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Movie with finest ending
sauravjoshi8519 June 2020
Source Code is a science fiction action thriller movie directed by Duncan Jones and stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright and Michael Arden.

The best part of the movie is it's pace which will not gives you a chance to sit back or blink. The movie is very smart and suspenseful. The screenplay of the movie is intelligent and will make sure that you are glued to your seats. Direction and cinematography is good.

Acting is great and Jake Gyllenhaal is mesmerising. Vera Farmiga is superb and Michelle Monaghan is memorable. The movie presents superhero in a new form without costumes and special powers but doing the same thing of saving the world.

A must watch movie with an great ending.
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Definitely a Sci-Fi film to remember
darkraven_10917 April 2011
The future of movies doesn't seem too bright since all we're getting are remakes, adaptations and unnecessary prequels/sequels and that's why original stuff like SOURCE CODE can really make my day.

Honestly, the trailers and initial premise didn't seem promising; some soldier can travel back in time and has to stop an some evil terrorist from bombing America. At first glance it looked more like some patriotic Steven Segal movie written by Tom Clancy with a higher budget and better actors. And then you watch it.

Like INCEPTION, this is one of the few movies that you can't spoil since even the smallest detail could accidentally reveal a twist or two. The story itself is a very original blend of thriller, sci-fi and drama and it works. Full of unseen twists and with a high octane pacing, SOURCE CODE will keep you wanting for more as each answer is slowly revealed. The script helps too but its the actors, who deliver the lines well, who drive the movie into emotional levels. My only problem with the film is some weak foreshadowing but it thankfully doesn't affect the movie in a bad way and to give any more details would spoil the film.

To keep it short and to avoid accidentally spoiling a plot detail or two, SOURCE CODE is a must watch. It's one of the few original films out there in a market full of crap and it's definitely worth your money. It's just a pity that Hollywood doesn't seem to be supporting these kinds of films.
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rick-9889929 July 2020
I love this movie and have rewatched it a few times over the years. Duncan Jones has impressed with other offerings such as Moon and Warcraft and I look forward to his future ventures. Jake Gyllenhaal (another favourite) plays the protaganist brilliantly and the angst, apprehension and despair that he portrays while trying to figure out Source Code is palpable. Although the premise is far fetched, the characters are relatable - which is why we watch movies right?
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Intellectual Thriller
TourettesPersonal8 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
My first glance, I thought it's gonna be an ordinary action movie. The guy will look for the bomber, He'll find the bomber, he wants to save the girl, Eventually he saves the girl. But the movie isn't like that. The movie ends up having mysteries with unpredictably smart revelations. It's not an action blockbuster cookie cutter. It's a unique kind of movie that intrigues the whole cinema and let us enjoy the ride in a new way.

"Source Code" is not a clichéd mediocre action blockbuster. The movie avoids being predictable and wants to be smart and mind-bending. Duncan Jones isn't the kind of director who cares about the action. By the way this is his first action movie but he's smart for not making super cool unrealistic action scenes. He cares about the story. The movie have many intriguing subplots that is not easy to figure out. The movie wanted to be as smart as possible.

The performances were great. Jake Gyllenhaal made the whole game exciting. Michelle Monaghan shows her role's innocence. Vera Farmiga is obviously good in here. Jeffery Wright is the best among the four. The rest of the filmmaking, Chris Bacon's music score sounds old fashion and I liked it. The effects isn't really that great but it doesn't matter. The script is indeed smart. The movie also has a heart.

"Source Code" is as good as "Limitless". Both of them had the same reason why is it good. It's smart, intriguing(I've said this word many times in this review), and indeed original. Most action movies these days wanted to be super cool and super loud. "Source Code" doesn't really have a big action but it's more fun, made more sense and it's super smart.
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A Combination of Several Successful Films that Works
claudio_carvalho27 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The US Army helicopter pilot Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) awakes in a commuter train to Chicago in the body of a professor named Sean Fentress, and his last memory is flying in Afghanistan. A woman named Christina Warren (Michelle Monaghan) talks to him; there are minor incidents in the wagon and eight minutes later, the train blows-up.

Captain Stevens wakes up in a coffined in a sort of trunk and is contacted by the military Lieutenant Colleen Goodwin (Vera Farmiga). He learns that he had died in a helicopter crash and now he is inserted in a computer program called Source Code, developed by Dr. Rutledge (Jeffrey Wright), which transfers him to the body of a deceased person for the last eight minutes of his life using his after images. He is advised that he can not change the past, since Source Code is not a time machine, but he can reassign time and change the future. He is assigned to return to the train and find who the bomber is to avoid his next terrorist attack in Chicago downtown. Captain Stevens is sent back several times and he and Christina fall in love with each other. He decides to save the train from the explosion despite Dr. Rutledge tells him that that is effort is worthless.

I saw the trailer of "Source Code" a couple of months ago and I was anxiously waiting for its release on DVD in my country. Yesterday I saw it and the story is a flawed combination of several other films; despite of that, the film is engaging and works.

The character Captain Colter Stevens is visibly inspired in "Johnny Got His Gun" (1971) and his situation entering the body of someone else is the same of "Avatar" (2009) and "Surrogates" (2009), using the virtual concept of "The Matrix" (1999). The repetition of the same event over and over comes from "Groundhog Day" (1993) and "12:01" (1993). The different possibilities in timeline come from "Przypadek" (1981) and "Sliding Doors" (1998) and "The Butterfly Effect" (2004). Therefore, the writer Ben Ripley shows a great cinematographic culture in sci-fi and does the same that Quentin Tarantino does in action films, a rip-off that works.

The director Duncan Jones, from the best sci-fi of the Twentieth-First Century ("Lunar") so far, makes another great film in his second work, supported by the excellent performances of Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmiga, Michelle Monaghan and Jeffrey Wright.

I watched this film with other viewers and in the end, we found two different interpretations for the conclusion of "Source Code". I believe that Captain Stevens has changed the timeline in the real world and the Source Code has never been used, in a time paradox. However, if my interpretation is right, Christina Warren should have been saved in one of Steven's attempt. The other interpretation is that he shifted his timeline to a parallel reality. No matter which interpretation is the correct one, everybody liked this very entertaining film. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Contra o Tempo" ("Against the Time")
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Very good science fiction thriller
neil-4767 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Military helicopter pilot Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) finds himself on a train, talking to Christina (Michelle Monaghan), who thinks he is someone else. After some minutes of confusing conversation, the train is involved in an explosion and crash, and Stevens wakes up in a capsule in conversation over a video link with Captain Goodwin (Vera Farmiga). It turns out that Stevens is involved in the Source Code project which enables him to be sent back into target Sean Fentress to relive 8 minutes leading up to the terrorist explosion, in order to find out who the terrorist is in order to prevent a second atrocity.

To thumbnail review this film, let me simply say that it is a superior science fiction suspense thriller. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I recommend it.

I am now entering serious spoiler territory.

It doesn't take much to work out - as he does about halfway through - that Stevens is actually, to all intents and purposes, dead. It is made clear that his 8-minute trips back don't actually change anything - the atrocity has already taken place - but real time is slipping by, and the time left to apprehend the terrorist is limited. However, Stevens badly wants to save Chistina's life despite the fact that she is already dead.

This film has two endings. There is an ending which uses what is essentially a bullet time freeze frame tracking shot, and this is the ideal place at which to have ended the film: it is fair and faithful to what came before. And then a further end is tacked on. It's OK, I suppose, but the only way it works in the context of the science fiction explored in the earlier part of the movie is if it takes place in a parallel time line/reality. This has been mentioned, but not really put forward as part of the basis on which the plot stands and is therefore, I felt, slightly unfair. However, it is a happy ending for the masses, so I suppose one can't complain.

Even so, this is a pretty good movie - engaging, thoughtful and it has heart. All the principals are good.
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Much better than expected
rgkarim2 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
At first I was expecting the source code to be a mediocre mystery that was all about reviving a dead girl. However, this was not the case at all in this movie, which was a welcome change. The Source code was a thriller that was constantly moving, constantly generating questions, and keeping the movie interesting. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this movie is the variety of traits the main character, Gylenhall, shows in the movie who has a strong sense of justice, duty, honor, and love. Unlike some movies, the main character is not an idiot pilot, and has considerable knowledge of a variety of topics, one being quantum theory. Another positive quality of this movie, is how each visit in the source code continues to build up to the climax of the movie. The constant search for new pieces of evidence is also intertwined with constant character development of the protagonist allowing you to get a better attachment to the character. Another thing I found fun was each time he came out of the code, the character and story development continue to take place, again driving the action. Now let's talk about some weaknesses of the movie: One big thing is the protagonist seems to be too perfect, his collective traits of knowing advanced quantum theory make him a little unbelievable. A second thing is the explanation and ending may be too complicated or too unreal for some audience members, though I did enjoy the ending that took place. The third flaw has been present ever since the trailer came out in which the person who bombed the train is also planning to make another attack. As a result, this automatically narrows the suspects on the train. If you keep thinking during the movie then you can figure out who it is within probably two or three visits to the code. Regardless of the weaknesses, the thought, development, and constant pace are more than enough to keep you entertained and happy. At the same time it also has some good morals built in about finding true happiness and working through the negatives of the world. Thus overall I would give this movie an 8.5-9 on my scale. I hope you enjoy as well.
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Very Good Indeed
he8821 January 2021
I just finished watching this. I agree with so many others about how this is a science fiction that really keeps a person engaged. There's so many elements to it. On one level it's a on going mystery. On another it's a live story, and yet on another it's a story about science possibilities. I really enjoyed this clever tale.
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Brilliantly inventive...and yet another wonderful film from Duncan Jones.
planktonrules10 March 2014
During the last week, I've become a HUGE fan of Duncan Jones. That's because I saw his amazing sci-fi film "Moon" (which he wrote and directed), his short "Whistle" and his latest "Source Code". These three films, all super-well made and inventive, represent the three films Jones has so far made--and I can pretty much guarantee you'll see a lot more from him because these three films are simply amazing.

I scored "Source Code" a 9--which is actually not quite as high as I rated "Moon", but the film sure came close to also getting a 10. The plot is so inventive and the film made so well that I can't see why it isn't scored higher than 7.5 on IMDb.

When the film begins, Colter Stephens (Jake Gyllenhaal) suddenly finds himself on a train heading into Chicago. He knows no one aboard and is NOT the person people think he is. He is, in fact, a soldier serving in Afghanistan--so how did he magically appear on the other side of the planet?!?! While this is only the beginning of the film, I will say no more because the film has one surprise after another--and I'd hate to ruin the film for you.

In many ways, the film plays a lot like "Inception", "Groundhog Day" and a bit of "The Sum of All Fears". However, this is a great oversimplification--there is so much more to the film than this. Wonderful acting, wonderful direction and a thrill-a-minute script make this a must-see film. MUST see this film.
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Absolutely Unnecessary Coda - Contains Spoilers
fdbjr4 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I happen to see this picture yesterday, with a friend of mine, and liked it quite a bit. But it illustrates an increasing problem with big budgeted movies. Spoilers follow.

The movie opens with the hero, an Army helicopter pilot, coming to consciousness on a Chicago commuter train. He's being addressed by a pretty girl as her boyfriend. He has various interactions with other passengers. He has no idea of what's going on. As he's trying to figure out who and where he is, a bomb detonates, killing everyone.

He finds himself back in a cell, something like a space capsule. He's informed that he's just been a part of a computer simulation, that the train was blown up that morning, that he's been cybernetically linked with the remnants of one of the victims (let it go, this is science fiction), and that his mission is to ID the bomber and prevent him or her from doing more damage. The simulation repeats and he's off again, a bit wiser, and wiser with every iteration.

Now, you don't have to be an experienced science fiction reader (which I am) to figure out that the Army pilot is dead, that these computer people are hooking up his brain to the simulation. Live people don't end up inside computer programs. But this does come as a big surprise to the captain, and to the more naive members of the audience. And it does set up what should have been a really original ending.

The hero finally completes the mission, having fallen for the girl along the way. He knows he's dead, and so is she, and all this is virtual reality. He pleads with the sympathetic operator to let him redo the simulation one last time, then let him die - completely. Touched, she agrees, even though the ogre chief of the project wants to 'wipe his memory' and use him again.

And what happens in the last iteration is what should have made the movie memorable. Knowing this is his last remnant of consciousness, what he does the last time is make everyone in the train car happy. He's learned a great deal about them the other times through. He bets a comedian (whom he has recognized from television) all the money he has that he can't make everyone on the car laugh. The man takes the bet and proceeds to do just that. As the seconds tick down to the inevitable end, when they'll all be incinerated, he takes the girl in his arms, tells her he loves her, and wants to be with her forever. The frame freezes and pans the whole length of the car, revealing every passenger laughing or in various states of bliss. This is the instant that will see the hero into eternity.

Not bad, completely unexpected, and, like the best twists, revealing that the theme of the drama was something completely different than the detective story it seemed to be. It's always nice to be surprised like that. I will confess to having to deal with moist eyes constantly at movies, and this was another occasion. A perfect ending. I reached for my hat, expecting the credits to roll up, and . . . . .

. . . it wasn't over. It went on for another 15 minutes, into the most God-awful coda you ever saw, completely obliterating the premises of the story, so bad I am not going to describe it.

What goes on? My guess is that when they previewed the movie, they found that the some members of the audience were dismayed that people as cute and likable as Jake Gyllenhall and Michelle Monaghan have to suffer the fate they do. A happy ending required. I think that's what happens, given production costs and promotion costs in the tens of millions. Trusting the better sense of the audience is a thing of the past. Too much sunk cost.
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Suspenseful thriller with a twist
lmelnick-999-26042411 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I was very fortunate to be at the World Premiere at SXSW in Austin and attended the Q&A after with James Duncan, Vera Farmiga, Michelle Monaghan, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ben Ripley. The story line keeps you on the edge of your seat and adds in enough humor to make it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. There is amazing, subtle chemistry between Jake and Michelle which really is the star of the film, performances by all the actors are excellent. Beautiful cinematography that will make Chicago proud. The ending brings up more questions than answers, but it feels right, so that's OK with me. I am not a big sci-fi fan, but this film delivers on romance, suspense, mystery and thrills. Highly recommended.
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Duncan Jones
slayerjmk9527 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
When i saw this at a preview screening, i was not surprised to find another great film from one of the best sci-fi directors of our time; Duncan Jones, who brought us the instant classic, Moon. Source Code is in part an original movie but bears brief resemblance to Tony Scott's Action/Thriller Deja Vu. Source Code centers itself around Colter Stevens, an AFO soldier who wakes upon a train, not knowing how he got there or why and how people are addressing him as someone else, and soon enough the train explodes, supposedly killing everyone. But Stevens awakes to find himself in a kind of "machine" called the Source Code.

The whole story is fantastic, with a man (Stevens) having to go back in time and trying to find out who is behind the bombing. With even more praise is the directing, script, and the choice of actors for the roles. Jake Gyllenhaal was perfect in the role of Stevens as Jeffery Wright was for his role as Dr. Rutledge who believes everything has to go his way or the "mission" will be ruined. Overall, this is a thriller that is not to be missed. But for those who have seen this as well, i agree that if the ending was different and more powerful, the movie would be an INSTANT science fiction classic, but it falls just short of that. Still one that will be remembered for all time, in my opinion.

9/10 Stars***
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Nothing for granted!
M1racl3sHapp3n4 August 2020
I love sci fi movies though it is really hard to find a good and original one. If you are like me, look no further, this movie is going to surprise and it will keep you glued to the screen until the very end. A masterpiece in its genre!
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Good sci-fi thriller, totally ruined by its ridiculous "Hollywood Happy" ending.
Dr_Sagan1 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This a very late review. I saw the movie back in 2011 and 2 other times since now in 2017.

Generally is a good sci-fi thriller that for me is ruined by its preposterous ending.

Mind though that the cinematic ending isn't the original. Hollywood producers insisted for a happy ending so they ruined the movie putting a ridiculous twist that simply doesn't make any sense.

So, go and see it. Its production is good and there is the proper amount of suspense to make it interesting. I like Michelle Monaghan's performance in this, and Jeffrey Wright's up to a point, but Jake Gyllenhaal is looking to nervous in the lead.
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Enjoyable thriller
quinnox-12 April 2011
Nice science fiction thriller with good performances by the actors, worthwhile to see this in the theater.

Jake Gyllenhaal seems to have hit his stride lately, picking good roles that suit him with the last couple of movies he has starred in. He does well here, as a reluctant hero who starts to piece together what is really going on in a mission to discover the details of a terror plot and identity of the terrorist in Chicago.

The film is shot in an intelligent style, giving brief but significant snippets of various characters on board a commuter train and red herrings tossed in liberally to keep you guessing.

It's not that original or groundbreaking, but made with high standards and care to give the movie-goer good value for their dollar and a pleasant entertainment that delivers on expectations. Its refreshing to see a movie made with these principles in mind.
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Time and Times and Half Time
tedg16 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
An unfortunate rule in science fiction is that you have to explain the world. Thus, you have to maintain three story lines. One is the story that you give the viewers to get them from where they are to where the film is. Usually, the filmmaker either calls up a genre shorthand or invokes an all-powerful military or corporate force.

A second story involves the mechanics of that world as they develop through the film. Here, the mechanics are simple: you have the real world (of the movie) and an eight minute entry into quantum parallel worlds sharing a common event. As the story progresses, a human mind powered by love is able to shift the layers of that quantum reality. Okay.

The third story is what we allow ourselves to register, be it a romance or redemption story — or one of the very few other options in the sellable storybag.

The goal of a talented storyteller (at least in this market) is to enhance the engagement in that third story by folding the second and possibly the first by some shared structure. Think of "50 First Dates" which successfully merged all three and teased us into investing in the romance beyond the barriers we normally would erect.

Now this. These three story threads coexist in the same ninety minutes, but otherwise they are distinct. The first is a cheat: military technology don't ya know.

The second is also a cheat of sorts because the parallel quantum folds aren't used narratively. We have the faint impress of a detective searching, plus some explosions. Chicago is made safe (in one of the parallel realities, but not the one we started in).

The third story is perhaps the biggest cheat of all, the romance: boy falls in love and gets the girl. But how? Why? There is no seduction, no pull, no engagement between them or between the couple and us.

"Inception" is sometimes criticized for being sterile. It wasn't for me because I was able to ignore Hans Zimmer's hospital machine drone, and surf the resonances among the three stories and their surprises. "Groundhog Day" was a success because of its uncomplicated harmony among the three (the first alluding to camera magic).

This is a disaster. And it wouldn't be at Nellis.

Ted's Evaluation -- 1 of 3: You can find something better to do with this part of your life.
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Another original sci-fi movie!
Zoetrope36028 May 2020
Another original sci-fi movie in the list, a nail biting thriller which will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the movie. The only drawback maybe it's just 90 mins in length. However, this movie gets straight to the point without wasting any time for setting up the story.

Though it's an original sci-fi movie, it doesn't go into the technicality and makes it complex. It's simple and to the point. If you want to watch a fast paced thriller, you can consider this for sure.
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A Nutshell Review: Source Code
DICK STEEL16 April 2011
With the number of remakes and reboots and adaptations going around Hollywood, it isn't everyday that a film emerges with something relatively original and creative, except perhaps for the science fiction genre when it creates its own rules to play by. Duncan Jones proves he's no fluke with Moon, coming up with an equally entertaining and engaging Source Code that has Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead role as military man Colter Stevens who finds himself in a groundhog day type of situation, tasked with a mission of investigating and stopping a bomb from exploding on a commuter train headed for Chicago, failing which he has to "die" together with its passengers, again and again.

The less said about the film, the better because letting slip any plot points no matter how minor would be a huge disservice to an audience. Suffice to say that Stevens has to achieve his mission objectives in a race against time, all 8 minutes of it, based upon a program created by Jeffrey Wright's Dr Rutledge that taps on the final collective memories of victims in any disaster, where an investigator can somehow find himself in the body of one of the victims and be at the recreated scene of the crime, interacting in a simulated environment to discover clues and of course, perpetrators. It's an extremely sexy scenario that provides a leg up in any investigations should something along the same lines get translated to reality - imagine scores of crime being solved, and being a powerful tool in the fight against terrorism.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays his character with aplomb, resigning to knowing he cannot get answers from his handler Colleen Goodwin (Vera Farmiga) unless he delivers with each cycle some intelligence and findings, while at the same time getting attracted to Christina Warren (Michelle Monaghan) through the identity he assumes. The love story snuck in was a nice little touch, as does the backstory of who Stevens is, and how he gets himself into where and what he is currently into now. Things start to pick up when Stevens becomes situationally aware and desires to take control over his own fate.

The visual effects here didn't go overboard and Jones knows exactly the limits required before they take over and overshadow the strength of the story. It's less gimmicky, with more detail to attention given to the host of supporting characters and series of events going inside the train, and covering a lot more aspects of the expansive simulated world that addresses some of the major issues that could have made plot loopholes, but thankfully didn't.

But the downside which I prefer to overlook because it doesn't detract the viewer from the experience, involves accepting the reality that the filmmakers present to you. If you do not buy into the paradox of time travel, then you won't enjoy any time travel movies, and the same applies here if you aren't a big fan of alternate realities - there's the world that everyone exists in the main narrative, and a recreated digital one that is used for investigations purposes, defined to exist only within the specified limits of an event centered around 8 minutes worth, and no direct line exists between the real world and the recreated one, except perhaps to send one into, and retrieve one out of.

The other minor disappointment involves what I thought to be pressures existing to have a Hollywoodized ending that perhaps would be more acceptable to mainstream audiences. There's a moment in time in the final act that would have closed the film nicely given the moral conscience and decency to provide proper closure, and I felt it would have been pitch perfect rather than to push the realm of an alternate reality even further. There has bound to be a cheat sheet somewhere that the story by Ben Ripley decided to pull out to allow scenes to run and continue into the final few minutes that were quite unnecessary, if only to wrap things up in a more hopeful, and expectedly straightforward manner. Some implausibilities that broke its own rules on collective memories however do provide for post-movie discussion, especially if one's stance were to centre around one of the most powerful abilities of the mind known as imagination, and the desires to hear just what one wants to.

Still, Source Code belongs up there amongst contemporary science fiction stories that leaves you engrossed and engaged with every repeated cycle and turn in the story, and with excellent cast chemistry making it worth the ride. It presents something that isn't done to death already with that tinge of science fiction that looks like an attractive proposition to create in our world. Highly recommended as it goes into my shortlist of the best movies of the year thus far.
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Source Code is not time travel. Source Code is time reassignment.
hitchcockthelegend19 August 2011
Source Code is directed by Duncan Jones and written by Ben Ripley. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright. Music is by Chris P. Bacon and cinematography by Don Burgess.

U.S. Military helicopter pilot Colter Stevens (Gyllenhaal) repeatedly relives the eight minutes leading up to a terrorist train bombing in the hope of finding the bomber……

With his excellent first film, Moon, Duncan Jones got himself noticed to the point that many sci-fi fans have been eagerly awaiting his next foray into the sci-fi realm. So some pressure, then, on Source Code to make good on that early promise. Leaving space, Jones is this time on Earth tackling a sub-genre that has had many an instalment over the years, the time travel thinker. How wonderful to report that Jones and his sparkling team have crafted one of the better efforts to tackle the subject.

Off the bat it has to be said that it's easy to draw comparisons to a number of movies that Source Code leans on. Be it the continuous comedy time loop of Groundhog Day, the techno mind meld of Déjà Vu, and thematic snatches from the likes of The Matrix and Frequency, Jones' film is not about to herald a new dawn of sci-fi. Yet all these things have amazingly come together to create one large intellectually satisfying whole. Sprinkle on some action adrenalin rushes, ease in some suspense, some heart tugging and a romantic thread that actually belongs! Well you have got yourself a very tasty piece of pie.

That Jones is able to blend all this without halting the flow of his picture marks him out as one who is ready for the big league. We are after all dealing with a film that for 90% of its run time is replaying an 8 minute train ride. But each 8 minutes brings more to the plot, tension mounts, clues are dangled, characters come alive, yet we know that this train still goes kaboom, the hopeless feel that accompanies the destiny of Colter and the train passengers adds another critical element to why Source Code is top stuff, namely is it possible for Colter to go against the laws of quantum physics? He believes so, he desperately wants to save everyone on that train, but logic and his superiors tells him, and us, otherwise.

None of this would work if the casting wasn't so astute. Having to carry the film firmly on his shoulders, Gyllenhaal is fantastic, showing vast range with every 8 minute section of that train ride. From the confusion that brings out neurosis in the early parts, to the manic and steely determination to succeed in the latter stages, he nails it as a flawed, scared, soldier of hope. Monaghan's natural attractiveness and earthy appeal really serves her character well, making it easy for us to not only want her to not get blown to bits, again and again, but also to believe that Colter wants to succeed so desperately so as to save her. Farmiga is in a small role (arguably just a plot set up), and mostly in close ups via a screen, but she makes good as the icy stickler for orders who begins to melt with Colter's desperate situation.

The liability is Wright, who seems to be pitching his role as the Source Code creator between evil genius and pompous prat! I've no idea what accent he is trying to do and he blatantly tries to steal the film in every scene he is in. You have to think that had someone like Ridley Scott or James Cameron been directing, such thick ham slicing would have been reined in. Jones will learn one would think. Chris Bacon's (conductor-I Am Legend) score is suitably Hitchcockian, Don Burgess' (Contact/Spider-Man/The Book of Eli) photography is genre compliant and it's nice to see some Illinois land marks feature. All that and there's even a very notable (homage) voice cameo in there as well.

Even paying off on further viewings, Source Code is a must see for the genre fan. A thriller with heart, a sci-fi with brains, and an action film as well. 9/10
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Good thriller
SnoopyStyle23 September 2013
Colleen Goodwin (Vera Farmiga) and Dr. Rutledge (Jeffrey Wright) operate an experimental program where they insert Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) into the last 8 minutes of somebody's life to investigate the cause of a train explosion. He searches for the bomber's identity and falls in love with one of the passengers, Christina Warren (Michelle Monaghan).

There is a Groundhog Day feel to this, but it works quite well. They all feel a little bit differently. As for logic or believability of the premise, it's best not to dwell on it. The more you dwell, the more problems you'll find. It's better to let the thriller take over. The other good thing is Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan. They have good chemistry. This is a solid thriller.
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slevinnn2 April 2011
What a movie. The price is worth paying. This movie gets straight to the point. You know you see a lot of movies that waste so much time getting into a story. Not this film, virtually from the off, we are there, in the film. It's like there is no beginning, but a middle and an end. Obviously you guys know the storyline so I'll not waste time telling you what it is about, just go and see it. It is a film that keeps you looking, you actually feel like you are 'in the source code' which is fantastic. The only downside to this film is that it feels short, it was 93 minutes but it simply flies by. Maybe that is a good thing? Shows how good this film was!

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will keep you interested till the very ending
toma_kassem30 March 2011
I was looking forward to seeing " Source Code " ever since I saw the 1st trailer, and I was lucky enough to catch it in an advance screening, before it officially released here, and it just exceeded my expectations. this is the type of movies that will keep you interested till the very ending . it's probably the best sci-fi/thriller since Inception ! no big action scenes, no big explosions, no usage of unnecessary CGI, well-written story, solid performance from Mr. Gyllenhaal ( who is now officially one of my favorite actors ) and another hit from my newest favorite filmmaker Duncan Jones. don't miss it !
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Starts at the PEAK and never drops!
imptsir23 April 2021
I will make it quick - this very well may be the only movie which starts right there at the peak and then continues to stay there. Not a single minute out of these 93 minutes were wasted. I have hardly ever witnessed a more captivating cinematography.
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Excellent Thriller
drammer5620 March 2011
I have to agree with the previous reviewer. This is the best thriller I've seen in years.

Definitely kept me on the edge of my seat.

The writing is outstanding. All four principal actors do well and Gyllenhaal, especially, carries the plot forward extremely well.

At the start, I feared a stock, predictable Hollywood thriller. But soon I found myself en wrapped in Gyllenhaal's puzzle-within-a puzzle.

At the end, the Industry audience for this screening erupted in spontaneous applause.

Duncan Jones is definitely a young director to watch.

If you like thrillers, go see this film!
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namashi_17 April 2011
Duncan Jones directed 'Source Code' is amongst the most entertaining films I have seen in recent times. It's Gripping, Confounding & Intelligent. Also, Jake Gyllenhaal is absolutely superb in here.

'Source Code' is a sci-fi action-packed thriller, centered on a soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown man and discovers he's part of a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train.

An interesting premise, 'Source Code' succeeds by holding your attention from start to end. It keeps you hooked on to it completely. Ben Ripley's Writing is Razor-Sharp, and Duncan Jones directs this flick with style. Cinematography is stunning. Editing is perfect.

Performance-Wise: Jake Gyllenhaal, as mentioned, is absolutely superb in the central part. This performance easily ranks amongst his finest works. Michelle Monaghan is satisfactory. Vera Farmiga is expressive, as always. Jeffrey Wright leaves a mark.

On the whole, 'Source Code' is Super-Entertainment. An Ideal Pop-Corn Flick, that is Worth Your Time and Money. Two Thumbs Up!
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