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Season 2

3 Mar. 2009
...A New Hope
Sam, Sock and Ben return from a road trip and learn they've been fired from their jobs and kicked out of their apartment. Andi is mad at Sam, and the Devil gives Sam a really big job.
10 Mar. 2009
Dirty Sexy Mongol
Sam is intrigued by an escaped soul, Alan, who seems to have gotten out of his deal with the Devil. This interferes with Sam's ability to reap the Escaped Soul of the Week. And, Ben is striking up a relationship...but is she more than she seems?
17 Mar. 2009
The Sweet Science
Sam must capture a former boxer by using boxing gloves as a vessel.
24 Mar. 2009
The Favorite
Satan pairs a reluctant Sam with Morgan, another one of the Devil's offspring, to help capture an escaped soul who has a legion of gold-made beetles to do his bidding. However Sam and Morgan do not get along at all because of the soulless Morgan's antics. Meanwhile, Andi discovers that Sock is sub-contracting his Work Bench shifts to ex-manager Ted, who naturally takes advantage of his new job to further flirt and ogle women customers. Ben becomes uncertain over where his romance with the demon Nina will lead. Later, Sam finally learns that his father is not dead... ...
31 Mar. 2009
I Want My Baby Back
After Sam catches another escaped soul, a female vampire, he, Sock and Ben find themselves in the possession of the soul's infant daughter. Sam gives the baby to the demon Tony to raise it, but when the Devil wants the infant back as well, the dull-witted and immature trio try to find a way to get out of this position. Meanwhile, Andi becomes fearful and angry when Morgan tells her that Sam is the son of Satan, and tries to take advantage of that fact to further woo her away from Sam. Sock tries to curb his temptation towards his step-sister Kristin by taking ...
7 Apr. 2009
Sam, Sock, and Ben go on a road trip to locate another escaped soul in which they encounter a large tentacled beast that has taken over a small town and targets the bumbling and immature trio as it's latest dinner. Meanwhile, Ben decides to give Nina some space over her wanting to do more "demon" things. Also, Sock tries, any way he can, to seduce the seductive Kristen who continues to be oblivious to his urges for her, while Sam continues to try to win back Andi's trust.
14 Apr. 2009
The Good Soil
The Devil once again forces Sam to team up with Morgan to take him on another soul capture quest. But predictably, the devious and selfish Morgan takes off, leaving Sam to do all the work, in which Morgan plans to take all the credit. When Sam and the guys find the soul, Bobby, they try to set him up with a woman when they learns that he has not done "the thing" with a woman. But when Sam's attempts to double-cross Morgan and Satan in capturing Bobby, it leads to an "Ender" sent to destroy Bobby. Meanwhile, Nina tries to introduce Ben to more of her life by taking him...
21 Apr. 2009
The Home Stretch
The Devil pairs Sam and Morgan against each other to capture an escaped soul as part of a contest who which one of them will win and be Satan's right-hand person on Earth. Naturally, Morgan wants to win so badly that he'll take advantage of Sam's lack of intelligence and common sense to try to throw him off. Meanwhile, Sam and the rest of his friends finally track down Alan Townsend where they try to get him to talk about how Sam can get out of his life-long contract with the Devil. Meanwhile, Ben's grandmother comes for a visit and takes an instant dislike to Nina ...
28 Apr. 2009
No Reaper Left Behind
Sam is sent to the home of the Devil's girlfriend, Sally, so that she can teach him more of the "family business." Sally initially refuses to help groom Sam since he is moral as well as immature. But when Sam realizes that Sally can possibly help him out of his contract, he asks her to teach him the rules of the trade anyway. Meanwhile, Ben has a hard time telling Nina that their romance is over, but Sock sees that he's caught in the middle of their feud when he makes a lame attempt to keep both of them apart. Andi has problems dealing with Ted and a new Indian ...
5 May 2009
My Brother's Reaper
In an unusual move, the Devil tasks Sam into getting a spoiled and obnoxious rich guy named Gary to sign a contract selling his soul to Satan. Unfortunately, Gary is much too clever for the incompetent Sam, and manages to avoid all Sam's attempts to get him to sign on the dotted line of the contract, while the Devil has other plans to take Gary. Meanwhile, Nina moves in with Sam, Sock, and Ben; Morgan does likewise after being financially cut off by the Devil. Morgan tries to ask Sam for a path that he wants to take, while Nina reveals to the guys that she's been ...
12 May 2009
To Sprong, with Love
When the Devil sends Sam out to catch his latest soul, Sam thinks the escaped soul is his mean, former biology high school teacher, Mr. Sprong. But, it turns out the soul's actually a former student, and Mr. Sprong's the target. Mr. Sprong's still alive, and Sam attacks him with the vessel, a wooden mallet. The gang's forced to keep the nasty Mr. Sprong locked up in order to prevent him from pressing assault charges. Meanwhile, Ted reclaims his former job as manager of the Work Bench. He asks Sock to dress up in a costume to represent the Bench's wrench mascot. But ...
19 May 2009
Business Casualty
The Devil lands Sam a new job of being an intern in a high-powered corporate office. He hopes to groom Sam more for ruling the world and shows him what the corporate life is all about. Taking Sam to the 75th Floor of the building the Devil shows him where demons work towards the Apocalypse. When Sam discovers that the 75th Floor has a elevator passageway that leads to Hell, he's tempted to ask Nina to venture to Hell to rescue his father, who claims to have information on how to get Sam out of his contract with Satan. Meanwhile, Sock begins to date a fellow demon girl...
26 May 2009
The Devil and Sam Oliver
In the second season final, Sam asks Steve, now a Second-class angel of Heaven, to translate the ancient demon scroll that Nina brought back from Hell which could help get out of his contract with the Devil. But is it apparent that Steve has an ulterior motive of his own for both wanting to help Sam... and preventing him from doing so. Sam manages to summon forth Satan for a game of "flipping coins" into shot glasses. But when the match comes out in a stalemate tie of 5 to 5, this still allows the Devil to keep Sam's soul. But Andie steps in and tries to arrange a ...

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