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Brilliant, engaging show...
Trentw42729 December 2007
This has become my favorite show on television. It has its own special charm to it. I love the characters in the Darling family. The acting is superb for nearly all of them. Donald Sutherland is incredible as always in the role of Tripp, the tactful businessman. Then you have Glenn Fitzgerald as Brian, the flawed priest; William Baldwin as Patrick, the spineless politician; Samaire Armstrong as Juliet, the spoiled daughter; Seth Gabel as Jeremy, the reluctant playboy; Natalie Zea as Karen, the impetuous harlot; and Jill Clayburgh as Letitia, the spaced-out mother.

The character of Brian is the one I find the most entertaining. He perfectly pulls off being a complete jerk, which makes his contrasting moments of humanity that much more impressive. His relationship with his son brought some of the funniest and most heartfelt moments of the season, which is really saying something considering the strength of the rest of the show. The character of Jeremy is intriguing as well, as he's somewhat of a security blanket for Juliet. Fitzgerald and Gabel show off their acting talents in these roles, but it's Sutherland that steals the show.

The well-acted characters don't stop there, though. Peter Krause nails the role of Nick, the lawyer/babysitter for the family. Will Shadley is adorable as Brian Jr. Blair Underwood adds mystery as the rival billionaire. Daniel Cosgrove gave a memorable performance as Karen's boytoy Freddy. Shawn Michael Patrick adds even more talent as the obedient limo driver. Zoe McLellan is stuck in that middle as Nick's wife Lisa, along with fascinated-by-rich-life daughter Kiki, portrayed by Chloe Moretz.

There are precious few flaws with this show. Leticia, Patrick, Juliet, and Karen can grow tiresome, partly because their characters are sometimes intended to annoy the viewers with their actions. However, the truth is that Clayburgh, Baldwin, Armstrong, and Zea simply don't possess the acting talent of the rest of the cast. I can hate and love Brian at the same time, and I can't say that for the rest of these characters who are supposed to elicit similar feelings.

The only reason I gave it a 9 instead of a 10 is because the latest episodes haven't been quite as good as the early ones. Still, I think that speaks more to the excellence of the show's beginning more than anything else. There's plenty of potential to develop all the characters much further, as you could make a lesser series based on any one of the characters. I don't know what the future holds for this show, but I can only hope that we haven't seen the last of it. If they give this enough of a chance, I think it will be truly great.

I worry, though, because nearly everyone I try to talk to about it hasn't heard of it, and we're going on a few weeks now without a new episode. It seems pretty high-budget as well. I think a little more promotion or patience could save the show. I fear the worst, but I'll breathe a sigh of relief if I see another new episode in the new year.

Please, ABC, keep this show going. If it disappears, it will be sorely missed.
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A fascinating, funny and intriguing look at life from the top
legacye9 December 2007
I starting watching this show with the expectation that it would be driven only by it's star power and would leave little to the mind, however, that said - Dirty, Sexy, Money far exceeded my expectations. It is an intriguing drama with plots than only become more interesting at the season progresses. The Darling's are not a 1-Dimensional family - we get a balanced view of each family member's bizarre, twisted and occasionally desirable life styles with a plot that only becomes darker as the weaves of truth and deception spin their way onto our TV sets. Out of the many new shows that were aired this year, DSM is certainly one I would place up in the top 3. My final word? - this is definitely a show you want on your TiVo.
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Not really dirty or sexy
Ryu_Darkwood16 May 2008
I consider this to be the third best new show I started to watch last year( with Damages undoubtedly on a first place and Californication on a close second ).

It has all that you want from a prime time soap: intelligent satire, adoring characters, a captivating mystery and ambient settings. I love it how they show that a materialistic lifestyle doesn't lead to happiness. In all their efforts to buy their happiness, these characters find that it is the small things that make a life worth to live. A comforting thought for a ''poor'' guy like myself.

My only criticism is that the title of the show is a bit misleading. If you put the words dirty and sexy in a title, it suggests that the content is...well, dirty and sexy. But this show is actually rather decent compared to a lot of recent shows.
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totally entertaining...
ajamichelle0210 October 2007
I really like this show. I think that it follows in the footsteps of desperate housewives and others before it as far as it being character-driven, engaging the audience in a great story, with a good blend of comedy and drama. Some of the previous comments have implied that we've seen this plot (or something similar to it before) and I couldn't disagree more -- I don't think that the story seems done. In my opinion, the story line is definitely creative and unique... much like housewives, greys, and heroes (my three favorites) I'm totally curious and entertained (and the point of TV is to entertain, after all!) Bottom line: I can't wait to see whats to come -- it's a breath of fresh air that TV has so desperately needed.
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ABC lays off cast and crew !!!
shunkele-223 June 2008
Just wanted fans of Dirty, Sexy Money to know that while so many of us have been waiting for the new shows to air, ABC suits have been unhappy with writers and have laid off the cast and crew. Some new episodes were filmed but if and when we will see them who knows. It is not like they have so many great shows on. I am so disappointed I was really looking forward to a new season. There were so many hints that many juicy secrets were yet to come. If the cast and crew get offers for new jobs it will be impossible for them to get them all back together. I guess they want to kill the show. Fans need to rally behind the show and get ABC to bring everyone back. The show must go on!!!
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Inconsistent show that can't make up its mind what it wants to be, but has some good parts.
sunshine_reggie21 April 2010
Started out well, but drifted away into a complete chaos at the end. For example, the characters. Take Nick George. At first he is so opposed to the wealth etc. of the Darlings, then he lets himself be seduced by it. It would be interesting to watch him sink in more and more into this shallow and cruel world.. then emerge out of it with a changed personality and a learned lesson (or not, and that would be a message to the viewers). Instead what happens is that we are first supposed to believe he is following the wrong path, succumbing to all this money, etc., then turns out that actually it's OK, he's a nice guy helping this family and that's it. There is no more drama or character development, it just stops. His marriage with Lisa falls apart, he does exactly what his daddy, who he hated, did to him, but that's all OK! In addition to this completely illogical and incoherent "turn" we find out that in fact he was always in love with Karen and is now glad he separated from Lisa. Why? Why fall in love with this shallow, rich woman who has absolutely nothing in her? Seems like the original Nick shown in the first series would never fall for that kind of person, but no, apparently he always was secretly in love with her. It's hard to believe for us as viewers not only because it's so out of the blue but also because Krauss just can't act this, perhaps because he doesn't understand why his character would do this (all in all I have to say that Krauss was really not the right person to portray supposed complexity of the character Nick). All in all the show starts as one thing, kind of a comment on the life of the rich, supposedly satire, etc. and it's good in that way. But then it loses the focus. The other flaws include complete and unexplained disappearance of Juliet who at first was shown as a very close part of her twin brother Jeremy, who then seems to forget all about her in 3 episodes. Jeremy's character is actually played well and is more or less consistent. So is Lisa's.

Some major things just happen "in passing", like Karen's miscarriage, as if the there was not enough air time to properly play the scene out. Some scenes are just forgotten, like the arrest of Patrick (accusation of murdering his wife) is just forgotten in the next episode. Not to mention the completely crumbled and unsatisfactory ending (not really an ending at all but not a invitation to watch further episodes either, just something in between.) Also there is this theme of Tripp always pressurizing his children and each one of them being secretly unhappy in their own way - Jeremy takes up a job, Juliet takes pills etc) that is also just dropped at some point and the kids seem to be actually fine. Basically the whole thing is very inconsistent. It's well done and not thought through thoroughly.
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Inteligentelevision !!!
Dave Archibald8 July 2008
Not to often you get a surprise like this,rather than insulting your intelligence it instead stimulates it! I only discovered this show by accident myself. After the first episode i wanted to see the second and since then have not missed an episode.

Beautifully written,engaging performances and attention paid to cinematography.

Apparently this had been slated for at least two seasons but have only been fortunate enough to have seen the first ten episodes,last one being 12/05/07 I believe.

I warrant my 9/10 rating for the simple reason of being put-off for an undeclared amount of time with no word or promise of another episode...hate it when they do that with new shows.

The comment above mine sums this show up nicely and I concur.

You want great entertainment.WATCH THIS SHOW!

Two thumbs up in Canada.
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More than expected
chris_bull729 March 2008
Having watched the first half doven or so episodes of this show, it is fast becoming my favourite programme on television. Unsure of what to expect, the show mixes intelligent drama with a very sharp wit. It is in many ways remenicent of six feet under in this respect, and Peter Krauss' performance is as equally polished as his work on that. Perhaps the shows strongest feature is its beautifully developing characterisation of its main protagonists, each revealing themselves to have more depth than we are originally shown. The strong moral undertones of the show lend themselves well to family viewing, and leave the viewer feeling satisfied at the end of each show, which is nice when nearly every other drama deems it necessary to leave the viewer with a cliffhanger. This show simply relies of its strength of characters for its magnatism. Put simply, this is one of the best developing shows on television, which is too interesting for the glipse into the lives of the uber-wealthy it gives us.
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1st season Excellent, the 2nd absolutely awful.
TheEmulator2327 December 2009
I said it in the title & I'll say it again, "The 1st season Excellent, the 2nd awful." It is amazing how a fun although quite Soap Opera-y show the first year could turn to such garbage the 2nd year. I really can't compare the two seasons because the are completely different shows! If you have a chance to see both seasons, DO NOT WATCH SEASON 2! I'm not sure who left or who started working on the show in the second season but they killed it. The whole casting of Lucy Liu was stupid & her character was utterly useless. They also got rid of Samaire Armstrong which was a good character & she was good but w/out any sort of explanation or what happened to his twin sister? C'mon now! 8/10 for the 1st year 4/10 for the ridiculously dumb Second season.
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Arrested development goes to SouthFork for smart people
diannejohanss5 January 2008
In all honesty, I didn't even know what channel ABC was on before I sought out this show, but it made me look! I missed the initial airing so I caught up via "OnDemand" and was hooked--I ended up watching all the episodes twice. I love everybody in it, although Peter Krause alone would have been enough for me. It's apt that he's the designated voice of reason: he always brings such a sense of realness & believability to whatever he's in. Although some of it is over-the-top, I think it'll be like peering in on how the other half live. (I remember reading that one of the Kennedy in-laws--maybe Shriver?--was the go-to guy for all the Kennedys--they didn't even know how to renew a drivers' license without him.) The rich are like you and me in that neither of us has a clue how the other lives (e.g., Paris Hilton asking if WalMart was where you go to get anything you need for your walls). I'm looking forward to finding out how/why the evil Brian became a priest -- I find that more amazing than the fact that he's a father. I also like that Donald Sutherland doesn't seem intrinsically bad--just clueless about child-rearing. This show will only get more interesting, & will probably almost write itself. With Bryan Singer and so many other heavy-hitters behind it, I can't imagine it doing poorly unless it the audience doesn't have the attention span to absorb it all.
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Watchable but oddball mix of wish fulfillment guilty pleasure and straight cheesy soap opera
liquidcelluloid-124 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Network: ABC: Genre: Drama; Content Rating: TV-14 (for strong suggested sex); Available: DVD; Perspective: Contemporary (star range: 1 – 4);

Seasons Reviewed: Complete Series (2 seasons)

Despite starring in two cult classics now, "Sports Night" and "Six Feet Under", Peter Krause is something of an acting enigma - a likable leading man who can carry a series, but can't seem to get under the skin of a character. Giving another blank-faced performance, Krause offers nothing behind "Dirty Sexy Money's" lawyer Nick George that makes him a hard guy to root for.

Created by Craig Wright, "Dirty Sexy Money" is an oddball combination of a wish-fulfillment series and a straight-up prime-time cheesy soap opera. After a mysterious plane crash that claims the life of his father, Nick becomes the family lawyer of The Darlings - America's wealthiest and most powerful family whose eccentric members spend as much time on the front pages of the tabloids as they do brokering multi-billion dollar deals. There is no real life equivalent to The Darlings though I'm sure a few families think they are. Donald Sutherland effortlessly plays the scheming patriarchal figure of the dynasty Tripp, snarling just as he did in "Commander in Chief". We've also got Patrick (William Baldwin, with a "golly me?" look on his face the entire series) a budding politician, Karen (Natalie Zea, in various states of undress) daddies little girl and serial bride, Jeremy (Seth Gabel) as the loafing black sheep son and Brian (Glenn Fitzgerald) a reverend who having toiled away for the family for years feels entitled to a little compensation and is never rewarded. Karen has a thing for Nick, Jeremy has a thing for Nick's wife (Zoe McLellan, with short "nice wife" TV hair). The constant scandals and ridiculous demands of the Darlings prove to be a strain on Nick's life and marriage.

"Money" is an agreeably watchable little bit of escapist TV. I can't help but wish that the antics of the Darlings would have been better played for class-warfare laughs, slyly mocking the rich and spoiled instead of the genuine attempt at drama the show milks. The show wants to have both side with the Darlings as one big caring family and show them as a ruthless business family in which Tripp manipulates everyone to jack up the stock price and sweeps scandals (up to and including accidental death) under the public eye's rug. It depicts them as double-edged coin: both a black hole of need that sucks up Nick's every waking moment and as an opportunity for him to live the good life, constantly being thrust into positions of wealth power and prominence that he doesn't quite earn at Tripp's arbitrary hand. Time and again Nick is the only one Tripp can "count on". The antics of the Darlings are dragged down a bit by a wholly unnecessary storyline involving the plane crash murder mystery of Nick's father.

Things really get crazy in season 2 when Blair Underwood and Lucy Liu come on board. Liu is a ruthless prosecutor going up against the family who has an affair with Jeremy. Underwood is Tripp's corporate arch enemy shown glowering over security cameras and involved in the most elaborate schemes s to bring down the Darlings. The Wyle Cyote to Tripp's Roadrunner, halfway between "Madea's Family Reunion" and a James Bond villain. It's the juiciest role on the series and Underwood appropriate chews through the scenery. Fitzgerald actually gives my favorite performances on the show. It is a role of frustrated, simmering anger whose arc involving his wife and son, paternal history and position as his father's suck-up is far more interesting than anything going on with Nick.

Taking us into a world of wealth and privilege with snarling villains, hot women, easy sex and lavish parties, "Money" fits the guilty pleasure bill quite well. The scandals are certainly more "Desperate Housewives" than "Nip/Tuck" if that's your thing. The show remains exactly the glossy guilty pleasure escapism that it wants to be. This type of escapism doesn't require it to be compelling or humorous or, really anything. While it makes it a forgettable and disposable series, "Money" certainly does that.

* * / 4
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The best pilot ever, an okay followup
agf86234 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The pilot for this show was excellent. It felt like watching a good movie. I would say that it is the best pilot for a show that I've ever watched. The characters were well developed, I liked how they contrasted with one another, and the director did an excellent job making the Darlings look bigger than life.

I watched the second episode last night and I was disappointed. Juliette and her twin were so well defined in the pilot, and I was expecting a repeat performance. However, the original larger than life attitudes were absence. This was also true with most of the characters. The only character who hadn't changed that much was the priest. He was still incredibly ironic and in role.

My thoughts... I hope ABC takes a good look at the filming of the pilot and tries harder to capture the "bigness" of the family. Please don't let such a great show slip into a nighttime soap opera.

On a last note, I do wonder if the pilot was filmed last? Why else would the characters be so developed in the first show and not so developed in the second?
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Don't get invested. There's a reason the show isn't called Quality Storytelling & Consistent Characterization By People Who Value More Than Just Making Money.
crispy_comments11 March 2010
...I mean, besides the fact that it wouldn't be a short, snappy, catchy title. ;)

Sleazy soap opera shenanigans? Reality show spoof? Serious murder mystery? Examination of the abuse of power and the tempting/corruption of innocents? Satirical jab at the rich & crazy and our famewhore culture? Sympathetic look at "poor" dysfunctional family? Envy the wealthy and ogle at the opulence! No, pity the rich their shallow, empty lives! What...the...hell.

This show was all over the place. The tone, and apparent intent kept changing from episode to episode, depending on whoever was writing or directing that week, I guess. Looking at the list of credits (so many producers) it's easy to conclude that there were too many cooks in the kitchen...too many people who wanted a piece of the pie (mmm, now I'm hungry). Too many people behind the scenes who did not share a unified vision of what Dirty Sexy Money should be. Television, or any other kind of writing, by committee, sucks. Greedy, untalented hacks who attach themselves to a show they think will be a hit, also suck.

They hired some damn fine actors for this thing (which is why I tuned in). Too bad TPTB didn't really know what to do with them, wasting their talent, and our time. I didn't even bother with Season 2, which I read was even more ridiculous. There's no way this incoherent mess could've ended to anyone's satisfaction. Just be glad it ended, freeing the cast for better work.

Update: Nov. 15, 2010 - To those who find my honest assessment not "useful", oh well, at least the STAR of the show agrees with me!

ausiellofiles.ew.com /2010/01/10/ peter-krause-slams-dirty-sexy-money

(IMDB won't let me post the url, some rule about "long words" ...so you'll have to remove the spaces I was forced to insert)
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Had great potential,but ruined it
Eddie_weinbauer4 January 2017
This show could've been great,but sadly the characters are all spineless and bland. The plot is also very predictable. Donald Sutherland does a fairly good impression as the rich ruthless controlling father. But you know how it will go;every time one of his children try to make it on their own and be independent, you know he will sabotage them.Jut to complain about how they fail at everything,and party through life the next But even he can't save this.The biggest problem is the writers can't decide what to do with their own creations.They give em redeeming quality's just to take it away the next, and have em all act like spoiled mass murderers.

It's like watching Dynasty with Donald as Blake Carrington,only far from as original.

The so called house lawyer is so spineless, that it's almost funny to watch if it wasn't so predictable.All the time he should have walked away or quit he just goes. "Yes I will do it " Most of his job seem to be just walk around and be involved in intrigues, or bail someone out of jail, or marriage or, break up a relationship.Cause they don't have the balls to do it them self
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A movie worth a watch
dreamity28 October 2014
Very nice movie. Good storyline, acting was good, great suspense too. Overall 👍👍👍👍👍. Nick's acting was very good, loved his level of coolness and stern looks. The Darlings founder's death shocked them and the little scene at the funeral was suspense. Lucy Liu's role was also beautifully played especially the sexy scenes. Lisa and Jeremy's intimate scene in The nutcracker was pure seduction. Brian's hot-tempered character also looked so nice and cool especially the scene where he shouted at the police. Freddy and Karen's marriage day proposal was so touching. And got even more thrilling when Karen suddenly wanted divorce in the middle of the wedding party.
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Money and Scandal
SnoopyStyle23 August 2013
Nick George (Peter Krause) follows his late father's footstep as the legal fixer for the scandal ridden New York Darling family. Tripp (Donald Sutherland) and Tish (Jill Clayburgh) are the heads of the family. Their son Patrick (William Baldwin) is the reluctant politician with closeted secrets. Karen (Natalie Zea) is the jet setting daughter who has a lifelong crush on Nick despite his marriage to Lisa (Zoe McLellan). Juliet (Samaire Armstrong) is struggling with issues (including real-life ones) along with twin Jeremy. Brian has an illegitimate son. Simon Elder (Blair Underwood) is Tripp's rival.

The concept is promising but it's reliant on the likability of the characters. They can't be all be douches and mostly they're not. Mostly they're just damaged by the secrets they're keeping. There are probably a few too many characters. The show lasted two seasons. The first season does well. It has a nice balance of comedy and darker revelations. The second season gets weighted down by too much revelations. Sadly it's the usual way for a failing TV show to ramp up the drama.
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Not Dirty. Not Sexy. No Money (A MAJOR SPOILER)
magic-tone31 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Dirty Sexy Money was an entertaining series, but not enough to get above a 6. The series title speaks for itself, and lied. There was no dirty stuff in it, it absolutely was not sexy, and there is rarely any money used it this show. I really expected more from this 'ehh' show. The thing is I liked it and was good, and funny and nice story-lines to each of the characters. I was surprised that Juliet wasn't in very many episodes, just a few scenes. Brian Darling (or Brian George) the rude Reverend, Letitia Darling, the innocent wife, Patrick Tripp Darling, the boss and leader, Patrick IV, the congressman who has an affair with a transsexual, Karen Darling, the naughty and 'Miss I Have A Crush On Cute Nick George', Simon Elder, the mysterious man who might have had something to do with Dutch's death and Nick George, the naive and kind man who doesn't want to work for the darlings, but the ten million bucks just reeled him in. This rich world of the darlings will take you into a magical place. But has nothing to with Dirty, or Sexy, or Money
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If the pilot implies what is to come...
vagabondjonson1 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I comment on this title, assuming that the pilot is the last episode that will air. This show makes the mistake that many cancelled shows before it have made. It has too much of the "who cares" factor. In the first episode of a series, it's necessary to engage the audience in the show's characters in one of two ways. By the end of the show, I need to either love them or hate them. This show didn't achieve either. While it succeeded in making me disgusted with some of the characters, my disgust didn't lead to intrigue. Simply disgust. They also tried a cheap trick to get an audience by representing that the main character's father was murdered and there's a mystery around his death. This rather overused plot device has little to offer anymore. We've just seen it done too many times. I am a big fan of Peter Kraus. I've liked him since Sports Night and I heard that he did very well in Six Feet Under. But his character is represented as a street smart lawyer who has such disdain for his father's employers, yet all of his decisions in the episode speak to the contrary. He starts working for them, he picks up the phone when they call, etc. They were able to get Donald Sutherland and Peter Kraus but I'm guessing they weren't able to do this by their dazzling story arcs and pertinent dialogue. ABC must have flashed them a dollar bill.

So needless to say, the first strike was rather disappointing. I may wait a second episode before I write it off completely but if they drop the ball again, I won't be around for the third.
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A copy of Dynasty, only slightly updated.
itsmrbigtoyou24 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
A lot of the plots of this are just copied from the once-successful 1980's prime-time drama "Dynasty" and it's sequel/spin-off "The Colbys". This has ALL been done before! The wealthy family that are at each other's backs, the ruling patriarch of the local town and city (just like Blake on Dynasty), the angry son who is a lawyer and out for revenge (just like Adam on Dynasty), the random good-guy or two.

Plus, Donald Sutherland even resembles John Forsythe's Blake! He's in his, shall we say, mid-'60's or early-'70's, is tall, handsome and silver-haired. Honestly, stick with "Dynasty". Are there ANY new idea's for TV shows out there today? I cannot see this series lasting more than 4 season, 5 max!
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Too Smug for its own good
grimsbybkk22 September 2009
Normally I wouldn't comment on an American soap opera however this just seems another example in a long line of mediocre work, which is just way overrated. Case in point: Peter Krause seems to be the most narcissistic actor working in TV today and the 4 or 5 expressions he managed to pick up in acting classes were wearing a bit thin in 6 feet under ( another overrated pile of doodoo ) Now they are just indicative of his total lack of character/personality/screen presence.

The married relationship smug Nick and simpering Lisa have is a boring cycle of Lisas' insincere jealousy of Karen-argument-bust up-reconciliation EVERY episode.

William Baldwins' character Patrick is supposed to be a senator or congressman or something. Well all he does is stumble around with that slack jawed, half coherent primate with hurt emotions thing he does so well, which suits 2 dimensional stereotypical characters like cons, drug dealers, drunks but is a bit of a stretch way playing a complex character like a US senator.

Donald Sutherland and Jill Clayburgh are just laughing all the way to bank.

There's more but I've got things to do.

OH Glenn Fitzgeralds' character is this shows only saving grace and it's probably not enough. Cheers
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Reinstate this show!!
allyson-munger14 May 2011
I have Netflix, and I began to watch this show, as I like to pull up different series and see what they are all about. I plunge into their world, and I indeed miss them after I am finished watching the series. Dirty Sexy Money indeed needed to have been continued for a thousand more episodes as far as Im concerned!!! I think Netflix allows us to watch and enjoy shows that we had no idea existed, or were aired when inconvenient to watch them. Why can't a network reinstate a series??? I think it's an excellent idea, for people that became enamored of them after the fact. They would actually have a large gaggle of new and old followers!!! This series was excellent, and I couldn't get enough of it. Pure escapism!!!!
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Season 2 Episode 13
grettapointsetta17 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Is season 2 episode 13 really the last showing of Dirty Sexy Money??? So many things are left lingering, and what's more, we have learned many new things that could change everything. Even the best dramas, such as this one, lose their magnetism by having an unsolved ending. Seriously, was this supposed to be the last episode, or is episode 13 somehow meant to round things out? It certainly seemed like more was to come. Are we left to believe that Dutch is alive and in fact the "bad guy" and that perhaps Simon was working for him? If so, what motive did Dutch have in attempting to sabotage the Darling family? If anything, Tripp should have more animosity towards Dutch, but he doesn't. Is Jeremy going to get an annulment so that he and Lucy Lou can be together? Are Nick and Karen going to get married and have a child together? I've searched IMDb and cannot seem to find out if this show will be returning. I really hope it does.
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bad very bad end
dr_unknown_lover26 December 2010
i loved the show give it 7 stars

then i hate the situation of the lawyer to raise the devil son it will be good end if just the abortion happen by carin choice so i give it 3 stars as revenge in exchange for the time i just wonder when will writers of the stories will end their series a good end??!! he killed me just like the one of lost my favorite character was barian i hate the idea of going back to the Church he is the best character in the show he is combination of realistic and drama i will give the actor who make this role 9 stars he is good really good i hate carin so mush by the way i do not love the idea that give her a good end because she is slut and hurt every one and at the end she win every thing
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Bring the show back!
likegoodmovies4 May 2010
My whole family is addicted to this show.

We can't wait to see more. Keep it going! Everyone loves it. I think the reason the network has put the show on hold permanently is because it does not have strong hooks like prison break and other junk shows. This show is actually thoroughly enjoyable to watch, there is a strong plot, but the episodes don't usually end with a massive twist that leaves you dying to know what happened. Its just that you enjoy every minute of the show, and want more :) The characters are awesome. Brian is my favourite. Hes such an asshole :) Caren is cool as well, quite hot, and Lisa, whoa. Jeremy is also quite entertaining. All the other members fulfil important roles as well. One great thing about the show is there are always many many subplots going on and you're constantly rewarded with finding out more about each sub-plot. Its an awesome show. I'm going to miss life with the Darlings...
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Dirty Sexy Money better than most shows on today on TV
byrd-dbrh6 February 2010
Please bring this show back Dirty Sexy Money. It was one of the best shows on ABC. Please, at the very least let us see the rest of the episodes and put on a special of the show if necessary to bring closure. You left us hanging in the air. It is a very intriguing, sophisticated show. you did not give this show a fair chance to prove itself. It came on at different times. if i did not have this show on for automatic recording i would have missed it. please bring it back to television. why don't you take a poll to see if enough people want it to come back. it is a whole lot better than most of the shows you have on now. it is more interesting than Desperate Houswives. Right now Mon. Tues. Fri. nights are dead totally. the best shows are Ugly Betty, Grey's,Brother's and Sisters, Private Practice and maybe The Deep End. Give it a try believe me it is worth a try! to bring it back. Thank you, Deb
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