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Season 1

10 Aug. 2007
Local track star "Flash" Gordon learns that his scientist father, believed dead for more than a decade, actually disappeared through a trans-dimensional rift.
17 Aug. 2007
Ming sends the barbaric Turin, Tyrus, to retrieve Baylin, his most valuable bounty hunter, whom Aura has left stranded on earth.
24 Aug. 2007
Nick is bitten by an alien parasite that has traveled through a rift inadvertently opened by Rankol, and Baylin and Flash must travel to Mongo to secure the antidote.
7 Sep. 2007
Flash is filled with shock and awe when his father reappears on Earth, but the real identity of the elusive Dr. Gordon comes into question when the bodies of his colleagues begin to pile up.
14 Sep. 2007
Vultan, leader of the flying Dactyl tribe, comes to Earth to retrieve his long-lost son, who's grown to be a disbelieving juvenile delinquent. Meanwhile, Flash's mother presumes he's dating Baylin.
21 Sep. 2007
Life Source
Flash and Dale discover that a beautiful young woman is sucking the life out of healthy, strong men.
28 Sep. 2007
Flash and his friends find refuge with the Verden and try to fix their water machine, which Dr. Gordon built. Meanwhile, Baylin faces her greatest fear, a dreaded Night Hunter; and Dale has a heart-to-heart with Flash's mother.
5 Oct. 2007
While Flash, Zarkov, and Baylen search for Ming's rift machine, Baron prepares for his wedding to Aura, despite the fact that the water machine was restored. Meanwhile, Dale is confronted by Flash's mother regarding his father's death, and Flash finds out the truth about his father's execution. Sam J Jones, the original Flash Gordon from the 1980 movie has a small role as one of Zarkov's fellow inmates.
12 Oct. 2007
Til Death
When Ming orders Aura to marry Barin, she uses an Omadrian love potion on Flash in hopes that Barin will call off their nuptials. Unfortunately, Ming finds Aura with her two suitors and decrees that the men will duel to the death.
19 Oct. 2007
Conspiracy Theory
When Rankol sends a beautiful bounty hunter to bring Zarkov back to Mongo, her arrival is caught on camera, so Dale tries to prevent a rival from running with the story - which catches the attention of an obsessive government agent.
26 Oct. 2007
Random Access
When rifts spontaneously open, Flash and Joe find themselves working on a chain-gang in a Mongo coal mine. Meanwhile, Dale and Baylin are forced to contend with a pregnant Deviate who's stumbled to Earth and gone into labor.
2 Nov. 2007
Secrets and Lies
Flash and Zarkov attempt to thwart an impending war between the blue Zurn and flying Dactyl tribes. Meanwhile, Joe goes to the police captain with tales of Mongo; and Baylin helps Nick restore a car.
9 Nov. 2007
The Sorrow
On Honor Day, Ming prepares his speech, Aura becomes smitten with a performer, and Baylin is summoned to the tombs of her ancestors where she, Flash and Dale are held captive by marauders. Back on Earth, Zarkov applies for a research grant.
16 Nov. 2007
Stand and Deliver
To smoke out Barin, Ming deems all of the Verden people captive labor - and Dale is among those captured. To raise funds, Flash and Baylin hunt scorpion-like creatures. Meanwhile, Barin clues Aura into uncovering the identity of her mother.
30 Nov. 2007
Joe steals a rift blaster to get proof of Mongo and, while tracking him, Dale falls prey to a witch who possesses her body. Meanwhile, Rankol is showed up by a rival female scientist.
4 Jan. 2008
Thicker Than Water
Flash intercepts a baby who's been marked for death, which leads him and Aura to the Deviates' lair, where they learn a shocking secret. Meanwhile, Zarkov & Baylin search for the lost rift blaster; and Joe ends up aligned with the enemies.
11 Jan. 2008
Ebb and Flow
Ming steals a lake from Earth, so Flash and his friends head to Mongo with plans to destroy the rift generator. Meanwhile, Aura introduces Ming to his son Terek, king of the Deviates; and Rankol questions the Celetroph prophecy.
18 Jan. 2008
When Terek is blamed for poisoning the water supply, Flash and Aura set out to obtain an antidote from a rogue Omadrian. Meanwhile, Dale attempts to find out what happened to Joe by forcing a confession from Lenu.
25 Jan. 2008
Cold Day in Hell
Dolan sends Flash on a quest to Frigia to rescue the queen, who's been encased in ice. Meanwhile, Terek reveals his true identity to Ming; and Dale prepares to go public with a news story about Mongo.
1 Feb. 2008
Revolution: Part 1
Terek prepares to seize Ming's throne. Meanwhile, Rankol's allegiance to the Celetroph monks is discovered; Aura's birthstone reveals her mother; Dale and Norah evade government agents; and Flash finally finds his father.
8 Feb. 2008
Revolution: Part 2
Ming's troops are on a mission to steal ice from Frigia, so he enlists the Zurn to serve as his army when Terek and his followers invade Nascent City. Meanwhile, Flash, his friends and parents prepare to leave Mongo for the final time.

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