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Charlotte Observer
This is one of the increasingly rare Hollywood films that treat people in middle age as though their feelings were just as intense and their needs just as valid as those of people half their age.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Rodanthe is a reliably steamy stormy sultry story.
A slow-moving, unashamedly weepy, middle-age love story of the kind big-studio Hollywood doesn't often make anymore.
A tasteful melodrama courtesy of the easy chemistry between its two leads and a generally restrained touch from Tony-winning director George C. Wolfe in his feature debut.
Hardly groundbreaking, but for those with an appetite for an increasingly rare gust of unapologetic romance, well, as they say, any port in a storm.
May not be best chick flick around, but it's the flick with the best chick by far.
Chicago Tribune
As skillful and charismatic as Gere is, I never get the sense he's really in there, conversing with his fellow actor.
Lane and Gere mime adult courtship with the efficiency of synchronized swimmers. Yet in this ocean of emotion, they look like they're drowning.
Village Voice
Exhibits a certain amount of integrity in its dedication to being uncomplicated, unashamed romantic goo.
The movie attempts to jerk tears with one clunky device after another, in a plot that is a perfect storm of cliche and contrivance. In fact, it even contains a storm -- an imperfect one.

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