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Seasons 1-6: outstanding. 7: daft but good. 8: disappointing
dholliday-imdb21 May 2019
Let's say you're reading these reviews and haven't watched GoT yet, but now that it's finished are considering the marathon. What's the consensus? In this case, the consensus is accurate, and that is:

Seasons 1-6: outstanding. Deep world-building, intelligent dialogue, epic set-pieces worthy of Hollywood, expert acting, detailed plotting, genuine surprises, great soundtrack used sparingly. GoT is worth watching for these seasons, definitely.

Season 7: you suddenly notice the writing and plotting has taken a sharp dive downwards in quality. There are inexplicable ideas, inconsistent characterisation and soap-opera dramas. But at least the entertainment value is still very high, so it gets a pass.

Season 8: this drop chasms down to depths you didn't think possible. The writing has got so amateurish that the still-fantastic production values are no longer enough to save it. If you ever enjoyed Lost but were amazed at how bad the final season was, you're in familiar territory here.

The biggest problem with the final season was it took us out of the story and got us thinking about its many weaknesses. We lost our suspension of disbelief. Fatal for fiction. It also ruined the series-arcs to the point where a rewatch of the entire series is pointless.

So can I recommend a GoT marathon for newcomers? Yes, the first 6 seasons are worth the disappointments later on. But best series of all time it is not. It could've been, but dropping the ball in the final stretch puts it behind the following superior series more worthy of your marathon:

  • Battlestar Galactica (2003-2008)
  • Twin Peaks (all 3 seasons, plus the movie)
  • Breaking Bad
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Can you just make the remake the season finale?
SaifOVGU9 April 2020
I'm feeling so heartbroken to see everyone criticising my favourite show of all time. And yes of course that's because of the bad making of the season finale, I can totally understand that. After all these years hardwork, creating and developing each and every character from bottom to top, memories, emotions throughout the process all went to vain for one bad making. It's so painful to accept it for the audience who invested lots of time watching the show from the starting and then finishing it like this! It's a long long journey. I don't even remember the day I started watching it and since then I waited the next year to come for the new season. I can't say anything more. Only one last request, could you please delete the whole season 8 and make a new version of it? Please?
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This is a television show?
TheLittleSongbird9 November 2017
Was over-time on a gradual binge of watching 'Game of Thrones' from the first episode (gradual because of being so busy), having heard nothing but amazing things about it from friends, family and IMDb reviewers. Plus with such a great cast of talent and a brilliant book series, how could it possibly go wrong?

The good news is that 'Game of Thrones' didn't go wrong. Quite the opposite. Not only is it a rare television show that does its original source material justice and treats it with respect but it is on its own merits one of the finest, most addictive and consistently compelling shows in recent years. A television show so brilliant that one has to actually check that it was made for television when everything is done to such a high level that it puts many films made today to shame. This is one of the strongest examples of an acclaimed show that deserves every ounce of the praise it's garnered.

Visually, 'Game of Thrones' looks amazing. The scenery is throughout spectacular, the sets are hugely atmospheric and beautiful on the eyes with a real meticulous eye for detail and the costumes suit the characters to a tee. Then there are the special effects that are some of the best of any television programme and are not overused or abused, the scale, the detail and how they actually have character and soul are better than those in a lot of the big-budget blockbusters. As well the cinematography and editing, which are cinematic quality as well.

One cannot talk about 'Game of Thrones' without mentioning the thematically, orchestrally and atmospherically multi-layered music scoring and the unforgettable main theme. Again, worthy of a high-budget fantasy/action/drama film.

It is hard not to be bowled over by the quality of the writing, outstanding isn't a strong enough adjective to describe how good the writing is. It always has a natural flow, is layered and thought-provoking and demonstrates a wide range of emotions such as suspenseful tension, poignant pathos and witty humour. The story-lines are paced so beautifully, structured with such nuance and attention to coherence, a high emotional level and touch upon complex and sensitive themes with intelligence and tact.

Whenever there's a set-piece or more action-oriented scene there's always a reason, never there for the sake of it. Not only are the set-pieces done with a lot epic scale, superb staging, excitement and dramatic tension but underneath all the scale and flashy attention to detail there is a lot of heart and a multi-layered one. They're not overlong, nor are there out of place elements.

Characters are a huge part of the appeal too. 'Game of Thrones' has characters that are so well developed and as close to real life as one can get despite being in a fantasy world. These characters are not hero and villain archetypes (Joffrey is the only one close to that, the difference though is that he is an extremely interesting one with a lot of development who ranks well beyond one hundred percent on the threat level scale), they have much more to them and have strengths and flaws. Decisions are logical and one doesn't like any character any less when a decision is not the right one because mistakes are acknowledged and learnt from.

'Game of Thrones' cast is full of talented names and, thanks to so well rounded characters and such great writing, nothing but the very best is gotten out of them. Even those who are not favourites of mine. Big acting standouts are Peter Dinklage, Sean Bean, Lena Headey and Jack Gleeson (Joffrey being the king of all young characters with not a redeeming bone in their body).

In conclusion, absolutely outstanding and a rare television show worthy of being a cinematic modern classic. This review may sound superlatively hyperbolic, but to me 'Game of Thrones' is that good. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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A perfect example of: Falling in Love with the Wrong Guy
samxxx-671-82622125 May 2019
It was a master piece. It was written to the perfection. It was mesmerizing. It was gripping. It was so shocking that if someone is binge watching this show he/she will need a time-off in between to get their head around things and accept some messed up, yet mind blowing development.

But yet, I cant hate it enough after final season. Its like you came to know that you were in love with the wrong one all along. It was like looking at a completely different person. It was like seeing your own dreams and expectations get destroyed. It was not a let down, it was a BETRAYAL!
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Imagine an Ice Cream Shop
kunkell2 November 2019
So imagine you go into an ice cream shop and you order a sundae. They've got all kinds of nice stuff going on, beautiful delicious soft serve vanilla bean ice cream, some hot fudge, freshly cracked up peanuts, woah what is that?? A brownie? Some delicious house made whipped cream... Man this sundae is gonna be spectacular. Wow what more could you ask for? Cherry on top? Bring it on!!

And then all of a sudden they put an anchovy on top, and then another, and then a couple more, and then squirt some Dijon mustard on for good measure.

You don't even want the sundae anymore, in fact, you can't even look back on how nice that sundae used to be without thinking about all the stupid s*** they did at the very end just when it was going so well.

That's essentially Game of Thrones. I tried to rewatch it, but as I got through the first season I began looking at where all the pieces land at the end it's literally impossible to go back to. There are just so many ruined character arcs, so much pointlessness, and every time I come back here I drop it one more star it seems like. Game of Thrones is a beautiful anchovy sundae.
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Extraordinary untill season 8
alshamari-marwa19 May 2020
This is the first series i would recommend to anybody , it is an amazing piece of work , the most stunning TV series you will ever watch. Why i gave it 9/10 because of the last season, it's still good but very disappointing compared to all the seasons. YOU will enjoy every episode
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Shame of Thrones
type-a1pha24 May 2019
The ending of this series is a disservice to the public!

The first seasons are great as they are based on the books source material and, apparently, the writers are good enough at adapting other people ideas. After season four there's a decline, not so manifest at first since the goodness of the source material still lingers around. It's more of a slow deterioration, a spiral into shallow writing that peaks in a last season devoid of content and value. Where at first grand scale developments, societal issues and world-spanning intrigues dominated the narration with characters being the pawns of the true overarching story, later in the seasons characters and stereotypical interactions take the stage and the interesting, long developing issues that made the story captivating get resolved in the most unrewarding ways possible. It's incoherent, detached, uninspired writing. It's everything that is bad in mainstream media.

All of this because the writers decided they had enough with the show and grew bored with it. So they wanted to wrap it up as soon as possible in order to go on and ruin the Star Wars franchise (more than it already is). Thanks for your disservice!

It needs to be mentioned that the overall production, sound design, acting, cinematography, all of these are quite extraordinary and elevate the show quite a bit, even when the writing declines. The quality is amazing. It probably is still worth watching for its entertainment value. It just doesn't pay off. The ending season ruins quite literally everything.
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Absolutely Amazing!!
DiCaprioFan1329 September 2022
I know that people say this about a ton of different shows but Game of Thrones is absolutely, without a doubt, one of the best TV shows ever's damn near perfect (except for maybe the last few episodes) and easily one of my all-time favorite shows! Yeah, the last few episodes of Season 8 weren't that good but the first 7 1/2 seasons were so amazing that it still gets a 10 from me! I'm pretty sure there's never been a show more talked about or more loved in the history of television than GOT. All you have to do is read through the reviews to see how loved this show really is! Again, this show is absolutely amazing!
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It could have been the best TV series ever made...
danielkpkp12 May 2020
Till season 7 very likely the best TV show ever made in terms of suspense, character development, plot, effects, acting.... 10/10 with no doubt! But S6E10 is probably the point where you should stop and imagine your own ending. It is guaranteed better and has more character development. Otherwise you may end up rating it down by more than just one and are overcome by disappointment...
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Fantasy has never seemed so real
gogoschka-122 July 2014
I don't believe there has ever been anything like 'Game of Thrones' on TV. The sheer amount of quality and talent in this series is staggering. The actors (and I mean really ALL the actors), the costumes, the visual effects, the make-up: everybody working on this show seems to have wanted to make Television-history. And the writing is just phenomenal.

'Game of Thrones' may belong to the 'Fantasy' genre, but the world of Westeros and its surrounding lands has been so amazingly well thought through and is inhabited by characters that are so well drawn and credible that everything you watch feels real. Every "country", every city, tribe or family has such a richly detailed history and even mythology that it just never feels like it was made up. Of course, that was all already there in the books – but translating that so perfectly to a TV-show and with such care as was done here really is a rare achievement.

Yet for all its grandeur, scale and breath-taking visuals, what really makes Martin's outstanding work come to life on the small screen is the fantastic ensemble of actors. At the core of this show (any show, really) are the characters. Tyrion, Cersei, Dany, Jamie and John (and all the – many – others) don't lose anything of their complexity; the amazing cast succeeds in showing all their respective characters' inner conflicts and often questionable motivations and virtually no one comes across as one-dimensional (except maybe for Joffrey).

There have been a couple of great TV-shows over the last years, but when it comes to scale AND quality, 'Game of Thrones' is – at the moment – in a league of its own. A joy to watch: breath-taking, epic – and highly addictive – Television. 10 stars out of 10.

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Ultimately, this remains one of the greatest television series of all time, even with it's complete failure of a conclusion.
kevin_robbins17 May 2021
Game of Thrones is a series we caught onto just after Season 2 and watched real-time straight through after catching up off HBO until the very final episode. The storyline focuses on several kingdoms, many of which feel they have their own claim to the throne that rules them all. When a powerful and incestuous family takes the throne away from a recently killed king, some noble families emerge only to be ruthless struck down and family scattered. Watch as the family members strive for success on their own and hope to get their lands back on the right foot and direction.

The cinematography , special effects, costumes, writing, acting, character development and methodical execution of this series is all time great. The series seems to cut no corners of fulfillment, intensity, and unpredictability up until the final two seasons. As the vastness of this series begins heading towards its ultimate conclusion, characters started feeling...out of character, taking steps and directions that didn't make sense. The last two episodes seemed forced, as if they were trying to be overly clever instead of concluding in a format that made sense. Even several scenes historically seemed to make no sense based on decisions made. Ultimately, this remains one of the greatest television series of all time, so I had to score it a 10/10, even with it's complete failure of a conclusion. I strongly, strongly recommend seeing this.
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An Epic Fantasy Series!
daycu-15 October 2022
Game of Thrones has its flaws but it can't be denied that it's one of the most watched, popular and cherished shows by HBO. The production design alone still holds up and will most likely always. The cinematography is so gorgeous, the VFX is superb, unforgettable battles, brutal moments, heartwarming moments, Game of Thrones has it all. Game of Thrones is a fantasy series but can be seen as a fantasy realism series with gritty & medieval elements. With a vast cast of characters, Game of Thrones juggles it's characters so impressively well. Not to mention Game of Thrones is full of complex grey characters, which I personally love. The only flaw I've seen in the series was bad chopper action sequences in one episode. Ive always felt that the music and character dynamics was the heart of Game of Thrones and believe it or not, we got that throughout all 8 seasons. Game of Thrones not only left one hell of a imprint in the television world, but set up success for other series to come from the world of Westeros, and is definitely a must watch. Don't let the bad reviews fool you!!
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When you play the game of thrones, you either win or you die
martin_merelesc16 September 2022
This series has undoubtedly become one of my favorites, it is very striking, since in addition to mixing topics such as politics, strategy, betrayal, fantasy, secrets and wars, it is also an unpredictable series and what do I mean, well, basically when you think you know what is going to happen, either with a story or a character, it takes a totally unexpected turn, so if someone has not seen it yet, my advice is: "never get completely attached to the characters" Speaking of the characters, we have a wide variety of them to choose from and a large part with a very good evolution, at least until they die; Here none of them are completely good or bad (correction: if there are some who are really bad), and that is why there may come a time when you hate them, but then you love them and then you hate them again...
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Great Beginning, WORST Ending!
el-absy20 May 2019
Started off as the greatest series of all time, but had the worst ending of all time.
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Just awesome
Jockette13 January 2020
I came late to GOT on TV - finally starting to watch around the time S8 was launched. So I pretty much knew of the characters and storylines as I watched the whole series. This meant no (major) surprises, and limited emotional impact re how good/bad the series became over the years. In my view, the whole series rates as a 10/10. Some episodes better/worse than others, of course. But as an engaging and gripping series it blew me away.

*High points* The Purple Wedding (Joff is SO evil, got his just desserts indeed). Tyrion's trial - I absolutely loved Peter Dinklage throughout, but he was awesome here, at his peak performance. I was prepared not to like the various battle episodes (normally multitask during that type of scene), but these were also awesome - particularly Hardhome, Battle of the Bastards, Spoils of War. For individual characters - Ned's demise, Jaime/Brienne (all their scenes), Arya/The Hound scenes, also her later scenes with Gendry. The look of unrequited love in Jorah's eyes. Hodor & the door. Bronn's avarice (although beginning to pall in S8). Littlefinger's dawning realisation that he'd been rumbled by the Stark ladies. The genuine warmth of the Nights Watch relationships with each other. So many other great performances, even if not main cast.

*Low points* OK - agree with the haters that the Long Night battle was a strategy fiasco. Was never that keen on Bran & the 3-eyed raven stuff. Dorne storylines seemed superfluous after Oberyn's death (which was awesome!). Euron - ridiculously OTT character. The increasingly unbelievable time-shifts allowing characters to travel across Westeros in unfeasible times.

I've never binge-watched anything before and was completely obsessed with GOT. Spent half the last season in tears. Watched so many episodes through my fingers, such was the gore/shock factor. Hard to see what is going to replace it for my evening binge-viewing from now. Kudos to all the cast and crew for a completely amazing show.
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wonkru23 May 2020
At first I did not want to watch the series. But once I started watching it, I couldn't stop. It became more and more exciting from season 1-8.

Great actors.

I was disappointed with the end of the 8 season!
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A long time coming
kosmasp2 January 2020
So I succesfully avoided major spoilers about the show and could binge watch this since the complete Box set came out in early December. The first season was a bit overwhelming, what with all the houses and characters thrown at you. As you may be able to tell, I have not read the source material. Not sure who of the cast had read it beforehand either. So bare that in mind.

Now the line Winter is coming is something everyone associates with the show, I just never expected this to come up so early in the show. What is surprising, at least during the first seasons of the show, is how many supposedly main characters fail to survive. This keeps the viewers on their tows. Towards the end of the show this gets a bit watered down. Not sure how much influence the original author had there (he had only written material for the first 6 seasons of the show, the rest was made up).

Having said that, you can feel a drop in quality. And while I have friend who thought the second season was boring (it's a bit of a travelling show and things get stretched quite a bit), if he continued to watch, he might feel even worse with the last seasons. Even though they are shorter (episode wise, not time wise per episode), they feel stretched even more.

Also the conclusion (no worries, I'm not telling) is anticlimatic to say the least. It feels bad and the continuity errors are just thrown aside. So if not for the epic battles and the actors, who are all really amazing in this, I might have gone farther down with my vote. Then again, if it wasn't for the last season specifically, I might have given it a 10 too ... A prequel show has been axed for now (not sure if the bad reviews and or numbers for the last season played a role), but I would watch it. This achieved overall something that "The Reign" could not: combine violence, fantasy and nudity into something mature/adult that works for men and women watching
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It's an Epic
manukrishnano29 September 2022
It's an EPIC Show with many messages how peoples fighting for women wealth power and survival , and showing how it ends. Each and every department has done incredible job The story ,direction, cinematography, CG ,editing Background score. I am not a fan of historical movies or shows , i just tried to see what is GOT, and I went through different emotional states, Angry frustrated desperate happy sometimes goosebumps. Every artists made such wonderful performance. Some characters came like villains and ended like Heroes some of them came like Heroes and ended like villains. Tyrion Lannister the character played by Peter Dinklage , He is the center pillar of the show. He is my favorite character.
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A once terrific show bogged down due to horrible writing.
Game of Thrones used to be one of my favourite shows on television. It was the perfect fantasy story with complex and detailed stories with characters that you actually cared about, along with simply fantastic writing and good acting with a great sense of tension. However, ever since Season 4 ended, the show has taken a rather significant hit in quality, and it soon went from being fantastic to good and then good to straight up idiotic. While Season 5 and 6 weren't the worst, and Season 7 didn't really have my blood boiling, there was a definitely recognisable change in the writing and plots. It stopped being as sophisticated and became straight up average. All that was saving it was the other good things about the show like the visuals, characters, tension and drama. But now we're here, at the final season:

Game of Thrones Season 8 is one of the worst seasons of any TV show I have ever watched in my entire life. It throws everything you ever cared about with this show out the window for cheap expectation subversions, it completely shatters and throws aside character arcs that you have wanted resolved, it completely destroys many of the characters you once loved, the writing has gotten to a whole new level of atrocious with D&D giving excuses like "Oh they just forgot about them" to justify it, it is filled with plot holes and contrivances, ex-machinas, and so many impressively dumb moments and deaths that make The Last Jedi look like Citizen Kane. This is The Last Jedi of GOT, it ruins everything you have ever loved about it, it disregards the fact that you have loved this show for nearly a decade just so it can get away with wrapping up the story in a way that even the actors of the damn show hate.

I have never seen a TV show get affected by Seasonal rot THIS HARD. A once truly terrific show bogged down due to horrible writing, and they're not even going to up their game for the ending. Years of watching this show that I'll never be able to get back. Thanks D&D, or should we start calling you Dumb and Dumber? Try not to ruin Star Wars next.
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A Need Fulfilled
Hitchcoc6 January 2018
I am writing this because according to the IMDB User Ratings, I have not commented. I have reviewed all the individual episodes, but not the show as a whole. There is little that I can add to the impact of this show. I am proud to be on the same planet as those who created and put this work into fruition. When one looks at the technical accomplishments and the multiple plot strains that have been kept in balance, it is truly a wonder. I know that there are those who can never get past the "book did this" and "the book did that." We have to come to realize that it is impossible to recreate every nuance that fiction allows and that occasionally characters must be dropped and events assumed. For me, I have approached these as the artistic creations they are--as film (and television, at that). I have the books. I've not read them but plan to at some point. I doubt at this late stage of my life there will ever be another series to match this. I like fantasy but am not ruled by it as a genre. But this is for us all. If you've not seen it, treat yourself.
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the best TV show in history
auuwws3 June 2020
An epic series, most of the actors mastered their characters despite the bad season, that it is still the best TV show in history
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10/10 Here is why...
TharsheyN6 February 2021
So I've read the entire book series multiple times(still waiting for Winds Of Winters release), and the show does a good job of bringing that all to the screen, there are a bunch of inconsistencies here and there and events that have been changed but mostly it does a good job. I give it a 10 out of 10 because up till the last book the seasons have material to be based on and they do a great job of it. The last season or 2 tho having no source material because book ain't written and published yet definitely falls short when the writers and directors have to continue the story without George R. R. Martin there to save them. Acting, special effects and all that is great. I've watched this series twice and I gave it a 10/10 as most if people's hate comes from season 7/8 which I don't like myself but hey I still got the books lol. If George ever finishes the damn things lmfao!

Anyway if you are brand new to this world of Westeros then you will love the series, if you watch this and loved it then read the books they're even better(DUHHH).

  • Winter Is Coming (Words Of House Stark)
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The most epic/greatest thing ever!
goswamidiptanshu3 April 2020
Literally nothing can match the level of intensity like the show every season has literally one or two groundbreaking episodes each and every scene tells more with the picture and talking the fights the story the buildup the music the screenplay the acting the visuals each and everything was epic and never seen before wonder!from night king to iron throne to starks and lannisters every thing was beautifully written!no wonder greatest quotes are present in here too!politics and war was like i am playing that in real life such impact full it is!Although ending 3 episodes did'nt quite felt satisfying but it was digestable!not a perfect ending yet the greatest show of all time!
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The beast
hf-156992 May 2020
One of the best series I've ever seen, but the last season was ruined.
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Game of Thrones changed TV forever
Ajanif2 October 2022
I recently rewatched it again - reluctantly as season 7 & 8 were just a shipwreck and a gut punch to all the fans. But when I started it again I remembered why I regarded GoT as THE TV Series. What Season 1-6 were able to create is epic - no other for word it.

The production value, costumes, acting, pace, action, suspense, world building - it was and still is on another level.

No one can deny that GoT changed TV forever. And even if a lot of new series have tried to imitate it, none has ever gotten close.

Season 1 started so incredibly slow but it gave us the opportunity to get to know the world, the characters, the lore and to fall in love - and then we got to learn that no one is save. And GoT was able to ride this wave and keep up the value of their story for 6 seasons.

Battle of the Bastards and Winds of Winter are my all time favorite Episodes of TV. Truly. Never seen anything like it and probably never will again. The hight of what can be achieved, with everything - acting, story, music (oh the music!) - falling into place and creating art.

It sucks that the ending was so rushed. And whenever the White Walkers come on I feel like being punched in the gut - what lost potential this story had. But as mentioned before: Seasons 1-6 are epic and worth a (re)watch. And from there just imagine your own ending - you'll be happier for it.
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