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A very cinematic shooter.
StarkeRealm24 September 2008
Crysis is the second sandbox game from Crytek. Like Far Cry before it, it juxtaposes a lush tropical environment and tense tactical combat with a science fiction plot. Like Far Cry the story itself won't be winning any awards for originality, but what it does achieve is a sense of tense immersion.

Almost anything can be destroyed in most maps, usually with explosives, tires blow out from gun fire, turning vehicles into impromptu cover or deathtraps. And enemy human foes stalk you with remarkably complex tactics.

The game does have flaws, most noticeably the stratospheric system requirements, even over a year after release. But the payoff for those is an incredibly beautiful and visually realistic world.

Like Far Cry before it, the game's difficulty ramps up sharply once the Science Fiction elements start emerging. And unfortunately much of the sandbox structure of the early maps is abandoned by the middle of the game, which comes far too early.

But, even as short as the game is it's exceedingly re-playable (especially the first 5 or 6 maps) and boasts a very cinematic story that actually benefits from the focused campaign structure.
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The Most Exciting FPS to date
ronin_WTF14 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Being an avid FPS PC gamer I enjoy new games as much as the next gamer. When I heard Crysis was coming out my trigger finger got itchy. As I opened my shiny new copy and installed it I was drooling from the user manual. Now happily I already have a computer that can virtually launch missiles from a galaxy far far away. I powered up Crysis and set everything on high. In a few words... HOLY SH!t!!! Not only are the graphics unbelievably clean and clear but the fading and the blur techniques are phenomenal. The AI in this game is very smart to the point of problem solving smart. Never before have I had a computer game AI hand me my a$$ while playing a game, but this one did. With its breathtaking graphics, in game weapon modding and multiple different options to accomplish goals, this is by far the best FPS I have ever played. It far exceeds Call of Duty 4 and even it's predecessor Far Cry. The final act of the game in single player opens you up to some alien bad guys are tough and in high supply. As a side note...don't play this game at the final portion in a dark room with the lights out and no one else around. There's lots of things that go boom and bump in the night.

Though it was designed for use with GPU's that support DX10 it looks very nice on DX9. I've tried both, and playing this game with dual Nvidia GeForce 8800 Ultras at 768MB each is breathtaking.
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From Ratcat your IMDb 3D games reviewer
ratcat025 January 2008
First for my 3D compatibility review. Well it took a fair bit of juggling but in the end 3D worked quite well. If you have read my other reviews for 3D you will know by now that some games require a bit of tweaking or a download from Helix to get 3D working perfectly. If you haven't done so do a web search for 'Helix 3D wrapper', all the instructions and patches to get your 3D NVidia game working perfectly are on Helix's site. There is a major problem when entering areas with water, your view will be quite confusing with reflections bouncing around a bit like shadows but that's just something you will have to deal with. Helix has not gone any further with the 3D fix (system.cfg) just try and not fixate on water unless of course you are under it like in the sea! Other than that the main criteria for a game is just plain enjoyment and this game is not only fun to play but the graphics are astounding. Although it is getting on a bit now so just about any computer can handle it but a better video card will do the graphics justice.It beats a lot of the latest FPs games hands down. Problem solving is hard enough but not impossible (or impassable)and the developers have worked hard to make this a fun game by not dragging it down with impossible problems. Definitely worth playing again. (this is play through number four in 2015) - On a side note, if you have the original game (disc) and are having trouble playing it on Windows 8 or 7 try right clicking on the game shortcut after installing and running as Administrator.

(The following is my review from 2010.)

Well its 2010 and I am playing Crysis again, Still a great game even though beginning to become a little dated. The physics are great but don't expect anything exceptional from 3D glasses setups. The game has the ability to grab your attention from start to finish. Driving cars is well attended to and there has rarely been an AI enemy that didn't respond accordingly. You can sneak up on an enemy in cloak (invisible) mode but they will still hear you and firing at you all over the place is fun to watch. The minimap points you in the right direction with enemies in red (as an arrow in red when alerted, yellow when not alerted and friendlies in blue)) you can hardly lose. Helicopters are an added enemy to contend with but in cloak mode and a rocket launcher its a breeze. The makers had a fun poke at cheap (chinese) knock-offs with your stealth suit VS the enemies suits so a bit of humour added to an overall enjoyable and replayable game. Crysis, far cry 1 and 2 and the add on Crysis Warhead make for a very playable franchise. Well its 2015 and obviously Crysis 2 and 3 are out but don't think that Crysis (the original) isn't worth a good look. This is just one of those games that will remain a classic and seems to get better each time you play it. There hasn't been a game in recent memory that shows underwater reflections on the sand so beautifully. This review is going to end with a poignant note. If you go outside tomorrow and look up at the sky you will see fluffy white clouds floating by. Why is it that every game you play has perfected the day sky with fluffy white clouds? Is it that its just the easiest thing to emulate? Go on - launch a few games and check it out. You will be hard pressed to find a game with a blue sky and clouds that doesn't look like the real thing! If you want a game reviewed for its 3D worthiness and added to IMDb feel free to email me at
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Crysis is badass…
swedzin3 September 2013
Of all FPS, this definitively goes in my top 10 best FPS I have ever played. I don't know where to start… well, let's see: Great graphics, great gameplay, great design of costumes, characters, weapons, vehicles and aliens. Good music score, and voice talents. Also cool sound effects. The story is interesting, an alien meteor falls on Lingshan islands, which was taken over by north Korean army (well, I think it was that good old "let's pick a country for a villain" principle), so a special army team is sent to save American scientist and to investigate the meteor. Team's specialty is their suits called 'Nanosuit'. The suit is one of the main points in the game. It's is an advanced combat suit that can make you stronger, faster and adaptable to environment, which is cool, but the usage of each and every one of suit's skills is pretty short, so you need to use them wisely. The gameplay is, well pretty easy, you need to get use to it. But, once you get use to it, you are about to witness a great, action packed adventure, during fighting with north Koreans. The fight with them is pretty good practice, but when aliens appears, you better get prepared, they are tough. Grab the console and enjoy yourself, the game is badass.
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Best Fps Game With Spectacular Graphics
sandip_0109 June 2013
This is one of the game that every fps lover should play. compared to the other fps game it contains best graphics quality. the tropical environment is highly favorable it just gives a realistic nature feeling. game levels are different. first 6-7 missions are awesome then remaining missions are slightly in different type. gun-play are superb.there are some levels quite hard to play. i just love this game for its graphics & solid gun-play. you can also helicopters- water-boats-vehicles as per your requirement - this adds a plus point to this game. the best thing of this game is the enemies are are fixed to a particular place like other game. they will attack from every side . their position is changed from time to time. what i found difficult is you have to shoot enough in order to kill the enemies . they will not die easily .

gun-play - 9/10. story - 8/10. graphics- 10/10.

overall this is one of the best fps game in recent time.
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No nonsense shooter with replayability value...72.5%
dfle323 February 2013
As a preamble to this review, I have to say that this game looks a whole lot better in retrospect now, since I've played its sequel in the meantime. Maybe I'm just not a huge first person shooter fan or something (hence the lower score), but since that might be the case, my score is actually a compliment on the game. This is the first game that I've gotten a platinum trophy for. Maybe the game deserves more for this kind of replayability value...72.5% at the upper end of that scoring range (before replaying this game I gave it 65+%).

Console: PS3

Genre: First person shooter

Setting: A fictional island in Asia as well as on a battleship off that island.


You play an American Delta Force soldier codenamed "Nomad". Since the year is 2020 the Delta Force squad he is a part of have access to some pretty impressive military technology, like the "nanosuit" which allows the soldier to briefly be invisible or resistant to weapons fire damage...or to move really quickly or jump very high. Anyway, Nomad and the handful of other soldiers have been sent to the Asian region to respond to a distress call by some American archaeologists who also claim to have discovered something extraordinary. The Delta Squad will also have to investigate some mysterious goings on, concerning North Korean military activity.


Excellent graphics. This game interested me because I remember reading PC magazines constantly discussing how this game basically sorted out the wheat from the chaff, as far as your computer's prowess went. It's probably the case that the PS3 doesn't run the game as impressively as PCs do, though.

The game is open world...pretty much if you can see something in the game, you can go there. There are also nice touches like seeing fishes when you go into the water.

One gripe is that the subtitles in this game are very small...and you get a letterbox screen too.


The character on your communications device sounds like a guy from the Splinter Cell game...I just forget which one, as I finished this game some months back and am reading my notes on it from a while back.

One gripe is that the audio goes very loud at times when you resume from a pause...even if you have set the volume to a low level.

General observations:

Personally, I found this game brutal, even on Normal (I had to play the hardest difficulty in order to achieve my platinum trophy). The invisibility mode seemed woefully short to me and the armour mode on your nanosuit also seemed ineffective. However, with practice, I found myself getting into a sort of rhythm, which made tackling the hardest difficulty level 'do-able'.

What is good about this game is that I could actually progress through it, even though I am not a brilliant FPS player. The game did not hold my hand and I never needed to go online in order to find out how to progress, which is always a plus for me. However, a few times I did think that I may have to seek advice online...but it just never came to that.

Good about the game:

Compared to Crysis 2, there's just no fat on this game. It's quite a short campaign, which for me is a good thing. It also made the idea of chasing platinum on this game enticing.

There aren't too many trophies in this game. If you like chasing trophies, it's not that gruelling going for platinum. Crysis 2 just went overboard with trophies and other in game trinkets...which just made me lose interest very quickly in chasing them.

Misjudgements in the game:

I would have like the ability to save more often in the game, especially to new areas which I went into.

There also seems to be a lack of information about your objectives and secondary objectives (the option "Press select for maps and objectives" did not work for me!).

The advanced classes of enemy you fight late in the game seem to be on a figurative leash at times...which you can exploit.

Bad about the game:

There is no save option in the game! I wanted to restart a checkpoint early in the game and found myself restarting the entire game! Very frustrating!

The later enemies especially can be buggy...they're jittery (on stairs, say) or they get stuck. Crysis 2 on PS3 was even worse in this was laughably bad in that game. Here, it's just something you can overlook, unless it's really which case you may need to reload the game.

Perhaps this is related, but one time I got stuck in a confined space in the map and got stuck, I had to reload the game to not do that again.

Disorientating maps in the later sections of the game...where you just go around in circles (the underwater like part, I have in mind) and the way to progress the game isn't signalled well. So, just the frustration of being lost in a map where you have no idea if you are progressing the game or going around in circles.

The final boss battle...just had no idea what to do as far as what weapon to use to use it! Eventually figured it out though. It was here and in the previous section, from memory, that the game just got so buggy at times that I wondered if I was going to clear this game and get my platinum.

The balance between the game being too easy and too hard doesn't get met. Like the final fight in Bioshock 2, the boss battle is as easy or as hard as you want to make it.
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9.0 stars?! The negative voters should be ashamed of themselves!
filmismagic7 June 2008
This game is just too underrated here on IMDb. Even if everything else was not good, the graphic detail is amazing enough for Crysis to get a high rating. Gamespot was right to give this a 9.5 and say its visually stunning and filled with intelligent gameplay and easily one of the greatest shooters ever made.

If you don't see it getting sold much in gaming shops, this is because the game demands a very fast PC and a really good graphic card. Don't buy this game before you get one of the newest PCs and graphic cards, but if you buy special edition, you can watch a DVD about the making of the game and listen to the awesome soundtrack by Inon Zur.

One of the big things about this game is the gameplay. It is heaps of fun and beyond the basic gameplay Call of Duty Modern Warfare features. You can grab a soldier and throw him into a house and make it collapse. Like in Half Life 2, you can even grab any object you want eg, book, teapot, magazine, chair, table, bottle, even a live chicken etc. It makes the action really intense, and the physics to look terrific. Your nano-suit can switch modes to maximum speed, maximum armour, cloaking, and maximum strength (makes you throw soldiers further away and lift larger objects and jump as high as in Halo) I saw what Halo 3 originally got. 9.8? Never! I enjoyed Halo 2, but Halo 3 is no different than the others. Only that graphics are improved. Gameplay is like what it was in 2003. Just a simple shoot 'em up. Crysis is something original. Crysis is twenty times better than Halo. Even Call Of Duty 4 had rather decent game-play, unlike Halo 3. the AI in this game are smart. When you punch them, they react realistically. Their heads don't just get knocked back. You see their reactions from their face, how they open their mouths and close their eyes. When they are alert, they look everywhere around, so if you are playing stealth, you have to be careful.

The story is not bad at all. I am a lot into story lines in games and films. Crysis does not have an original plot. Aliens attack Earth, but the structuring is great and it flows very well, with many twists. US archaeologists have discovered something on an island not far from Korea. Their last transmission indicated that that the Koreans taken control of the island and took them hostage. You are sent by a squad of US Special Forces. You wear nano-suits for the operation. Once you're there, you find out about aliens and eventually fight them (I haven't got up to that part yet.). And the aliens are trying to ice the planet (literally).

The landscape in this game is beautiful. It is much similar to Far Cry. When you swim, you can see fish underwater. This is a free-roam game, so along the way if you explore you may encounter strange secrets as part of secondary objects (if you look hard for Badowsky after going over a waterfall you might get slightly shocked by what you see). The game encourages exploration not only for different enemy tactics but also to see if you can discover a few small secrets.

Overall, it is a great game. Almost perfect as a matter of fact. My only complaint is that enemies absorb a bit too much damage. I'm not saying it is too hard, but they have to be shot at least three times to die using an assault rifle. Buy this game, if you have a good PC. This is one of the coolest games around.
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Phenomenal graphics
rambrandt123414 February 2008
I can't give it a 10 because there is a point at which being calculatingly perfect with the grass, trees, clouds and buildings begins to appear to the eye as a mere texture, which suspends your belief in the 3D world in which you're playing. It gets harder to tell close objects from farther objects because, though the distant objects are smaller as they would be, there is still too much detail, so that the distant objects begin to appear as smaller elements that are next to the nearer objects rather than farther away. That is why I'm suggesting to all who wish to really enjoy this 3D environment in the same way that you enjoy your 3D vision, to get the free Natural Mod 1.2 for Crysis. It will add an element of frugality to the sharpness of objects as they literally fade into the distance. Very distant mountains have a more realistic fog, making them appear more distant and realistic. The net result is that even objects that are only a distance of 5 ft. farther away from you seem much more 3D, making it easier to strategize as far as sneaking up, attacking or jumping over something or someone. Don't listen to complaints that it makes things look washed out; that's just someone who hasn't re-adjusted his contrast and gamma settings as a result of the inherently milder appearance of shadows and color, as these do fade in the distance. phenomenal It also adds a much needed glare to the sunlight as it shines through leaves and clouds. Even the moon glows as it's supposed to. It will renew your faith in this game's potential as it enlivens the realism. You'll want to start over at the beginning again, just to marvel at detail that you missed before. To find it, type "natural mod 1.2" in Google.
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Feel fresh even in 2019
rahulrvl20 June 2019
This is one of my favorite game I ever played in my life.fresh ambiance, good storyline , perfect direction, and colourful and dynamic environment. background music is the other highlight, that makes each and every situation memorable. The hud fps view makes us believe that I am NOMAD. Waiting for the franchise.crysis 4
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It is the 2nd biggest revolution of video-games...
Shyinx18 June 2019
Actually everyone knows this game is non-playable. But now after 13 years later when we look at those visuals that amazing graphics, physics... I was shocking. Absolutely better than todays Ultra settings PUBG. How can this game can be playable at that time? Just like the GTA IV. These are the biggest games of those times.
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Ballistically intense and one of the best FPS I've played.
johnnymacbest23 December 2011
Despite not having the chance of playing the original PC version, I bought this from Xbox Live Arcade. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is this one of the best shooters out there on the market(even comparable to Halo, Far Cry 1&2, and to some extent, even Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops), it's also one of the most visually stunning games out there too.

Crysis has quite a history as it was notorious for being technically demanding as having the latest PC hardware is the only way to get the full effect of this visual powerhouse. As I stated before, I never played the original, but the current version is graphically excellent; due in part to the phenomenal CryEngine 3, one of the best game engines out there. No matter which version you have, both games are still a tour de force.

You play as Nomad, a super-soldier armed with a high-tech "Nano-suit" that gives him augmented strength, speed, agility, and durability. He is sent on a mission to answer a distress call on the fictional Lingshan islands. As the mission progresses, Nomad soon realizes that not all is well on the island as mysterious events began to occur.

I won't spoil the plot and although is not original by any means, it does have a great narrative structure with many twists that keep you on the edge of your seat. Nomad has a sense of duty and will achieve his mission no matter what. Though tense and suspenseful, there are some moments of humor that lighten up the tone and it gives the game lots of gravitas to grip even the most veteran of FPS gamers.

Not only is the story very good, I was surprised by how strategically tactical the game is. With it's open-world structure, the game gives you many options on how to complete your missions. Wanna go in guns blazing? Wanna take a more stealthy approach? Wanna use multiple attachments on your foes? Wanna waste enemies with some vehicular combat? You can do it all and more as Crysis lets you mix it up in any way you see fit. And unlike most FPS, Crysis also lets you explore and admire the scenery as well.

And boy how lovely it is. Not only beautiful to look at, it also packs some really impressive special effects such as trees and grass swaying in the wind, buildings crumbling apart realistically, sunrises and sunsets during missions, moonlight reflects the water, and even some wildlife. All of this makes for truly living environments that's realistic as possible while also being highly interactive. You can pick up objects and hurl them at the scenery and even enemies; especially explosive and non-explosive barrels, crates, sticks, chairs, you name it. Almost anything can be interacted with and it really makes the game even more special.

Kudos is also given to the superb voice acting as well. The main character sounds just like any soldier would and it's very convincing indeed. But the most hilarious moments come from Michael "Psycho" Sykes with his no-nonsense attitude but also with heart and determination. Some of the one-liners are really cool, as is expected in an action game of this caliber. I was really impressed that the enemy soldiers talk in their native language and it gives Crysis a sense of culture; something that's seldom seen in FPS games as well as the AI of enemies. They'll call reinforcements, duck behind cover, throw grenades, and even stalk you!! Never has a game been of this kind of intensity and tense excitement. High marks for the developers for putting this much thought and heart into a game. It's the final moments of the game that feel truly epic in scale with well-thought out and surprisingly original action set pieces. I know games are cutting edge and whatnot, but what makes them even more memorable are it's action set pieces and this game's got it in spades which I will not spoil for anyone new to this franchise.

All goodness aside, there are some graphical glitches such as enemies(and some cases, the player) freezing in place, slowdown, pop in,lack of multi-player and Co-Op modes, but none of these diminish what is otherwise a stellar game.

In conclusion, I'd say that Crysis is one of the most surprisingly well-made games ever made. With cinematic production values, top-notch voice acting, interactive environments with a lot of life in them, great visuals, memorable set pieces, and balls-to-the-wall action, this is one action FPS that you should definitely not pass up.
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