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Hilarious Romance - A Must-See
user-2159816 October 2007
I haven't heard much about that movie prior but had seen a very short preview recently. And this movie was a very pleasant surprise (unlike most of the German productions). Till Schweiger known in the USA from rather serious roles, has become popular in Germany because of all his hilarious and humorous pictures. Again in Keinohrhase he is totally taken up with that funny but also dressy womanizer 'Ludo' who is working as a gossip reporter, always going prey on explosive pictures from local stars. After a very tricky shoot on an important star happening which ends in an éclat he is sentenced to do community service for a not insubstantially period of time at a kindergarten where he meets his unimposing school mate Anna and destiny continued to unfold. It is a very romantic and hilarious picture, which could have been normally attributed to kitschy Hollywood. But as it arises from a German production it appears to be a bit fresher than any plain American romance. It is not really kind of a new plot but it directly goes into your heart due to a disarming love story which is pepped up with great actors who are doing very funny and bright dialogs. Its absolutely spot-on for Christmas. Best Scene is the intro with Jürgen Vogel
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Til Schweiger, your writing disappoints me.
KWiNK11 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Don't get me wrong, Til (and I know you'll be reading this), you're already a very accomplished director. But that script really needed some more work.

Seriously, first you seem to simply forget about some characters (Lolo just disappears. He's still there to be seen, but he doesn't take part in the story anymore and completely forgets about his trademark aggression and unpredictability.), second Anna falls for Ludo pretty suddenly and with very little incentive, third you're using that 'People talking way too loud in restaurants' gag too often, fourth some of the scenes don't make any sense at all (sadly most of them involving Matthias Schweighöfer, who is a great actor but his character just doesn't have enough to do here and has some scenes instead that don't seem to serve any purpose), fifth - where did that between Moritz and Miriam come from? That was really underdeveloped. Sixth: Armin Rohdes whole character is just one big stereotype (the douche bag acting as clown for kids). But most of all (here come the spoilers):

The third Act breaks down completely. I still go along with Jürgen picking up Anna in the park out of sympathy. But then she, who showed us some really beautiful dresses earlier in the movie, doesn't change for a red carpet event?!? While Jürgen does? And she doesn't look too uncomfortable with this? Admit it, you threw out a scene here that would have explained this, right? And the climax in the theater... Those people made up their minds about not enjoying Ludo as Mucki pretty fast, didn't they? And where did all that fruit come from all of a sudden? I am ready to suspend some disbelief when I go to a movie, but not THAT much. And I was hoping for one last dialog between Jürgen Vogel and Ludo. After all, Jürgen played a really mean trick on him but then let go off the girl for Ludo. I wanted to see some sign of newly found mutual respect between these men, who after all have a little personal history between them. Oh, and I already new the joke from the last scene. Old one. But you directed that very nicely.

So all in all, you get ten stars for the brilliant comedy ("Barfuß", which I LOVED, was even better, but this was very funny, too) but five stars deducted for some awful writing, which I know you can do better. And hope you will do better for your next project, which I am looking forward to.
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Til Schweiger went to Hollywood ...and brought trash to Germany
robertrayschmidt4 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
What for thin sh*t the German big screen there conquered? A mumbling Til Schweiger, who gives himself in such a way, how he gladly would be: Macho, Woman hero, Samariter, child friend; improbable story with much too many, senselessly together-stuck actions, completely improbably and not funny. The spectator gets bombarded with disgusting Sex gossip with alleged truths over Sexual intercourse that every child knows, bed scenes that are off-turning and exaggerated nakedness. Shocking from there also was for me the Age release of 6 years. I find worst however, how he slams a Chart hit after the other one, from One Republic to Keane, and that often comes even mismatching. Til Schweiger probably thought, an oversize of prominent figures would make this film getting to the top. Well, the mob even gave him right. Also the Ami fever seems to have packed him. What a pity that we Germans cannot convert that as well as the western colleagues: boring Slapstick inserts, that aren't even funny and oh so romantic Scenes, after which surely every eye might remain dust dry. And that Ending *yawn* foreseeable. Success was already preprogrammed: Til Schweiger steers with this movie the biggest target group on, which constitutes the majority of all cinema visitors: pubertal teens. That such a film becomes "Best Romantic Comedy of the year", confirms my Assumption, the German cinema visitor prefers more Brain-mash-destroying undemanding garbage as films of educational Worth. 2 Stars for ....well... Nora Tschirners nice tits...

Excuse my bad English, not even babel fish could get me right :-P
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*yawn* what a lame movie
drizzt819 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I went to see this movie, having heard nothing about it before. I did not even know how Nora Tsch... is. Anyway, it starts out rather amusingly, but keeps on getting worse and worse: it is extremely predictable and most of the time we are to admire how perfect Til Schweiger is. In fact, I am asking myself why they chose 'Keinohrhasen' as a title instead of 'Til Schweiger is awesome' or something similar.

I really do not care if movies are realistic, but at least they need to be plausible and this movie fails. We have Mr Ueber-Cool Ludo, who does mind blackmailing people left and right in order to get his story. He treats women like crap and apparently has a history of abusive behavior. However, despite all these traits, he is perfect with children as well?! The way he acts around kids and his skills in handling them is in no way consistent with his other behavior.
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Don't miss this amazing comedy
Moviestar21 October 2007
Keinohrhasen has absolutely swept me off my feet. This romantic comedy will make you laugh, cry and day-dream from the first minute until the last second. The movie is probably the best German romantic comedy I have ever seen. Everything about this movie is amazing: the great story, the funny and intelligent dialogues, the high quality pictures, the perfect setting in wonderful Berlin, and of course the superb cast. Til Schweiger has managed to shoot a movie classic; this film will find its place in German movie history. The cast reads like the "who is who" of German cinema and delivers some unforgettable acting performances. I think Nora Tschirner and Matthias Schweighoefer will soon be recognized as two of the biggest young acting stars not only in Germany. In combination with the hilarious story and the stellar camera work, Keinohrhasen will set a new standard for romantic comedies. Don't miss this gem and book a flight to Berlin to see it – it's your dollars well spent…. :-). Run to Berlin!!!
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What a sweet movie
Dawn_ch3 April 2008
I gotta admit, up till now I have neither been a big fan of Til Schweiger nor of German movies in general. But I changed my mind after watching Keinohrhasen. I simply loved it. Yes, it is completely predictable (what romantic comedy isn't?) and yes, there are a few inconsistencies and even some unnecessary scenes - but who cares?! The chemistry between Til and Nora is - surprisingly - just great, the story is classic, but so beautiful and I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard in any movie.

All in all, even though I'm not a big romantic, I was, to my own surprise, somehow very touched by this movie and I enjoyed it very much, I laughed, I cried, I sympathized - the perfect entertainment. I will definitely buy it on DVD.
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Overly familiar romantic comedy that trades on European sensibilities for a distinctively American atmosphere
movedout21 November 2008
In writer-director-star Til Schweiger's second directorial outing, "Rabbit Without Ears" (following a semi-refreshing "Barefoot"), he plays yet another hedonistic Teutonic cad spun round by an unlikely, socially awkward girl. It's an overly familiar romantic comedy that trades on European sensibilities for a distinctively American atmosphere.

Just as in "Barefoot" (a love story of a self-involved cad and a depressively sweet escapee from a psych hospital with an aversion to footwear), Schweiger uses the same sort of emotional modulation – with a touch of transparent manipulation and a fair amount of feel-good montages – to present its apparent mainstream appeal of the adorable differences between men and women. You could transplant everything here from a Frankfurt to New York setting while a Matthew McConaughey could easily play Schweiger's dapper hunk and a Sandra Bullock could slot in as his female co-star Nora Tschirner – the latter being a dead ringer for the Hollywood star.

So what's a rabbit without ears but just another flaw to be overcome? Schweiger plays Ludo, a paparazzi reporter who sees his work and women as one venture. Till, he messes up and gets 300 hours of community service at a local day-care facility run by an ex-classmate, the frumpily attractive Anna (played by Tschirner) who still harbours an improbable resentment of Ludo and his teasing over 20 years ago.

But what's even more dubious is how easily these set-ups and facades drop to accommodate the inevitability of its central pairing. Ludo finds his redemption being surrounded by enamoured toddlers while Anna falls deeply into a void of self-esteem, which is to say into the arms of the obliviously receptive Ludo. It could just as readily be named "Men Are Dogs and the Women Who Love Them".

Schweiger lazily allows the strings to be seen. There are scenes so ludicrously over the top and undeveloped that questions about the writing and editing have to be raised. Characters cease to act like they were written and anachronistic scenes mar emotional pay-offs that could have been promising given the film's punchy performances and frequently wry dialogue.

Sex is fundamental to these upwardly mobile Germans, but the utter puerility of sex-faces and loud restaurant reveals aside, the understated view on sexual politics is particularly lurid. The strongly defined angular features of Schweiger augments an ability to convey quick nods of sympathetic posturing – an incredibly useful tool that belies Ludo's selfish actions and blurs the perception beyond acceptable behaviour and the resulting consequences of its main pairing. Schweiger needs to rediscover the sweet emotionality of his previous film and disregard the rank superficiality of this film.
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Romance in Berlin
Isaac12 February 2008
This is once again typical German big city-curious characters romance story. Til Schweiger plays Ludo Dekker a libertine who is condemned to make 600 hours of social work in a children's home. There works Anna (Nora Tschirner). In their childhood Dekker was terrible to Anna. So far the starting constellation. But it's a comedy with happy ending. The beauty of such films is to observe the slight variations from one story to another and how the extravagant figures come along and end up together to make the perfect match. I understand that it's a very special kind of humor that doesn't suite everybody. Nevertheless I liked this big city story very much. Funy slapstick situations, nice dialogs, sweet plot, wonderful characters, good acting, and splendid Berlin as a fantastic supporting actor.
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Pro: Soundtrack - Con: Everything else
XanderStorm11 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Yeah, I dreaded it. Even though I am a fan of predictable and cheesy romantic comedies. I find Nora Tschirner quite beautiful and the soundtrack used in the film is simply amazing.

How come I absolutely disliked this movie? That is a question easy to answer. 'KeinOhrHasen' is nothing else, but roughly two hours of flat slapstick-jokes, Til Schweigers constant celebration of himself and vaunt and a completely unrealistic and unreasonable 'love'story. Everything in this movie appears constructed and put in place, there is no reasonable development, no witty humor or moral epiphany.

It justifies superficial sex and One-Night-Stands, subverts every moral of feelings or love and leaves one with the bitter taste of knowing, that it tries to be a romantic comedy in modern age, but simply ends up being a romantic comedy without any serious romance or comedy.

The only real tension the two main characters ever experience, is when she tells him she is shaved - everywhere. Personally, I want a romantic comedy to be about two people falling in love, fighting for their love and ending happily ever after. Not two completely out-of-place characters that feel randy about the other.

Just almost two hours of Til Schweiger, standing there in a suit, trying to justify his douchebag-y behavior and superficial relationship to women.
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lame, dumb, embarrassing, til schweiger!
oliverdaume31 August 2009
In the past months I read and heard a lot of positive things about this movie. But I just could not imagine that a movie made by Til Schweiger could be watchable at all. So after more and more positive comments that got to my ears, I dediced to watch it. It was a mistake! What a bad, predictable movie. Once more, terrible acting by Til Schweiger. Dialogues that aren't funny at all, slapstick that doesn't even deserve the name slapstick! The script is full of mistakes and some scenes just don't make sense.

Okay, Til Schweiger has delivered much worse products in his career. "Keinohrhasen" its not the worst thing he did. But anyway, please don't waste your time with this movie. People who like cheap and brainless popcorn-entertainment will be amused. The rest should better keep their hands off this DVD
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TS forever!!!
pommesmitsalbe4 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
What a hideous display of conceit on the part of T.S.!!! Really, as far as entertainment goes, the movie is not quite as bad as my rating suggests. TS's character however is so outrageous that I was constantly tempted to turn my TV off. I only kept watching because I didn't want to write a review about a movie that I did not finish. TS must have had a very long midlife-crisis fit while writing the script. The story completely misses plausibility while containing a lot of show time for TS a.k.a. Ludo "I-have-a-stupid-first-name" Dekker: Ludo not only is good looking, he also must be earning a considerable wage, knows perfectly well how to deal with children and gets the last word in every argument. His only apparent fault is a lack of ability to feel true love. Luckily, in the end, he even proves that he actually is able to love a girl and thus exchanges his label "great guy" for "Superman". Along the way, the spectator's opinion about Ludo's personality worsens from scene to scene. He is not capable of doing one single nice thing. Hence, the spectator wonders why a beautiful woman who is obviously hiding her beauty behind a pair of atrocious glasses falls for a guy like that. On top of his know-it-all manner he used to bully that same girl big time all the way through grade school. On what basis could she possibly fall in love with him? While he never says a word of apology to her, she actually apologizes to him for treating him badly during their mutual work in the play-school. The only thing Ludo really has to offer is his look. Admittedly TS is quite good looking, especially for his age, even though I strongly suspect that he has been to a few plastic surgeons during his time in the US. I do also suspect that Jürgen Vogel's opinion about plastic surgery announced in the beginning of the movie is actually an exaggerated presentation of TS's own belief. Anyway, MY belief is that TS made a movie about his very own life. He surrounds himself – in films as well as real life - with women who are way too young for him (his current girlfriend is 25 years younger than him) and tries to defend that behaviour with a movie like this one. Pathetic!!!
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Poor attempt at Romantic Comedy
Shoekstra29 July 2010
Ludo, A womanizer tabloid journalist must work at a daycare center in order to avoid prison. There he meets Anna, a shy, clumsy woman with glasses who seems to be afraid of men and sex. Ludo and Anna know each other from back in primary school, when he used to bully her with the rest of the more attractive children because of her braces and her glasses.

He hasn't changed that much in his treatment and opinion of women, so it comes as no surprise that she eventually falls for him. Because that's what happens when painfully shy girls with glasses meet attractive but annoyingly vain and superficial womanizers. (And to quote Homer Simpson, THAT was sarcasm).

But hey, he's good with children, so it's all right in the end.

The writer, director, producer and star of this vanity project apparently decided to take a shot at making a stupid, formulaic, romantic comedy, without taking in consideration that even stupid, formulaic, romantic comedies follow some rules of dramatic construction, such as three-dimensional characters (jeez, or at least BI-dimensional ones), causality, sustained conflict and... well, funny jokes.

(A couple of jokes in the movie I found funny, that much I will admit.)

Since this was apparently a box office success, I guess they must have done something right, and I have absolutely no taste. Well, I can live with that.

I was fooled by a cute trailer into renting this thing and sat through this painfully unfunny movie. Two hours of my life that will never come back.
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A really nice romantic comedy with quirky characters
princebansal198218 May 2011
When a director stars in his own movie, it can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. They just give all the screen time to themselves and it becomes a self indulgent mess like in case of "Dances with Wolves". If done correctly they are able to use the actor within themselves to their full potential as they know their own limits.

This is the latter case. Til Schweiger again plays a cynical guy who seems to immune to love or affection. He has given a wonderful performance and done an admirable job in directing as well. He reprises the character he plays in Barfuss, which also has a very similar feel to this film. I saw him in this movie first so I like it much more. Of course Barfuss is almost as good, and I recommend it if you have liked this movie.

Also the scenes with Jürgen Vogel were hilarious.
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There's worse
Karl Self15 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Keinohrhasen squeezes by as a chick flick. Of course, if you're into Til Schweiger, this is what you'll be getting galore (although he shows surprisingly little skin here). If, like me, you revile this no-talent pretty boy, you're in for a long and dire ride.

Ludo (Til Schweiger) is a hotshot tabloid journalist and a serial one- night-stander, before he is sentenced to 300 hours of social service in a Kindergarten. This day care centre, unlike other such institutions in Berlin, is set on a farm somewhere in Denmark (by the looks of it) and is run by no more than two women, who are also flatmates and sleep in the same bed. Cue lots of cute scene of macho hardbody Til Schweiger being a super surrogate dad for the tiny tykes, and eventually and predictably falling for the square (she wears glasses) ugly duckling Anna.

So the story is super-naff and Til Schweiger plays the only role he is capable of (himself), but this is partially compensated by the female leads Nora Tschirrner (Anna) and Alwara Höfels (Miriam, Anna's sassy colleague). While Höfel is likable as the trash-talking floozy with a heart, Tschirrner believably and memorably carries of her role of a socially inept and insecure everywoman by rebranding her natural laconicism as the protective shield of a social outcast.

Overall, it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated.
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Surprisingly awful
nage-327 March 2010
I was bored by this unconvincing "movie" at its 30th minute but kept on watching only because of Nora. What is bad about this film is German humour (officially known as the worst thing that Germans created), totally improbable situations and undeveloped characters and most important - easy fairy tale-style script that could be appreciated only by teens, which spend all of their time hanging in a mall.

It is one of the poorest attempts to visualise human relationships that I've seen in quite a long time.

At least there are some nude shots of Nora. But this is totally not enough.

If someone is searching for good German recent movies check Faith Akin's work.
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Really Really bad
fisc130731 August 2008
I downloaded the movie on my xbox 360 as a free try of the new xbox live movie service.

Well I liked the trailer and it seemed to be one of those romantic comedies where you know what you get: Jokes, hugs, romance The jokes were predictable and with zero(!) creativity. Simply too obvious. Unfortunately very very German.

The characters were really lousy. I mean she is just not a nerd, but a mid class actress trying to be clumsy. And all he got are those two face expressions. I did like him in Knocking on heaves door, but here he just doesn't fit. Don't get me wrong, but I am watchin My Name is Earl and that kinda guy would have been a much better choice.

Well I cant say anything about the romance and the plot. Because me and my wife stopped watching after 15, 20 min.

I tried it the next day myself. But didn't get better so i didn't make it through it again. :( If you like German humor go for it, everybody else stay away.
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Nice...but could be SO much better
BloodyHellSunday29 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Many of my friends saw this film in the theaters. They absolutely loved it, so my expectations may have been a bit high when I watched it on DVD last night.

First of all, it's not a bad movie. But it could have been so much better.

I liked: The screenplay of Anna (Nora Tschirner) was amazing, I didn't know her before and I have to say that she is a great actress! you really buy it that she's a nerdy and stubborn girl. Ludo (Til Schweiger) was great, too. He is an amazing actor and really talented. He fitted the role perfectly in my opinion.

I didn't like: The jokes. Most of them were pretty lame, BUT the good ones made me laugh really hard, what compensated this a bit. The story could have been much more complex in my opinion. Also, I found some of the scenes pretty awkward or for example near the end of the movie, when Anna and Jürgen walk over the red carpet and she wears her usual boring nerdy outfit, I was like yeah, as if that would *ever* happen. And the scene when Ludo crashes through the glass unnecessary if you ask me. They should have focused more on the character and love story development than on lame jokes and stuff, that was maybe considered as 'action' or something... I don't know. So, i give this movie a 6 star rating.
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Follow the brown rabbit
richard_sleboe1 January 2008
If, like me, you're in it for the nanny (Nora Tschirner), you're bound to be disappointed. True, you get to see lovely Nora in the nude, but for 114 out of the movie's 115 minutes, she is wearing her spinster glasses, crow's nest hairdo and embroidered cardigan. For her character Anna, it's a Cinderella story minus the ball gown. She doesn't even change for the red carpet. But once you do away with the babe alert, "Keinohrhasen" is actually pretty funny. I can't believe I'm saying this, but writer-director Til Schweiger obviously knows both women and kids. Pleasant surprises include his daughter Emma in the part of jet set baby Chayenne Blue and Brigitte Zeh as her foxy celebrity mum. Oh, and if, like me, you can't get over Nora, check out "Ijon Tichy", last year's groundbreaking miniseries set in space. From now on, no self-respecting starship commander will get by without a hot hologram in a 1960s micro skirt.
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Entertaining Movie
DaRZA6 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Just returned from the cinema with a slight smile on my face. I was surprised of this movie, because I didn't expect much especially I don't think of Till Schwaiger being a good actor.

The acting of the main characters are solid but not outstanding. Till Schwaiger should train his voice because most times you can't understand a word because of his mumbling.

To be honest I must admit that I just went to see this movie because of Nora Tschirner. She played a role in a TV Series that I kinda liked.

The story had some good laughs - more than I did expect from a romantic comedy. In the end it gets kinda romantic as it should be and the happy end is preassigned. But thats how it should be like :-).

I am no huge friend of that genre, but I was well entertained and not bored during the 115 minutes. Even boys who are more comfortable with the action / horror genre and have a girlfriend go and watch the movie. For all the heard-break stuff you get Nora nude *lol*.

Let me have a word about the nude-scenes: they seemed to be designed just to get some men seeing the movie. They did not really fit into the story and they could have easily been left out. There was no need to have Nora that often naked apart from the scene on the toilet what was really funny and was good for a good laugh. ...and that out of the mouth of a man that is not gay *lol* *shamed*.

Anyway: to sum it up I enjoyed the movie :-)
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Nice beginning, lame ending - and Nora Tschirner should have kept her clothes on
bruno0418 December 2007
Achtung, this is a German comedy! Well, actually the movie is a lot better than what I expected (I painfully remember sitting through a few boring German comedies... Ja!).

The film's first third is very promising - unfortunately there are two other thirds which lack imagination and creativity. Especially the last third is more than lame. The movie makers obviously had used up all of their ideas before.

Til Schweiger proves to be a reliable and sympathetic actor. But he should do something about his voice. He would do himself a favor if he managed to lower it a little bit and get more melody into his way of speaking.

They say that Nora Tschirner is one of Germany's most popular young actresses. I can understand that. She delivers a convincing portrayal of an erotically retarded young woman whose seductive aura equals zero. What I didn't understand was the reason why she has to do two brief, totally superfluous nude scenes. What we get to see is really not that remarkable. At the same time, the bare chest easily destroys some of the ambiguity that Tschirner tries to put into her character.

In short: Enjoy the clever beginning, but prepare for an unsatisfying ending enriched with some clichés.
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Predictable but funny
pesach654 June 2009
I am a guy, and I really like action flicks. My wife prefers comedies. My sister-in-law bought this movie for us when she came to visit. I have seen most of Till's movies, and I like him so that helped. I really enjoyed the movie despite knowing the outcome before I saw it. It was really funny most of the time. Here is what I would use this film for if I had the chance. Let's say that a new action flick or war movie is out and the wife would rather eat fried worms. Suggest that you watch this heart-warming romantic comedy after the cool movie. It is funny enough that you won't suffer. Besides, it's a German movie there is always a little T and A! Oh, and by the way Jan-Josef Liefers had a cameo in this film, just a heads up to the database keepers...
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Good Laugh (spoilers) thank you til ;)
Annette5 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
i just came back from cinema. i really did enjoy that movie. thank you til! it's a good comedy movie with romance and with some true words about men ;) *giggles* the kids were great LoL esp Shayenne-Blue (my mom is an actress and she brings men to our home, sometimes, about 100, 1000 ... but they never get breakfast, only i get breakfast) but that cute six of til... lol holy moly, thanks for showing that LoL (hope it's no double) and there is wisdom in it. you get to see everybody twice in your life. including cab drivers. definitely no lame end. i had a great time tonight ... go out guys, have fun and watch that movie.
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enjoyable but flawed
Carlemann14 January 2008
I really have to support KWiNK in his statement, that this film was great but could have been much better.

I enjoyed this film very much and I can only recommend it to almost anybody, but it really has some flaws that keep gnawing on your mind when you leave the Theater... why the random nudity, what happened to his sisters son, where the hell did Jürgen go, why did Nora dress up for Tramitz, but not for Jürgen, where did all the eggs and tomatoes in the theater come from...

the result was the Beta-Version of a really really good movie.

7 out of 10 points from me
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Predictable but not annoying
diogo-sesimbra15 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The movie tries to be funny but i think it went overboard on the silliness that in general lacked originality. The plot is obvious from the start and the female dorky character could be cute in real life but at this point we've seen it too many times in cinema. Specially since she is clearly very pretty woman wearing unflattering clothes just for the purpose of seeming dorky. Also the dialogue between the 2 main characters is too immature. Yes I understand people sometimes joke with each other in a relationship, but when this is all we get almost all movie, it makes me wonder what the hell are they seeing in each other. Specially when the female character falls in love for the other main character over a small act of human decency.

The soundtrack is, simply, horrible. It seemed chosen by a 15 year old girl. There is also a ultra awkward explanation about types of man with regards to their sex prowess. It seemed totally uncalled for and made me cover my eyes while recoiling in not serious way.

The movie has a few bright spots, such as when a little kid gets a dart stuck in his head and says in a funny cold fashion that he doesn't hear a thing, giving us a small taste of dark humor in a movie that doesn't set that tone at all. Another funny part was when the main female character had to use the bathroom but couldn't close the door. One of the few times I actually felt connected to the character through their embarrassment.
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Kinda sweet
kosmasp19 October 2010
Well Nora Tschirner always is sweet. So "Duh", nothing new there you might wanna say (if you even know her, that is), but I am talking about the movie. It was(is) one the most successful movies in German cinema history. That doesn't make it necessarily one of the best, as you can imagine.

But through all the predictability and all it's redundant (and sometimes annoying) scenes, there are a few comedy gems to be found here. It is obvious that they had fun making it. Unfortunately, this might not translate as good to the screen as you'd hoped for. You can either overlook it's weaknesses and concentrate on the chemistry, between Nora and Till (who wouldn't have a good chemistry with her?) or (unfortunately) realizing, that it isn't as good as you was made to think it is. Still far better than it's sequel ...
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