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26 Sep. 2007
After the death of his father Dutch in a plane crash Nick George reluctantly becomes the family lawyer to a family of New York socialites led by Patrick "Tripp" Darling III.
3 Oct. 2007
The Lions
Patrick tells his father he doesn't want to run for Senate just as a photo shoot, with lions, is organised to promote the family. Nick finds out from Tish that his father and her had an affair for many years. Karen wants Nick to tell Freddy he cannot be in the photo shoot. Nick and Lisa take in Brian's illegitimate son Brian Jr. temporarily. Nick meets airplane mechanic Norman Exley and finds that Norman was blackmailing Brian about his illegitimate son. Juliet discovers that the reason she cannot get to stay in the penthouse suite is because her ex-best friend ...
10 Oct. 2007
The Italian Banker
A sex tape of one of the Darlings is put on the black market and it's Nick's job to find out which of the Darlings made it - they all deny it until a version of it is sent showing Karen and one of her fiancé Freddie's caddy's, in a compromising position. Meanwhile, Patrick has a panic attack over running for Senate and is advised to give up seeing Carmelita. Elsewhere, Juliet and Natalie fight on the red carpet at Patrick's event.
17 Oct. 2007
The Chiavennasca
Nick sees references in his dad's diary to meetings with a man named "C". Nick and Lisa go to Italy to try and locate a private investigator who did work for Nick's dad and to bring back a special bottle of wine - a Chiavennasca - for Tripp. Karen and Freddie find out about their trip and tag along. Karen lets slip to Lisa that Nick proposed to Karen when they were both 19. The P.I. Harold Templeton tells Nick that his dad asked him to dig up details on Simon Elder and then on Tripp. Tripp finds out that one of his children is not his. Juliet finds out about Jeremy's ...
24 Oct. 2007
The Bridge
Twins Juliet and Jeremy's 25th birthday party is approaching and their inheritance of 25 million dollars each but they cannot agree on one thing - Natalie. So they decide to throw separate parties trying to outdo each other. With their budget going over Tripp tells Nick to draw up a clause to put a hold on the release of their trust fund until they are 30 years old. Patrick believes Karen is going to tell Ellen about Carmelita unless Patrick gets Freddy into his exclusive club. Brian Jr. tells Mei Ling that Brian is his real dad. Mei Ling confronts Brian and asks for ...
31 Oct. 2007
The Game
Carmelita begs Patrick to stop hiding her away from the public and when he does let them be seen in public together photographers take shots of them together which infuriates Patrick. Nick hears from the airplane accident investigators who tell him it was ruled an accident. Karen asks Nick to go down to City Hall to get her marriage license because she doesn't want too but he refuses. When Karen and Freddie get to City Hall the clerk tells her she is still married to her third husband, Sebastian. Carmelita finds out that it was Tripp that hired the photographers and ...
14 Nov. 2007
The Wedding
Karen is having second thoughts about her wedding to Freddy. Brian Jr's mother Andrea comes back from Brazil and wants to see Brian Jr. again and take him back to Brazil with her. Lisa refuses to go to the wedding with Nick. Karen eventually marries Freddy but tells Nick and Tish that she wants to divorce him straight away as it is not going to work out. Juliet and Natalie become friends again. Patrick tells Ellen about Carmelita. Tripp learns that Patrick & Ellen are moving into a townhouse in Simon Elder's building. Tripp tells Nick he wants Simon Elder destroyed.
21 Nov. 2007
The Country House
Nick, Lisa and Kiki arrange to spend Thankgiving together but Tripp has other ideas - he wants Nick to set up a meet between Simon Elder, Patrick and himself at their country estate. Lisa goes with Nick and meets Tish and Karen who are in cahoots to get Nick away from Lisa. Ellen wants to meet Carmelita to set the ground rules about her relationship with Patrick. Jeremy meets Sofia while he's working as a valet but lies to her about who he really is. Lisa leaves to go to her mothers house after Tish tells her Nick and Karen kissed at the wedding. Ellen shoots Patrick ...
28 Nov. 2007
The Watch
Brian is arrested after bribing the arbitrator. Tish wants Nick to find a way that will keep him out of jail by any means necessary but Tripp disagrees saying that was what got Brian into this current situation. Simon Elder asks Karen to dinner. In flashbacks, Tish tells Nick's dad Dutch that he is the father of one of Tripp's children. Later, she tells Nick, and then Brian, that Brian is Nick's brother. Jeremy continues to deceive Sofia and pretends to be an artist, with the help of Lisa. Brian Jr. and Andrea move to Brazil and Brian is cut up about losing him.
5 Dec. 2007
The Nutcracker
Because of his illegitimate son and his bribing of a court official Brian is suspended from the ministry for six months and advised to undergo counseling. He asks Tripp for a job in order to find himself. Simon Elder tells Nick that he is dating Karen and wants to know if he is OK with it. Carmelita calls Patrick to tell him she thinks she's been followed. Kai, a guy Juliet met in the Seychelles, arrives for a two-week stay. Karen meets Simon's ex-wife at dinner. Later she attends the annual performance of The Nutcracker at the Tripp residence. Jeremy and Lisa smoke ...

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