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Director Jay Lee (The Slaughter) delivers absolutely everything you could possibly hope for in a film called Zombie Strippers, with a consistently hilarious, brutal, and titillating mash-up of "Return of the Living Dead" and "Showgirls" that actually beats out Mark Pirro's "Nudist Colony of the Dead" for the unofficial title of best naked zombie movie ever.
Zombie Strippers is a B-movie whose ideas and wit set it well above the great unwashed of the genre.
Whatever planet these dance sequences are happening on, their cuckoo surrealism is the movie's saving grace.
On its own low-bar terms, it delivers the goods: pole-dancing, gut-chomping and Jenna J.
Shouting the title never quite prepared me for either how stripping zombies aren't as hot or as funny as I thought they would be or how quickly the movie's eager intelligence collapses on itself.
Shot on ugly digital video with Troma-grade special effects, campy humor and frighteningly bad acting, Zombie Strippers should provide many laughs for stoners watching it on video.
Strewn with some surprisingly decent effects, this unevenly paced film delivers, if nothing else, on the promise of its title: lots of surgically enhanced nude dead women strutting their stuff.
Jay Lee's grotesque little horror film makes up for in audacity what it might lack in finesse.
The action can be bloody, but is mostly routine. Ultimately, the film’s most eye-catching special effects are reserved for bikini waxes and implants.
The A.V. Club
Currently stopping by theaters briefly en route to DVD, the film tries to position Jameson as the next Linnea Quigley, the B-movie queen behind such enduring titles as "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers" and "Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama."

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