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I'd pass on this episode.
callanvass3 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Hour one.

Live from Salisbury, Maryland

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone & Larry Zbyszko

United States Championship Tournament

Lex Luger Vs Arn Anderson

The match ends in a double countout after Luger decides to rack Anderson outside the ring. Both are eliminated from the tournament. This match was pretty average. You could tell Anderson wasn't a 100% to be wrestling from all the wear and tear over the years. Luger looks like an idiot for racking him outside the ring.


Eric Bischoff and the nWo come out for a segment. Bischoff talks about how he was jackknifed off the stage by Kevin Nash. Eric Bischoff decided right after that he wanted power. He's now the highest ranking executive in WCW and the nWo. Bischoff tells the wrestlers in the back that they have 30 days to convert their WCW contracts into nWo contracts. After that 30 days, your either with the nWo or your against them. He warns Piper to conduct himself accordingly because he'll fine Piper if he gets out of hand. The American Males come out. Marcus Bagwell decides to join the nWo. Scotty Riggs is hesitant to join, so Bagwell attacks his own partner. Nash says, he who hesitates is lost.

DDP Vs Disco Inferno

DDP wins with the Diamond Cutter. Disco got in some offense, but this was basically a glorified squash match.


DDP says the nWo wants DDP because of his finishing move. Gene Okerlund asks if DDP's friends with Scott Hall. DDP says yes. He managed Hall and brought him into WCW. He says Nash is his ex tag team partner, but that's neither here or there. DDP says he and Bischoff have been friends longer than anyone. He made DDP look like a moron by joining the nWo. Basically, he's not with the nWo.

Television Championship

Lord Steven Regal Vs Tony Pena

Regal wins with the Regal Stretch. Pena got in a few moves, like the DDT, and a couple of rest holds. This was mostly all Regal, though.


Next, Gene Okerlund interviews Rick Steiner. It's not worth recapping.

Hour two.

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay & Bobby Heenan

United States Title Tournament: Round One

Eddie Guerrero Vs Konnan

Eddie wins. Meh, I wasn't too impressed by this one. The finish was weird as well.


Big Bubba Rogers (W/Jimmy Hart) Vs Rick Steiner

Sting comes down and delivers a Scorpion deathdrop to Rick Steiner. Big Bubba comes in and pins Steiner. Back then, you didn't know what Sting was doing.


Rey Mysterio Jr. Vs Psychosis

Mysterio wins with a frankensteiner in mid-air off the top. This was WAY too short. These two had over a 4 star match back at Bash at the Beach. They are capable of great stuff.


Out next, is Chris Beniot. He says he's still standing, despite what Kevin Sullivan tried to do to him. He's well aware of Sullivan's corporate ties to WCW. He knows Sullivan could have him shipped out of WCW. Woman says it's over between her and Sullivan.

We get a recap of the contract signing between Roddy Piper and Hollywood Hogan at World War 3.

Jeff Jarrett Vs Alex Wright

Jarrett wins with the Figure Four. This was another glorified squash match. It's headache inducing watching Jeff Jarrett trying to act like Ric Flair when he lacks charisma to do so.


Meng & The Barbarian (W/Jimmy Hart) Vs Harlem Heat (W/Sister Sherri)

The nWo interrupts and destroys both teams to end the show. How about that! A match I was dreading was actually going pretty decently until the nWo came out. Go figure.


This episode is rather poor. It's like they decided to take the night off after the World War 3 PPV. The only memorable thing about it is Sting's appearance.

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