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  • A serial killer from Vicki's biggest case as a detective contacts her from prison taking back his confession and claiming the real killer is about to strike again. When the murder happens as he describes, Mike and Vicki butt heads trying to determine if it's supernatural or human.

  • Vicki revisits a four year old case when a convicted killer who recants his confession and claims that he only had a psychic vision of the killing. Vicki and Mike Celucci were partners at the time and while Charles freely confessed to the crime and knew many details of the crime that were not public, they had some doubt as to whether he did it. Mike refuses to reopen the case but Vicki goes back to the beginning and re-interviews the convicted man's brother. Henry meanwhile is still upset with Vicki for having used black magic to save his life and isn't keen on helping her out.


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  • Four years ago, Charles Perkins confessed to decapitating a girl with a sickle and was sentenced to prison. Now he's not so sure that he's the one responsible, and he's hired Vicki Nelson because of her newspaper ad that says "No case too strange." Charles tells Vicki that he now believes he only saw the murder psychically and convinced himself that he was guilty. He's concerned because the last four days he's been getting visions and thinks that the real murderer is going to strike again. Mike sees it as either the psychic ramblings of a convicted killer or that he's orchestrating it with someone on the outside to make himself look innocent. When another girl suddenly is found decapitated in the same manner as Perkins' case, Mike chalks it up to a copycat killer. Vicki agrees that Mike could be right about any of his theories but that her only concern is to find the one committing the murders and stop him.

    Searching the prison records, Mike finds that Charles has had no visitors during the four years of his incarceration, with the exception of one visit three years ago from his brother Kelly, so his first step is to talk to the brother. Kelly works as the resident caretaker at the Riverview Institute for Children but, other than that one visit with Charles, he knows very little about him, other than the fact that he was always the rational, level-headed kid in the family. He also doesn't have much to say about their mother, except that he doesn't go out of his way to visit her. Rebecca Perkins is a psychiatrist. Since she lives nearby in Forest Hill Village where she runs a small, alternative counseling business out of her home, Mike decides to visit her in the morning.

    Meanwhile, Vicki pays another visit to Charles. During their discussion, Charles suddenly grasps his head in anguish. "Detective Celluci is on the right track," he says. Unfortunately, Mike and Vicki are on the outs right now and Mike is refusing to share information with her, so Henry (who is still sore about Vicki messing with the black arts and using his blood to do it) pays Mike a visit and uses his mind control to get the information. In the wee hours of the morning, Henry and Vicki pay Rebecca Perkins a visit, but no one is home. They snoop around and find growth marks pencilled on a wall. From the marks, they learn that Kelly is the oldest, Charles is the middle child, and there is a younger brother named Sydney. Interestingly, the marks also show that, in seven years time, Sydney way outgrew both of his brothers in height. They also find journals for each boy, kept by their mother. Vicki reads from Sydney's log: "Subject Sydney is developing a resistance to the cocaine and Ketamine mixture." From Kelly's journal, Henry reads: "Subject Kelly's isolation coupled with progesterone..." (a female hormone used to chemically castrate sex offenders). From Charles' journal: "Subject Charles is showing marked improvement after switching to a pinodol-based antidepressant." Snooping a bit more, they eventually come across Rebecca Perkins...dead and decapitated.

    When Mike finds out that Vicki got Rebecca's address through one of Henry's "mind tricks," he is livid and has her escorted from the crime scene. Fortunately, Vicki took with her the journals for Sydney, Kelly, and Charles. After reading them, she pieces their story together. Mommy Dearest was attempting to isolate the three sections of the human personality -- the id (Sydney), the ego (Charles), and the superego (Kelly). Her hope was to isolate the id and stunt it, thereby eliminating childhood aggression. When Coreen brings back the information that the body they found was that of Rebecca Perkins but the head was from Alison Cohen, the first victim, and that Alison and Sydney went to school together, Vicki tries to talk Charles into telling her where to find Sydney, but Charles won't tell her. When Vicki tells Mike that she suspects the three brothers really do have a psychic connection to each other and that both Sydney and Kelly are involved in the murders, Mike tells her to drop it.

    Vicki decides to take matters into her own hands and goes snooping at Riverview. Hidden in a storage room, she finds Sydney's body. When she tries to leave, Kelly suddenly steps in front of her, sickle in hand. Kelly confesses that he killed Sydney in order to reunite the two of them in one body. Vicki figures out that Kelly began the killings again so that he could get Charles released and then kill him, too, and thus unite all three in the same body. Vicki pulls out her police baton and goes after Kelly, but he wrestles her to the ground and covers her mouth with a chloroform-soaked rag. When Vicki comes to, she finds herself chained to a chair.

    Meanwhile, Mike is talking with Charles when he suddenly grasps his head again, signaling that he's getting a vision. He warns Mike that Sydney is going to kill again and that Vicki is going to be his victim. Mike immediately calls Henry, who is much closer to Riveredge. As Henry hurries to Vicki's aid, Mike starts punching Charles, figuring that Kelly can feel everything Charles is feeling. It works at first, but Kelly eventually charges at Vicki with the sickle. Vicki kicks her chair over backwards and uses it to clobber Kelly just as Henry arrives. Henry puts his arm around a still whoozy Vicki. Suddenly, Kelly pops up behind them. Henry reaches around and snaps his neck.

    Epilogue: Vicki meets with Charles to tell him that there is now sufficient evidence to show that Sydney murdered Alison and that Charles will soon be released from prison. She asks Charles why, if Kelly could feel the beating that Mike was giving him, Charles couldn't feel when Sydney was dead. "Because Sydney didn't die," he replies. "He integrated with Kelly." As Charles is escorted from the room by the guard, Vicki calls to him, "Catchya later, boys." [Original synopsis by BJ Kuehl]

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