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Zohan was loosely based on Nezi Arbib, a hairstylist and former Israeli soldier in Solana Beach, CA. Arbib taught Adam Sandler and the film crew different hairstyling techniques, while Sandler learned Arbib's mannerisms.
Co-writer Robert Smigel revealed that the script for the film was mostly written in the year 2000, but was delayed after the 9/11 attacks due to the terrorist themes in the film.
(at around 1h 40 mins) Adam Sandler's daughter Sadie Sandler and wife Jackie Sandler make a cameo appearance at the end of the film. His daughter is seen taking a "goat ride", while his wife holds onto her.
"Shabah" (the text on Phantom's headband) means "ghost" or "phantom" in Arabic.
Most of the guns used by the Zohan and the terrorists in the film are weapons manufactured by Israeli Military Industries (such as the Uzi submachine gun, Galil assault rifle, and the Jericho 941 and Desert Eagle handguns).
Zohan isn't an actual Israeli first name.
Throughout the film, Zohan and other Israeli characters use various Hebrew words and phrases, including: Abba (father), Ema (Mother), B'seder (okay), and Yiddish words, including: faygelah (homosexual), tuches (butt).
The opening scene on a beach in Tel Aviv strongly references the film Metzitzim (1972) starring Uri Zohar, Israel's "bad boy" of the 1960s and early-1970s, who later became an orthodox rabbi. Zohan looks just like Zohar, including hairstyle and wardrobe.
Some of the actors in this movie are famous Israeli actors, such as Yamit Sol, Ido Mosseri and Yossi Marshak, Guri Weinberg, and Danny Abeckaser.
Zohan is turned down by a number of salons in New York - including Vidal Sassoon's, which is ironic. Sassoon himself was an elite fighter with the Israeli Haganah during Israel's war taking Palestinian land in 1948.
Some of the jokes in the film are directly related to an old Saturday Night Live sketch, entitled "Sabra Price is Right". The sketch aired on 05/09/92 (_"Saturday Night Live' (1975) {Tom Hanks/Bruce Springsteen (#17.19)}'_) and the show was hosted by Tom Hanks. The specific jokes include the recurring "Disco! Disco! Good! Good!" saying, as well as "No-no-no-no-no-no". Also, the entire sketch revolves around bidding on cheap electronics that the host claims to have "Sony guts", or a variation of that brand, very similar to the electronics store salesmen in Zohan. The SNL sketch included many of the actors who appear in Zohan - Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Robert Smigel, Kevin Nealon, and Chris Rock.
Adam Sandler's longtime friend and former college roommate Eric Lamonsoff, who was previously mentioned in The Wedding Singer (1998), Click (2006) and Grown Ups makes his film debut here as Hamdi's passenger.
Most of the stars of Grown Ups (2010) (except David Spade) made an appearance in this movie including Adam Sandler, his co-star Rob Schneider, Chris Rock (as the Jamaican taxi driver) and Kevin James made a cameo appearance.

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