also rewatched Anna Biller’s The Love Witch and Hillary Clinton lost her chance to be the first female president of the United States. I was very much in the mindset of seeing art through a specific prism of gender politics and sexism, which may have colored my reading of the movie. At the same time, I don’t know if that’s true. This is a movie with gender politics very much on its mind. You don’t make a movie about the male customers of a sex fetish club being turned into bloodthirsty zombies without wanting to say something about the relationship between men and women.

A group of burlesque dancers—including Carrie Keagan, Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (who also produced the film), Tristan Risk, and Jenimay Walker—report for a shift at Fetish Factory,
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Horror Channel presents Laugh or Die season this month

The Horror Channel has announced a ‘Laugh or Die’ season for this month, which features a collection of extremely bloody and funny films spearheaded by the UK TV premiere of Jon Wright’s Grabbers, a Father Ted vs. Aliens monster romp from Ireland, and the network premiere of Jake West’s gore-ridden, exuberant zomcom Doghouse, starring Danny Dyer, Noel Clarke & Horror Channel’s Emily Booth. The season also includes the network premiere of Idle HandsRodman Flender’s stoner comedy horror starring Jessica Alba and the network premiere of Jay Lee’s Zombie Strippers starring Robert Englund and Jenna Jameson.

Sat 5 March @ 10.55pm – Grabbers (2012) *UK TV Premiere

The day after a meteor lands in the ocean and a group of fisherman go missing, Garda Lisa Nolan (Ruth Bradley) and Garda Ciarán O’Shea (Richard Coyle) start investigating strange occurrences happening around the remote fishing community. Pretty soon it becomes clear
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Zombie Strippers

Zombie Strippers
Triumph Films

The acting is pretty bad, the dialogue is worse and the production quality as a whole bears that unmistakable ultralow-budget, direct-to-DVD sheen, but Zombie Strippers, which bows April 18, could never be accused of failing to live up to its title.

Starring adult entertainment industry queen Jenna Jameson and loosely inspired by Eugene Ionesco's Rhinoceros, Jay Lee's grotesque little horror film makes up for in audacity what it might lack in finesse.

Set at the start of George W. Bush's fourth consecutive term in office, the cautionary tale finds the U.S. military, fighting wars on several fronts, seeking to replenish its dwindling numbers with a chemo-virus that instantly reanimates the corpses of its fallen soldiers.

But the virus ends up finding its way out of the lab and into Rhino's, a small-town Nebraska underground strip club presided over by the obnoxious Ian Essko (Robert Englund). There, it infects its star attraction, the Nietzsche-reading Kat (Jameson), and turns her into a writhing, flesh-eating sensation.

Stripping away all the lame political satire and cutting to the chase, there's admittedly something perversely effective about Jameson and company strutting their undead stuff against the appropriate death metal soundtrack.

It all serves as a warm-up to the main event -- a garish silicone and latex-charged zombie-stripper smackdown that can best be described as George Romero-meets-Russ Meyer with a nod to the 1972 Herschell Gordon Lewis cult classic The Gore Gore Girls.

In the process, writer-director-cinematographer Lee (The Slaughter) just might have stumbled onto something bankable.

Call it strip-quease.

Jameson + Boyfriend Star In Zombie Strippers

  • WENN
Former porn star Jenna Jameson and her wrestler boyfriend Tito Ortiz are set to raise the dead in a new movie project called Zombie Strippers.

The couple will team up with A Nightmare On Elm Street star Robert Englund for the Jay Lee film about an underground Nebraska strip club hit by a deadly virus that reanimates the dead.

Jameson plays one of the strippers infected, who turns into a supernatural, flesh-eating zombie - the hit of the club.

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