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Season 2

23 Apr. 1970
The Force of Circumstance
A woman agrees to emigrate to Malaya with her husband, but colonial life is not what she expected.
30 Apr. 1970
A middle-aged spinster surprises her family by announcing that she intends to marry.
7 May 1970
A missionary, his wife, and a prostitute are among the guests stranded at a tropical hotel during the rainy season.
14 May 1970
The Unconquered
A French farmgirl is assaulted by a German soldier, but he begins to become obsessed by her.
21 May 1970
The Vessel of Wrath
The prim spinster sister of a missionary in the South Seas determines to reform a rascally beachcomber.
4 Jun. 1970
The Closed Shop
The president of a South American country changes his country's divorce laws for his own benefit.
11 Jun. 1970
The Door of Opportunity
A colonial administrator's act of cowardice gets him sent home from the East, but he seems oblivious to the contempt with which he is viewed. Surely his friendly, companionable relationship with his wife seems to him quite unchanged.
18 Jun. 1970
A married woman falls for a younger man, and wonders whether to confess to her husband.
25 Jun. 1970
Footprints in the Jungle
A long-married couple are happy to meet up again with the policeman who investigated the murder of the wife's first husband.
2 Jul. 1970
The Alien Corn
Parents new to the aristocracy are both displeased and surprised when their elder son, who's never shown much aptitude for or interest in anything, declares that he must become a concert pianist. They agree at last to finance his study of the piano for two years, at the end of which he (and they) will accept the verdict of a recognized expert as to his chances of achieving his dream.
9 Jul. 1970
The Human Element
A writer discovers that the superior woman he has long admired from afar is the longtime mistress of her own servant.
16 Jul. 1970
Flotsam and Jetsam
A man recuperates uncomfortably at the home of an unpleasant man and his pathetic wife, whose startling tale makes her guest all the more eager to recover his strength and get away from the place.

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