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Vet neutrality
ernestsavesxmas23 October 2019
Full disclosure: I have an odd obsession with Wikipedia. Despite its many issues, I find it to be an apex human concept and the execution of it from a design standpoint is second to none; it's probably my favorite website. I understand the gripes (celebrities are mad they have their weight or where they went to college wrong sometimes? Just kidding) but I feel like it's a net win as far as these things go.

Now, this movie puts a generally a positive spin on all matters Wikipedia and its founder Jimmy Wales, who has an interesting backstory I suppose, insomuch as his stumbling into the "founding" of Wikipedia is one of those wholly American stories, good or bad-your call. It tries hard to remain neutral itself, as that is a main theme behind the questions this doc poses (Is Wikipedia good for culture or is it killing culture?). And as a pure information grab, this documentary also succeeds in presenting the history and all of the intricacies involved in its growth to the database it is today. If you don't have a pre-existing fascination with any of this, then Truth in Numbers will largely be a bore. But if you do, it's a solid entry in the crowded documentary field.
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Wikipedia's vision
pbpbgommukker18 April 2017
This film provides a clear picture of the motives that drive Wales' vision, and provide a well-needed platform for critical discussion of Wikipedia, with plenty of screen time given to advocates and dissenters of the project. It's entertaining and informative, and a good primer for the newbie as to how Wikipedia works, and highlights some of the flaws if addressed, could improve both the project and public perception of it, particularly academic and scholarly perception of it.
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