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Fantastic environmental documentary
bootha_ice_t10 April 2007
A real must see. This documentary lays down facts, figures, and themes regarding the state of the planet in a very accessible way. As a previous reviewer said, it is more "intense" than an Inconvenient Truth, but I hardly think any of the concepts presented are hard to take in - in fact, due to the number of interviews, the film manages to take the viewer through a range of issues regarding the state of the planet, without ever losing focus of its basic message - that we must do something NOW. A well put together soundtrack enhances the narrative. Well worth the watch. But god, we've really stuffed this planet up.
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Simultaneously cerebral, visceral and musical
mickgg22 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Al Gore did the cerebral - lecturing us like a bunch of college freshmen.

Now Johan Söderberg gives us heart and soul: frankly an absorbing and confronting multimedia experience. This piece deserves some serious awards for the powerful blend of images, music and ideas. I watched it on a Linux box with stereo TV capability, taking live broadcast TV to a tiny 17" monitor screen.

The audio quality was great, but for maximum impact the stunning visuals need to be seen on a bigger screen, preferably in DVD picture quality.

I plan to get the DVD and lend it to as many people as possible. It really should get a run in the high street cinemas, IMO.

The next paragraph is a quote from the film. It was the real punch-line for me, but when you hear it in context, it has much more force (therefore: not really a spoiler, more of an appetizer!)

"There is a profound human fear - even terror - of destroying the human habitat - with our own technology, by our own hand, and to no purpose." - Robert Jay Lifton, Psychiatrist.
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Certainly worth watching.
huluvu38-116 January 2009
The Planet is a Scandinavian production (2006) directed by Johan Söderberg which draws on the cinematographic techniques of nonverbal films such as Godfrey Reggio's Koyaanisqatsi, and Ron Fricke's Baraka.

Unlike those films, which are purely visual, The Planet is riddled with a plethora of interviews from leading scientists and environmentalists offering their perspectives on the challenges humanity faces in the 21st century.

The music that envelops the movie does a very good job at matching it's general mood . Short video and sounds clips are used throughout as punctuation, which is often reminiscent of a cartoon-like storyline.
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Doesn't shy away from the real problems...
TaintOfCorruption3 April 2008
This film is a masterpiece. The Planet doesn't shy away from the real issue at hand, unlike so many other films of this nature. Without giving too much away, this film is very balanced; not overly optimistic, yet not too pessimistic either. Also strikingly different from other movies of the sort is how many cultures are explored, from first world countries to developing nations. Yet, it never loses the focus of the message presented early on in the film--that we have a time frame in which we must act in order to prevent further, more severe consequences than have already appeared.

That being said, the cinematography in this film is exceptional. The scenes were gorgeously shot, and the careful editing really captures the scale of the issue, from the smallest insects to the entire globe. Perhaps most noticeable is how well the soundtrack (of a very electronic nature) flows with the visuals. There is one scene that combines the music with the scene (you'll know it when you see it) so well I would have purchased a ticket to see it alone.

The Planet is not to be missed.
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Interesting summary of today's environmental problems
Baan12 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The Planet is an interesting summary of today's environmental problem, covering such topics as global warming, but also less well known topics (albeit still very important) such as resource exploitation and waste management.

Unlike An Inconvenient Truth this movie is based on many interviews with various experts in the fields shown in the movie. Between the interviews we are shown interesting footage of the topic discussed, for example on resource exploitation you might see modern agriculture at work. The mood of the movie is also set by rather dramatic music, which clearly emphases that these issues are important and have to be taken seriously.

The movie is not only about experts telling us about the situation today, but you also get to see "normal" people that have an opinion about the subjects in the movie, like the Chinese businessman and his take on resource exploitation as well as global warming or why not the workers from waste centers in Nigeria.

All in all this movie covers many interesting topics in a dramatical way. This dramatical tone is also what drags the movie down somewhat, as it can be too intense and too much to swallow, particularly if the topic's are new to you. Compared to Gore's An Inconvenient Truth the tone here is a lot darker and intense.

8/10 + great and interesting info, educational - a bit too dramatic and intense
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Very well put together documentary.
Vibix30 March 2008
There was a lot of information in this documentary. None of it is very pleasant, unfortunately, but it is vitally important that more people get to see shows like this to really bring across the dire state of the world as we know it. The film cleverly and clearly explains many aspects of why the world is in trouble while allowing that we do still have time to stop the worst happening IF WE CHANGE NOW. It is not all total gloom and doom. There are people who are trying to get the right message across and there are things that can be done to reduce our impact, but we all need to reduce our toxic emissions, reduce our consumption of unnecessary goods and plant trees and gardens. It was great to hear an explanation of how the environment provides many free services to humans - services we take for granted but which are being damaged and used up; such as free provision of oxygen, soils, animals, medicines (and many more)- all things that are getting spoilt by our greed and pollution.I'm pretty aware of a lot of environmental problems but there were a few things in this film that surprised me. If you get the chance, watch this excellent film. The soundtrack and the visual style is interesting too, so it helps you relax a little while being shocked.
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