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Season 1

13 Oct. 2006
Gloomer Rumour
Ruby is planning a surprise party. When they hear about it, they get the wrong message and think that Ruby is moving.
22 Oct. 2006
Grounded in Gloomsville
The gang is shocked to discover that Scaredy Bat has never actually flown due to nerves and a ?woozy? reaction to heights. Ruby takes the lead as they try to help him conquer his fear. But it?s not until Scaredy Bat finds a good reason to fly that he actually learns he can ? when his friend Ruby is in danger and he has to save her.
29 Oct. 2006
Doom with a View
When Doom?s odd behavior includes pointing to things that aren?t there, Ruby starts to worry she?s having a nervous breakdown. The gang tries to set Doom on the right course but it turns out, Doom?s not bonkers at all. She?s just been seeing a ghost-in-training, ?Boo-Boo? who is trying to win favor from his ?Family? (two ghost gangsters both named Mr. White). Problem is, Boo-Boo can?t scare a soul and Doom can?t prove there?s a ghost in the house to begin with.
5 Nov. 2006
Missing Buns
During a raucous game of Hide n? Seek, Mr. Buns goes missing. Acting the part of a 1940?s film noire detective, Skull Boy interrogates the suspects, walking everyone through reenactments of the fateful moments before Mr. Buns? disappearance. Luckily, Mr. Buns is not the victim of foul play and is found safe and sound in the laundry room after being caught up in someone?s wash.
12 Nov. 2006
Iris Springs Eternal
Iris? latest adventure craze ?coiled spring jumping ? proves that enough is never enough for Iris. As she crashes through floor after floor she causes chaos and mayhem, perfect for Misery but not so great for Skull Boy who had just finished putting together a working model of the cosmos using only potato chips and dip. However, at the moment Ruby convinces Iris to spring less, Iris crashes through the floor, down into the earth. The gang must journey far below, brave perilous and wonderful worlds in order to rescue her. In the end, they find her on the other side of ...
19 Nov. 2006
Science Fair or Foul
The whole house is a hive of activity as everyone prepares for the upcoming science fair. Skull Boy is distraught because he can?t seem to come up with an idea for a project. With Poe?s help, Skull Boy gets the idea that he should build a father to help with his science fair. After some failed father-son activities, Skull Boy soon realizes that his new dad may do more harm than good. His creation must be stopped before a rampage threatens to destroy all the other kids? projects.
26 Nov. 2006
When Poe injures his wing, he is soon driving everyone crazy with his incessant demands. Ruby relegates Poe to the highest turret in the house to rest and recuperate (and to preserve everyone else?s sanity). In an homage to Rear Window, Poe soon misinterprets the actions of their new neighbor, convinced he is up to something sinister. His suspicions grow to panic as he watches Iris, Skull Boy and the rest of his friends one by one go next door. Luckily, when he elicits the help of the resident coward (Scaredy Bat) to take him there, he discovers it?s not a torture ...
3 Dec. 2006
Unsung Hero
Ruby acts as Frank and Len?s manager and suggests they get a girl singer for their upcoming appearance at Gloomapalooza. The auditions are fruitless, until they hear a beautiful pop-sounding voice from somewhere in the house. Eventually, they discover its Misery, but she?s sleepwalking. Turns out, she can only sing when she?s asleep. They go about trying to get her to sleep so they can rehearse. But then realize they have to keep her awake so she?s tired enough to sleep for the performance. It?s not until Poe steps in with an anecdote backstage, that Misery is knocked...
7 Jan. 2007
Frank and Len are writing a rock opera for everyone in the house to star in at the Gloomsville Music Hall. But they experience writer?s block and just can?t seem to get a handle on the opera?s four star characters: Misery, Iris, Doom, and Ruby. Ruby suggests they just need to imagine what its like to be them. You know ?get inside their head? more. Frank and Len try this to no avail. But when they slip and bump their heads ? they wake up?inside Misery?s head (literally) Then Iris?s. Doom?s?And finally, Ruby?s. In this crazy dream that shows them what it?s really like ...
14 Jan. 2007
Skull Boys Don't Cry
It?s Club Day in Gloomsville. The gang splinter off to form clubs and prepare for the club?s appearance in the big Gloomsville parade. Skull Boy forms the coolest club of all with some new jazzy skeletal friends that no one ever sees. At first no one believes Skull Boy has these new friends since every time they want to meet them, they disappear. When pressed for details, he admits he hasn?t met them yet ? they?re imaginary. The band of jazz playing skeletons finally reveal themselves at the big parade and everyone tries to join the skeleton club immediately.
27 Jan. 2007
Bad Hare Day
When a cute little bunny lands on Ruby?s doorstep, everybody is charmed by its sweet nature. Everybody but Doom, that is. Not only does she not appreciate him getting the bulk of Ruby?s attention but it also appears that this new pet is something of a thief. When Doom tries to convince the others that this is a shady little bunny, they think that Doom is jealous. Using an elaborate trap, Doom manages to catch the culprit in the end and proves that she?s a kitty Ruby can count on.
18 Feb. 2007
Happy Yam Ween Ruby Gloom
The annual holiday of Yam Ween is upon the gang. When names are drawn from a skull to pick a person for the gift exchange, Poe?s name accidentally goes missing. He goes about trying to find the person who got his name so he can drop some not so subtle hints of what he would like. But he soon feels left out when he realizes NO ONE got his name. Meanwhile, Skull Boy thinks he?s the ancestor of a French philosopher, because he sees Yam Ween on a deeper level than the commercial occasion it has become. Ruby brings Poe and Skull Boy back into the fold when she reveals the ...
4 Mar. 2007
Ruby Cubed
When Skull Boy thinks he?s a descendent of Shakespeare, he spouts his own love sonnets making Iris and Misery instantly crush on him. Skull Boy is embarrassed by the attention (and stalking) and gets Ruby to help him be ?less attractive? to the girls. But Iris and Misery misinterpret all this time Ruby and Skull Boy are spending together as ?loooove? so think Skull Boy must like the ?Ruby type? better. Soon, they dress and act like Ruby and before you know it, Ruby?s cubed. Ruby has to find a way to get them to stop being Ruby and start being Iris and Misery again.
18 Mar. 2007
Shaken, Not Scared
Boo Boo?s future at the mansion is on the line when Mr. White and Mr. White, fed up with Boo Boo?s practical jokes, attempt to cure him of his pranking with a stint at the ?prank tank? rehab facility. Meanwhile, Ruby tries to help Scardey Bat overcome his fear of, well, everything.
1 Apr. 2007
Once in a Blue Luna
Once in a blue moon the dreaded Luna Monster appears and tonight is the night. A brave Ruby convinces her friends to camp out in the backyard in order to catch a glimpse of the legendary creature. However, she quickly loses her nerve and bolts for the house when the gang sitting around the campfire, shares stories about the scary monster. Iris, Misery, Skull Boy and Scaredy Bat convince her to come out of the house and overcome her fear. But will it be in time to see the Luna?
15 Apr. 2007
Time Flies
Thanks to a timely idea from Ruby, Skull Boy invents the amazing eon-hopping ?Time Vaulter? and travels back to the past, hoping to meet his ancestors. His crafty copilot, Poe, takes advantage of the time trip to visit with his forefather, Paco, faithful pet budgie and supposed muse to the Great Poet, Edgar Allan Poe. Stowing away aboard the Flyer, the ?not-so-brilliant? budgie unwittingly returns to the present...then promptly disappears. Pondering a time conundrum, a horrified Ruby realizes that if Paco remains in the present, Poe won?t have a future. Even as their ...
29 Apr. 2007
Lucky Me
Skull Boy, Misery, Iris and Poe make the finals of the Gloomsville Town Challenge on the strength of Skull Boy?s super intelligence. However, Mr. Modesty gives all the credit to his lucky charm ? a baby miniature seahorse horseshoe. But when the charm goes missing, so does Skull Boy?s confidence in his ability to answer questions correctly. A sly Ruby shows Skull Boy that he doesn?t need the lucky charm he just needs to relax and have fun. But at the finals Skull Boy takes her advice just a bit too far making for a tense but fun climax to the Challenge.
13 May 2007
Misery Loves Company
It?s the 7th anniversary of the Day Misery Was Rescued from an Ice Floe and Ruby wants to make it extra special. She invites Misery?s cousins, Malady and Malaise to join the festivities. The longer they stay however, the colder the house gets, until it completely freezes over. Misery reveals the only way to de-ice the situation is to separate Malady and Malaise. Poe and Iris take on the responsibility of entertaining the morose sisters and the de-icing works ? too well. It?s up to Ruby, Frank and Len to save the day when Misery must once again be rescued from an ice ...
20 May 2007
Sunny Daze
When Misery is off to visit a relative, the clouds, rain and entire storm system seems to go with her. The unthinkable happens?it?s SUNNY! The gang is at a loss for what to do ? and stay indoors to wile away the hours, (much like a rainy day). The gang ? especially Ruby and Skull Boy - get a little bit closer when they hole themselves up in the basement, and tell secrets that are normally reserved for crisis situations. Confessions and flashbacks culminate in an outpouring of honesty. Ruby?s about to tell Skull Boy how much she likes him, when a drop of water leaks ...
17 Jun. 2007
Broken Records
Poe has taken up a volunteer position with the Gloomsville Office of Records and is having a heck of a time finding new record breakers. When Ruby breaks the record for World's Hottest Tea, he's overjoyed. Unfortunately however, the achievement has aroused jealousy in her good friend Iris. This leads Iris to make one attempt after another to break a record but to no avail. In helping her friend, Ruby inadvertently breaks a new record every time Iris fails, causing a rift in their friendship. Poe enlists the others to help get these two friends back together but this ...
24 Jun. 2007
After Iris and Squig mistakenly crash into Skull Boy's Tower, Skull Boy moves in with Poe until the Tower can be fixed. However, Poe's many eccentricities challenge Skull Boy's ability to among other things get a good night's sleep. Anxious to sleep in his own room he returns to the Tower only to find that Iris and Misery have each had a turn at redesigning his room more to their specifications than his.
8 Jul. 2007
Tooth or Dare
Scaredy Bat is terrified at the prospect of losing his wisdom tooth for fear of losing all his wisdom. He?s even more terrified of a scary tooth fairy coming in the night to snatch his tooth. The gang try to convince him things will be okay, and try helping him get rid of the aching tooth. Finally, the tooth comes out and Scaredy is nervous to go to sleep. The tooth fairy does visit that night ? but turns out, she?s more timid than he is and never wanted to be in the tooth exchange biz to begin with. Eventually the two become fast friends and ?Milly? and soon Scaredy ...
22 Jul. 2007
Venus de Gloomsville
Venus is pulling out her roots! The screenplay writing contest deadline is in two days and she hasn?t written a word. She just can?t seem to find her writer?s voice. Frank and Len, Poe, and Skull Boy offer to help. But their story suggestions have more to do with their voices than hers. Frank and Len suggest turning her story which is a variation on the Cinderella story into a science fiction fantasy. Skull Boy offers up a film noir take. And Poe? Well lets just say he?s standing on the front of a ship wearing an Admirals hat and singing. In the end Ruby?s ...
27 Jul. 2007
Seeing Eye to Eyes
When Ruby suggests that fearless, thrill-seeking Iris joins forces with fun-loving Mr. Mumbles to build the ultimate amusement park, they look like the ideal ride-making match. That is, until they disagree on what makes for the perfect ride -- a ?thrill-a-second? roller coaster or a ?laugh-?til-you-stop? funhouse? When their friendly contest almost turns disastrous, then ends in a draw courtesy, it?s up to Ruby to prove that Iris and Mumbles did create the ultimate amusement ride. And, that there are actually three ?eyes? in ?team.?
19 Aug. 2007
Name That Toon
Filmmaker Skull Boy sets out to bring his latest script, ?The Adventures Of Skull Kid? to the big screen. When his ?vision? proves far too ambitious, Ruby suggests that he scale back on his story and make it ?more personal.? Taking her advice to heart, Skull Boy concocts a whacky cartoon based on Ruby and his very mixed reviews!
2 Sep. 2007
Skull in the Family
Skull Boy puts an ad in the Gloomsville Gazette inviting anyone with information on his family members to contact him. He?s just about to give up when a couple visitors arrive (?Ma? and ?Skull Roy?) who claim to be his long-lost family. Misery has a ?bad feeling about this? while they make themselves at home, trying to find the ?reward?. While Misery, Skull Boy and Ruby to find the visitor?s true identities, the rest of the gang help Ma and Skull Roy look for their ?reward? which they think is something they?ve lost in the house.
7 Sep. 2007
Writing on the Wall
The ho-hum of laundry day quickly changes when a secret wall with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics is discovered behind the washing machine. In the drawings each person sees what they want to see. Poe believes the Queen of Egypt is coming to visit and name a pyramid after him. While Scaredy believes the Queen of Egypt is coming to have tea with him. Doom sees the image of a regal cat which affirms in her mind that she really is descended from royalty. After seeing a saucer at the top of the drawing, Ruby believes that they will be visited by aliens and tries to prepare ...
21 Sep. 2007
Deja Vu Again
At long last Ruby has her dream the Gloomsville World's Fair. But the fair turns into a disaster when Skull Boy's exhibit, the Candytronic 6000, a candy unwrapping machine, malfunctions and explodes the fair into oblivion.
26 Oct. 2007
Gunther & Uta are spending their vacation at Ruby?s house. Ruby and the gang try their best to show the twins a good time. But the harder Ruby and the gang try, the more scared the twins become that they are in grave peril. Even Skull Boy?s innocent invitation to let them sleep in his coffin convinces the twins they must escape this ?house of horrors? before it is too late. Gunther and Uta decide to lock Ruby and the gang in the cellar where they can no longer hurt them. Of course, Iris and Misery are blown away by the twins Crypt picnic, thinking Gunther and Uta are ...
19 Oct. 2007
Pet Poepulation
Skull-Boy, as the great showman PT Cranium, decides to hold a Pet Talent Show. Everyone rushes to rehearse fabulous tricks with their pets except for Poe, who, sadly, doesn?t have one. Poe enlists the help of Ruby to help him find a pet for himself and after several unfortunate choices he enters the contest with Mr. Buns? and wins!
2 Nov. 2007
Hair(less) the Musical Part 1
In an episode told only through music and singing, Skull Boy decides he needs to find out who is once and for all. Ruby enlists the help of the gang to help him figure this out, by singing their own tunes.
16 Nov. 2007
Hair(less) the Musical: Part 2
In an episode told only through music and singing, the gang really miss Skull Boy and try their best at getting along without him (but it doesn?t work). Meanwhile, Skull Boy is not having a good time with Skelly T. and the Skeletunes, and decides to come home. But their trolleys pass each other and Skull Boy arrives home just as Ruby and the gang have left to find him. Skull Boy skulks around the empty house, lost ? until he meets up with Mr. White and Mr. White who tell him all about the importance of ?The Family?. Skull Boy realizes he doesn?t have to be related to ...
30 Nov. 2007
The Beat Goes On
When Scaredy Bat quits as Frank and Len?s drummer, Ruby sets out to woo him back behind the skins. Her plan backfires when Scaredy returns to the group, but transforms into a nonstop ?drum machine,? causing everyone in the household to go...?beat crazy!?
14 Dec. 2007
Out of This World
While working on an experiment Skull Boy mistakenly blasts the house into space. With the space air turning everybody a little nutty Skull Boy must find a way to get the house back down before even he goes crazy. The solution comes from the most unlikely of sources, Poe and Frank and Len who are back down on earth and were playing horseshoes at the time the house blasted off.
28 Dec. 2007
Forget Me Not
The gang is gathered around for the latest installment of their favourite radio soap opera, As the Stomach Turns when Skull Boy is hit on the head by falling debris and knocked unconscious. When Skull Boy comes to, he no longer remembers who he is. The gang tries a bunch of things to twig Skull Boy?s memory but nothing works. It isn?t until Skull Boy?s evil twin brother, Ralph (pronounced ?Raife?), shows up that things really get? interesting. Ralph charms his way into everyone?s heart, while Skull Boy tries to convince Ruby and the gang that ?Raife? is here to steal ...
18 Jan. 2008
Frank and Len Unplugged
In this ?rockumentary? we get a behind the scenes, and in front of the lens, look at the popular band ?RIP?. Unfortunately the hard facts hit a soft spot between the duo and they each decide to go solo. The gang not only has to assist Misery with her documentary debut, but they also have to ?save the band?
1 Feb. 2008
I'll Be Home for Misery
Misery hosts a family reunion and invites all her relatives through the ages. As it turns out, a houseful of Misery?s makes for - well, a houseful of Misery, and Mayhem and Mildew (to name a few family members). The gang rally to help Misery make this event a memorable, yet not catastrophic occasion.
15 Feb. 2008
Disaster Becomes You
It?s Friday the 13th in Gloomsville. Not only that but it is Friday the 13th with a full moon during the day. This rare event results in a good luck day for Misery, and a series of mishaps for everyone else. As Misery tries to adjust to the presence of good fortune, happy birds, sunshine and sprouting flowers, the others have to be on keen alert or their bad luck will have disastrous results.
28 Feb. 2008
Last Train to Gloomsville: Part 1
Its time to pick up Doom from the Kitty spa. What better excuse to take a ?family vacation?? The gang embarks on a relaxing family trip ?( despite Misery?s apparent illness and Poe?s fear of trains). It promises to be a perfect family vacation full of travel games and fun ? even though Frank and Len can?t ever find the elusive Wocca Wocca bird (or their seats), Iris can?t keep still, Misery?s illness is in full throw and Ruby has trouble getting either R of R&R. Things get ramped up when a mammoth Misery sneeze knocks the engineer off the train and they are all at the...
14 Mar. 2008
Last Train to Gloomsville: Part 2
The train is still running away ? Iris is now riding atop the train in daredevil style and Misery?s cough continues despite the bag over her head. Ruby is thrown from the train, POE IS STILL MISSING, and there is a mysterious man lurking in the shadows carrying a Poe sized box!!!!. Who will solve the mystery? Will it be our gal RUBY (wearing a stylish trench coat and appearing in black and white). or zee Inspector? (Skull boy, inspired by a baguette has assumed the role of a French inspector.) This adventure unfurls with a nod to Agatha Christie, Film Noir and pretty ...

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