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Angelina Jolie: Evelyn Salt



  • Evelyn Salt : What is your name?

    Vassily Orlov : My name is Vassily Orlov. Today, a Russian agent will travel to New York city to kill the President. This agent is KA-12.

    Evelyn Salt : The KA program is a myth.

    Vassily Orlov : Don't you want to know the name?

    Evelyn Salt : You're good. You can tell the rest of your story to one of my colleagues.

    Vassily Orlov : Salt.

    Evelyn Salt : Yes?

    Vassily Orlov : The name of the agent is Evelyn Salt.

    Evelyn Salt : My name is Evelyn Salt.

    Vassily Orlov : Then you are a Russian spy.

  • Peabody : Hey. Why'd you kill him?

    Evelyn Salt : Because somebody had to.

    Peabody : [punches her hard] 

    Peabody : [to everyone else]  What?

    Evelyn Salt : By this, I take it you think everybody is who they say they are.

  • Peabody : How many more like you are there?

    Evelyn Salt : Like me? None. Like him? More than you or I can handle alone.

  • Ted Winter : At least I was right. I had a feeling we'd lost you back there in North Korea. I could see how moved you were by Mike's little white-knight routine. You were supposed to recruit him, Ev, not fall in love with him. That's why I told Orlov to pick him up. By the way, how is Mike?

    Evelyn Salt : Orlov is dead.

    Ted Winter : Well, that's good news. Saved me the trouble. I had to practically twist his arm to get him blow your cover at the CIA. You see, he wanted you to come out of this alive.

    Evelyn Salt : But you needed somebody to take the blame. I'm the patsy.

    Ted Winter : And I'm the hero. Congratulations, Ev. You're about to become famous.

  • Ted Winter : Look, Ev, try to stay calm.

    Evelyn Salt : I'm not a goddamn Russian spy.

    Ted Winter : I didn't say you were. Let's go to my office, we can sort this out.

    Peabody : No, no. We gotta go to a secure location. Now.

    Ted Winter : All right. Doesn't get any more secure than this. Ev? Five minutes.

    Evelyn Salt : Call Protective Services, find Mike.

    Ted Winter : I will.

    Evelyn Salt : This is bullshit.

  • Ted Winter : [rattled by underling]  "Sir"? Do I look like a "sir" to you?

    Evelyn Salt : From head to toe. I'm surprised he didn't call you "Your Majesty".

    Ted Winter : I like the ring of that. I think I'd prefer "Your Majesty".

  • Evelyn Salt : Do you have homework?

    Salt's Young Neighbor : Algebra.

    Evelyn Salt : I hate math.

  • Peabody : If I did believe you, and I'm not saying for a second that I do, but if I did, nobody else would.

    Evelyn Salt : Well, maybe you can think of a way around that.

  • [first lines] 

    Evelyn Salt : [being dragged out and tied down]  Please let me go home. Please, I'm not who you think I am. I'm really not who you think I am. Please. Please, I'm not a spy.

    North Korean Torturer : You are a spy!

    Evelyn Salt : I'm not a spy. Please let me go home.

    North Korean Torturer : Try again.

    Evelyn Salt : I am not a spy! I am a business woman. I work for Rink Petroleum and Gas. Please call them. I work for Rink Petroleum!

    North Korean Torturer : You are here to sabotage our nuclear ambitions. Yes?

    Evelyn Salt : [gasoline funnel being forced into her mouth]  I am not a spy! I am not a spy!

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