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Small spoilers: a study in self importance
Zebrafil29 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The Coulteresque pundit in this episode is consistently unmasked by her own arrogance. Calling female officers "officer pantyline" and attempting to "seduce" every male she comes up against gradually reveal her as a self hating woman and a frustrated narcissist. The audience is left to decide for themselves who is right or wrong on key issues but the nausea and self loathing behind professional hate speech is made painfully clear. Good and important episode. One that takes delusional pundit speech designed to sell books and strips it of pretense. This allows the key issue of right and wrong to be examined. The juries opinion of the self righteous "victim" is evident. The question of ethics remains to be examined sanely - for a change.
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Facts Missing
Pilot_Jetranger19 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I am surprised that not one person during the trial mentioned the percentage of medical discoveries from adult stem cells verses embryonic stem cells. The fact is that 100% of all stem cell discoveries have come from adult stem cells, so the whole argument is moot. There hasn't been a single medical discovery in history from stem cells from the pre-born.

The telling turn in the episode was when the accused was on the stand screaming that he was better than the life engineered by medical manipulations. All human life is sacred. This is just another example of justifying the taking of life you consider to be of lesser value than your own. We have seen this throughout history.

The hateful remarks of the defense attorney were terrible. They were nothing like the truthful remarks from the Barlow character. Her opinions were conservative and moral, but that doesn't make them hateful. In fact, she was the only one that welcomed opposing opinions.

This episode did a good job of pointing out the liberal agenda and their inability to express their views without resorting to hatred and violence. People on the left scream about tolerance, but they are intolerant of anyone with conservative, moral values. They don't want a debate on the issues, they want the debates to be silenced. They will use violence and hatred to silence contrary opinions, because they have no arguments, and are intolerant of other perspectives on important matters.

I'm glad that the jury found the murderer guilty ... since he was.
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This episode should be renamed "Cleavage for Christ"
azurecielo5247922 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I agree with the above commentator and there is little more to be said aside from my somewhat sophomoric new title: "Cleavage for Christ". The one thing that I would like to point out is that both sides took for granted that the jury could look past the hateful and disgusting speech of Judith Barlow, and recognize that this was a simple case of attempted murder one person that left anther person, a young man, dead. I do believe that if this were the real world and Jack McCoy had not been left the opportunity to point out that the gun went off due to Parkinson's's, the jury might well have found the defendant innocent as they were inflamed by her nasty speech pumped up through her (surprising) intelligence.
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The spirit of Ann Coulter
bkoganbing12 April 2015
Charlotte Ross who plays an Ann Coulter like right wing pundit is the main reason to pay attention to this Law And Order episode about a man who is shot at one of her lectures at L&O's mythical Hudson University with a bullet that may have been meant for her.

The perpetrator turns out to be Louis Cancelmi a biology student who like Michael J. Fox is afflicted with early onset Parkinson's Disease. He is angered and frustrated by the ban on stem cell research that Ross and her like minded pundits advocate. Like Fox before Congress, Cancelmi goes off his medications for effect before the jury as he takes the stand with his lawyer Ron Silver and then with a cross examination by Sam Waterston.

Which is ironic because in real life Cancelmi is Sam Waterston's son-in- law.

Ross really captures the spirit of Ann Coulter who has shown the knack for inflaming audiences with her insensitivity and her sense of entitlement. She's so different from when she was on NYPD Blue.

Waterston and Alana Dela Garza worry the whole time that Cancelmi will be a sympathetic defendant. You have to watch to see if they have reason to worry.
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Last in, first out, as they say in the economics department.
paolo ceccacci31 January 2018
A right wing Tv personality was taking a speech inside a theater while outside a huge crowd of protesters were shouting slogans against her. After a while, even the audience inside start arousing. An eighteen years old guy, a sophomore college student, was shot dead during the turmoil. Detectives watched a video in which times before the victim beat very hard another student, a Jewish, so it could have been a payback. Anyway the real target was the girl and similar bullets were found in shooter's hometown: he is a medicine student working on stem cells who held a grudge against the pundit, because he framed her for losing his job. He had also Parkinson's disease and started shacking during trial in the attempt of being symphatetic towards jurors: he believed stem cell research could cure his situation....

An episode involving racism in which we heard racial epithet such as coons, kikes, spics and some references to sick stars like Christopher Reeves or Micheal J Fox. I can't get out of my head the cold stone eyes of Charlotte Ross. We made acquaintance of Cassady lover, a police officer, at the beginning of the episode.
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