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Sex & Nudity

  • Shots of male frontal and rear nudity. Female nudity is frequently shown, though it's mostly rear nudity.
  • If the show cut back on the nudity it would be moderate
  • Several close ups of full frontal male nudity focusing on genitalia. No such female nudity, although the general nudity itself is more female than male.
  • Sex is a driving force in this series and nudity occurs throughout each season, including exposed breasts (male & female) and buttocks(male and female). Viewers can expect to see and hear some sex scenes, many of which take place in a brothel. There are also situations of incest. The nudity is mostly non sexual and most sex scenes are short.

Violence & Gore

  • There are prolonged and chaotic medieval battle scenes, 1 on 1 battles and battles against monsters and dragons.
  • Each season gets bloodier, and more violent as the series goes on. Seasons 3 and 4 are by far the bloodiest, and most violent since they're based on A Storm Of Swords (the most action packed novel in the book series)
  • There are numerous gory images that will be unsettling to some viewers.
  • People are consistently kidnapped, some fight back in violent methods.
  • We see these violent scenes onscreen and hear them referenced in dialogue as well.
  • Sexual violence is sometimes shown in the series, particularly during the early seasons.
  • Beheadings are shown (heads falling/rolling away), even in combat.
  • Jousting has been present in the show, with bloody results.
  • Battle sequences are prolonged. During these battle scenes, a numerous amount of soldiers will get stabbed by swords, get chopped in half, beheaded, etc.
  • The show is very violent but the combat is fast paced.
  • There is some violence against frail, young women.


  • 200+ uses of fuck and 50+ uses of cunt throughout the whole show
  • "Fuck", "shit", "cock", "twat", "whore", "slut", "bitch" and other profanities are used throughout the show. "Bastard" is used in a sense of illegitimate child.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • "Nightshade" is used as a sleeping drug.
  • There is tons of wine, ale and beer drinking in every episode and people are shown getting drunk. Drinking plays a very big part in the show. Pubs are also shown in some scenes with drinking and brief glimpses of pipe smoking in the backround.
  • Wine is consumed in almost every episode, particularly during feasts and gatherings. It is implied that some characters drink for the sole purpose to get drunk. It is quite a big feature of the show and often influences character behavior.
  • "Milk of the Poppy" is used as a painkiller.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is brutal violence in almost all of the episodes. There are also several intense action sequences.
  • The show includes a few instances of sexual violence predominately (but not always) towards women: one major male character is gelded, another major character already a eunuch describes how he became that way when he was very young. Not graphic.
  • The second to last episode of the entire series is very intense and violent.
  • While "Game of Thrones" has many fantastical elements, it is important to note that it is pretty violent.
  • The character Ramsay Bolton is a complete and utter monster and an incredibly vicious psychopath who is also a sadist. He enjoys feeding people to vicious dogs for his own sick pleasure. Each scene with him is incredibly frightening.
  • The setting of the show is inspired by medieval times, as such it can get violent.
  • Well liked major and minor characters are unexpectedly killed. A lot of fights and brawls occur throughout the course of the show.
  • There are occasional scenes showing "white walkers", man-like monsters that live in the ice and seemingly have bodies made of the same, intense blue eyes, grimacing faces and scrawny bodies that might scare younger viewers. There is a gigantic battle scene in the final season with these creatures, they are constantly seen eating people alive and destroying everything.
  • Many viewers will find Season 3 a bit disturbing in the fact that a major character is held hostage by a psychopath. Afterwards the nature and identity of the character being tortured is forcefully changed because of the physical and psychological torture, and the character is enslaved by the torturer.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Incest occurs between several leading characters: a brother and sister, resulting in 3 children and additional pregnancy; the same female character engages in sexual activities with her first cousin. An aunt and nephew, who are approximately the same age, engage in an affair before they know of their relationship. They continue the affair after they are informed of their kinship. A woman allows her brother to fondle her; he is unaware she is his sister.

Violence & Gore

  • At the end of the eighth episode of the fourth season, "The Mountain and the Viper", a man battles another much larger man and at the end of the battle impales him with a poisoned spear. He then circles the man, demanding him to confess to the rape and murder of his sister and her children. Eventually, he lets his guard down and the man tumbles him to the ground, punches him in the mouth, causing his teeth to fall off, with some blood splattering on the ground and subsequently, the man confesses the murder as he gouges his eyes out with his thumbs and we see plenty of blood coming out from his eye-sockets as he screams in extreme agony and eventually, due to the extreme force applied to his skull, his head is crushed into a bloody, gory mess with an explosion of blood, brain matter, bone and skin bursting out and splattering everywhere, as his lover reacts by screaming in horror and later, we see the extremely gory aftermath, displaying his now fully smashed head, with gore surrounding the area and a large pool of blood forming on the surface. This entire sequence is EXTREMELY graphic.
  • The most violent episode of the whole series is the second to last episode "The Bells". It features extremely graphic and brutally disturbing violence. A main character goes insane and burns down an entire city along with thousands of innocent people. Civilians are shown getting engulfed in flames and brutally mowed down by soldiers. There is also an incredibly gruesome fight scene between two brothers.
  • Towards the end of season three in an episode, in what starts as a happy wedding with all parties seemingly fully at peace three major almost universally well liked characters (by other characters and audience alike) are unexpectedly, and brutally murdered during the wedding banquet with much bloodshed. During this scene a pregnant woman gets repeatedly impaled in the womb, mortally wounding the woman and her unborn baby, graphic depictions of men getting slaughtered by the other army. An older woman gets shot in the back by an arrow, but lives. Her son gets repeatedly shot by arrows, but lives. You also see men with crossbows shooting a direwolf in a cage and other men being slaughtered. Later in the scene, the woman who was shot in the back grabs the other army's leader's wife and demands mercy for her son or she will slit his wife's throat. After the man denies, her son's bannerman stabs her son in the heart, which kills him. After witnessing his death, his mother wails and screams in agony while slitting the man's wife's throat. After slitting her throat, a soldier grabs the mother and slits her throat, killing her as the episode ends in complete silence.

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